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Van Stephenson, "Righteous Anger" / 1984 Review by: Scott Gales
Featuring the the TOP 40 Hit "Modern Day Delilah", Van Stephenson's album Righteous Anger was a fine colletion of upbeat Rock and power ballads. Van Stephenson later went on to provide vocals for GIANT in the early 90's and soon after became a key member in the successful Country (rock) band BLACKHAWK. Righteous Anger featured another hit that had widespread airplay "What the big girls do". "All American Boy" ended up on the SLUGGER'S WIFE soundtack. With great guitar licks and better than average lyrics, this album epitimizes the good of much of the 80's music with more than one tune worthy of the ear. The album is still available at as is his second album. Get it, you wont regret it!!!!!

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