In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Debbie
  • 10. Eye Of the Tiger by Survivor
  • 9. I'm So Caught Up In You by .38 Special
  • 8. Jump by Van Halen
  • 7. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates
  • 6. Heat Of the Moment by Asia
  • 5. I Love Rockn' Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • 4. Rock the Casbah by The Clash
  • 3. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
  • 2. Burnin' For You by Blue Oyster Cult
  • 1. Centerfold by J. Geils Band
I wasn't even born in the 80's and all of these songs are better than any song that is EVER going to come out
By: Kurt Hunt
  • 10. Kyrie by Mr. Mister
    The greatest song ever written.
  • 9. Late to the Weekend by Bar Hoppers
    Great skinny-tie, pompadour-bedecked, man-ain't-gonna-keep-me-down-proclaimin', high-five-your-buddyin' ode to the three day weekend as seen through the eyes of an orphan child sitting in a wagon, weeping.
  • 8. Barf by The Chad
    It was the drummer who was Chad, not the lead singer. The bassist? Why, Kevin.
  • 7. You Lift Me by The Spankles
    All-time great lyric: "Well, you stinky little novelist, are you going to give me my bowling trophy back?"
  • 6. Ack Pants, Back Rats by Apple Nine
    Great big of prog rock exploration, layering tri-tonal vocals on semi-tonal rhythm tracks, a 7/5 tempo glazed over a guitar of earthen wandering and regret.
  • 5. Falling in the Never by The Now Strikers
    Normally, breathy, highly processed female vocalists leave me cold. However, Igrid Stuskin is an exception, mainly due to the third nostril. For some reason, it not only looked sexy, but it apparently adds to the "whistly" quality to her falsetto. Also, I found it cute when, in her videos, she would fill the nostril with grain.
  • 4. China Pain by Teary Fear Tears
    Yes, they're a rip-off of another band, but you have to love any artist who builds an entire song around language lifted directly from the Joy of Cooking.
  • 3. I Love the Love in Your House, Let Me In by LaWankus
    Great R&B rafter-rattler. I could do without the doorbell solos.
  • 2. Celestial Doves (A Reckoning) by The Fort of Indecision
    Last big hit for an underrated band; after this song was released, lead singer Marc Stuttson built the first fully operable soy car.
  • 1. Kip by The Moog
    Note the subtle use of aeolian wind harp in the bridge. The musical notes that comprise the solo, when joined together, strongly resemble the horizontal profile of Alger Hiss.
By: Daniel M
  • 10. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    Classic dance track from the decade. Remember spelling S-A-F-E-T-Y on the dance floor?
  • 9. Hurt So Good by John Cougar Mellencamp
    A lot of what John Cougar did in the 80's was good, I had to pick one so this is it…
  • 8. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    So cheesy (especially the video), but still one of my favorite of the decade!
  • 7. You Might Think by The Cars
    A funny song, a funny video.
  • 6. Red Red Wine by Ub40
    At the time it was released (august 1983), a girlfriend had just left me...
  • 5. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    A good band, great songs, this one is my favorite.
  • 4. Born In The Usa by Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band
    At the time I began reading a lot on the Vietnam war (I still do), and this song came along.
  • 3. Sharp-dressed Man by Zz Top
    Pretty much everything from "Eliminator" is good, and for me this is the best.
  • 2. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 by Pink Floyd
    Being a Pink Floyd fan, I had to choose one from the decade, and this one came out.
  • 1. With Or Without You by U2
    U2 songs from the 80's were the best, and this one is my favorite all-time U2 song.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
By: Paenpounsei
By: Dederover
By: Rainbowsfordays
  • 10. I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner
  • 9. Missing You by John Waite
    One of the best love songs I ever heard.
  • 8. Out Of Touch by Hall And Oates
    That's a mean ass mustache.
  • 7. Too Shy by Kajagoogoo
    Lead singer is too hot for words.
  • 6. Broken Wings by Mr.Mister
  • 5. Shattered Dreams by JohnnyHatesJazz
  • 4. Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson
  • 3. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses
    Must I explain the greatness?
  • 2. I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls
    Great hair....
  • 1. Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears
    I'm only 16, and I discovered this band a few years ago. This was the first song that got me to be a devoted fan.
I just love the 80's.
By: Lyss
By: Tero
  • 10. Paint by Roxette
    Roxette released an amazing album called Look Sharp! back in the eighties, this underrated song is my favorite.
  • 9. Like a Prayer by Madonna
    Madge at the cemetery
  • 8. Kokomo by The Beach Boys
    Surf dudes
  • 7. Poison by Alice Cooper
  • 6. Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle
    This is so 80's
  • 5. Turn It Into Love by Kylie Minogue
    Melancholic song from her
  • 4. Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) by Samantha Fox
    The bust queen of the 80's
  • 3. In The Heat of The Night by Sandra
    The queen of the 80's!
  • 2. Save a Prayer by Duran Duran
    Their best to date
  • 1. Eternal Flame by The Bangles
    School ballad, good memories :)
So many good ones, so hard to choose...
By: Nickolaus A. Pacione
  • 10. Killing Technology by Voivod
    This one when I first heard it -- I thought holy crap this was heavy and progressive. VOIVOD was pioneer like Metallica was in thrash metal. They introduced a cyberpunk angle to the heavy metal broadscope. Just as important as MASTER OF PUPPETS was to thrash, Killing Technology brought something just as frightening.
  • 9. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son by Iron Maiden
    This one is a heavy metal classic now and introduced a new level to Iron Maiden's dark song writing. Iron Maiden, like Metallica, introduced a very dark level of heavy metal to the masses withou the support of mainstream radio play. This was dark cerebral heavy metal from the NWBHM giants.
  • 8. Anally Inflicited Death Sentence by Method Of Destruction
    One of those songs that will piss off Rob Halford or Dug Pinnick, because Billy Milano actually had the balls to ask them,. "How can one find love in a man's hairy ass?" This song is more offensive now than it was back then, it has this very UN-PC "Up Yours" quality to it.
  • 7. Ton Of Bricks by Metal Church
    This track came off the legendary power metal album THE DARK. Featuring the late David Wayne as the vocalist here. This and Watch the Children Pray were landmark for them.
  • 6. Mircle Man by Ozzy Osbourne
    Enter shredder Zakk Wylde who would eventually go on to do Black Label Society. This brought a new level to Ozzy's sound, made him sound a lot darker.
  • 5. Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne
    This was one of his best with late Randy Rhodes as this was one of his last efforts before his passing in an airplane accident.
  • 4. Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath
    Dio delivered poop in this one. This is a now classic from the late vocalist, Dio brought new life to Black Sabbath when Ozzy was on the outs and doing a solo career.
  • 3. Disturbing The Priest by Black Sabbath
    The best of the short lived Black Sabbath era with Deep Purple's throat doing the front man duties. This song was Black Sabbath at their most evil.
  • 2. Angel Of Death by Slayer
    SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD -- COME ON, SSLLLAYERRR! Angel of Death was the fastest slab and most frightening piece of thrash metal to come out of the west coast.
  • 1. Master Of Puppets by Metallica
    FUCK YOU GLAM METAL! MASTER OF PUPPETS showed us what heavy metal can be. Monsterous angry, dark and downright heavy.
Everyone thought that heavy metal was in the 1980s was pop metal and hair bands. Well I am about to show the 1980s that real heavy metal had something to say -- and quoting Sab Bach here. "FUCK YOU!" METALLICA lead the charge in underground US Metal had. METAL got heavier, darker, scarier, and faster in the underground. This list is from someone who thinks Hair Bands truely suck.
By: AlexL85
  • 10. Promise Me by Beverley Craven
    Simply loves her voice...perfect song...
  • 9. My One Temptation by Mica Paris
    Very nice song..simply adores her voice
  • 8. Show Me by The Cover Girls
    One of the best songs from The Cover Girls!
  • 7. Sinitta by Toy Boy
    Simply adores this song... :)
  • 6. If Wishes Came True by Sweet Sensation
    A Veri nice song..nice trio...sings completely amazing songs!
  • 5. Could This Be Love by Seduction
    A very nice song indeed!!!!
  • 4. Seasons Change by EXPOSE
    A very good ballad from their debut album..simply loves it!
  • 3. All This Time by Tiffany
    Tiffany's best song ever!
  • 2. Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson
    A song that got me captivated to Debbie...
  • 1. A Shoulder To Cry On by Tommy Page
    This has got to be the best Tommy Page song ever..the lyrics and music is wonderful!
There are so mny other 80's songs that i love...10 is not enuf for me to tell me all
By: Joseph Diaferia
  • 10. Dirty Laundry by Don Henley
    Most profound lyrical passage of all time: "We all know that crap is king.:
  • 9. All She Wants To Do Is Dance by Don Henley
    Great song even though Don didn't write it.
  • 8. Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
    There are no words.
  • 7. Walking On A Thin Line by Huey Lewis and the News
    Nice sentiment; great arrangement. However, it should also acknowledge the innocent Vietnamese who were killed in that long war.
  • 6. Its Not The Night by The Cars
    A little obscure. It was the second song of their set during their 1984 tour. RIP Ben Orr.
  • 5. Round & Round by Ratt
    Great arrangement; terrible lyrics.
  • 4. Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2
    Long Live the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King!
  • 3. With Or Without you by U2
    Is this actually about the World Bank and IMF?
  • 2. New Years Day by U2
    Nothing like hearing this song in Ireland on new Years Day.
  • 1. I've Known No War by The Who
    Great song. Period.
By: Mark Trezise
  • 10. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    This is a really famous song.
  • 9. Whip It by Devo
    Everybody likes this song.
  • 8. Pump Up The Volume by M/A/R/R/S
    This song sounds like 1990's music but it was released in 1989
  • 7. It's The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M.
    This is a rock song from the early 19800's
  • 6. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    Many people think this song is about safety.
  • 5. You Shook Me All Night Long by Ac/Dc
    This song was released in 1980.
  • 4. Celebration by Kool & The Gang
    This may sound like disco but it was released in 1980.
  • 3. Working For The Weekend by Loverboy
    This song makes people want to work on weekends.
  • 2. 1999 by Prince
    This is one of Prince's best hits ever.
  • 1. Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
    This song is really good for dancing.
All of these songs were released in the 1980's
By: Jon
  • 10. So Long by Abba
    Sensational "alright, alright, alright, alright"
  • 9. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
  • 8. Stay Out Of My Life by Five Star
    Spin it and see!
  • 7. The Have Nots by X
    LA Punk
  • 6. Kings Cross by Pet Shop Boys
    Era defining
  • 5. Dover Beach by Bangles
  • 4. Things Get In Your Way by The Primitives
    Blonde Bombshell, Buzzsaw guitars, sugar coated melody.
  • 3. No Memory by Scarlet Fantastic
    Plants a seed
  • 2. I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany
    Dance floor filler
  • 1. Theme From S'express by S'express
this will change tomorrow
By: Vanja
I just can say that the best music was produced between 1978 and 1984/5. I regret that today's music is so bad. This is the list that includes New Wave only. Other styles some other time.
By: Tomario
  • 10. Together In Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey And Georgio Miroder
    such a happy feel good song.
  • 9. Alone by Heart
    that scream always sends shivers down my spine!
  • 8. A Different Corner by George Michael
    has a great mood about it
  • 7. I Used To Love Her by Guns N' Roses
    it always makes me smile
  • 6. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart by Eurythmics
    Dave and Annie at their peak.
  • 5. Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
    the perfect driving song
  • 4. Bad Day by Carmel
    has to be played loud just listen to her vocals...awesome
  • 3. Now Your Gone by Bucks Fizz
    one of the saddest songs you'll ever hear (if your in the right frame of mind!)
  • 2. Heaven by Brian Adams
    a song i never get tired of hearing.
  • 1. Thats The Way by Culture Club
    just love the feel of the song and Georges vocals are top notch
these are from the top of my head im sure ive missed some...but it was always going to be a sort of sophies choice anyway.
By: Shadysback
great songs
By: Sage
  • 10. Love Is All That Matters by Human League
  • 9. Computer One by Dear Enemy
  • 8. Blue (Armed with Love) by Wham
  • 7. So Long by Fischer Z
  • 6. We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel
  • 5. Hold On by Models
  • 4. I Ran by Flock of Seagulls
  • 3. In A Big Country by Big Country.
  • 2. We Built This City by Jefferson Starship
  • 1. No Promises by Icehouse
This was a really hard list to write because there was so many awesome songs in the 80's ...
By: Roseannne
  • 10. Bad by Michael Jackson
    one word: A-MA-ZING!!!
  • 9. How Will I Know by Whitney Houston
    Wow, this song is just a great song to dance to and I love it. There aren't enough words to express how good this song is.
  • 8. Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell ft. Jermaine and Michael Jackson
    Michael and Jermaine give this song that special touch it needs :) Otherwise, no one would like it.
  • 7. Ebony and Ivory by Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney
    If Paul McCartney is in a song, it's always fantastic.
  • 6. Baby Be Mine by Michael Jackson
    This song always makes me dance! HEE HEE!
  • 5. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    I'm sorry but hands down, Thriller ALWAYS has to be on the list.
  • 4. Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson
    Another one of my favorites from my most favorite artist of ALL TIME!
  • 3. Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart
    I don't know why I like this song, actually. I guess it's just so bad, that i like it.
  • 2. I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman
    One of my favorites ever!
  • 1. Fly Away by Michael Jackson
    Oh my god, this song is just so beautiful, only a psychopath couldn't love it. :D
By: Nick
  • 10. Bang your Head(Metal Health) by Quiet Riot
    This should be the national anthem of Heavy metal or Hard rock fans, this song is awesome when you have amps in your truck, playing this song full blast.
  • 9. Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo
    This song is awesome, best Oingo Boingo song in my own opinion, Weird Science and Little girls were good, just not as good as these to me, before i forget, Danny Elfman owns.
  • 8. Lovin Every Minute of it by Loverboy
    This song just is epic win, i love this more than working for the weekend and even Turn me loose or even Heaven in your eyes.
  • 7. Restless Heart by John Parr
    Ahh, time for some Running man music, Running man is a 1987 movie, it's based off the Stephen King book, it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben. John Parr is one of my most favourite signers. The movie looks not bad, the song is awesome though.
  • 6. Human Touch by Rick Springfield
    This was a tie between Human Touch and Jessie's girl and Affair of the heart and Don't talk to strangers and State of the heart and I believe Love somebody, this song is awesome and we might be at that state of technology in 2016!
  • 5. Princes of the Universe by Queen
    This song was in the movie Highlander 1986, that movie may of not been good but this is one of Queen's best.
  • 4. Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp Cougar
    I know his name has been changed alot, this song just sums up that life goes on no matter what happens, or its about some random teenagers named Jack and Diane.
  • 3. Someday by Glass Tiger
    This song is really addicting, I may be Canadian and I love old Canadian musicians but this band is really good for a Canadian band.
  • 2. Spirit of the Radio by Rush
    Many people like Tom Sawyer more but I love this song more, it just sums up how awesome Rush is.
  • 1. Faith by George Michael
    I love this song, it's one of George Michael's best, if not his best.
I think I choose good songs from the era, some no one probably heard of but its good stuff.
By: I Know 80's
46. The Police / "Every Breath You Take" (1983) 47. Twisted Sister / "We're Not Gonna Take It" (1984) 48. Bruce Springsteen / "Born in the U.S.A." (1984) A Flock of Seagulls / "I Ran (So Far Away)" (1982)Toni Basil / "Mickey" (1981)Culture Club / "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" (1982)Devo / "Whip It" (1980)Gary Numan / "Cars" (1980)Men at Work / "Down Under" (1982)he Romantics / "What I Like About You" (1980)

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