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Tina Turner, "Private Dancer" / 1984 Review by: Jarret McCaw
Sometimes the 80's vocalists were in need of a reminder of how to sing with gusto and emotion. Re-Enter Tina Turner with this comeback album of sorts. She makes what could a slightly inane song like "What's Love Got to Do With It" sound like a matter of life and death. Almost any song could have been forgettable had it been done by anybody else, but Tina makes everything from "I Might Have Been Queen" to "1984" into an event. Only "Private Dancer" is a truly great SONG (written by Mark Knopfler) and it is easily the highlight of this album. The suttleties in her voice on this track give us visuals that excite and embarrass all at once. It makes us search for out American Express card with a vengence.

Later albums were decent but not quite up to the level of this one. I don't know what magic was in the studio at that point in her life, but I'm sure glad she got it on tape. It's truly a highlight of the decade.

9 out of 10.

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