In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: André França
  • 10. Sacrifice by Elton John
    Excess Tears. The man has the skills.
  • 9. Paradise City by Guns N´ Roses
    What more can I say about this huge hard rock hymn ?
  • 8. Stay On These Roads by A-ha
    there is no bad song from a-ha... if you don´t like some... you´re the one with head and heart problems
  • 7. Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
    It´s a great song with an extraordinary heavy metal melody.
  • 6. Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys
    Is there any living soul who has never enjoyed this song?
  • 5. A Little Respect by Erasure
    A great hit that overcomes the boudaries of time
  • 4. Against All Odds by Phil Collins
    The masterpiece of a melody master.
  • 3. The Way You Are by Secret Service
    great duo... extreme feeling... tears for sure
  • 2. Nothing´s Gonna Change My Love For You by Glen Medeiros
    After lots of versions... the original one still kings.
  • 1. Livin´ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    A perfect chorus mankind won´t forget.
Everything in the 80´s is awesome... The only bad thing was their future
By: TomT
  • 10. Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung
    You won't admit it but you know you Wang Chenged some time in the 80's
  • 9. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Long version only. Short version sucked
  • 8. Walk Like An Egyption by Bangels
    Wasn't my favorite but I can't get it out of my head
  • 7. What I Like About You by Romantics
    Fourth best one hit wonder. What ever happened to all these groups?
  • 6. Desire by U2
    Over-rated group but this song did rock
  • 5. Jenny/867-5309 by Tommy Tutone
    Third best one hit wonder
  • 4. Mexican Radio by Wall Of Voodoo
    Any song with the lyrics " Eating BBQ Iguanna" has to be on the top 10 list
  • 3. Stepping Out by Joe Jackson
    Most under-rated artist of the 80's
  • 2. My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuck 3
    Second best one hit wonder
  • 1. Turning Japanese by The Vapors
    Best one hit wonder ever
Hard choice. I had to leave out some favorites. Ask me tomorrow and I would probably give you a completely different list.
By: Larry
  • 10. Like To Get To Know You Well by Howard Jones
    Great artist easy listening songs spoken truthfully
  • 9. C'est La Vie by Robbie Neville
  • 8. I Don't Want To Be A Hero by Johnny Hates Jazz
    Very unrated band but one of the best in my view.
  • 7. Is This Love by Whitesnake
    What a tune simiply great!!
  • 6. Baby Love by Mothers Finest
    If you ever had one particular one hit wonder then this is it
  • 5. FLM by Mel and Kim
    These were fantastic in the mid to late 80's. The first girl power group and they rocked
  • 4. Misfit by Curiosity Killed The Cat
    Class Act!The video was even great definity learning to dance on the streets
  • 3. Only When You Leave by Spandau Ballet
    Slick Music-Slick Dress Sense-Slick Looks-Classy
  • 2. This Charming Man by The Smiths
    Oh yes that ear piece took some beating thats why they were so goooooood!!
  • 1. Tenderess by General Public
    Should be played more often definely one of the best!!!!!!!
Theres alot more songs i could off added but i would need a list of about 50. 80'S Music is the best and songs like these go along way to showing this.
By: Christian Spranger
  • 10. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen
    Yeah, it rulez!
  • 9. The Final Countdown by Europe
    Wow, what a sound. The synthsizer are my favourite part of this song.
  • 8. Smell Yourself by Los Lobotomys
    Steve Lukather guitar is very busy...
  • 7. Africa by Toto
    It's not my favourite song from Toto, but you can enjoy it very good.
  • 6. Home Of The Brave by Toto
    The arrangement is just one of the best, and David Paich's voice is my favourite of the band.
  • 5. Jump by Van Halen
    The synthesizers are... WOW!
  • 4. Centerfold by The J. Geils Band
    Well, it's just a really cool song!!
  • 3. These Chains by Toto
    A wonderful Ballad...
  • 2. English Eyes by Toto
    Wow, what a feeling!!
  • 1. Rosanna by Toto
    Nobody is better than these musicans, it's really perfect!!
You can see it: My band of the eighties (no, of all times) is TOTO!!!
By: Josh Berkowitz
  • 10. More Than This by Roxy Music
    Quite a relaxing tune
  • 9. Loved by the Sun by Jon Anderson
    This song was on the "Legend" soundtrack, just a great song
  • 8. Rio by Duran Duran
  • 7. Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police
  • 6. Who Can It Be Now by Men At Work
    This song reminds me of sitting around the house playing Pitfall on the Atari
  • 5. Africa by Toto
  • 4. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
  • 3. Allentown by Billy Joel
  • 2. Bringing On The Heartache by Def Leppard
    This song reminds me of camping with my father when I was a youngin'
  • 1. 99 by Toto
    Toto had quite a few good songs but this was my favorite
The 80's produced so many good songs that I could easily make a list of my favorite 100.
By: Tim Puckett
Too many to choose from.. I am so greatful to have grown up in this Era...
By: Greg Adams
  • 10. Let's Go Crazy by Prince
    it's the only song that, if it's being played, I'll actually consider going on the dance floor.
  • 9. Shadows Of The Night by Pat Benatar
    her very best song......again, doesn't get the credit it deserves because of the popularity of Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  • 8. Oh Sherry by Steve Perry
    Journey only wishes they had done this song.
  • 7. When The Going Gets Tough by Billy Ocean
  • 6. Kyrie Elaison by Mister Mister
    great cruising song
  • 5. These Dreams by Heart
    best power ballad of the '80's. Listen closely to the tell me what they are describing.
  • 4. Walk Of Life by Dire Straits
    loved the video.....the song is the Osmonds used to's a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll.
  • 3. New Moon On Monday by Duran Duran
    Duran Duran's best song.....never gets the credit it deserves
  • 2. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    this is still a very popular song to this day.
  • 1. Metal Health by Quiet Riot
    an anthem for high school students in 1984-85. even the teachers at my school listened to this song.
By: cherry berry
  • 10. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    you will not forget about me because after all u2 rules the chart
  • 9. One by U2
  • 8. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
  • 7. new years day by U2
  • 6. The Sweetest Thing by U2
  • 5. Desire by U2
  • 4. Dancing Barefoot by U2
  • 3. Pride In The Name Of Love by U2
  • 2. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
  • 1. With Or Without You by U2
    there will never be a better band than u2. try and search and you will not find the irishmen who rule the music scene. this song is just one of the manny of their great hits.
By: Nadia
  • 10. King Of Wishful Thinking by Go West
  • 9. Why Can't This Be Love by Van Halen
  • 8. Only Time Will Tell by Asia
  • 7. Secret by OMD
  • 6. All Through The Night by Cyndi Lauper
  • 5. No More Lonely Nights by Paul McCartney
  • 4. You Are The Girl by The Cars
  • 3. Once Upon A Time by Moody Blues
  • 2. Moonlight Shadow by Maggie Reilly And Mike Oldfield
  • 1. Something About You by Level 42
    I love this song
By: Karen
  • 10. Something About You by Level 42
    pure classic!
  • 9. Going Underground by The Jam
    LOVE IT! saw them perform it on old TOTP'S my mum taped on UK Gold. Paul Weller was wearing an apron with the picture facing his stomach and the reverse showing.
  • 8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox
    I only found out a while ago what this song is about. good song and good video
  • 7. Come Live With Me by Heaven 17
    A nice slow song.Never seen this vid either. Saw them at the Here and Now concert in Nov 2001 and it still seems great.
  • 6. The Lovecats by The Cure
    Robert Smith looks so creepy holding a kitten in the vid.
  • 5. Hot Water by Level 42
    I know I shouldn't have another Level 42 song but they are my fave group EVER! Fab bass line.
  • 4. Temptation by Heaven 17
    The best Sheffield group along with The Human League. Temptation is a classic. The best song of the year I was born.
  • 3. Enola Gay by OMD
    I love it when you see Andy McCluskey jumping up and down like he's lost control. Fantastic tune
  • 2. The Voice by Ultravox
    I love the simple chorus. I want to watch the video but I have never seen it.
  • 1. Running In The Family by Level 42
    They are an excellent band. All their songs are my favourites but i had to choose one. Mark King is an excellent bass player
By: Tim Swarbrick
  • 10. Start Me Up by Rolling Stones
    Makes me feel good.
  • 9. F*** Tha Police by NWA
    hehe this has fun lovin pseudo attitude all over it.
  • 8. ...And Justice For All by Metallica
    This song is epic.
  • 7. Beat It by Michael Jackson
    Fun Lovin' 'tude bro.
  • 6. Hurt So Good by John Mellencamp
    wicked summer song I reckon.
  • 5. So Far Away by Dire Straits
    love it mate, love it.
  • 4. Back in Black by AC/DC
    hell yeah !
  • 3. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
    another wicked love song.
  • 2. Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'n Roses
    I reckon this is one of the ultimate songs, heartfelt lyrics, killer solos, wicked rhythm, graceful
  • 1. Walk of Life by Dire Straits
    Who does not instantly recognise that classic keyboard line.. a fool thats who
By: Valerie
  • 10. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
  • 9. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
    who can resist answering the question, "who ya gonna call?"?
  • 8. Cum On Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot
    "girls rock your boys" was the dirtiest line i knew when i was young.
  • 7. I Know You're Out There Somewhere by The Moody Blues
    this mystical song gives me a lyrical orgasm with its "from the soul" truthfulness.
  • 6. Against All Odds/Carrie by Phil Collins/Europe
    had to put the ballads together.
  • 5. Holding Out For a Hero/If You Leave by Bonnie Tyler/OMD
    think: kevin bacon on a tractor in footloose. think: molly ringwald sucking face with andrew mccarthy.
  • 4. Dancing in Heaven/Mr. Roboto by Q-Feel/Styx
    ahh! helen hunt & sarah jessica parker as kids in girls just wanna have fun jammin' to that orbital be bop.
  • 3. I Wanna Be a Cowboy/Future's So Bright by Boys Don't Cry/Timbuk3
  • 2. Peek-A-Boo by Siouxsie and the Banshees
    this is the only song i know that has musical instruments being played backwards! i never knew drums and horns could sound so cool!
  • 1. Everybody wants to rule the world! by Tears For Fears
    even though i hate duplicating other's songs on this list, i believe this was the theme song of the 80's. it represents the yuppie movement, the cold war, the reagan administration, the self-made millionaire craze, etc...
WARNING!!! Read this ONLY if you knew at one time what a BANANA SLIDE was: A decade in review: "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" "ANYONE, ANYONE?" The best movie quotes are from the 80's, as well as some of the most obscure songs. Country had its hits with "ELVIRA", "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM" and "I WANT TO KISS YOU ALL OVER". Richie Rich and the Smurfs, Transformers and D&D, After School Specials and Friday Night Videos. Blizzards were the new craze at DQ, McDonald's had a shooting spree, and Cheers was THE watering hole. The biggest problem for a kid was solving a Rubick's Cube puzzle, "THE BOZ" and Jan-Michael Vincent were hot and every guy wanted "BLAIR" and "SAMANTHA MICELLI". Tight rolled jeans and curly Q shoestrings, feathered hair and a pick in the back pocket. Olgolve and Rave were the best selling hair products and curling iron rods could never be too tiny. A scandlous affair was Gary Hart and Donna Rice; Everlasting marriages were Tom Cruise/Mimi Rogers, Don Johnson/Melanie Grffith, and Tammie Fay/Jim Baker. Hannable, Face, B.A. and Murdock could always be called as reinforcements and Simon and Simon were the coolest P.I.'s stateside. If you didn't sail the Love Boat you were on Fantasy Island. Every wedding playlist had a song that consisted of either of "WHITE WEDDING", "SAY YOU, SAY ME", or "Total Eclipse of the Heart". We all remember where we were when the CHALLENGER blew up. Eddy Murphy had a pop hit and Bruce Willis was busy MOONLIGHTING. The chant was "Cheeseburgers, quarter pounder, filet-o-fish, french fries, icy cola, thick shake, sundaes and apple pies." Remember Pete Rose making headlines and the Hardy Boys' careers falling off the face of the earth? Girls hung pictures of Kirk Cameron on their walls, while boys hustled to get a topless poster of Samantha Fox. Atari was the coolest; technology couldn't possibly invent anything better. Manwich was a well-rounded meal and rocket pops were considered desert. TOP GUN single-handedly increased the freshman enrollment at aviation colleges, while ROCKY IV instilled patriotism in those who had never wittnissed a war. Tom Hanks was some goofy guy in "The Money Pit", while Donahue and Carson hogged their time slots. The King of Pop caught on fire and everybody had the Power of Greyscull. Xanadu somehow snagged Gene Kelley and Flash Gordon was more than a comic hero. Who can forget the Magnificent Seven at the 1984 Olympics or plastic light sabers? You already did? I don't know WHAT YOU TALKING 'BOUT WILIS! And did Mikey REALLY like it...only MacGyver can figure that one out!!!
By: failure of society
By: JC McGraw
  • 10. Amanda by Boston
    I like a lot of Boston stuff, but this is the best to me. And they needed to be on someones list.
  • 9. Take On Me by A-Ha
    My wife is 7 years younger than I am. Was only 11 or 12 when this song was a hit. She can remember it because the video. This was a great song with a great video.
  • 8. Who Can It Be Now by Men At Work
    If there wasn't so many songs that I loved during the 80's this one would have to move up.
  • 7. Heat Of The Moment by Asia
    Read somewhere on here that this band defined the 80's music. Don't know about that but they didn't have any "bad" songs.
  • 6. Take It On The Run by Reo Speedwagon
    The band that in my mind ended Disco. The first concert I ever attended was Reo Speedwagon in 1979. I bought a shirt that said on the back. "Disco Sucks" I wore it to school once, was told never to wear it again.
  • 5. Keep On Lovin' You by Reo Speedwagon
  • 4. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club
    What can you say about ole Boy George. But I still always liked this song.
  • 3. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
    Miami Vice, say no more. I heard another version of this song today. it sucked!
  • 2. Drive by The Cars
    This is on most everyone's list.
  • 1. You Don't Want Me Anymore by Steel Breeze
    I've looked through a lot of the lists and still haven't run across this song. If you don't remeber it check out the snippet on It may come back to you.
My top list needs to have about 100 or so spaces. I know I forgot some.
By: Ana
By: Eric
  • 10. Cherry Pie by Warrant
    Man....excellent tune
  • 9. Money For Nothing by Dirs Straits
    why can't i be a rock star?? huh? WHY????
  • 8. Jump by Van Halen
    This came out the year I was born, also 1984 Chicago Cubs' team song!
  • 7. Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue
  • 6. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses
    I love this song, loved the music video, but what was up with his hair??
  • 5. Livin On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    This song gets stuck in my head even if i here a note of it.
  • 4. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    great great great video is fun, entergetic, and funny.
  • 3. Walk This Way by Aerosmith & Run DMC
    How can you not like this song!
  • 2. Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
    There's just something about that music video.....
  • 1. Photograph by Def Leppard
    You can't forget the song that helped start the 1980's metal sound. an absolutly perfect song!!!
Yeah as you can tell i'm a big fan of 80's metal, it's the best kind of music! You guys have a lot of pop music on your lists, wasn't 80's metal popular then? I was born in '84 so i wasn't around when they were considered the "new" bands.
By: Bryan Keers
By: Danny Kim
  • 10. Never Gonna Let You Go by Sergio Mendes
    his attempt at popular music in the 80's
  • 9. Next Time I Fall In Love by Peter Cetera
    I love his voice! Its electric!
  • 8. Take My Breath Away by Berlin
    From the famous love scene from one of my fav films, Top Gun. Berlin performed this song but Giorgio Moroder wrote it, a genius!
  • 7. I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany
    My first love's fav song!
  • 6. Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
    A make up/make out song.
  • 5. True by Spandau Ballet
    Do I need to explain this one?
  • 4. If You Leave by OMD
    Love singin this one!
  • 3. Eternal Flame by Bangles
    I listened to this everytime I had a crush. Such a cute voice too!
  • 2. Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon
    The Ultimate Fist-Pumping Song!
  • 1. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
    The best cheezy song every! This song made the karate kid II soundtrack, #1 makeout tune!
I am such an 80's nut even though I was born in '77. 80's movies and music is so comforting, makes you laugh, cry and sing out loud. The music matched with the great movies makes it the greatest decade.
By: Airmetro
  • 10. Under The Milky Way by The Church
    I got no time for private consultations..."
  • 9. Pretty In Pink by The Psychedelic Furs
    Isn't she?
  • 8. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
    Johnny Marr was actually quite a good guitarist, although you'd never know it from this song.
  • 7. The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
    Because no matter where I am when I hear it, suddenly I'm 16 again and pining over J.J. Honeycutt.
  • 6. In A Big Country by Big Country
    Come on, you know it's a great song. Guitars sounding like bagpipes? And how many of you can hear "shatters" in this song and not sing along? I thought so.
  • 5. Erotic City by Prince
    It was a b-side only, until the greatest hits package came out. In my opinion, it is the greatest song he ever recorded.
  • 4. It's The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M.
    i was a helicopter pilot during the gulf war. at the moment i first entered iraqi airspace, this song was playing on our jerry-rigged walkman.
  • 3. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    It has to be here. It just does.
  • 2. The Whole Of The Moon by The Waterboys
    "I saw the rain-dirty saw 'Brigadoon'..." This song is one of those that always cheers me up.
  • 1. I'll Be You by The Replacements
    Paul Westerburg wrote the ultimate teen-angst pop song here. "You be me for a while, and I'll be you." Or maybe it was a sex thing. Anyway, the 'Mats are my favorite band of all time.
Too many problems with this list. I had to leave out every other band/artist that got me through my pubescence. Thanks for the opportunity to name a few, though.
By: Joe Baptiste
  • 10. When Doves Cry by Prince
    Monster re-mix on a monster song...could be higher on any given day.
  • 9. Beat It by Michael Jackson
    He owned the question.
  • 8. Broken Wings by Mr. Mister
    Left an emppression...
  • 7. Momma by Phil Collins
    Rocked with a vengence
  • 6. State Of Shock by Jackson and Jagger
    Mick met Mike in a big way! The beat was killer!
  • 5. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    Motown 25 was held speechless on this one.
  • 4. Lucky Star by Madonna
    Busted onto the dance party big time with this one!
  • 3. Groove Me by Guy
    New Jack comes to party. Ahhhhhh yeah!
  • 2. Reaganomics by Dayton Project
    Great dance song that still leaves a thought now and then. If ya loved to dance, this was the song.
  • 1. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
    80's breath of fresh air. No techno beat, just great slow grind.

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