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XTC, "Skylarking" / 1986 Review by: S.J. Dodd

Not having much chart sucess in the U.S., XTC had been pugging away for 10 years when this masterpiece arrived. Produced by Todd Rundgren, and notable for the song "Dear God", it is a wonderful musical extravaganza of well written pop music. "Dear God" was quite controversial at the time as the song questions ones belief in God, and God's motives. Yet, the lyric is very intellegent, and the music solemn until anger developes. The remainder of the album is completely top notch, and anyone who enjoys well constructed song form and sarcastic humor and wonderful harmonies harking back to the Beatles and at times the Beach Boys should try this out.

The entire catalog of XTC is worth hearing, and if one likes what they hear on "Skylarking" than by all means check out "Black Sea" from 1980. By the way, the XTC frontman, Andy Partridge, let it be known at the time he hated Todd's production on "Skylarking". He later softened up on it. Little did he know at the time it was his(XTC's) masterpiece.

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