In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Debbie
  • 10. Pretty In Pink by Psychedelic Furs
    Great sounding song. I like the song by itself, and I don't much associate it with the movie.
  • 9. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
    Great beat and synth line. Has a little orchestral sound in it.
  • 8. Boys Don't Cry by The Cure
    I love the Cure. This song is about hiding your tears. Along with DM, the Cure is one of the best bands.
  • 7. Save A Prayer by Duran Duran
    I played this over and over again. Pretty song.
  • 6. But Not Tonight by Depeche Mode
    Of course I like the melody and sound. I liked this song because, for me, it was about experiencing the simple things. Example: wind in my hair and getting rained on.
  • 5. Perfect Way by Scritti Politti
    Great song! Great sound and dance beat!
  • 4. If You Want by Depeche Mode
    I love DM, and I have all but 2 albums. I always loved the different arrangements of different sounds. They have good melodies. I love Dave's voice. I like the way this song starts. Yes Dave, I wanted to be with you.
  • 3. Take On Me by a-ha
    I loved A-ha, and I loved this song. I loved Morten Harket's bone structure. I saw them in concert once.
  • 2. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    I always liked this song.
  • 1. Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran
    I'm not good at numbering things. Differnet songs have their own special flavor. But, this song is just so sexy. This band use to get me so excited. I watched every interview, recorded every video, read the magazines, saw them in concert. I was obsessed.
Other songs: Planet Earth, Say You Say Me, New Moon On Monday, Every Breath You Take, Down Under, Photograph, Love My Way, Tainted Love, Under Pressure, Cum On Feel the Noize, We Got the Beat, One Thing, Rock the Casbah,,,,,,,,,,SO MANY! IT'S THE 80S, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!
By: Andy
  • 10. Never Let Me Down by Depeche Mode
    I remember watching an episode of "21 Jump Street" and they used this DM song in a driving scene. Listening to it always bring me back to the times of fun tv series.
  • 9. OMD by So In Love
  • 8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox
  • 7. More Than This by Roxy Music
  • 6. The Warrior by Scandal
  • 5. Together In Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey
  • 4. When Smokey Sings by ABC
  • 3. Don't You Want Me by Human League
  • 2. The Promise by When In Rome
  • 1. Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears
    "shout" and "...rule the world" may be their most popular songs...but this is their best.
Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out, Howard Jones - Everlasting Love, Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone, Combo Audio - Romanticide, Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon, Asia - Heat Of The Moment, David Bowie - Blue Jean, Flesh For Lulu - I Go Crazy, Gary Numan - Cars, J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame
By: Poohmanchu
  • 10. Kiss by Prince
    Still lvoe the video, especially the guitar player rolling her eyes at Prince in mock irritation and exasperation.
  • 9. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen
    the bass line still makes me shiver.
  • 8. I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
    Fantastic, and how dated in the line "so put another dime in the juke box, baby"?
  • 7. Faith by George Michael
    Say what you want, but this was a defining song of the mid-to-late 80s
  • 6. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
    Still the all-time best intro, especially in the video
  • 5. Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
  • 4. No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones
    Sort of a one-hit wonder, but a great song.
  • 3. Touch Of Grey by Grateful Dead
    Probably their most mainstream song, but a great indictment of society that still rings true
  • 2. Something About You by Level 42
  • 1. Life In A Northern Town by Dream Academy
    Great lyrics, and fantastic use of tympani - best "thunderstorm song" ever
By: Kjersti
  • 10. Caught Up In You by 38 Special
    Love this song!
  • 9. Let's Go Crazy by Prince
    Who can do a top 10 list of songs from the 80's and forget Prince
  • 8. Rock Steady by The Whispers
    Loved this song, out the summer of '87, the year I graduated from High School.
  • 7. Wild Thing by Tone Loc
    Don't ask - couldn't let the late 80's feel lonely
  • 6. Fortress Around Your Heart by Sting
    Crush song (please refer to song # 3 - same person)
  • 5. Our House by Madness
    Total turning point song for me - was popular during my 8th grade year, and continued to be played constantly during my first year of HS
  • 4. Something About You by Level 42
    I loved this song to death - I bought a compilation disc two years ago JUST so I could hear this song at will.
  • 3. Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears
    This was a "crush song" from my junior year in High School
  • 2. My Sharona by The Knack
    Just a great beat, catchy chorus, a timeless song.
  • 1. Take On Me by a-ha
    This was the absolute best video I can remember, and the song was had a fun tune and great words.
By: Scotty Too Hotty
  • 10. Young Guns by Wham!
    I don't care what anybody says. Geroge Michael was the best. Wham! was the best. If you don't start groovin' when you hear this song, check your pulse.
  • 9. A Little Respect by Erasure
    Grat pop tune! Makes me happy just listening to it. Brings back good memories.
  • 8. Wild Flower/She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult
    I had to throw in at lest 1 rock band. Great band, their best songs.
  • 7. Africa by Toto
    Cool song, cool drums, cool guitar riffs. Best by Toto.
  • 6. True Faith by New Order
    The best song from this group, by far.
  • 5. Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2
    Great song, great band. Nuff said.
  • 4. Mad World by Tears For Fears
    In my opinion, their best song. Cool video too!
  • 3. Wouldn't It Be Good by Nik Kershaw
    Very cool song. Reminds me of more simple times.
  • 2. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    Breakfast Club! Yeah baby!!!
  • 1. Here's Where The Story Ends by The Sundays
    Awesome song! Harriett Wheeler has an amazing voice. My all time favorite!!! Wicked, wicked, wicked!!!!! what exactly did she do by the shed, that made her turn red?
The 80's was by far the best era in music history to date. The diversity in the songs and artists was vast. It was a more simple time, more happy time. Why can't we all just build a time machine and go back?!?! The music kicked ass!!!
By: chris
  • 10. The Reflex by Duran Duran
  • 9. Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones
  • 8. Break My Stride by Mathew Wilder
    Do you remember this one?
  • 7. Take On Me by a-ha
  • 6. Freedom by Wham
    Such a Summery song. Love it.
  • 5. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
  • 4. People Are People by Depeche Mode
    Still a great song
  • 3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics
  • 2. Love & Pride by King
    Where is he now?
  • 1. You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive
    Best song from the 80s by far. Pete Burns at his best!
By: Janice Johnson
  • 10. Cars by Gary Numan
  • 9. People Are People by Depeche Mode
    It just takes a while to travel from your head to your fist...
  • 8. 10:15 Saturday Night by The Cure
    Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip.......
  • 7. Christine by Siouxsie & The Banshees
    The Strawberry Girl!
  • 6. Poison Arrow by ABC
    I love this video... I was torn between Broken Arrow and Book of Love for this list. They are both great!
  • 5. I Melt With You by Modern English
    For every couple in the 80's, this was "their song."
  • 4. The Gap by The Thompson Twins
    "Keep Moving Out Into The Gap!"
  • 3. Wild Thing by X
    A great treatment of an old song.
  • 2. Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) by Eurythmics
    The most under-rated song ever.
  • 1. How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
    The BEST song ever!!!!! This song makes me feel so passionate!
Duran Duran should have made this list, but I couldn't narrow them down to one song!! Also awesome: Bananarama, Cockteau Twins, Ultravox, Men Without Hats, James, King, Scritti Politti, OMD, Kajagoogoo, Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Bolshoi, Ice House, Love and Rockets, Bauhaus, King, Howard Jones, New Order, etc...
By: Roy Hoenjet
  • 10. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police
    Magic! From the Ghost in the machine album. Nice and catchy!
  • 9. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    Their major breakthrough in the U.S. and Europe. Nice synthesizerline, great vocals by Jim Kerr and the catchy end of the song! Remains a classic!
  • 8. Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2
    My favourite U2 song, despite of all their great songs! Note: Pride was dedicated to mr. Martin Luther King (they couldn't take his pride)
  • 7. Down Under by Men At Work
    What a funny video and above all nice to hear after all those years!
  • 6. Africa by Toto
    I wish I composed it. What a great song!
  • 5. True by Spandau Ballet
    One of the finest ballads of the 80's.
  • 4. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    Great combination: Sting's vocals and the tremendous bassline.
  • 3. Blue Monday by New Order
    Released only as a 12 inch (7.30 minutes) this song was ahead of its time. Great synthesizerline.
  • 2. Promised You A Miracle by Simple Minds
    Their first hit in the Netherlands. The first song I ever heard from them and definitely one of their best.
  • 1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    From the best album of all times!
Bubbling under: 11 Somebody-Bryan Adams (1984) 12 Relight my fire-Dan Hartman (1980) 13 Tainted love-Soft cell (1981) 14 Don't go-Yazoo (1982) 15 Don't you want me-Human League (1982)
By: Ocarina
  • 10. A Night Like This by The Cure
    Don't know why, maybe it reminds me the 1989's tour at the montreal forum?
  • 9. Don't Dream (It's Over) by Crowded House
    You cannot stop to sing while the song's playing!
  • 8. Every Day Is Like Sunday by Morrissey
    A great british classic!
  • 7. Running To Stand Still by U2
    Great feeling, let our mind feel the words!
  • 6. Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode
    I Know it's in 1990, but for me it's the 80's!
  • 5. Never Say Goodbye by Bon jovi
    I know that it's far from U2 and The cure, but someday we feel different AH AH AH, and romantic
  • 4. Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House
  • 3. Halo by Depeche Mode
    I Know it's in 1990, but for me it's the 80's!
  • 2. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
    Could be in first easily, very intelligent riff by The Edge!
  • 1. Lovesong by The Cure
    Wonderful melody, and so simple!
By: K
By: Bud Stevenz
  • 10. Million Miles Away by Plimsouls
  • 9. Eyes Of A Stranger by The Payloa$
  • 8. Why Me by Planet P
  • 7. 88 Lines About 44 Women by The Nails
  • 6. Turning Japanese by The Vapors
  • 5. Never Say Never by Romeo Void
  • 4. On The Loose by Saga
  • 3. The Metro by Berlin
  • 2. Mexican Radio by Wall Of Voodoo
  • 1. So Alive by Love And Rockets
  • 10. I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • 9. Nobody's Fool by Cinderella
  • 8. Lay It Down by Ratt
  • 7. Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne
  • 6. Piece Of Your Action by Motley Crue
  • 5. Addicted To Chaos by Megadeth
  • 4. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses
  • 3. One by Metallica
  • 2. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
  • 1. Hell's Bells by AC/DC
Alot Of Great Rock Came Out Of The 80s, There Is Much More That I Could List, Give Me A Top 500.....
By: Sheasta 1
  • 10. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew
    unique sound and great love song.
  • 9. Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart
    The lyrics are now questionable but the melody and tone start off dark and definately say sound of the eighties.
  • 8. Africa by Toto
    Down to earth real song from true artists. True drum beat but soothing voice and lyrics.
  • 7. True by Spandau Ballet
    Can't think of a better wedding song.
  • 6. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    Describes what the band stood for during this era and establishes who will rule the world in the 80's.
  • 5. Take On Me by a-ha
    sums up the synthesizer dept. The new and breakthrough sound of the 80's plus the video was one of a kind.
  • 4. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Practically the club-dance party anthem!
  • 3. Shout by Tears For Fears
    ahead of its time. The powerful lyrics transcended over to the new millenium to be redone and supercharged by Disturbed.
  • 2. Down Under by Men At Work
    unforgetable melody and reminds us that the Aussi's were once a talented musical powerhouse!
  • 1. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    Timeless soundtrack. Captured the time and place perfectly and can still and always will, be related to. Speaks to your youth.
By: john
By: alisha
  • 10. Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    cool dance song to dance to
  • 9. Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi
    love it the coolest cowboy song ever from a rock band!
  • 8. Our House by Madness
    it is a catch tune!!
  • 7. Jump by Van Halen
    i love van halen
  • 6. Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran
    the coolest on song !!
  • 5. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
  • 4. Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions
    oh yea!
  • 3. Back In Black by AC/DC
    they rock!!!!
  • 2. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses
    this song kicks butt
  • 1. Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'n' Roses
    best love song ever!
i love the 80's music.even though iam high school i love this kind of music.its kick butt!!
By: Tony
  • 10. Take On Me by a-ha
    Though not one of my favorites, no other song defined the 80's as this. Cool video.
  • 9. Edge Of A Broken Heart by Vixen
    Janet Gardner is the finest (not to mention underappreciated) female hard rock singer ever.
  • 8. I Go Crazy by Flesh For Lulu
    Don't care for punk bands save this song.
  • 7. Love Walks In by Van Halen
    Better than their more popular hit "Dreams"
  • 6. If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    Great opening sequence.
  • 5. Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston
    Okay, so it's sappy. Sue me.
  • 4. True by Spandau Ballet
    Too embarrassed to admit, but I LOVE this song.
  • 3. Photograph by Def Leppard
    From unquestionably the greatest hard rock album of the decade, "Pyromania". Yes, even better than "Hysteria".
  • 2. Jump by Van Halen
    Van Halen fans will argue forever Eddie's use of synthesizers. My favorite band of all-time.
  • 1. These Dreams by Heart
    Favorite song of any era.
Reading everyone's list brings back flood of memories. What a decade growing up! BTW, songs I couldn't stand from the 80's: Shout, Mickey, Safety Dance, Karma Chameleon,
By: Nadia
By: S. Kabir
By: Kate
  • 10. Do They Know It's Christmas? by Band Aid
    It was an important, pivotal moment in the 80s, and thus earns a place in my top ten.
  • 9. Africa by Toto
    I still turn up this song when it comes on the radio, and anyone who says they don't is lying!
  • 8. Here Comes The Rain Again by Eurythmics
    Love Annie Lennox, love this song, love the video. Could be the lonliest song I've ever heard.
  • 7. Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
    How scandalous to find out what this song is really about.
  • 6. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
    Even better live, I have to say.
  • 5. Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails
    This is my favourite song off of Pretty Hate Machine, from a band that was my favourite through most of high school.
  • 4. Suicide Blonde by INXS
    All of INXS songs were great - and Hutchence oozed sexuality.
  • 3. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
    New Order defines 80s sound for me.
  • 2. London Calling by The Clash
    The Clash was the first "angry" band I loved, and this song is a classic.
  • 1. Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2
    A powerful, relevant song.
Tainted Love by Soft Cell, Shout by Tears for Fears, She Bop by Cyndi Lauper, Karma Chameleon by Culture Club, Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode, When Doves Cry by Prince, Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar....I grew up in the 80s, so I could go on and on.......
By: David Medley Jr.
  • 10. What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner
    Stop Ike! Stop Ike! Ouch! Help!
  • 9. Word Up by Cameo
    "Tell yo brotha, ya sista and ya mamma too, cuz we're about to throw down and you know just what to do"
  • 8. We Are The World by USA For Africa
    song that put her on the map, and the slut era!! LOL!
  • 7. Saving All My Love by Whitney Houston
    Whitney houston displays superb vocal skills in song that put her on radar.
  • 6. Bad Boy's Having A Party by Luther Vandross
    Best R&B Party song ever. His whole greatest hits album should be up here.
  • 5. Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition
    This song and group created the whole boy-band idea. First group of kids since Jackson 5 to make it big.
  • 4. Walk This Way by Run-DMC & Aerosmith
    This song brought rap/hip-hop into mainstream audience. Teaming up with Areosmith was pure genius.
  • 3. Rhythym Of The Night by Debarge
    Wake up!! Where are the Debarge songs.
  • 2. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Best Mike song from 80's
  • 1. When Doves Cry by Prince & The Revolution
    Are u guys anti-Prince on this site. Not only is he one of the more popular 80's artist, we created the greatest rock movie ever! he wrote this song specifically for the montage in purple rain, wrote and recorded in one evening. Pure genius!
Too many jamming hits! As you can tell there is a theme above. So here is my honorable mention: Wham, George Micheal, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Paula Abdul, Boy George, BILLY IDOL, Phil Collins, INXS, Tina Marie and many many more

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