In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Scott Colby
  • 10. Innoculated City by The Clash
    What made this band truly great was that with all their punk power they could be as catchy as anyone. This song is the best example of a simple message driven home by the catchiest melody ever, summing up everything The Clash stood for.
  • 9. Nobody's Diary by Yaz
    Such a powerful voice filled with pain and anguish, paired with the catchiest melodies a synthesizer could drum up. This song is the best example of what a great combination this was.
  • 8. Far Gone And Out by The Jesus And Mary Chain
    They used noise to seperate them from other bands, but what made them special was their sickly sweet melodies. This song captures their essence.
  • 7. Seven Seas by Echo And The Bunnymen
    I love this band. Only the Eighties could have spawned such an awesome band. They created truly original and exciting music that could only be from the eighties, but remain timeless. This song captures everything this band represented.
  • 6. Push by The Cure
    The best song by a nose off the album, "Head On The Door", that edged its way above their other work, as the classic work carved in stone as the tour de force of the time period.
  • 5. Life In A Northern Twon by Dream Academy
    Haunting, Catchy, Powerful, a true classic song.
  • 4. Face-UP by New Order
    Joy Division was the best serious band of the eighties and to think it spawned this awesome band is unbelievable. This song along with plenty others by this band like "Blue Monday", "True Faith", "Run", etc... have all the traits to make this classic band timeless.
  • 3. Wishing by A Flock Of Seagulls
    Such an under rated band. Their first two albums were classics and any of the songs like "I Ran", "Remember David", "Telecommunication", etc.. could have made the list, but this one will haunt you forever.
  • 2. Genetic Engineering by Orchestral Maneuvres In The Dark
    Such an awful name for the catchiest band of the eighties. Such a profound song that is as catchy as any of the fluff put out from the synth bands.
  • 1. Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads
    The best song ever written. Lyrically and musically it captures life from the majesty to the confusion. Undeniable.
A list of ten songs is way too short, but if anyone is looking for some truly great eighties bands and songs I don't think they can go wrong with this list. I didn't even mention Devo though. "Planet Earth", "Gates Of Steel", "Freedom Of Choice", "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA", "Mr. B,'s Ballroom", my god what a great band that is sadly known for "Whip It". The Eighties had so many things going for it I don't have room to mantion. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
By: Scott Colby
  • 10. Forever Live And Die by Orchestral Maneuvres In The Dark
    I love this song and this band
  • 9. The Stand by The Alarm
    They should have stopped here. Their only great song.
  • 8. I Got You by Split Enz
    Haunting and timeless
  • 7. Dear God by XTC
    The best atheist anthem ever. Play this loud next time you visit the bible belt. Awesome.
  • 6. Wouldn't It Be Good? by Nik Kershaw
    Pretty Boy, but thankfully we never got that here and could appreciate this truly great song.
  • 5. Mongoloid by Devo
    No not "Whip It". They were so great if only people had taste.
  • 4. Hardest Part by Blondie
    Little known song from their catchiest period.
  • 3. Cars by Gary Numan
    Everyone makes fun of this song and everyone likes it for reasons they can't explain. neither can I, but after 100's of listens I still love it.
  • 2. New Religion by Duran Duran
    They were pretty boys so I ignored them when they came out, but they were truly a wonderful band. Their greatest hits is ear candy from beginning to end and this song was left off.
  • 1. Windows & Destination Unknown by Missing Persons
    I put these songs on while testing out a boombox at a music store and three people came up to me and asked where they could get the CD's. Seriously. The lyrics are awesome too.
I had to do another list. I'm sure nobody cares, but I could listen and compile lists of eighties music all day. I'm sure I missed tons more classics, but from the lists above I know people will carry on the glory of the eighties. Keep it up, this is fun.
By: Megan
  • 10. With or Without You by U2
    I can't liiivvvveee, w/ or without you..I love it!I love when he says "out" of without,he gives a little force there..ahhh
  • 9. Do you Really Want to Hurt by The Culture Club
    This song also has a great beat,and yes I know thats all I say, but thats all that counts to me really,and the words too.I can just "borrow" my step dad's 80's cds and just play em 1000000 times and it would never get old..this song is good to sing to your lover.
  • 8. Walk of Love by Dire Straits
    The video rocvks and so does the band!!God, I love the 80's!!
  • 7. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Thesame as all the rest, but just listen to my top ten and really listen to the background music,I think that's what I'll do right now!Toodles!
  • 6. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    I may have looked at some of everyone else's songs to compare them because there are just too many songs from the 70'sand/or 80's that I love so thank you..This song, ahhhh, the words, the beat, the moment you have when you hear it..I think I'll play it now!!
  • 5. Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runner
    I love the beat..heheh.You can just clap to each beat..Come on Eileen...OHHH YEAH!!
  • 4. True by Spandau Ballet
    This man's voice gives me chiiiillllleeessss.I dont really understand the words all that he says, but I sing them anyway!THIS IS THE SOOOUUNNDDD, OF MY SOUL!!
  • 3. Sara by Jefferson Starship
    Do I know my songs or what?I sing all the words of this song too,as well as the other 9 songs I love.You should listen to MY top ten cuz this 13 year old knows how to pick 'em.This songs slow beat and wonderful words just go to my heart...I wish there was a song dedicated to me...
  • 2. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
    I love this song too!His voice is sooo great and the beats that go down a notch are so unusual.I pick songs out of their beats.You just wouldn't understand, and this song makes me want to play it over and over again as well!The music andvideo ocks the world.I originially was makin it #1 but...
  • 1. Take On Me by Ah-ha
    This song's beat just makes me just wanna wish I lived in the eighties,it's just got a happy beat and makes me want to play it over and over and over again and again!!With you there, Frank!!
LISTEN TO THESE SONGS!! When i'm in the mood to, I go on the computer and play 'em. Some just make me cry because they're so great, and they make me soo mad to wish I could of been a teen back then.To scream over the 'hott' men who had that wonderful voice in the band!There's nothing HERE for me to cheer about!Have you listened lately to these foul mouths!I HATE RAP OR SHOULD I SAY CRAP!?There are sooo many oldies songs to write down and if I remembered all the songs I really LOVE,#4on up probably would change some how because there are beetter songs,I just can't think now...As long as I live I'll never let these songs die...
By: Janelle McKinnon
I am 21 and was born in 1984. These are songs that stick out from my childhood and continue on as my favourites.
By: lance
  • 10. Panic by Smiths
    Hang the DJ! enough said.
  • 9. I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen
    Hypnotic howling at the end, comlimenting the rythmic Johnny Casheque three cord style, great video, and a deep possessed hunger for another. Personal Springsteen favorite.
  • 8. Stuck with You by Huey Lewis
    Great music video, and of course its Huey.
  • 7. Into the Night by Benny Mardonis
    A powerful, orchestral, operatic howl for a forbidden love. A great makeout song.
  • 6. The Killing Moon (or Killing Time) by Echo and the Bunnymen
    The Elvis crescendo and dark bass are enough to set the mood for any fatal attraction.
  • 5. Missing You by Jon Waite
    The ultimate cry for independence, with a nasty hook and catchy bounce.
  • 4. The River by Bruce Springsteen
    Not my personal favorite Springsteen song, but by far one of his most moving, image and thought provoking songs that any good person who has made one life defining mistake can relate to.
  • 3. Watiting For This Moment (all My Life) by Phil Collins
    the slow build to the eventual point of head banging against the dashboard
  • 2. Melt With You by Modern English
    The absolute 80's new wave anthem
  • 1. Your Love by The Outfield
    can you think of a song that sparks more nostalgia than this, with the tenor lead singer blasting his high notes like you used to when you first heard the song, (before puberty hit)
A man's 80's list.
By: Jordan Long
  • 10. Girlfriend Is Better by Talking Heads
    The Talking Heads get a second nod on my list because they were light years better than any one else to come out of the 80's. Can't believe I'm the only one who had them on the list.
  • 9. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    A classic.
  • 8. One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head
    What a f**king cool song.
  • 7. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    To be removed if Jacko is convicted.
  • 6. Just What I Needed by The Cars
    Just a good song.
  • 5. Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits
    I love this song.
  • 4. One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx
    A new wave classic.
  • 3. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    The first song that made me want to be a rock star.
  • 2. Down Under by Men AT Work
    On everybody's list for a reason.
  • 1. Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads
    David Byrne at his best.
Long Live the 80s!!!!!
By: guy
This is the best list!!!!!
By: Scott
  • 10. Perfect Skin by Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
    This song never lets up and is as profound about girls as any song is about life.
  • 9. Rudie Can't Fail by The Clash
    Brilliant. How could such a raw punk band write songs like this? We will never know, but I don't care. They did.
  • 8. Obsession by Animotion
    Guilty Pleasure
  • 7. Balloon Song by Robyn Hitchcock
    I would think true Hitchcock fans would chastize me for picking this one. I understand, but this is a lot of fun and probably the only song non-Hitchcock fans would recognize so my hope is they check him out again based on this and support this musical genius. I also think this is a great song.
  • 6. Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode
    I said to myself I would leave them out, but than I forgot about this song. This song is effortless fun.
  • 5. Church Of The Poison Mind by Culture Club
    I liked War Song better, but this one rocked. Great listen.
  • 4. Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive by Men At Work
    I used to sit by the radio waiting for this song. It never got the airplay their other songs did, I liked them too, but this is the one that just made me feel good listening to. Always fun and even a bit profound.
  • 3. How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
    Obvious, but the most recognizable sound of the eighties and it was so original it became a classic on first listen.
  • 2. Centerfold by J. Geils Band
    This is probably my fifth list and the first song to break out of my alternative rut. Undeniable.
  • 1. Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me by Oingo Boingo
    Saw this song on another list and I was blown away. I have this song on many mix tapes and it is always great. Really cool lyrics and it rocks.
I hope my lists give an idea of where to find some unearthed treasures because to me they really do bring back awesome memories.
By: Scott
  • 10. Robert DeNiros Waiting by Bananarama
    What a great song by such a fluff band. There best by miles and they weren't terrible.
  • 9. Man Called Uncle by Elvis Costello
    The best songwriter of all time taking on a taboo subject matter and driving it home with a gorgeous melody. One of a 100 or more classic songs to choose from.
  • 8. Torch by Soft Cell
    I can't understand how this didn't follow 'Tained Love" with another classic
  • 7. Hold Back The Rain by Duran Duran
    This song rocks.
  • 6. Hold Of Me by Boomtown Rats
    This song is as powerful as music gets. The Boomtown Rats are easily one of the best bands ever, yet they remain ignored because of Bob Geldof's on target cynicism or maybe it was his voyage into Live Aid that seemed to have people ignore the music career.
  • 5. So Long by Fischer Z
    Underrated band that wrote an unapolgetic song about stalking a girlfriend that is as haunting as music gets.
  • 4. Jump by Aztec Camera
    They took one of the worst songs ever written and made it into a masterpiece.
  • 3. *ucking Ada by Ian Dury
    Too bad the title ensured there would be no airplay. This song just takes its subject home in a catchy tour de force.
  • 2. Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
    I could never get tired of this one.
  • 1. Planet Earth by Devo
    This song is so great words can not describe it. It effortlessly sums up life in a catchy tour de force.
From Bananarama to Elvis Costello. You can't beat the eighties.
By: Scott
  • 10. Heaven Up Here by Echo & The Bunnymen
    Keeping with powerful songs that take a cynical, view of reality and crush it between its legs.
  • 9. Life Is Cheap by Flipper
    Not for any sane person. The most pssimistic song ever. Every word rings true.
  • 8. Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads
    They merrily jaunt through the meaninglessness of life all the while enjoying the ride as much as any cynic could.
  • 7. We'll Inheret The Earth by Replacements
    Cynicism that rocked out subtley into a crescendo that crushes its listeners with its defeatist reality. Very powerful.
  • 6. Video Killed The Radio Star by Buggles
    A song that defines its times. Always fun to listen to.
  • 5. Little Bitch by Specials
    Sarcasm at its best(lol).
  • 4. Opportunites by Pet Shop Boys
    Sarcasm at its best.
  • 3. Ana Ng or Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head by They Might Be Giants
    They write brilliant songs in their sleep and these two are peaks.
  • 2. Gates Of Steel by Devo
  • 1. Questions by Dramarama
    A truly great band nobody's heard of. Their frist two albums are classics. This song is as good of a relationship song you will hear unless you prefer "Anything, Anything, Anything" by them as well.
"Cynical Girl" by Marshal Crenshaw should on here and probably many others.
By: Steve B
  • 10. Friday I'm in Love by The Cure
    Quite possibly the perfect pop song...........
  • 9. Love Action by Human League
    Great song with killer rythyms and beat.
  • 8. Talking In Your Sleep by The Romantics
    Not their biggest...but definately their best!
  • 7. Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo
    I wish I was in Tijuana eating Bar-B-Cued Iguana......
  • 6. Manic Monday by The Bangles
    Classic 80's pop.
  • 5. Blue Day by Mi-sex
    Beautifully crafted song by a wonderful band.
  • 4. Cry by Godley and Creme
    A masterpiece by two wordsmiths.
  • 3. Sound of the suburbs by The Members
    Under-rated band singing from the heart.
  • 2. Protection by Graham Parker
    Not his biggest hit, but great lyrics and beat.
  • 1. Pass The Duchy by Musical Youth
    Catchy, classic pop/reggae
Go the 80's, wonderful decade, great bands, awful hair and we could all look good on the dance floor doing those Kim Wilde psuedo punk/new wave dance moves.
By: Nathalie
These are the top songs....
By: George
  • 10. Eye of The Tiger by Survivor
  • 9. Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young by Fire, Inc
    From movie feature "Streets of Fire"
  • 8. Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
  • 7. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
  • 6. Be Near Me by ABC
  • 5. Take On Me by A-Ha
  • 4. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
  • 3. Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News
  • 2. St Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr
  • 1. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
By: Britta
  • 10. Our Lips Are Sealed by Go-Go's
  • 9. Hot In The City by Billy Idol
  • 8. 867-Jenny by Tommy Tutone
  • 7. Working For The Weekend by Loverboy
    everyone digs this tune
  • 6. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
  • 5. In the Dark by Billy Squier
  • 4. Hand To Hold On To by John Cougar
  • 3. My Sharona by The Knack
    Still great
  • 2. Joey by Concrete Blonde
    Great lyrics
  • 1. Only the Lonely by The Motels
    Martha Davis..what a great voice!
By: Joshua
  • 10. Africa by Toto
    Talks about love (which is important)
  • 9. Hyperactive! by Thomas Dolby
    Tlks about partying, and I LOVE going to parties.
  • 8. Atomic by Blondie
    LOVE the beat, love virtually everything.
  • 7. Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson
    Talks about freedom(ish). I LOVE this song.
  • 6. Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Beneater
    The message is true, love IS a battlefield!
  • 5. Gold by Spandau ballet
    Talks about doing yur best (which I'm doing now).
  • 4. Poision Arrow by ABC
    Talks abou revenge against the person you used to have a crush on (which I guess will happen soon to me).
  • 3. Out Of Touch by Hall And Oates
    Talks about lots of things in one song.
  • 2. 99 Luftballons by Nena
    Didn't understand a single word but we still loved it
  • 1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    Represented the 80's lifestyle.
I was born in 1992 but I wish I was from the 80's.
By: Roland Gonzaga
  • 10. West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys
    Remember dancing to this song when I was out clubing in the 80's/
  • 9. Whip It by Devo
    Best music video for it's time and made you want more from this group.
  • 8. We Are The Champions by Queen
    Best song ever written to describe how it feels to be a winner.
  • 7. Stand Back by Stevie Nicks
    As a teenager and watching her in this music video my standards for women was forever changed.
  • 6. Girls On Film by Duran Duran
    You can't like the 80's and not like this song!
  • 5. Living On Video by Trans-X
    Great 80's party song and club hit.
  • 4. Jump Around by Cypress Hill
    Nice dance & beer dringking song....enough Said! :-)
  • 3. Somebody To Love by Depeche Mode
    Brings back memories of my college girl friend at the time.
  • 2. One More Time by George Micheal
    This song brings back memories of when I was dating a high school principle who was 30 and I 22 at the time.
  • 1. Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo
    I remember playing this song in my jeep going down to Rosarito, Mexico to party with my frat bro's!
I hope my choice of songs brings back fond memories of the 80's and paints a better picture of what it was really, friends, and fun.
By: Ben Dover
  • 10. I Touch Myself by The Divinyls
    I first heard this song in the first Austin Powers movie and fell in love with it that moment. A great song to listen to while thinking of your lover in the shower.
  • 9. Safety Dance by Men at Work
    We can dance if we want to.
  • 8. True by Arnee and the Terminators
    What an amazing song. It makes me think of two things: my first love and that movie The Wedding Singer.
  • 7. Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy TuTone
    Self Explanitory.
  • 6. Maneater by Hall and Oates
    Maneater is really the song that got me into the eighties. It'll get you hooked as well.
  • 5. You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive
    This song should be used as a cheezy pick up line, but it's so good.
  • 4. I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls
    Of all the weird, catchy, up-beat songs of the eighties, this one gets me the most.
  • 3. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    Great dance song. Just... Relax.
  • 2. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    The song from The Breakfast Club... who doesn't love this song?
  • 1. Take On Me by A-Ha
    This song IS the eighties.
My list may be cliche, but it's a compilation of damn good eighties songs. Of course, the eighties were a great time with many amazing songs, so many that i had to leave out some of the greatest. Anyway, yeah.
By: The Doider
  • 10. Major Tom by Peter Shilling
  • 9. Africa by Toto
  • 8. How Soon is Now? by Morrisey
  • 7. Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth
  • 6. Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys
  • 5. Under the Milky Way by The Church
  • 4. Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly) by Icicle Works
  • 3. Round and Round by Ratt
  • 2. Hot For Teacher by Van Halen
    Every Van Halen song could be put here.
  • 1. Synchronicity II by The Police
    One of the greatest songs ever written.
By: AndrewR
  • 10. St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) by John Parr
  • 9. Drowning In Berlin by The Mobiles
  • 8. Don't Stop The Dance by Bryan Ferry
  • 7. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) by Pet Shop Boys
  • 6. You Little Thief by Feargal Sharkey
  • 5. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
  • 4. Brother Louie by Modern Talking
  • 3. Duel by Propaganda
  • 2. You Win Again by The Bee Gees
  • 1. True Faith by New Order
By: OneHitWonder
  • 10. You Weren't In Love With Me by Billy Field
    1981 ...Started Recording His Own Songs From His Own recording Studio In Sydney In His Spare Time & And Came Out With This Forgotten Classic. ..others were - 'bad habits' & 'celebrity lane'.
  • 9. Vienna by Ultravox
    Sentimental Classic By Midge Ure & Co. The Song That really Got Me Collecting Top 40 Material Since First Released ! 1980/81
  • 8. Hold On by The Models
  • 7. He's Just No Good For You by Mental As Anything
    1987 ...their best one I believe
  • 6. Miss This Tonight by Matt Moffitt
  • 5. State Of The Heart by Mondo Rock
  • 4. Eye In The Sky by Alan Parson's Project
  • 3. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    Another Brilliant Timeless Tune - 1982
  • 2. I Got You by Split Enz
    Late 79' sure ! ...but was in charts mostly in 1980 - can I get away with this ? ...ok - thanks !
  • 1. Downhearted by Australian Crawl
    1980 ..a Timeless Classic From 'James Reyne' ( lead vocals )& group ! went solo later, and produced more classics !
i did'nt choose the 'common everyday' classic tunes From Then - but favourite's of mine that i believe would've given them a run for their money even now ....If people were reminded of em' via some radio exposure again !

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