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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Gopher
  • 10. King of Wishful Thinking by Go West
    I'm not totally sure this was a song from the 80s, but it deserves to be here anyway!
  • 9. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Roger Daltrey
    The best version I've heard of this song
  • 8. With Or Without You by U2
  • 7. Crying In The Rain by A-ha
  • 6. I Know Him So Well by Elaine Paige and Barbrah Dickson
    The words fit very well
  • 5. Missing You by John Waite
    This is what I'd love to say to him
  • 4. Throwing It All Away by Genesis
    Best seen live.
  • 3. Drive by The Cars
    Strictly speaking, not a love song, but good to cry to
  • 2. One More Try by George Michael
  • 1. It's Over by Level 42
    This used to make me cry even before I went out with anyone
I discovered your page yesterday and I think it's great!! I've got two lists here - ones that you'd listen to after splitting up with your boyfriend, and the second is a list of songs I remember from my childhood - being only 18 means I was a child of the eighties. This is Top 10 songs to listen to after splitting up
By: Gopher
  • 10. The Final Countdown (the whole album actually) by Europe
    I remember my sister playing it over and over again.
  • 9. Children Say by Level 42
    I can't remember how old I was, but I've always liked it.
  • 8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Tight Fit
    I was at primary school, I think
  • 7. Live It Up by Mental as Anything
  • 6. Wouldn't It Be Good/The Riddle/I Won'T Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Nik Kershaw
    All brilliant songs - I couldn't choose between them!!
  • 5. The Neverending Story by Limalh
    I wouldn't normally admit this one, but who cares. I remember going to seeit at the cinema for my frined's birthday.
  • 4. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
    Brilliant at full volume
  • 3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by Police
  • 2. You Can't Hurry Love by Phil Collins
    I feel like I've always known this song - certainly I was very small at the time!
  • 1. Everybody Gets A Second Chance by Mike & the Mechanics
    I was surprised to find that this was no. 1, but I love it!!
Top 10 - from memories of my childhood Honarary mentions Alan Parson's Project, "The Eye In The Sky"Cher, "Jesse James"Sting, "Love Is The Seventh Wave"Foreigner, "I Want To Know What Love Is" You won't believe how hard it was to choose those songs!!Thank you!!
By: Paul
  • 10. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis&the News
    One of the defining bands of the 80's playing a true rock tune
  • 9. Down Under by Men at Work
    Find me one good 80's compilation that excludes this track
  • 8. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
    Listen to this song before a sporting event. Just try to cool your adrenaline rush. "Obsession," "The Final Countdown," and "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" will also help to serve this purpose
  • 7. Rock the Casbah by The Clash
    Yes, this is 80's cheese at its best. But listen to it and you will discover yourself proclaiming "Sharih don't like it. . ." all day long
  • 6. Take My Breath Away by Berlin
    Lock yourself in a room with a member of the opposite sex, play this, and you will be kissing before the second verse
  • 5. Pride (in the Name of Love) by U2
    A great tribute to great men and the beginning of a great career for a great band
  • 4. We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
    An original song that still makes us realize its powerful and somewhat pessimistic message
  • 3. In a Big Country by Big Country
    Any lyrical weakness is more than made up for by the catchy and unique sound of the music. Despite being a one-hit wonder, Big Country has begat an unforgettable song
  • 2. Take on Me by A-ha
    It's tough to think of the song without the video, but the lyrics about overcoming setbacks and genuinely expressing your feelings of love through all challenges are enough to make the song itself classic
  • 1. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
    Find a radio station that doesn't play this song. It has survived the airwaves for 10 years. It is played at every high school prom and at every romantic dinner dance. Peter Gabriel pours his heart and soul into these lyrics and the romantic, eclectic music can bring lovers to tears. This song is still heard ten years after the fact, and it will live on forever
The 1980's proved to be a decade in which many of the world's truly great songs were written. To include only 10 seems unjust, but here it is.
By: Jack McMullen
  • 10. Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
  • 9. Under The Milky Way by The Church
  • 8. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
  • 7. All You Zombies by Hooters
  • 6. Welcome To The Boomtown by David and David
  • 5. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    The full version, not the sawed off one played on the radio.
  • 4. Our House by Madness
  • 3. Take On Me by A-Ha
    The video is as much a classic as the song.
  • 2. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
    Not the video version.
  • 1. The Promise by When In Rome
    It was a tough pick between this and Rock Me Amadeus. The extended version on Richard Blade's Flashback is excellent.
By: Penny
  • 10. Careless Whisper/Last Christmas by George Michael/Wham
    Young Guns having some fun.....
  • 9. I Want to Know What Love is by Foreigner
    The first song i ever sang with true feeling
  • 8. Pride (In the Name of Love)/New Years Day/I Will Follow by U2
    Definitely one of the biggest bands of the 80's and still going strong
  • 7. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Forget the allegations, this guy is a musical genius
  • 6. Hunting High and Low by A-ha
    The video is truly captivating
  • 5. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    The Breakfast Club - the ultimate 80's movie!
  • 4. Never Surrender by Corey Hart
    A haunting and hearfelt song
  • 3. State of the Heart/Affair of the Heart by Rick Springfield
    That's S-p-r-i-n-g-f-i-e-l-d....NEVER to be confused with Springsteen!
  • 2. Fortress Around Your Heart by Sting
    One of the most gorgeous songs i have ever heard
  • 1. Save a Prayer/The Wild Boys/Notorious by Duran Duran
    The band that did it for me - and still does (oh yes, I'm talking MUSICALLY here, just for the record!!!!)
OH the nostalgia of it all :) Thanks for the trip back in time, makes me wanna go break out that vinyl and crank it up for the first time in's great to know there are other people out there who remember the 80's for what it was...before all that rap crap came along *sigh* So from a self-confessed Duranaholic, here's my list:
By: Rock n' Roll
  • 10. The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
    Certainly one of the greatest voices for simple yet touching love ballads. He can build up a crescendo like few others.
  • 9. Black Cars by Gino Vanelli
    Talk about your catchy tunes. This guy did a complete turnaround when he released that song in '85, and for me went from a total loser to a great popster.
  • 8. Hard To Say I'M Sorry by Chicago
    I know, him again. To me, it's THE love ballads of the 80's. Many a slow dance in my memories are accompanied with that song...
  • 7. The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    Local boys (for me) who did great...only too briefly. Irresistible techno-pop song, simple yet impossible to dislike. The 12" version is one of those rare gems which is actually better than the short version.
  • 6. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
    I remember the moment when I saw the show in '87, and the low, familiar echo of an electric organ began to play...and I still shiver. I love the band, and to me, this is undeniably their very best.
  • 5. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    The song that would initiate a whole new direction in my musical tastes, which I now claim to be the music that defines me:melodic, catchy, hummable hard pop/rock. This is more than a song-it's an anthem, one that will never die.
  • 4. Let's Go Crazy by Prince
    Back when Prince was Prince, and he carried an electric guitar, he gave the world one of the best movie soundtracks ever, crowned by this impossible-to-resist achievement in danceable rock and roll. From the moment the organ comes on at the beginning, I go into a trance. They just don't make great songs like this anymore...
  • 3. Don't Forget Me When I'M Gone by Glass Tiger
    I know it's a corny song, and a corny video, and a corny band, but what can I say? This song, with its lighthearted catchiness reached me like no other, and I fell in love with it from the moment I first heard it. And I've loved it since...
  • 2. The Reflex by Duran Duran
    From one of the bands that defined the 80's came this fabulous song, accompanied by an equally fabulous live video, and the number of times I saw/heard both can be counted in the hundreds. Simply one of the best songs Ihave ever heard. That guitar before the!
  • 1. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    It all started with a slight, curious interest in "Animal". Then came this kick-ass of a pop rock and roll song, and I was conquered. To this day, I don't believe I have ever loved a band like I do with Def. And this song istheir crowning achievement for the 80's ("Let's get rocked having had thattitle for the 90's). Like I said, it's the music that best defines me. Love is like a bomb...
Hi there! Great site for those of us whose life was shaped along with the music of the 1980's. I find myself quite attracted by the feeling that awakens in me whenever I hear one of those songs that bring back memories of first loves, first car, first apartment, first job, and whatever else. The list you see here was very hard for me to establish, as I have, over the span of 10 years, managed to enjoy more songs than I care to remember. I have managed to narrow everything to 10 songs, basically because I could remember them without effort, the feeling they awaken is still very strong, and it is reflective of the variety of styles I enjoyed back then. Honorable Mentions Pet Shop Boys, "West End Girls"OMD, "If You Leave"Human League, "Don't You Want Me"Level 42, "Something About You"Van Halen, "Why Can't This Be Love?"The Fixx, "Secret Separation"Don Henley, "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"REO Speedwagon, "Can't Fight This Feeling"Yaz, "Situation"New Order, "Bizarre Love Triangle"Adam Ant, "Goody Two Shoes"Bon Jovi, "Livin' on a Prayer"
By: Peter Lang
  • 10. Never Surrender / Dare me by Corey Hart / Pointer Sisters
    Very close between these two, I actually went and listened to them but still couldn't decide, so they're both here!
  • 9. Heart & Soul by T'Pau
    That this group went painfully unnoticed for the rest of their career is one of the biggest shames in pop music history.
  • 8. Respectable by Mel & Kim
    "Take or leave us, only please believe us. We ain't ever gonna be respectable"...This #1 hit basically sums up the 80's...for me anyway. I was so sad in 1990 when I heard Mel died.
  • 7. I Heard a Rumour by Bananarama
    'Oooh Oooh I heard a rumour'...indeed!
  • 6. You Came by Kim Wilde
  • 5. Don't Mess with Dr. Dream by Thompson Twins
    By far the best song they ever did. Why this wasn't released in the US, I don't know, but it was a bigger hit here in Australia than "Lay Your Hands On Me" or "King For A Day"
  • 4. I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz
  • 3. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You/Can't Forget You by Sonia
    Yet another Stock/Aitken/Waterman act, but geez she was cute!
  • 2. The Loco-motion/Wouldn't Change a Thing by Kylie Minogue
    Hmm, hard choice the song everbody remembers or the one people always forget,they're both great though.
  • 1. Take on me/The sun always shines on TV/Hunting high and low/ by A-Ha
    A-Ha (who are incidently still around and are about to start recording their first album in 3 years) should never be thought of as a one hit wonder. Although I've included a 4-way tie of their singles, I still found it hard to put so few.
I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am an announcer and I present an 80's show on a community radio station here in Melbourne called "Packjammed" This is my Top 10 from the 80's "Manhatten Skyline"
By: Andrew
  • 10. The Promise by When in Rome
    Remember these guys, bet you don't
  • 9. Blue Monday by New Order
    I'm really surprised no one had this one
  • 8. Homosapien by Pete Shelley
  • 7. You think you're a man by Divine
    This one is also a cross-dresser
  • 6. Kiss Me by Tin Tin
    You'll find this one on Rhino's Just Can't get enough of the 80's
  • 5. I Touch Roses by Book of Love
    A classic at Whiskey Saigon in Toronto
  • 4. Too Much too Young by The Specials
    Too bad they're not still around
  • 3. Everyday is Halloween by Ministry
    Hard to believe they even sounded like this (and, yes Al Jourgensen was in the band)
  • 2. Party at Ground Zero by Fishbone
    Unfortunately, somehow this song has made it on every soundtrack in the last year. Its ruined the way I used to listen to it, but still no.2 anyway
  • 1. Stand down Margaret by The Beat
    Hands down the best band that ever was. If you've ever been to a "Police picnic" you'll know what I mean.
This is for anyone who has listened to CFNY 102.1 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Honourable mention:Human League - Don't you want me Depeche Mode - Dreaming of me Aztec Camera - Still on Fire Fun Boy Three - Our lips are sealed (the original that The Go-Go's destroyed)
By: Judie
Here are just a few (what's 10?) of my favorite 80's songs. I couldn't even put them in order because I love them all equally!
By: Rob McGee
  • 10. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
    I include this one only because I once heard a '90s dance remix of it that totally rocked.
  • 9. Neverending Story by Limahl
    Sure, it's a musical embarrassment guaranteed to clear a dance floor, but I still believed in magic when I was in junior high.
  • 8. Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
    I was lukewarm about this song when the movie came out, but the TV series opened my eyes-- Vanessa Angel is a babe with a bullet, and I don't even like women.
  • 7. Xanadu Soundtrack by ELO/Olivia Newton-John
    When Gene Kelly proposes building an elegant Big Band nightclub, Michael Beck retorts, "Man, this is the *eighties*!" I think the roller-disco palace was a fair compromise, though.
  • 6. Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House
    Moody enough to fuel teen angst without being out right depressing.
  • 5. One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head
    Bjorn and Benny of ABBA collaborated on _Chess_. How can you beat a pedigree like that?
  • 4. 99 Luftballons by Nena
    Ich bin ein Kaptain Kirk.
  • 3. Sex Crime (1984) by Eurythmics
    It still makes me want to go out and do something prosecutable.
  • 2. The Tide Is High by Blondie
    I love Blondie in general, but get a bunch of people who've been drinking pina coladas and this one is irresistable. Plus, the video featured a cameo by Darth Vader's helmet.
  • 1. Rio by Duran Duran
    If the song itself isn't dated enough for you, two words:Patrick Nagel.
Wonderful, wonderful page. My Top Ten list is clearly going to overlap with those of countless other readers, but here goes. (The four soundtrack-themed entries definitely belong at the bottom of the list, but the order of the rest is pretty arbitrary; I love them all.)
By: Jim
  • 10. Jessie's Girl / Bop Till you Drop Rick in Space by Rick Springfield
    cool video concept
  • 9. Pictures of You by The Cure
  • 8. Modern Love by David Bowie
  • 7. Obsession by Animotion
  • 6. Theme from that S. Penn movie by Madonna
    I have a tail to sell...
  • 5. Money Changes Everything by C. Lauper
  • 4. Entire "Songs fron the Big Chair" album by Tears for Fears
  • 3. New Moon on Monday/Who'll Stop the Rain by Duran Duran
    true gods
  • 2. Ariana Maniacs/Forever Young by Alphaville
  • 1. Scandal by The Warrior
Here are the songs I grew up on. Best Soundtracks:Some Kind of Wonderful and Valley Girl
Honorable Mention:Hooters, Depeche Mode, and the goddess Teri Nunn and her band "Berlin" way tooo sexy. thanks for the opportunity to share this - I truely loved the eighties!
By: Sara Sandstrom
  • 10. Don't You Want Me by Human League
    A fun speeding in the car song.
  • 9. Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh
    The best song in the world to slow dance to...
  • 8. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    The long version is a jump up and dance tune
  • 7. I Melt With You by Modern English
  • 6. Always Something to Remind Me by Naked Eyes
    Another speeding song
  • 5. 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy TuTone
    Just the perfect song...
  • 4. If you Leave by OMD
    This song from Pretty in Pink is perfect to sing along to
  • 3. Take on Me by A-Ha
    The world's greatest music video
  • 2. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Makes me yell and dance and generally get happy
  • 1. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    Nuff said. The best song from the world's best movie
I am the hugest 80s music fan, actually a general 80s fan. Here is my top ten plus a few honorable mentions. Honorable Mentions: Erasure, "A Little Respect" John Mellencamp, "Jack and Diane" Duran Duran, "Rio" Madness, "Our House" Baltimora, "Tarzan Boy"
By: Farra Babar
  • 10. West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys
  • 9. True by Spandau Ballet
  • 8. Don't Want To Lose You by Gloria Estefan
  • 7. Don't You Want Me by Human League
  • 6. You Keep Me Hanging On by Kim Wilde
  • 5. Save a Prayer by Duran Duran
  • 4. Everything She Wants by Wham!
  • 3. Holiday by Madonna
  • 2. Careless Whisper by Wham! feat. George Michael
  • 1. Strut by Sheena Easton
    Britain's best looking and most successful female export from the 80's finally hit her stride with this take- no- prisoners- butt- kicking number.
I enjoy reading your 80's lists almost as much as I enjoyed 80's music.
By: Laurence Tallman
  • 10. Cruel Summer by Bananarama
  • 9. Echo Beach by Martha & the Muffins
  • 8. Burst by Darling Buds
  • 7. Johnny Are You Queer? by Josie Cotten
  • 6. 99 Red Balloons by Nena
  • 5. Voices Carry by 'til Tuesday
  • 4. Two of Hearts by Stacy Q
  • 3. Situation by Yazoo
  • 2. Here Comes The Rain Again by Eurythmics
  • 1. The Waiting Game by Swing Out Sister
Ladies Of The '80's:My Top Ten Songs. Honorable Mention: Frida, "Something's Going On" Swing Out Sister, "Break Out" The Other Ones, "Holiday"
By: Laurence Tallman
Boys Of The '80's:My Top Ten Songs. Honorable Mention: Yello, "Oh Yeah" Corey Hart, "Sunglasses At Night" Timbuk 3, "Future's So Bright..."
By: F A L X
  • 10. Flaming Sword by The Care
  • 9. Ghost in You by Psychedelic Furs
  • 8. Love Me Simple by Tuesday Blues
  • 7. Matador by Xmal Deutschland
  • 6. Suedehead by Morrissey
  • 5. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
  • 4. Wax & Wane by Cocteau Twins
  • 3. Lips Like Sugar by Echo & the Bunnymen
  • 2. More to Lose by Seona Dancing
  • 1. Whatever Possessed You by The Care
This was a very difficult list to think up. There are so many songs I wish I could add. But here is but a fraction of the eighties songs that I like.
  • 10. Jump/1984 by Van Halen
  • 9. Princes of the Universe A Kind of Magic by Queen
  • 8. Fade to Black Ride The Lightning by Metallica
  • 7. Teenage Frankenstein Constrictor by Alice Cooper
  • 6. Round and Round Out of the Cellar by RATT
  • 5. For Whom The Bell Tolls Ride The Lightning by Metallica
  • 4. Mad Machine Bubblegum Crisis Soundtrack by Priss and the Replicants
  • 3. Konya Wa Hurricane Bubblegum Crisis Soundtrack by Priss and the Replicants
    (Japanese 1987)
  • 2. Soldier Girl Bubblegum Crisis Soundtrack by Priss and the Replicants
    (Japanese 1987)
  • 1. Little Date Ranma 1/2 soundtrack by DoCo
    (Japanese 1989)
By: Jamie
By: Misty
  • 10. Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
  • 9. Cradle of Love by Billy Idol
  • 8. Free Fallin by Tom Petty
  • 7. In Your Room / Eternal Flame by Bangels
  • 6. Only in my Dreams / Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson
  • 5. Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girls
  • 4. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses
  • 3. Forever Your Girl / Straight Up by Paula Abdul
  • 2. I Think We're Alone Now / Could've Been / Radio Romance by Tiffany
  • 1. Look Away by Chicago
    "when you called me up this morning told me about the new love you'd found, I said I'm happy for ya, I'm really happy for ya." That's a taste of how it goes.
Okay, I'm not sure if I got everything right, because I was only 8-10 years old when I listened to the 80's. But here's some of my faves! Honorable Mention: S. Oconner, "Nothing Compares to You" Priss and the Republicans, "Soldier Girl"
By: Del (Sonny)
  • 10. The Warrior by Scandal
    Very upbeat song!
  • 9. Trouble Me/Like the Weather by 10,000 Maniacs
    Natalie Merchant has this haunting voice :)
  • 8. More to Lose by Seona Dancing
    Gee, this one is very popular in the philippines
  • 7. Flaming Sword by The Care
    One of Ian Broudie's side project (he's of Lightning Seeds)
  • 6. Space Age Love Song by A Flock of Seagulls
    How come no one mentioned this one!!! This is better than "I Ran" :)
  • 5. Roam by B-52s
  • 4. Luka by Suzanne Vega
  • 3. Come Back Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • 2. Kitchen Sink Drama by Soft Cell
    Enough of "Tainted Love" :)
  • 1. Build by Housemartins
    Anyone know this song? soothing song, makes you feel relax!
Hi! This one's from the Philippines! Here's my top 10 :) Though it's really hard to choose them!! One of my hardest time where I have to decide!! I also like "Circle", by Edie Brickell and the Bohemians "Bad", by U2 "How Soon Is Now", by The Smiths "Souvenir", by OMD "The Sun Always Shines on TV", by A-ha "Thieves Like Us", by New Order "Once in a Lifetime", by The Gregorians "Vox", by Sarah Mclachlan

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