In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Sam Tasweop
  • 10. Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones
    2o years and still going wow.
  • 9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    Great pop vocals.
  • 8. Boys Dont Cry by The Cure
    Proved goth groups could rock.
  • 7. Summer of 69 by Brian Adams
    Hes from Canada so he put us on the map.
  • 6. Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    This band was always over shawdowed by Jons pretty boy side they had such good songs too.
  • 5. Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol
    The videos the coolest.
  • 4. Van Halen by Panama
    David Lee Roths king man.
  • 3. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppord
    Who hasnt sung this in their cars best road trip song.
  • 2. Smoking In The Boys Room by Motley Crue
    The guaitar riffs are the best and the music video is so kick ass.
  • 1. Every Rose Has A Thorn by Poison
    The original power ballad and best love song of the 80s.
By: Julian
  • 10. Timmy T by One More Try
  • 9. Information Society by Running
    Although a crossover from New Wave Music, this song has the Freestyle "style" that many Freestyle fans enjoy.
  • 8. Company B by Fascinated
  • 7. Debbie Deb by Lookout Weekend
  • 6. Nice & Wild by Diamond Girl
  • 5. TKA by Tears May Fall
  • 4. Cover Girls by Because of You
  • 3. Johnny O by Fantasy Girl
  • 2. Cynthia by Change On Me
  • 1. Party Your Body by Stevie B
    Probably the most popular Freestyle songs of the 80s.
Even though I listened to 80s New Wave and Modern Rock, there was a place in my heart for Freestyle/High Energy music. This music was very popular in many dance clubs in the mid to late 80s. Even though the music began to die out in the early 90s, it continues to have a great beat and lyrics to dance to.
By: Anthony Richard Brown
By: Ed
All of the Journey Hits!
By: Emma
  • 10. Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds
  • 9. Show Me by The Cover Girls
  • 8. The Longest Time by Billy Joel
  • 7. Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girl
  • 6. Too Shy by Kajagoogoo
  • 5. Say Say Say by Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson
  • 4. Cult of Personality by Living Colour
  • 3. Cool It Now by New Edition
  • 2. Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Go's
  • 1. It's the End of the World As We Know It by REM
11. Burning Down the House (Talking Heads) 12. Take it on the Run (REO Speedwagon), 13. Seasons Change (Expose), 14. Causin' A Commotion (Madonna), , 15. Only in my Dreams (Debbie Gibson), 16. Lay Your Hands on Me (Bon Jovi), 17. Breakout (Swing Out Sister), 18. Africa (Toto) 19.Shout OR Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears) 20. Pride(In the Name of Love) (U2) I just couldn't stop! In fact, I could go on and on!
By: Kerra Wanger
  • 10. Respect Yourself by Bruce Willis
    Proving hes more than a action star but a musical one every1 should have it on their lists.
  • 9. Endless Love by Diana Ross Lionel Ritchie
    Makes me cry.
  • 8. Take On Me by A-ha
    I like the consept of the video of having animation and real life combined into 1 love pop song video but the ending was all sweaty gross.
  • 7. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
    Great song and video everyone go see Rocky 3!
  • 6. Ill Die For You by Bon Jovi
    I always wanted a guy to say hell die 4 me lye for me and cry for me but it never happened thanks anyways Jon. :/
  • 5. Free Fallin by Tom Petty and the heart breakers
    FREEEE FALLLLLLLLLLLLINNNNG the ultimate rock ballad of the late 80s.
  • 4. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2
    U2 really made you feel like you were in Ireland makes you appreciate the good ol Us of a more.
  • 3. Careless Whispers by Wham!
    I dont like to hit on gay guys but G.M was so cute in this video.
  • 2. One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head
  • 1. Ill Tumble 4 Ya by Cultrue Club
    '' Ill tumble 4 ya ill tumble ya!'' Cultrue Club was pure 80s.
Aussies- INXS. and AC/Dc, New Jerseyers- Bruce Springsteen. UK- Robert Plant, The cure.
By: Meghu!!!!
  • 10. We Built This City by Jefferson Starship
    I remember when they used to show this video on MTV. I was about 5 at the time, but at least back then, MTV actually played music videos. God, I miss those days.
  • 9. Raspberry Beret by Prince
    The so-called "80s Request Night" people at my local CHR station (I'm a communications major; can you tell?) never seem to have this on their playlists when I call to request it. Blast them!
  • 8. Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard
  • 7. Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse
  • 6. Toy Soldiers by Martika
  • 5. Take On Me by A-Ha
  • 4. I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses
  • 3. Show Me the Way by Styx
  • 2. True by Spandau Ballet
    Sixteen Candles, anyone?
  • 1. No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones
    Rather a depressing song if you listen to the words, but you gotta love the synthesizers in it! I get this one stuck in my head regularly.
By: John Doe
  • 10. Janes Getting Serious by Jon Ashley
    Not as good as Rick Ashley but janes getting serious(jane) and i can get serious too..........very rear
  • 9. Hey Matthew by Karel Fialka
    Hey Matthew what do you see hey hey matthew........its all a game i hope.......haven't heard this one for fourteen years
  • 8. Love is Contragous by Taja Seville
    Love is Contragous-yeah its alright-taja was divine in this video....beautiful
  • 7. Twice Shy by Great White
    One bitten twice shy keep one eye open for the bad guy.......mega
  • 6. Someday by Glass Tiger
    Someday you be sharing my thought.........a classic from a very unrated band
  • 5. Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty
    Whatever your looking for, Hey, don't come around here no more....genius
  • 4. Take Me To Paradise by Metal is anything
    Wheres the paradise from these one hit wonders Alicia......Live it up
  • 3. So Alive by Love and Rockets
    I don't know what colour your eyes are baby but your hair is long and big time shot
  • 2. Rat In The Kichen by UB40
    Theres a rat in the kitchen what am i goina goina chase that rat......oh oh yeah
  • 1. Rip It Up by Orange Juice
    I hope to god your not as dumb as you make out........brilliant
I know my 10 ten songs are so rear but it beats your U2'S and other so called big bands
By: David
  • 10. Rock The Casbah by The Clash
  • 9. The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis And The News
  • 8. Human Nature by Mickael Jackson
  • 7. I Still Haven't Found What A Looking For by U2
  • 6. I Can't Stop Loving You by Toto
  • 5. Tunnel Of Love by Dire Straits
  • 4. If You Want Blood(You've Got It) by AC/DC
  • 3. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
  • 2. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by AC/DC
  • 1. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
By: Anthony Richard Brown Mickey
  • 10. I Want Your Sex by George Michael
  • 9. Lean On Me/Rumors by Club Noveau
  • 8. Serious by Donna Allen
  • 7. Who's Johnny? by El De'Barge
  • 6. Dance All Night by Bunny De'Barge
  • 5. Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
    1987 off of "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack
  • 4. Meet El Presidente by Duran Duran
  • 3. Sign O' The Times by prince
  • 2. Casanova by Levert
  • 1. Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson
1987 is a wild crazy year that i like.
By: Renee B.
By: Gena
OMD"If You Leave" Simple Minds"Don't You Forget About Me" UB40 "Red Red Wine" and countless others!! I am only 17 and i love 80s music so much because all the songs remind me of when i was a little girl and my mom still lived with me and theses are all songs she likes too! I love her so much and this music always makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: daan
  • 10. Final Countdown by Europe
    a bit standard, but i have special memories, and it still is the no1 hit of the 80's.
  • 9. unknown by unknown
    Their is 1 80's song a heard at an 80's party in amsterdam... Best song ever, a lot of synthesizer, not much lyrics, it was perfect,....i dont know the name or artist, too bad, but it gets a place in my top 10.
  • 8. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
    I Love all the depeche mode's...policy of truth, personal jesus, never let me down again etc.
  • 7. A Forrest by The Cure
    into the trees..... this song is a masterpiece
  • 6. Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
    Was hard to choose a inxs number, i like them all equilly
  • 5. Such a Shame by Talk Talk
    Speaks for itself
  • 4. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears
    Another great song, just like their hitsong shout...
  • 3. Visage by Fade to Grey
    Synthesizers again :)
  • 2. Situation by Yazoo
    I just love synthesizer music!
  • 1. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus
    Great song ! Used in Silence of te Lambs.... (still song is from 80's..i think)
Doh, this list is too small, i need a top 300 or something to mention all the great songs...technotronic - pump up the jam (and house arrived)...wham - club tropicana....Womack & Womack - teardrops...All simple minds, the U2's, Toto, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and not to forget: MADONNA & MICHAEL !!! THEY RULED THE 80'S
By: Guy
  • 10. Avalon by Roxy Music
  • 9. Many Happy Returns by ABC
    Genius ?
  • 8. A Play For Today by The Cure
    The Cure, the base...
  • 7. Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel
  • 6. True Faith by New Order
    I used to think that the day will never come...
  • 5. Hard Times by Human League
  • 4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
    Bah... wonderful tune, what say more, nothing better since them ?
  • 3. Troy by Sinead O' Connor
  • 2. Threshold by Dead Can Dance
    When you listen to that at 20, how take seriously Nirvana at 30 ?
  • 1. Night Porter by Japan
    Hmmm... the best song ever, i was 18 when i heard that first time !
Since the 80's ? Radiohead and Eels That's all.
By: Phillis Corsaizey
  • 10. Blizzard of Oz by Ozzy
    Made Ozzy a star.
  • 9. Soft cell by Tainted love
    Best 1 hit wonder ever.
  • 8. Hello by Lionel Ritchie
    When mullets attack.
  • 7. 1999 by Prince
    I think he started the whole Y2k thing.
  • 6. True by Spandeau Ballet
    Makes me vaclemp every time.
  • 5. Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    Slippery when wet went 12x platnium thanks to me.
  • 4. Africa by Toto
    Their breakthough song.
  • 3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-go by Wham
    Back when George Micheal didnt have a 5 o'clock shadow. Grow it George.
  • 2. Dont U Want Me by The Human Leauge
    Great band.
  • 1. Take On Me by Ah-ha
    Ok who dosent see this video and fall in love with it. I tried making my version of it with my boy friend and brothers and I was the girl. We took a video camera drew a picture of my bf and brothers and move em like so it could look like the real life and anmation but it didnt come close to the real thing it was soo fun though.
By: Andrew
By: Gustavo Cueva
By: Kelly Fleak
  • 10. You're The Best by Joe Espisito
    Every time my friend Eric and I hear this song he shouts "One shall stand and one shall fall!" and I yell back "TILL ALL ARE ONE!" Then we realize that this song is from "Karate Kid" and not the Transformers movie, so we apologize to everyone else in the room, put our football helmets back on, and leave.
  • 9. As The World Falls Down by David Bowie
    From the movie "Labrynth." This is a pretty song, but unfortunatley, David Bowie sings it while wearing these offensively tight spandex, like all evil singing magicians apparently did back then. I wonder how many dudes tried to use this as a makeout song in the 80s but were foiled by mental visions of Bowie's mystical gyrating crotch.
  • 8. Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison
    There is no better song to hold hands with your girlfriend and skate around the ring during "couples skate" to. Afterwards, treat her to "Nerds" and a Coke from the snack bar and then kick her ass at "Centipede."
  • 7. Walking In L.A. by Missing Persons
    My brother used to listen to this constantly, so that kind of meant I did, too. He was older then me, and, as you can probably tell, a lot cooler.
  • 6. Johnny B. Goode by Peter Tosh
    Again, my bro used to listen to this all summer while him and his friends smoked weed in the bedroom. They used to let me sit in sometimes and I had no idea what they were doing, but afterwards I would always seem to have an unexplicable craving for Twinkies.
  • 5. You Be Illin' by Run D.M.C.
    I took the words to this song and changed them so they were about this girl in 4th grade who I had a huge crush on. The teacher caught me with it and made me rap it to the class, but instead of humiliating me, the whole class laughed. Especially at the verse that went "I was next to you in line so I had to cut. Thought I was talking to your face but it was your butt."
  • 4. The Breakthrough by L.L. Cool J.
    The only reason this song made the list is because I didn't know the title to the "Love Theme From White Nights."
  • 3. Cry Little Sister by Lost Boys Soundtrack
    This song whips more ass than anything that's ever whipped ass before it or ever will whip ass in the days to come.
  • 2. Rhymin' And Stealin' by Beastie Boys
    Since I can't list the entire album, I'll go with this song because it was the first one on the album and was usually all we got to hear before our mom made us turn it off.
  • 1. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen
    You know how you sometimes hear a song and you're like, "Wow, it's like he wrote that about me!" Well, I feel that way about Cory Hart's "Sunglasses at Night." But I really liked this song, too.
By: GZ
  • 10. U2 by Pride (in The Name Of Love)
    Just listen to the lyrics of this one
  • 9. Fame by Irene Cara
    Oh, come on! We all danced to this one!
  • 8. Tears For Fears by Shout
    Let it all out!
  • 7. Com' On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight runners
    If you haven't heard of it, then you were probably raised up on another planet
  • 6. Downunder by Men at work
    Probably features in every 80's hits collection
  • 5. True Faith by New Order
    Another song which makes no logical sense, yet stands the test of time for it's brilliance!
  • 4. Solid Rock by Goanna
    Political pop at it's finest. If you haven't heard of it, you are not from a land downunder
  • 3. Prince Charming by Adam And The Ants
    Absolutely 80's! "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of"!?
  • 2. I Got You by Split Endz
    Catchy tune; Very 80's
  • 1. The Riddle by NiK Kershaw
    My favourite song of the 80's. I was 9 when it came out and had no idea waht it was on about - I still don't - but I loved it!
10 songs are not enough to reflect the genious that was the 80's - solely music wise. In case you generally miss the whole era, pull out your photo album (the one you've hidden away due to embaressment and laugh your way back to reality.
By: Deanna Steup
  • 10. Dont Stop Believing by Journey
    I love journey, and this is their best song
  • 9. Hands To Heaven by Breathe
    such a lovey dovey song
  • 8. What Do All The People Know by The Monroes
    when you hear it, you'll be like ohhh i remember this song!
  • 7. If You Leave by OMD
    you gotta love it
  • 6. Waiting For a Star to Fall by Boy Meets World
    ever have a crush? i'm sure you did. then this song is for you the lyrics are completly true
  • 5. Missing You by Jon Waite
    a classic love song about a guy in denial about missing someone
  • 4. I Would Die For You by Prince
    get up and dance or just sing along or do both!
  • 3. Respect by Erasure
    very catchy, can't help but like it
  • 2. Electric Blue by Icehouse
    it's one of those songs that you hear on the radio once in a blue moon and wish you knew who sang it or what it's called
  • 1. One by U2
    a great song...beautifully sung

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