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Wham!, "Make it Big" / 1984 Review by: Pedro Augusto
1984 was the year when Wham! made it big! Recorded in the sunny South of France, Make it Big knew 4 major singles 3 of them were number 1 in both UK & US charts. Wake me up before you go go, Careless Whisper and Everything she wants. Freedom, went number 1 only in the UK. Wham! changed it all for this album, the image and the sound. Since Make it big, they begun to sound like the old Motown songs, in the pen of George Michael. Wake me up was fresh, young and healthy. A pure new wave pop song of the 80's. Then the classic Careless Whisper, that won an Ivor Novello award for George in 1985. Make it big was a new romantic pop excellence and it is a classic today. Was almost completely written, arranged and produced by George Michael and it took Wham! to a different level of popularity and sells... George and Andrew Ridgeley were on the top. Like a baby was the other ballad of the album, with an half instrumental was the title track of Wham's tour through China the year after: Foreign Skies. A very good memory of the 80's new wave pop, with excellent songs and an excelent songwriter and music visionary: George Michael.

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