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Van Halen, "1984" / 1984 Review by: Paul Stamm
For every decade there is a sound that defines it. For the 50s it was Elvis, for the 60s it was The Beeltes, for the 70s it was Led Zepplin, and for the 80s it was the mighty Van Halen. I am only 18 years old now, being born in 1981. However I do remember much from that time. For the rest of my life I will always remember what that opening synth riff of "Jump" meant to me. It meant freedom, it meant youth, it meant good times, it meant, i meant...everything that I thought was cool and everything I wanted to be like when I was finally in High School. Van Halen is about good times, having fun, girls, partying, and basically everything the "man I hate to live and wish I were dead" 90s lacked. 1984 is probably the pinnacle of Van Halen's sound and career. (Unless Dave rejoins, then maybe they could blow everyone away agian!!) Songs such as Panama, Jump, Hot for Teacher, and Drop Dead Legs are timeless. Dave had the ultimate look and Eddie had the ultimate riffs. Its the type of music you blare out of your red Tran Am with T-tops going 80 mph out of your neighbor hood. It just makes you feel good. Whether Dave and VH get back together permanently or not, they will always have made 1984, the essence of the 80s, and one of the greatest rock albums of all time.

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