Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: Eddy
  • 10. Exposed by Expose'
    Fantastic, December and Exposed to Love really are awsome.
  • 9. Eliminator by ZZ Top
    Nevermind the videos, the guitar playing is so tight and catching that i would be humming these tunes for days, Leggs, love it!
  • 8. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    The King.
  • 7. WOW! by Bananarama
    Another fantastic album, once in a lifetime gets me everytime!!
  • 6. Women and Children First by Van Halen
    The first album were they wrote all there own songs and it is a blazer. Eddie and David at there best!
  • 5. How to be a Zillionaire! by ABC
    I dare anyone to find a bad song on this album. Syntehsizers at there best. And once again the rythum of the album jams.
  • 4. Into the Gap by Thompson Twins
    The best Pop, 3 member band ever! Great song writing and the beats are so infectious!
  • 3. Moving Pictures by Rush
    Red Barchetta,insane beat and Tom Sawyer just cranks. Neil Peart at his absolute best.
  • 2. Back in Black by AC/DC
    Every song smokes on this album, amazing considering this was there first album after the death of Bon Scott. Killer right from toll of Hells Bells
  • 1. Madonna by Madonna
    Dude, the queen of pop comes out firing with her first album, Holiday, Physical Attraction & Borderline to name a few.
By: Stephanie Jacobs
By: T. Rex
  • 10. New Jersey by Bon Jovi
    The best hair band album of all time, there are no weak songs on this one.
  • 9. Vivid by Living Colour
    This forgotten gem is good from top to bottom and has the added bonus of tackling important social issues. Plus it rocks!
  • 8. The Joshua Tree by U2
    There is nothing I can say about this album that hasn't already been said by those more eloquent than me.
  • 7. Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses
    A few weaker songs knock this one down the list a bit, but no album has as many perfect songs on it as this one.
  • 6. Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails
    Trent Reznor predicted the future with this album, and he hasn't made anything this consistently high-quality since.
  • 5. 3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul
    Definitely the most inventive album of the 80s. What other album sampled Hall & Oates and How to Speak French albums, had an orgee on it and asked the immortal question "how many times did the batmobile catch a flat?"
  • 4. GNR Lies by Guns N Roses
    Some may dismiss this as just an EP, but what album was more controversial, more melodic, chose better songs to cover or had a better power ballad than "Patience."
  • 3. Rio by Duran Duran
    The best band of the 80s on their most consistently good album.
  • 2. Licensed to Ill by The Beastie Boys
    There isn't a bad song on the album and there are so many party classics here that it is impossible not to have fun when this album is on.
  • 1. Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution
    Every song was a mega-hit or would've been if released. The album is versatile - from hard rock to power ballads to electronic influenced to pop to soul/r&b to funk - this album has it all.
By: Christy
By: Jay Morgan
  • 10. The Celts by Enya
    The third album released by Enya in the early 90's, but the first album she made in the early 80s, therefore justified here.
  • 9. Making Movies by Dire Staites
  • 8. Raw Like Sushi by Neneh Cherry
  • 7. DC Talk by DC Talk
  • 6. Brothers in Arms by Dire Staites
    One of the best bands ever producing one of the best albums ever. What was it, 5 years on top??
  • 5. Graceland by Paul Simon
  • 4. War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne
    yeah, okay, this is a 1978 album, but it was in the 80s when I first heard it and instantly loved it. A timeless classic
  • 3. 3 by Peter Gabriel
  • 2. Bad by Michael Jackson
  • 1. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen
    Sheer class
By: lilbeaver7
  • 10. Kick by INXS
    Excellent CD
  • 9. So by Peter Gabriel
    Great songs alot of #1's good videos from this band
  • 8. Back In Black by ACDC
    Heavey Metal....Hard Rock "You shook me all night long"
  • 7. Music For The Masses by Depeche Mode
    Excellent New Wave Alternative Band whole CD is great every song...
  • 6. Unforgettable Fire by U2
    Two of my faveourite songs Pride(In The Name..)and Bad
  • 5. I Do Not Want What I havn't Got by Sinead O'Conner
    Great CD Her best...
  • 4. Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue
    Glam Rock mixed with Metal great songs Smokin...
  • 3. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Great Rock Songs
  • 2. Synchronicity by The Police
    Great CD with Every Breath You Take on it and 3 other #1 hits
  • 1. Joshua Tree by U2
    Top 3 CD Of All Time...#1 CD of the 1980's
By: Chang Ba
  • 10. Crazy Rhythms by The Feelies
  • 9. Rain Dogs by Tom Waits
  • 8. Zen Arcade by Husker Du
  • 7. Meat Puppets II by Meat Puppets
    I just got this and it's alreay a favorite; great, joyful, lively music.
  • 6. Vs. by Mission of Burma
    Bracing, powerful, and confrontational yet still melodic(well, mostly) and fascinating.
  • 5. You're Living all Over Me by Dinosaur, Jr.
    Great guitar rock--loud, melodic, and unique. I've got some good memories associated with this one.
  • 4. Psychocandy by Jesus and Mary Chain
    Another great combination: Beach Boys harmonies caught in a vacuum cleaner. Beautiful melodies violated by evil guitar noise--ahhhhh...
  • 3. Underwater Moonlight by Soft Boys
    Beatiful harmonies and bizarre, vaguely Beefheartian lyrics ("you've been laying eggs under my skin/now they're hatching out under my skin/now there's tiny insects showing through/and all them tiny insects look like you").
  • 2. Double Nickels on the Dime by Minutemen
    There are 43 songs on this album, but I can't think of one I don't like.
  • 1. Surfer Rosa by Pixies
    This album got me through summer. "River Euphrates" took care of most of July.
"you are what you is"--FZappa
By: John Durham, Styx fan
  • 10. Use Your Illusion 1 by Guns N Roses
    This Album has great songs, especially number 3, Live and let die, this is the heavy metal version of the 1973 007 Live and let die.
  • 9. Styx II by Styx
    This album made Styx popular, this album had the song Lady which is still widely recognized today.
  • 8. A View To A Kill by Duran Duran
    This was the only 007 title song that went number 1 in 1985.
  • 7. Crystal Ball by Styx
    This is the album that Tommy Shaw started on after a former band member left.
  • 6. A night at the opera by Queen
    This album had one of Queens best hits, Bhoimain Rhapsody.
  • 5. Cornerstone by Styx
    This is Dennis Deyoung's album with styx and yielded Babe the song for his wife Suzanne
  • 4. Paradise Theatre by Styx
    This Album is about a theatre in Chicogo, and has songs, Deyoung's The best of times, Shaw's Too much time on my hands, and JY's Snowblind.
  • 3. Edge of the Century by Styx
    Styx released this album in 1990, and had a top ten hit Show me the way.
  • 2. The Grand Illusion by Styx
    This 1977 Styx album yielded several chart toppers, Superstars,Shaw Come Sail Away and Castle Walls, DeYoung, And Miss America, JY.
  • 1. Kilroy Was Here by Styx
    This was the last album for styx as we know them, Dennis Deyoung, Tommy Shaw, James Young, John And Chuck Panozzo. But what really sent this album to the top was the first song on the album, Mr. Roboto, that song to this day, July 28, 2003 that song regains supreme
By: Amanda, age !3
  • 10. Power Station Years by Jon Bon Jovi
    Really Cool Album!! Great Voice!! Cool Cover!! Really Cool Singer!!
  • 9. Live From Earth by Pat Benatar
    Great Songs!! Great Voice!! Love it!!
  • 8. In A Diffrent Light by Bangles
    Love it!! Great Songs!! Love " Manic Monday' The Best!!
  • 7. Skid Row by Skid Row
    Definatley Really Cool!! Great Songs!! Especialy "18 and Life", " I Remember You","Youth Gone Wild" and " Piece Of Me " !!! Love It!!
  • 6. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    Definatley Cool!! Another One From The Really Cool Band!!
  • 5. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Cool Album!! From A Really Cool Band!! Love It!!
  • 4. Bon Jovi by Bon Jovi
    Definatley Cool Album!! Love It!! Plus Its Bon Jovi's First Album!# 1 Band !!
  • 3. 7800 Fahrenheit : The Melting Point of Rock!! by Bon Jovi
    Cool Album!!! Cool Songs!! Cool Title!!! " The Melting point Of Rock" Definatley Cool Especialy " Tokyo Road "!! Love This album!!
  • 2. New Jersey by Bon Jovi
    Another Great Album Definatley Great Songs!! Just had to put it in the top ten albums!! Plus It's Bon Jovi!!! Who- If you Can't tell is my All Time Favorite band!! Just Love Them!!!
  • 1. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Where Do I Begin?!! it's just such a great album almost all the songs are amongst my best song list, minus " Social Disease" And " Wild in the Streets". But Definatley The Best Album of the 80s!!!! Plus From The All Time Greatest Band. Bon Jovi!!!
Love All Of These Albums!!
By: Matthew Prevost
  • 10. Reckless by Bryan Adams
    Monster album I love all the songs off of this one
  • 9. Purple Rain by Prince
    I liked Prince alot until he changed his name
  • 8. Combat Rock by The Clash
    my fav song on here is Straight to hell love it when they were on snl
  • 7. Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
    Great song writing stellar album
  • 6. Violent Femmes by Violent Femmes
    Brillant sound from this band very solid album
  • 5. Love by The Cult
    killer rockin band one the the best from the the 80's
  • 4. 1984 by Van Halen
    This Album is great from the first song to the last
  • 3. Seven And The Ragged Tiger by Duran Duran
    they were one of the biggest bands of the decade and this was a great sounding album
  • 2. Synchronicity by The Police
    just a great album great band to bad it didnt last
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Iam pretty sure both god and satan both own this album
If musicans now can make albums with more then 2 songs on them now, we wouldnt need to download them cause I remember it was worth buying these albums I went out of my way t ogot out and buy those albums now these artists today are only worth a download its kinda sad actualy

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