Eighties Clubs & Radio Shows, Tennessee

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Radio Show

  • Binky & Sparky Show - Camden, TN
    WRJB 98.3, Every Saturday Night from 6 to 9, "http://www.wrjbradio.com" The Binky & Sparky Show... The craziest 80's show in the land!
  • The Friday Night 80's at 8 - Gray, TN
    A one hour request show which starts at 8pm on Friday Nights
  • 80's All Request Lunch - Knoxville, TN
    Star 93.1 WWST, Monday-Friday 12-1, They also have what they call flasbacks continously throughout the day.
  • Retro Radio - Madisonville/Sweetwater, TN
    , Saturday Night 8-1AM, A small market station that plays syndicated programming. Can be picked up in the counties northeast of Chattanooga, TN.
  • The Modern World - Memphis, TN
    Friday mornings at 6. New wave, post-punk and punk music mainly from the 80's.
  • Friday Nite 80's - Nashville, TN
    Star 97, 5:00 pm to 12:00 am, first, this is the hands down BEST SITE I have ever visited about the 80's. I just turned 30 on 12/16/00 and I have been surrounding myself with 80's stuff lately. I just recently purchased a Mattel electronic football 2 hand-held game, a die-cast metal Voltron robot, an Atari XE game system with about 12-15 games, and plenty-o-music from the decade. The radio station Star 97 is a pretty cool station that has a FRESH (80's slang for good) 80's show on Friday nights and they also have a Drive-thru lunch hour with tunes from the best-o-times. My only complaint is that there are so many good song from back then that you don't have to play the same 2 Robert Palmer songs all the time. They also use the standard formula of playing the same 15 songs EVERY SINGLE DAY, almost in the exact same order. I will say that on Friday nite, they do play a good mix of popular and not-so popular songs from the the time.
  • Retro on the River - Nashville, TN
    River 107.5, 7pm-12a Friday nights. They also play retro from 12 to 1 Mon thru Fri.
  • Retrobuzz - Nashville, TN
    Sunday mornings 6a to 10a on 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville. The best of the alternative 80s, specializing in listener requests and the obscure.
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