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Tom Waits, "Rain Dogs" / 1985 Review by: Jarret McCaw
Certainly one of Tom Waits more accessible albums (if there is such a thing). I didn't actually get into to this album until about 1990 when one of college roomates played it for me. Contains the definitive version of "Downtown Train" (sorry Rod) as well quirky tracks like "Tango til Their Sore" and "Hang Down Your Head". Don't let the grumbled vocal deter you - this album has real emotion and a fantastic feel of desperation all the way through. The singing is far more emotional than perfect but this is honestly a bonus. I'll be the first to admit that Tom Waits is an acquired taste but don't give up on this one. Let the mood carry you away and before long you'll notice this albums contains some real gems. If you like this, try out Tom's "Nighthawks at the Diner" (although it is from (gasp!) the 70's).

8 out of 10.

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