In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: JW
By: Che
there's a lot of good songs in the 80's. it's hard to rank them.
By: Sylvester
  • 10. Dr Mabuse by Propaganda
  • 9. Village Girl by Shiela Chandra
    Shiela was in the band Monsoon who had the hit Ever So Lonely, before that she was in kids' TV show Grange Hill between 1979-81.
  • 8. Kings Cross by The Pet Shop Boys
    Fantastic Song
  • 7. Beat It by Michael Jackson
  • 6. Vulgar Picture by The Smiths
  • 5. Everything Counts by Depeche Mode
    A favourite from my younger days.
  • 4. Perfect Kiss by New Order
  • 3. Pet Semetary by The Ramones
    An utterly brilliant song.
  • 2. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure
    Yet again another great band with many great songs but somehow this one outshines the others (at least for me).
  • 1. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
    The Smiths had so many brilliant songs and it's hard to chose my favourite but since this is the one that I listen to the most it deserves first place.
By: Lacey
  • 10. Human Touch by Rick Springfield
    Rick Springfield, cutie of the 80s! Catchy tune!
  • 9. Misled by Kool & The Gang
    This song reminds me of a fall day or night rather and a party.
  • 8. Stuck With You by Huey Lewis & The News
    Huey Lewis another huge 80s icon! I love singing along to this song.
  • 7. The Point Of No Return by Expose
    Great synth! Love it, so 80s!
  • 6. Magic by The Cars
    Epitome of the 80s, lounging around on a sunny day by the pool!
  • 5. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen
    Such a huge 80s song!
  • 4. The Metro by Berlin
    GREAT dance tune.
  • 3. Getcha Back by The Beach Boys
    Perhaps my favorite band of all time, a bittersweet tune that really hits my core. RIP Carl & Denny Wilson.
  • 2. Walk This Way by Aerosmith/Run DMC
    An awesome classic that when you hear those beginning familar beats you cant help but get up and do that little side step they do! The good kind of rock meets the good kind of hip hop!
  • 1. The Look Of Love by ABC
    Great it when he goes "Whooa whoa whoa..thats the look"!
There are so so soooo MANY great songs to come out of the 80s! It was almost impossible to make this list. Honorable mentions: Head Over Heels- Tears For Fears, Dr Feelgood- Motley Crue, True Blue- Madonna, Thriller- Michael Jackson, Vacation- The GoGos, Dangerous- Roxette, Little Red Corvette- Prince, Easy Lover- Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey, You Should Hear How She Talks About You- Melissa Manchester, Electric Blue- Icehouse.
By: John
Mt is the one
By: John
  • 10. Tears Are Fallig by Kiss
    great lyrics paul stanley at the top of his game
  • 9. Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N Roses
  • 8. Owner Of A Lonley Heart by Yes
  • 7. Use Your Love by The Outfield
  • 6. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • 5. Take Hold Of The Flame by Queensryche
    great song from a great band
  • 4. House Of Pain by Faster Pussycat
    very emotional from the kings of sleeze
  • 3. Givin The Dog A Bone by Ac/dc
    dirty good tempo rolling guitar riff
  • 2. Blinded By Science by Thomas Dolby
    fun song great lyrics big drumbeat
  • 1. Lick It Up by Kiss
    this song is what the eighties were all about good times and living carefree
i kind of leaned toward the rock side on this list but there was so much great rock n roll then these bands opened the door for the bands of today
By: Rafael Mateu
the firesttt
By: Manuel
  • 10. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams
    Lets rock
  • 9. Alone by Heart
    touching ;)
  • 8. Blind in Texas by WASP
    Not the only one great song from this band
  • 7. Footlose by Kenny Loggins
  • 6. Say what you want by Texas
  • 5. Im so excited by Pointer Sister
    Great Song in a great Movie
  • 4. The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and the news
    Got a lot more of good songs
  • 3. Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood
  • 2. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina + The Waves
    Makes me feel god
  • 1. Lets Dance by David Bowie
    Put on ur red shoes and dance the blues
Only ten songs...very hard to at least 20 songs more (without thinkin too much about it)that were 80s hits(for me)too
By: Kevin Tilford
  • 10. This Time I Know It's For Real (1989) by Donna Summer
    The #1 song of 1989 spent 5 weeks at #1 during the year. Another song (WILD THING by Tone Loc) actually spent 6 weeks at #1 in 1989, but its overall points based on its other chart positions during the year weren't enough to overtake the former "Queen of Disco" for the year's top spot.
  • 9. Tonight (1984) by Kool & The Gang
    6 weeks at #1 in 1984, and it only finished #3 for the YEAR!
  • 8. Stars On 45 Medley (1981) by Stars On 45
    This is a pre-KT chart song that I'm estimating would've spent 6 weeks at #1 in 1981. The projected chart calculations for the Beatles' imitators disco medley would place it here for the decade.
  • 7. Cover Me (1984) by Bruce Springsteen
    The "Boss" took this to #1 for 7 weeks in 1984. It resulted in the closest finish between the #1 & #2 songs of any year between 1981-1992 on the KT charts. The best rock genre song of the decade.
  • 6. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1984) by Cyndi Lauper
    It spent 7 weeks at #1 in 1984, making it the #1 song of the year. The song exploded for me on my chart after seeing the music video.
  • 5. Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986-1987) by Wang Chung
    Spent a total of 7 weeks at #1; 5 weeks in 1986 and 2 weeks in 1987. Because of the overlap in years, the points it earned were split between 2 years, & as a result, the song didn't finish #1 for either year. It was #8 for 1986, and #33 for 1987.
  • 4. West End Girls (1986) by Pet Shop Boys
    8 weeks at #1 in 1986, & #1 for the year.
  • 3. Billie Jean (1983) by Michael Jackson
    #1 for 8 weeks on the "KT TOP 25" in 1983, & the #1 song of 1983. Michael Jackson finished 1-2 in 1983; BEAT IT was the #2 song of 1983. In fact, Michael Jackson held the #1 spot for 12 straight weeks in 1983. BILLIE JEAN ran for 8 straight weeks, then was knocked out of #1 by BEAT IT, which held the top spot for the next 4 weeks.
  • 2. Another One Bites The Dust (1980) by Queen
    I didn't have a weekly chart in 1980; however, I estimate that this song would've spent either 9 or 10 weeks at #1. Estimated points for a song with that much time at #1 would've placed it here, based on the other songs listed and their actual point totals.
  • 1. Everything She Wants [45 Remix] (1985) by Wham!
    Spent 10 weeks at #1 on the "KT TOP 25" during 1985. Obviously the #1 song of 1985 as well as the 1980's.
This list was mostly compiled based on my strong interest in music and the music charts. From late 1981 to 1992, I created my own weekly chart of current favorite songs (it varied from 20 to 30 songs per week). I made up a point system to evaluate each song based on weekly chart positions, peak position, and weeks spent on the chart; then at the end of the year, calculated each song's points and ranked them based on total points earned. Two songs listed (ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST and STARS ON 45 MEDLEY) were songs that were released before I began doing a formal weekly chart. They are included here because even though I didn't have a formal chart, I made a strong estimate of what sort of impact these two songs would've had if I had a weekly chart during 1980 & 1981, & I'm confident that these two songs would've finished in these positions for the 1980's. Call me "KT Kasem". ;-)
By: New 80's fan
  • 10. I'll Be There For You by Bon Jovi
    was this a ballad?
  • 9. Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
    Quite possibly the best rock song of the 80's!!
  • 8. Don't Forget Me(When I'm Gone) by Glass Tiger
    NOt exactly the best song of the 80's but it's still a classic!
  • 7. With or Without You by U2
    This band is the number one band in the 80's!!
  • 6. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
    Possibly the greatest soundtrack song like ever!!!
  • 5. Sweet Child O' MIne by Guns N'Roses
    Awesome rock song!!!!
  • 4. Heaven by Bryan Adams
    Absoutely love this song!!!!
  • 3. If You Leave by OMD
    What can I say there were some really great movie songs back in the day!!!!
  • 2. Take My Breathe Away by Berlin
    This movie had two of the greatest soundtrack songs in history!!! this one though is definitely my favorite at least from this movie!!!
  • 1. Every Breathe You Take by The Police
    I have listened to it at least 20 times since I first heard it!! what can I say? Never can seem to get tired of it!!!
there are so many more great 80's songs, i can't list them all so I'm going to do some honorable mentions: How Will I Know, Whitney Houoston,Photograph, Def Leppard, I'll Never Let You Go, Steelheart; Honestly, Stryper(possibly the most forgotten ballad of the decade!),Love Bites,Def Leppard,Beat It, Michael Jackson, Don't Stop Believin', Journey, and Faithfully by Journey
By: Qayum
  • 10. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  • 9. Cheri Cheri Lady by Modern Talking
  • 8. Sorry Little Sarah by Blue System
  • 7. Soldier by Thomas Anders
  • 6. Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions
  • 5. Touch By Touch by Joy
  • 4. Brother Louie by Modern Talking
  • 3. Every Breath You Take by The Police
  • 2. No One Like You by Scorpions
  • 1. Still Loving You by Scorpions
    Greatest Power Love Ballad Ever
Scorpions is still loving all of their fans
By: Billy Page
By: Retronut
  • 10. On The Loose by Saga
    Synthesisers and power! This is my most favourite song from the 80's.
  • 9. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    I have no idea whatever happened to these guys, but this was another of those one-hit wonders that defined 80's music.
  • 8. Big Country by Big Country
    Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can deny that Big Country was one of the consummate 80's bands.
  • 7. The Final Countdown by Europe
    The 80's were all about the synthesiser. This song is no exception. Europe used it masterfully.
  • 6. Saved By Zero by The Fixx
    Listen carefully to the synth effects in this song. Nothing written today matches its creativity. I don't think was considered one of The Fixx's better works, but it was one of my favourites.
  • 5. Take On Me by A-Ha
    I can't tell you how many guys I've heard try to scream out those lyrics. :P This is one of the essentials of 80's pop rock.
  • 4. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    This song (along with Take On Me by A-Ha) represented the best of best when it came to music in the 80's.
  • 3. She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby
    The 80's were all about one-hit wonders. This little gem is the best I've ever heard in the long succession of acts that exploded onto the scene only to end with a small whine.
  • 2. Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
    "Ain't nothin' ever gonna break-ah mah stride!" Probably one of the most sing-songy hits of its day. Catchy and easy to sing along with. Anyone know whatever happened to this guy?
  • 1. Heat of the Moment by Asia
    What radio station was complete without this song? Asia was cross-genre for music lovers, hitting on rock rhythms and a touch of pop.
By: Badd
  • 10. Back In Black by AC/DC
    (Angus Young+Brian Johnson)Killer Riff=GREATNESS
  • 9. Start Me Up by Rolling Stones
  • 8. Watching the Wheels by John Lennon
  • 7. Jump by Van Halen
  • 6. Fight the Power by Public Enemy
  • 5. Sweet Child o' mine by Guns n Roses
  • 4. Welcome to The Jungle by Guns n Roses
  • 3. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
  • 2. Dragon Attack by Queen
  • 1. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
I don't like the eighties music that much.
By: Max
  • 10. You Re My Heart You Re My Soul by Modern Talking
    Best disco hits
  • 9. Church Of The Poison Mind by Culture Club
    This is my favourite video
  • 8. Only When You Leave by Spandau Ballet
    Best ballad
  • 7. Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions
    Best Rock
  • 6. Together Forever by Rick Astley
    Best dance
  • 5. Cheri Cheri Lady by Modern Talking
    Best Dance Hits
  • 4. Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young
    Best Soul Hits
  • 3. Club Tropicana by Wham!
    Best video
  • 2. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    Its more pop soul reggae sound
  • 1. Still Loving You by Scorpions
    Greatest Rock Ballads ever
By: Miff33
  • 10. Love And Pride by King
    Sentimental reasons
  • 9. Dont Talk To Me About Love by Altered Images
    Claire Grogan at her best.
  • 8. Go Wild In The Country by Bow Wow Wow
    Love those drums
  • 7. Wishing by A Flock Of Seagulls
    Worth it for the haircut alone
  • 6. A Celebration by U2
    Little Known U2 classic
  • 5. Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    The ultimate eighties song
  • 4. Boxerbeat by Jo Boxers
    I defy you not to tap your foot
  • 3. Annie Im Not Your Daddy by Kid Creole And The Coconuts
    A song to get you smiling
  • 2. Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues And Kirsty Maccoll
    The Best christmas song ever
  • 1. Story Of The Blues by Wah
    A timeless classic that just grows and grows from the first chord.
There really are too many to choose, i could have done the list 20 times over
By: Carol Gebert, music lover
  • 10. Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel
    Great construction, deep passion and whistling.
  • 9. Melt with You by Modern English
    Everyone loves this song, so what can I say....
  • 8. Atomic by Blondie
    Great, rich sound. Excellent drums, fabulous hook, soaring vocals.
  • 7. Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles
    Infectious song that will be revived with regularity, forever.
  • 6. Take the L Out of Lonley by Motels
    A symphony of pop. Often forgoted, great song.
  • 5. Words by Missing Persons
    Original vocal style.
  • 4. Fade to Grey by Visage
    Great melody with a minimalist construction.
  • 3. Mad World by Tears for Fears
    Great syncopation.
  • 2. Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics
    Annie Lennox's best vocals.
  • 1. Cars by Gary Numan
    One of the seminal techno tunes, opening an entire genre.
This list is in no particular order. I love all of them. I hope there are some people will say 'I forgot that one, but it is a great song, indeed.'
By: Ian
  • 10. I Will Follow by U2
    high energy song off their first album.
  • 9. Tunnel Of Love by Dire Straits
    great songs, great lyrics, great guitar.
  • 8. San Jacinto by Peter Gabriel
    early electronica from former genesis frontman.
  • 7. Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies
    another great alternative band.
  • 6. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
    great song!
  • 5. Even When I'm Blue by Steve Earle
    country without the usual stereotyped lyrics.
  • 4. Baby Ran by 54-40
    great canadian indie rock.
  • 3. The Replacements by I Will Dare
    greatest record nobody's ever heard.
  • 2. R.e.m. by South Central Rain
    great 12 string jangle from peter buck.
  • 1. True by Concrete Blonde
    there was some good music in the 80's it just wasn't being played on the radio.
I HATED the synth pop from the eighties. There was some awful stuff, bryan adams, huey lewis, hair metal. Fortunately there was some brilliant stuff as well.
By: Joker
  • 10. Unchain My Heart by Joe Cocker
    Good old Joe,always good to hear him.
  • 9. Like A Prayer by Madonna
    It was good song,great video and so much controversy about it.
  • 8. Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly
    Mike is a genius,and voice of Maggie makes You feel so good listen to this great clasic....
  • 7. Wonderful Life by Black
    Melanholic happines!:)
  • 6. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew
    It was one hit wonder,but a really good one!
  • 5. The Final Countdown by Europe
    Yeah,love the music!
  • 4. Lambada by Kaoma
    My first dance with this
  • 3. What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner
    Her voice is just amazing,and this song has some good vibe and it is a true classic.
  • 2. Poison by Alice Cooper
    Roooock on,amazing song.Love it!
  • 1. Jelaous Guy by Roxy Music
    I just couldn't decide beewten so many great songs from 80s,but this rock ballad got into my heart long time ago!
It's hard to choose,so many good bands and song were in 80s,from Alphaville to U2,from Cyndi Lauper to Blondie,and so on...
By: D.C.
  • 10. Stand or Fall by The Fixx
    Very underrated band with many good songs.
  • 9. Daytime Drama by Billy Idol
    I believe this song is about a soap opera. :)
  • 8. Gentlemen Take Polaroids by Japan
    Not a very well-known group, but the Gentlemen Take Polaroids album was one of the best in the '80s.
  • 7. Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth
    It's hard not to like this song. Kids singing reggae!
  • 6. Seconds by U2
    The Edge is playing acoustic guitar and actually sings the opening lyrics for this underrated U2 gem!!
  • 5. Barbarism Begins at Home by The Smiths
    I watched this performed live and couldn't get the song out of my head!
  • 4. To Live and Die In L.A. by Wang Chung
    This song opened the movie of the same name and both were grreeaat!!!
  • 3. In The Mood by Robert Plant
    I'm in the mood for a melody...
  • 2. I'm Falling by The Comsat Angels
    Great synth and guitar riffs, very catchy tune
  • 1. Bad Boys (theme from Cops) by Inner Circle
    I'm sure everyone knows this one

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