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Toyah, "The Blue Meaning" / 1980 Review by: paul johnson
The second album by Toyah, the the first of the 1980's is The Blue Meaning. Not for the casual listener the album opens with the classic Ieya, the song that over the years has become the fans favourite, and rarely absent from a live set.

Spaced Walking follows, and isprobably as bizzare as toyah gets-haunting and chilling as it is, it is actualy rather amusing just by Toyah's vocal style on the track.

The rest of the album continues with a similar feel and energy as the first two tracks, Ghost, Mummies and Blue Meanings all have the unpolished style that complimented the gigs that toyah was doing at the time.

The Blue meaning isthe prototype toyah album, and a fore runner of what was to follow in the future.

ide two of this albumcontains more classic Toyah. tiger Tiger, Vision, Insect, Love Me and She, which is another classic from that period.

Familiarity with toyah and her music will enhance listening to this album, though over 20 years old, and somewhat dated, it still manages to send a shiver down my spine.

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