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Tim Curry, "Fearless" / 1979 Review by: Mr. Media
Tim Curry complained that he was typecast after doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so he took a break from acting and sang from 1979 to about 1982, and in that time he recorded three unique and excellent albums. But of all the three, this is his best effort and also his most famous. Curry said that people in the music business call those like him who sing and act on stage and in the movies "triple threats". And boy does he deserve the title- triple cool, triple witty, and triple soulful. Many fans of his consider these to be his best efforts because they elicit a different side of him, I agree. The album begins with "Right on the Money" and then slips into his ode to debauchery "Hide This Face". Ultimately side one comes to a fun take on his contemporaries "I Do the Rock". And just when it couldn't get any weirder, he puts on some polyester and shatters Blondie's "Heart of Glass" with the funky "Paradise Garage". It's an album that grows better every time you hear it. But it defies classification. That is why the Tulsa World recommended that this album be called "uber-pop". HIT THE CEILING, SUNSHINE!!!

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