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Toyah, "Toyah Toyah Toyah" / 1980 Review by: paul johnson
Toyah's second album of 1980 is this, the live album Toyah Toyah Toyah. Recorded at the Lafayette Club in Wolverhampton on the Rolling Stone Mobile, it was mixed at The Marquee Studios.

This album coincided with a television documentery about Toyah which was screened at the same time.

The album itself contains no new tracks, but favourite live tracks and singles from the first two albums ( Sheep Farming In Barnet and the Blue Meaning)

A perfect example of Toyah's live style at the time, it energetic and powerful in its content. It is a worthy addition to any collector of Toyah's work, it draws a line under the first part of her career before being propelled to stardom with her fourth album Anthem.

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