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Tim Curry, "Fearless" / 1979 Review by: Mr. Media
Yes, that's right. Tim Curry sings. The actor who starred in such films as "Clue", "The Hunt for Red October", and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", took a break from doing films and plays and recorded three albums, all of which are excellent and unique. But this one stands out for surprising performances, sheer groove, and total camp rock fun. At the beginning he blasts right into "Right on the Money" which is so ridiculous that a fan has to listen. However the record then goes on and gets more diverse with the Bowie-esque "S.O.S.", the very stimulating "I Do the Rock", and the one song that can give "heart of glass" a run for its money, "Paradise Garage". Tim Curry says it best, "I am a naive suburban fool. But from the looks of it, you wouldn't know I'd spend hours French-polishing my cool."

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