Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: John Mickles, Jr.
  • 10. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • 9. Bad by Michael Jackson
  • 8. Fore! by Huey Lewis & The News
  • 7. Sports by Huey Lewis & The News
  • 6. You Can Dance by Madonna
  • 5. Like A Prayer by Madonna
  • 4. Who's That Girl by Madonna/Various Artists
  • 3. True Blue by Madonna
  • 2. Like A Virgin by Madonna
  • 1. Madonna by Madonna
By: vizzy mortiz
By: Heather
By: Jason Burge
  • 10. Flesh and Blood by Poison
    Where would we have been without Poison?
  • 9. Invisible Touch by Genesis
    It's a shadow of their former incarnation, but it's a fine pop album.
  • 8. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    This album was the high water mark for 80's hair rock.
  • 7. Bread and Circus by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    If you haven't heard this, listen to it. Absolutely amazing rock.
  • 6. An Innocent Man by Billy Joel
    One of the best albums from the Streetlife Serenader.
  • 5. A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Pink Floyd
    While not the best of the Masters of progressive rock, this album nevertheless stands above most of the material from the decade.
  • 4. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    One of the greatest rock albums ever, and certainly the best of Def.
  • 3. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode
    Not a wasted track on this album, one of the finest accomplishments of their impressive career.
  • 2. Substance by New Order
    While this is actually a compilation, the remixing gives it a life of its own. As a two-disc set, this is almost too perfect.
  • 1. Disintegration by The Cure
    Not just the best of the 80's, the best ever. Soulful and passionate, musically unmatched.
By: Neil Britto
  • 10. Nothing like the Sun by Sting
    A great follow up to DBT. Amazing drums. 'Fragile,' ... oh man a great song.
  • 9. Liverpool by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    This album rocks, and you can really hear the band shine without Trevor Horns trade-mark over production tricks. Don't get me wrong, Pleasure dome was awesome, but this one got me through @#$*ing high school with songs like 'Maximum joy,' and 'For Heavens sake.' Warriors...! will rot... in a cage.... ...suicide... a go-go. Rage!
  • 8. So Red the Rose by Arcadia
    Nick Rhodes... quite gifted, such pop sensibility, and hey listen to Simon! Aint he all growz-up singing so purdy? Every song on this record is a gem. Some great guest appearnces (Sting, David Gilmore, Herbie Hancock)
  • 7. Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
    Great from fron to finish, and what a way to finish.
  • 6. Deep by Peter Murphy
    Not a bad song on it (except maybe Role Call)
  • 5. Killers by Iron Maiden
    Very tough to pick a Maiden album out of the ten or twelve in the eighties that were good, but after 30 years of being alive, the Paul Diano albums still stand out srongly to me even though I might have picked 'Power Slave,' if I were still 15.
  • 4. So by Peter Gabrielle
    Rich album, from 'Red Rain,' to 'Excellent Birds.'
  • 3. Force Majuere by Tangerine Dream
    Ok this was put out in 79, but I was listening to it in the eighties, so there. This album is super cool. If your into vinyl, this album is like silk. All the themes segue into one another like a dream.
  • 2. Around the World in a Day by Prince
    Quite an obscure choice, I know, but this album is way cool, earthy if you could ever describe Prince as earthy.
  • 1. Rio by Duran Duran
    What bass lines, what grooves. This album is so full of energy. Hard choice between this and 'Duran Duran,' which rocks.
Honorable mentions: Simple Minds - Once Upon a Time A-ha - Hunting High and Low Metalica - Masters of puppets. Man... what the hell happened to Metallica? Anyhow this one used to blow my mind. So did 'Ride the Lightening.' Sade - Diamond life Swing Out Sister - It's Better to Travel Art of Noise - Inocence Nonsense! Sisters of Mercy - Floodland. ' lipstick on my cigarette...' Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls. Quite the baby-making album.
By: Austin Gangur
  • 10. Raising Hell by Run DMC
    Best rap album ever. 'Walk this way' 'You be Illin' Ol' school but tagging off to newer era. Never thought I'd memorize an entire rap album word for word. Drum machine central, drum machine 'perfection!' 808s
  • 9. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    One of Vancouvers recording industys best album ever. Sex appeal, great melodies, vocal exf, these guys showed that finally an American band could keep up to all those European ones. 'Livin on '- almost glam rock...but keeping masculine and smooth kept them from to much make-up on the face.
  • 8. Seven And The Raged Tiger by Duran Duran
    Did not want to put them twice...but how can you not?...REFLEX?..NeW MOON?..GIRLS ON FILM?....UNION OF THE SNAKE?...ALL GREAT TRACKS!!!!....REFLEX IS MILES AHEAD OF ITS TIME WITH LATIN PRODUCTION - sounds like it was released in 2003 not 1983.
  • 7. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straights
    '$$ for nothing' & 'Walk of life ' are enough to place this album in my top 10 for the 1980s. ( plus give them a 10/10 for brainpower..THATS STING ON INTRO OF MONEY FOR NOTHING
  • 6. Thriller by MJ
    Quincy Jones..MJ..and even Jon Bon Jovi on guitar. 'Thriller' 'Billy' 'Beat it' - all made it based on their basslines. Simple bass lines and hitting horns hidden in production are sick! - ( unbelievablly great! ) - Lead vocals are a classic. Listen to all the middle production . Sometimes we have 4 guitars at once, and they blend to sound like one..Plus Thriller ( the video ) is best video of all time. MJ is the King of Pop. Hate to say it, but it is true..Justin Timber--puke!
  • 5. Synchronicity by The Police
    this Trio hated eachother. Drumer used to fight Sting on stage. Stings writing and voice are unreal and connect. This Drummer is so good, perhaps best drums ever on an album. 'King of Pain' 'Every breath..' - and if you saw them live, they maintained the albums sharp production
  • 4. Rio by Duran Duran
    The MOST under rated band of the 1980s. Never be typical and suggest they were a 'Boy band'..Their song writing is unreal, they merged 70s disco with new 70s punk. Simon Le Bon - Great front singer, dancer, and lyric man. All members played owns instruments well. 'Rio' 'Hungry' 'Chauffer' 'Save a prayer' - Still haunt me sweetly with their bass lines, synth parts, and vocal harmonies. - listen to them again....but really listen.
  • 3. Graceland by Paul Simon
    ladysmith Black Mambazo is discovered in Africa, and blesses us with 'Diamonds' - and 'Homeless' - 'Call Me Al' is great to dance to and very safisticated at the same time. Paul talks to all of us as he sings. ..Literally, his talking babbling style works. Too bad Art wasnt a part of the album but sometimes greats need to go solo.
  • 2. Purple Rain by Prince
    We all love sexy muzic. Snare drums on album identify era. All guys want a girl who will dance to 'Purple Rain' for them in private. 'Let's go crazy' - speaks such truth 'When Doves cry' - overplayed, but remains a reminder of how how tough and rough familiy can be even when family love is strong and prevails.
  • 1. Joshau Tree by U2
    'Where the Streets have no name'- absolute best intro for an entire album ever. Follwed by 'Still havn't found' & 'With or without you'- Need I say more?
ACDC - Thunder Struck and SHOOOOOK me all night long get honorable mention. Those 2 songs could even get a Preacher pumped on war!!!
By: Daniel Clark
  • 10. Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf
  • 9. Mana by Mana
    other great band in spanish
  • 8. The Number of te Beast by Iron Maiden
  • 7. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    one of my favorites
  • 6. New Jersey by Bon Jovi
    Bon Jovi ainīt history... itīs a Legend
  • 5. Joshua Tree by U2
    Great album
  • 4. Skid Row by Skid Row
    Sebastian Bach is one the best singer in the whole world, just before Axl Rose
  • 3. Caifanes by Caifanes
    Donīt be afraid just because its in spanish, just get it
  • 2. Metallica by ...And Justice for All
    James, Lars and Kirk are the Gods of Metal
  • 1. Appettite for Destruction by Guns N Roses
    The best album ever
By: JL in Canada
  • 10. Seven And The Ragged Tiger (1983) by Duran Duran
    The first album I ever bought, it has half a dozen good songs on it, had to be in the list.
  • 9. Dead Ringer (1981) by Meatloaf
    At least equally as good as Bat Out of Hell (1977), sometimes when I listen to it, I think it may even be better.
  • 8. Third Stage (1986) by Boston
    Recorded over a six year span between ‘floods and power failures’ this is a Tom Scholz masterpiece. A superb album. Brad Delp sings brilliantly.
  • 7. The River (1980) by Bruce Springsteen
    A double album. Some dud tracks. Could have been brilliant, but itsn't. However, as a whole, a great album.
  • 6. August (1987) by Eric Clapton
    My favourite Eric Clapton album. Over produced and maybe light weight, but I love all the songs on it.
  • 5. Born In The U.S.A (1984) by Bruce Springsteen
    Powerful title track and no fillers, a complete album.
  • 4. New Jersey (1988) by Bon Jovi
    Well written. Not pop and not metal, rather the former pretending to be the latter. Excellent.
  • 3. Hysteria (1987) by Def Leppard
    Just a cool album, good riffs, nice vocals, love it.
  • 2. Live Magic (1986) by Queen
    I don’t know if live albums are allowed in the list, and with a handful of exceptions, live albums are usually crap, but this is the best album that Queen ever made. The opening track, One Vision sends a chill down my spine.
  • 1. The Final Cut (1983) by Pink Floyd
    Your Possible Pasts, The Gunners Dream, The Final Cut, every single track is brilliant. The band indulged him, and Roger Waters made the best album of the 80s, they hated it, not a hit single in sight, and I love it.
These albums were the sound track for my teenage years in the 80s in New Zealand.
By: Steve
By: Austin Gangur
  • 10. Raising Hell by Run DMC
    Raising Hell is a rap album. I am not the grandest fan of rap, so if I tell you i listened enough to memorize the album, thats saying something huge.
  • 9. So Red the Rose by Arcadia
    Duran broke up into 2 sucked, one made me cry. Arcadia with LeBon and Rhodes ' Re Election Day' - So bloody hip and new that I just wanna quit listening to Ol' school pop instantly. Production is unreal, I with I wasnt 10 at the time so i could have heard it played on club systems.
  • 8. In to The Gap by Thompson Twins
    Sure, you are all laughing at me. 'Lay your hands on me'- is so deep in sweetproduction skills that I wanna scream. 'Hold me now' - Coll marimba parts. 'Doctor Doctor'- early moog synths still work on this album. Great continuity on this album. Feels good to kiss to.
  • 7. Synchronicity by Police
    Sting and Gang rock in song writing and kicking it live. 'Every Breath you take' guess what?..Its not a love song.'King of Pain' - haunting voice that Sting has!- They all hated eachother, but what the hey?..the #1 Billboard song of the 1980s was achieved on this album ' Every Breath you take'. Best drummer studio performance ever perhaps., Sweet piano parts. Simple chords make Austin all hapy inside.
  • 6. Thriller by MJ
    Thank you Quincy Jones!!!Simple bass lines rock the 3 biggies 'Thriller' 'Beat it' 'Billy Jean' - killer production with all sorts of horns hidden in mix. great pick and slap guitars. Second only to Prince for talent, but best dancer makes him an equal. King of POP ...I hate to say it, but its true. Best video of all time also.
  • 5. Seven and The Raged Tiger by Duran Duran
    I don't want to put them twice , honest!!!! but 'Reflex' ' Girls on film' 'Union of the snake' 'New Moon'-- When all my friends and I were in grade 3, they were buying Transformers and Go-Bots..I was Savin for the tour of 1984. - REFLEX latin percussion is miles ahead of its time..sounds like 2003, not 1983. 'Girls on Film' - first video banned by MTV because of girl in underwear..oh how times have changed! Know wonder they were chosen to do the next James Bond Theme.
  • 4. Rio by Duran Duran
    OK, The most under rated band of the 80s!. All songs on RIO rock and segway from 70s punk and disco. These guys had the balls to invade North America just as Paul, Ringo, George, and John did, but Duran had a synthesizer. 'Hungry Like Wolf' 'Rio' 'Chauffer' & 'Save a prayer' - ALL!!!, I repeat ALL have killer vocals, guitar licks, BASS LINES, EFX from Mr. Rhodes, and no BS, just straight playing from the fab 5. The best band from the 80s...I will win any arguement that says other.
  • 3. Graceland by Paul Simon
    Ageless, Timeless. Bet you can't name the year? Thats because it will never be dated! Ladysmith Black Mambazo natives from Africa are brought over to the USA to record with Saturday Night Live Band and WHAM!!!!- 'Diamonds' 'Call me Al is the best song on Album'..ever wondered how they did that funky 2 bar guitar solo in the middle?..hmm?...I know..(hint)..the two bar solo is actuallt only one. Sorry ART!, but some greats must go solo.
  • 2. Purple Rain by Prince
    Most talented man ever to perform infront of us in the 80s (and 90s). Every guy deep down wants to have a woman who will dance private for us to 'Purple Rain'..'When Doves Cry'- Overplayed, but oh well...Lets top it off with 'Lets go Crazy'-Organ intro reeks of with religious roots that he seldom preaches to us but holds dear. Snare drums define percussuon on all songs, so Purple Rain. If you have that much talent, be what ever symbol on the wall you want!
  • 1. Joshua Tree by U2
    Umm..Hello?..'Where the Streets have no name' - Best intro for a song and album of 80s. followed by ' Still Havn't found ' & 'With or without you'...I'll shut up now because I am not worthy, none of us are!

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