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Toyah and Robert Fripp, "The Lady Or The Tiger" / 1987 Review by: paul johnson
This perculiar project fits more into the discography of husband Robert fripp than it does of his wife Toyah

Toyah doesn't actually sing on this album, but narrates the text of "The Lady Or The Tiger", a poem by Frank R Stockton.

Robert Fripp and The League Of Crafty Guitarists play alongside Toyah's words.

The music behind the text is called " The Encourager Of Precipitation". It is melodic, medititative and rather beautiful, especialy for those mood moments.

The Lady Or The Tiger Plays the entire first side of this Lp, whilst the second side is the follow up poem " The Discourager Of Hesitancy."

Not your classic rock album by any means, but for relaxing and hippy moments it offers an interesting collaboration and some wonderful music.

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