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Wham!, "Music From The Edge Of Heaven" / 1986 Review by: Bryan
Perhaps one of the most underrated but overachieving album from any pop group at the time, Wham's "Music From The Edge Of Heaven" presents finely crafted pop as well as three #1 hit UK singles, which were only top ten hits in the US. The album is full of strong tracks and includes the "Long Version" of the huge single "Last Christmas". In fact, that would be the weakest track in the album as we are presented with finely crafted pop singles like "I'm Your Man" and "The Edge Of Heaven". "Battlestations" and "Wham Rap 86" are other great dance songs. The final part of the album is comprised of ballads, "A Different Corner", "Blue", "Where Did Your Heart Go" and "Last Christmas". These tracks present the power of George Michael's voice to emote and to make a great album, a beautiful mix of great pop songs.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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