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  • Cat Club - 1984 - San Francisco, CA, CA
    80s in two rooms, pop in one new wave in the other, every thursday night from 9pm - 4am. about an 8 dollar cover. http://www.catclubsf.com/
  • Club 3-2's - Santa Monica, CA
    One of very few clubs with resident DJs playing original vinyl of 80's New Wave, Post Punk, Britpop, Hip Hop and Dance. Happening every last Thursday of the month @ 2941 Main St, Santa Monica CA 90405. visit us on Myspace for more info @ Club 3-2's (on your google search).
  • Clubs

    • Fast Times at O Sushi Cafe - Brea, CA
      'Fast Times At O Sushi Cafe' on the first Saturday of every month. no cover charge, music starts at 10:00pm. dj Kevin Scott plays 80's new wave and 80's hip hop favorites. Legwarmers optional. Located in the city of Brea within the Birch Street Promenade. For more info: http://www.osushicafe.com
    • Bang - Hollywood, CA
      This is located the same place as 'clockwork orange' but is a different club on sat. nights playing the eighties micheal jackson and madonna type eighties. also 18 and up and a stocked bar for the 21 and up crowd. located on hollywood blvd.
    • Blue Mondays - Hollywood, CA
      Spins totally 80's all night.
    • Clockwork Orange - Hollywood, CA
      This club plays the best in flashbacks and new wave attracts a variety of people 18 and up and a fully staled bar for the 21 and up crowd . 1 room plays flash backs and another playing goth and trance. located on hollywood blvd.
    • Club London - Los Angeles, CA
      The Best 80's club in Los Angeles. Located in Downtown. Plays the best new wave, electro pop, spanish rock like The Smiths, The Cure, Morrissey, and Depeche Mode.
    • The Ruby - Los Angeles, CA
      , Totally 80's music on fridays and sundays. By far the best 80's club in LA. Located at 7070 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood.
    • Vetigos 'club London' (sunday nights' - Los Angeles, CA
      This clun is located in downtown la playing the best in new wave and flash backs also another room playing goth and rockabilly. 18 and up fully stocked bar for the 21 and up crowd. Sunday nights
    • Skinny's Lounge - North Hollywood, CA
      Every Thursday night at Skinny's Lounge is 80's flash. Beginning at 9pm, DJ VOX heats up the dance floor and mashes up all your Regan era favorites. A collection of 80's classic films fill the big screen over the dance floor and the talented bar staff keeps the party hoping all night long. Without a doubt one of LA's best 80's night. Skinny's Lounge 4923 N. Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood CA 91601 1-818-763-6581 http://www.skinnyslounge.com
    • The RAGE - Sacramento, CA
      Saturdays, Add to your "80 Club's" Located on Arden Way has a night "WAY BITCHIN' 80'" Saturdays cover is $5. Alot of one hit wonders (T'Pau) as well as top 40 and new wave, Beastie Boys, Maddonna. Lots of variety
    • Air Conditioned Lounge - San Diego, CA
      The unspectacular building on 30th Street with its late 60â€TMs inspired decor, friendly bartenders and luscious sunken living room known as AIR CONDITIONED is now home to the most spectacular 80â€TMs night San Diego has ever seen since…well…the 1980s! Steve West (of San Diego's 91X-FM) and DJ SG join forces on Wednesday night to spin everyoneâ€TMs favorite alternative 80â€TMs which are not played on the radio. Dying to hear Depeche Mode, The Clash, Simple Minds, The Cure, ABC, The Church, Joy Division, Yaz, Talking Heads all in one place? Weâ€TMve got it every Wednesday beginning at 9pm. http://www.airconditionedlounge.com
    • El Rincon - San Francisco, CA
      kj eve hosting 80's mystery night! sing the hits of alternative :: new wave :: punk :: pop :: goth rock new age :: rap :: heavy metal! "but yea . . . everyone is so-o-o-o good in the karaoke thingy. . . but can you guess the mystery song!" kj eve 80's mystery night karaoke every monday night starting june 4, 2007, karaoke 7pm-12am, doors open @ 5pm el rincon http://www.elrinconsf.com 2700 - 16th st., san francisco, ca for more info: http://www.elrinconsf.com or http://www.myspace.com/kjeve (415)437-9240, (415)846-5913 !!! 80's r back !!!
    • M 80s - San Francisco, CA
      9 p.m. Saturdays. Cover is $10.
    • New Wave City - San Francisco, CA
      Usually the First Sat. of every month. This club is probably the most popular 80's club in San Francisco right now. The cover is $10. Go to: http://www.newwavecity.com to find out when and where it's being held each month, as the location and dates usually change monthly!
    • POW! A Cocktail Lounge - San Francisco, CA
      Every Monday Night, D*Volution Mondays - Whip it from 9pm - 2am with Ms. Dress spinning the backwards tunes. FREE. Corner of 6th and Mission.
    • Relapse - San Francisco, CA
      Stud, 299 Ninth St. at Harrison Street,
    • Whip, Usual - San Francisco, CA
      9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Fridays. Cover is $5. Call (408) 535-0330.
    • 80's Night CA
      All your favorite and not so favorite tunes from the 1980's. Mixed on two turntables by dj Mike B. Every TUESDAY night @ the Crown & Anchor. 2891 e Thousand Oaks Blvd. 21& over. No cover charge. 9:30pm - 1:30am.
    • Alex's Bar CA
      Once a month, Alex's Bar features Mister Mister Miyagi, the best 80's karaoke band you know of. Mister Mister Miyagi currently has over 100 80's songs in their setlist, and YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO SING! That's right. They're the band, you're the singer. You're Adam, they're the Ants... More info and booking: http://www.alexsbar.com or for the band, http://www.80skaraokeband.com
    • La Cueva CA
      This club is awesome they play flashbacks,80's,rock en espanol,and rock urbano,also heavy metal,electronica and spanish music like merengue cubia sonidera and reggeton it's badass
    • Night Life Productions CA
      Friday April 28th ( The 80's are back Dance & Party )@ the castaway in San bernardino Ca 909 384-9871 from 8 til 1
    • Rio Club CA
      club rio live 70and 80 bands along dj's spinning the best of the classics. call 818-205 9799 on wednesdays nights. http://www.rioencino.com
    • The Beauty Bar CA
      Los Angeles bar free cover. 80's and mix of current and classic.
    • The Larchmont CA
      REWIND is LAâ€TMs most freakinâ€TM hilarious interactive homecoming party! Set at Southern Dam Highâ€TMs 1987 Homecoming Dance. Guests come dressed in 80â€TMs homecoming attire and dance the night away to the greatest 80â€TMs hits. From â€oeFootloose,” to â€oeRock the Casaba,” and everything in between. Whether you were a geek, jock, the cheerleader, or a misfit REWIND has all your favorite clicks as you participate and watch this â€oecoming of age,” story unfold. Itâ€TMs way better the second time… Doors open at 7:00pm show starts at 7:30pm *Free admission to the club after the show *Free Homecoming Momentos *Homecoming photo booth *Sushi Bar *Drink Specials from 7:00pm to 7:30pm *Prizes for the best Homecoming 80's outfit Official Site: http://www.rewind1987.com
    • The Wheelhouse CA
      Doing 80's dance nights August 7th "Bringing Back The 80's" playing Live GENERAL PUBLIC MISSING PERSONS TRAGIC HEARTS 2860 W. Florida Ave. Hemet 951-652-9968 All Ages, Plus Full Bar 21 w/id 7:00 pm $25.00 Tix @ Ticketmaster.com

    Radio Show

    • 80's retro night - Antelope Valley, CA
      KMIX 106.3, Saturday nights, They play a mixture of 80's and 90's hits on the other nights, which is okay, but 80's night is the best.
    • Noon Show - Arcata, in Humboldt County, CA
      Power 96.3, The show is at noon, and they pick songs as well as take requests. The DJ has heard positive feedback from people in their thirties who were there in the 1980's and they like the show. They play a wide range including the Cure, Fixx, as well as cheezy things like Billy Ocean.
    • Memory lame Radio - Internet, CA
      Airing 24 hours a day, Memory lame Radio celebrates (and plays) Top 40 hits from the 80s that you rarely, if ever, hear on retro commercial stations. Check us out online at http://memorylame.port5.com and take a walk down Memory lame -- where forgotten pop hits from the 70s and 80s live on!
    • Flashback Cafe - LA, CA
      All I know about this one is that it runs at noon on KROQ and features Richard Blade, Mr. New Wave himself. There is also a Flashback Sunday, which ends at eight, but I don't live in California, so I don't know when it starts.
    • The Amazing '80s with M.G. Kelly - LA, CA
      syndicated, various times all over America, Hey guys - don't forget my show. The Amazing '80s. Check it out on my website at http://www.mgkelly.com The program is on 100 stations and syndicated through my company MGK Communications, Los Angeles. Thanks!
    • 80s at Noon - Los Angeles, CA
      Star 98.7 KYSR, 12 noon- 1 pm, weekdays,
    • 80's Block Party - Pleasanton, CA
      101.7fm, kkiq-pleasanton, 10pm to Midnight every Saturday Night: Right after Backtraxx usa we re-live the "decade of decadence" with kkiq's 80's Block Party. Once an hour we play a themed music block which are four songs related in some way, shape, or form. http://www.kkiq.com/pages/18085.asp
    • '80's Retro Lunch Mix - Sacramento, CA
      KWOD 106.5, 12:35-1:05, DJ DAVID X comes in for a half hour with two turn tables and mixes up the hottest 80's new wave hits!!
    • 80s After 8 - Sacramento, CA
      100.5 The Zone plays two 80s songs every weekday morning at 8:00am, then 2 hours of 80s every weeknight from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.
    • The Eighties at Eight - San Bernardino, CA
      KCXX 103.9, 'The Eighties at Eight' on weeknights.
    • B 94.9 fm - San Diego , CA
      This radio station plays on going eighties all day the best 80's and dance mix on friday and saturday nights. by far the best station in San Diego
    • B94.9fm - San Diego, CA
      All 80's, all the time, 24 hours a day - Saturday nights feature a 12' remix show - Some of the original mtv veejays have a job here, too.
    • Noon Show - San Diego, CA
      Star 100.7, They play hits from the 80's and 90's. They play 80's exclusively from 12:00 -1:00 p.m. daily and on f\Fridays they play all eighties from 11:00 till 2:00. It's a great station and if you go to their web site you can listen to them live via real audio. The URL is http://www.histar.com
    • kbzt / B949 - San Diego, CA
      Plays 80's 24/7
    • Amazing 80's - San Francisco, CA
      105.7 kara, saturday 6:30-9:00 (rerun)7:00-10:00, gives abit of what happened at the time as well as plays songs also the run another program through out the week called 80's tonight(7-10)
    • 80's @ 8 - San Jose, CA
      Mix 106.5 KEZR, The 80's @ 8, 8 to 10pm Saturday. DJ Mike (Scoob) plays 2 hours of the best 80's pop & 'new wave' hits, featuring listeners requests.
    • Saturday Night Eighties - San Luis Obispo, CA
      KDDB 92.5, Sat. night, starting at 5pm,
    • Way Back Wednesday Lunch Hour - San Luis Obispo, CA
      Sly 96 (KSLY 96.1 FM), Wed., 12pm-1pm,
    • 80's at 8 - Santa Barbara, CA
      Kruz 103.3, 8pm-9pm, M-F, Can be picked up throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura counties.
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