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  • The Gold Mine - New Orleans, LA
    For the 80's new wave/retro scene, this is THE place in New Orleans to go. There are tons of bars in the French Quarter (DUH!) but this is the retro place...featuring the late 70s and early 80s songs we all know and love. You can pretty much expect to hear Frankie Goe to Hollywood's Relax...that seems to be the favorite when I attend. Don't go too early in the evening though. At 11pm you'll wonder 'where is everybody???' but by 2am, you won't have any room to move! Great music and nice drink specials. Gotta be 21.
  • Mudbugs Saloon LA
    Thursday nights are dedicated to the 80's. Back to the 80's, playing all your favorites including new wave and darkwave spun by DJ Tee, who has over 6000 80's songs and growing!! We also have SHADOW DANCING and Competitions!!!! go to http://www.mudbugssaloon.com to see a playlist
  • One Eyed Jack's LA
    every thursday night this swank club throws what's called "fast times at one eyed jacks", without a doubt the best 80's night party i've ever been to. they've got go-go dancers on stage and MOST people in 80's attire... and everybody's out on the dance floor. lesser known to tourists, but if you've never been, you have to experience it. don't know exactly when it starts, but usually starts picking up around 11-11:30 and doesn't let up for hours. and you cannot beat the $1 high life, assuming that's still going on. last i was there, $5 cover, WELL worth it.

Radio Show

  • Saturday Night '80's - Alexandria, LA
    Every Saturday night from 7pm to 2am, K-Fox 105 in Alexandria, Louisiana, plays non-stop 80's requests. 105.5 fm, '80's flashbacks every hour all day everyday!
  • Those Amazing 80's - Lafayette, LA
    99.9 KTDY, Every Saturday night from 7P.M.to9P.M., This is a great show that is pre-recorded from Portland Oregon and you can call in on an 800 number and get your request in for the next week's show. They have segments in between the songs that were recorded from the 80's like events in history and people of that era talking!!!
  • Backtrax USA - New Orleans, LA
    105.3 WLTS, Saturday 8-10PM, Amazing '80s now follows Backtrax USA. It is now on Saturdays from 10PM-12AM (so the schedule now goes like this) 105.3 WLTS in New Orleans. The '80s Retro Bistro: Mon- Fri (12 Noon- 1 PM) The 5 O'Clock Flashback: Mon- Fri (5 PM- 5:18 PM) The Eighties at Eight: Mon- Fri (8 PM- 9 PM) BackTrax USA: Saturday (8 PM- 10 PM) The Amazin' '80s: Saturday (10 PM- 12 Midnight) (please delete this in the UNKNOWN section) WLTS Lite 105 (105.3 FM) The Eighties at Eight (every night)
  • The 80's Retro Bistro - New Orleans, LA
    WLTS 105.3 FM, The 80's Retro Bistro: Mon- Fri (12 Noon- 1 PM)
    The Eighties at Eight: Mon- Fri (8 PM- 9 PM)
    The Amazin' 80's: Saturday (9 PM- 11 PM)
  • The Ancient End - New Orleans, LA
    106.7, Every weekday at noon they play three Eighties Alternative songs.
  • The Five O'Clock Flashback - New Orleans, LA
    WLTS 105.3, Mon-Fri 5:00 PM, Every weekday at 5 PM, they play four songs from the 80s. WLTS will have a web site soon. http://www.wlts1053.com/ Also, if you may want to list this one, check it out! ICRT - Taiwan's English Radio Station has a retro 80's program http://www.icrt.com.tw/ It comes on at Saturday at 7:00 PM to Midnight Taiwan Time which is 7:00 AM to Noon EDT (or 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST). They also broadcast over the net.
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