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Visage, "Visage" / 1980 Review by: Claude Carpentieri
If Bowie was the one providing inspiration for the so-called "new romantic" movement, Visage were to put it into practice. Guided by singer Steve Strange, with his flamboyant and fascinating style a-la Pierrot lunaire, Visage also offered interesting musical indications, proving that the movement everyone was talking about was not just about image. Synths and drum-machine interact effectively with more "traditional" instruments. In other words, "Visage" is a 1980 reviewed version, visually and musically of what Bowie and Roxy Music had achieved in the early 1970s. Best two songs are "Fade to Grey", the milestone of the 'new romantic movement',and "Mind of a Toy". The album strikes for its combination of electronica, dark atmospheres and dance-y grooves. 9 out of 10

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