Before They Were Famous in the Nineties (and now), in the Eighties They Were..., Actors First Names Beginning with E

This is a list of actors from the little and big screen, and the small roles they had before their big break. I'm not looking for what a particular actor did outside of acting, I'm looking more for bit roles and TV commercials. I think you could just write down waiter for almost any actor if you really wanted to if that were the case.

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E. G. (Elizabeth) Daily
E.G. was in the movie "Valley Girl" with Nicholas Cage in 1983, and played a singer in the movie "Better Off Dead" in 1986.
Eagel Eyed Cherry
Is in the movie the 4th of July, for a short second,
Earl Hindman
In the movie "3 Men and a Baby", he plays one of the bad guys who tries to put the baby in the trunk of the car. Detective Brass (Paul Guifoyle), from "CSI" is his partner in crime.
Earl Hindman
Before he played Wilson on "Home Improvement", he appeared on the soap opera series "Ryan's Hope".
Ed Elonzo
He played nerd named Max who spends most of his days trying to win the affecion of Screech's girlfriend Violet Anne Bickerstaff, played by Tori Spelling, on Saved By The Bell. He showcased his talents as a magician on both Saved By The Bell and Head of the Class.
Edie Falco
Played a waitress in the Hal Hartley film, "The Unbelievable Truth" in 1989.
Elijah Wood
He has a small part in "Back to the Future, Part 3", playing an old video game in the store.
Elijah Wood
Also played the good adopted son in the Movie "The Good Son", opposite of Caulkin.
Elijah Wood
He played the video game boy in "Back to the Future, Part 2". He was also in Paula Abdul's music video "Forever Your Girl".
Elijah Wood
Played in the movie "Paradise", also with Thora Birch, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. He also played in the Movie "Flipper" with Paul Hogan.
Elijah Wood
Was an invisible kid in a Disney film called "Day-O", also starring Delta Burke and Fred Dalton Thompson.
Elijah Wood
He played the the older brother who helps his little brother escape from an abusive step-father in "Radio Flyer". He also played the son of immigrant parents who accidentally burns down the family business in "Avalon". Both excellent films.
Elijah Wood
He was playing an old video in the dinner in "Back to the Future, Part 2", not "Back To The Future, Part 3".
Elisabeth Shue
Played Chris in the 1987 movie "Advertures in Babysitting" (known as 'A Night on the Town' in the UK).
Elisabeth Shue
Played the girlfriend of Ralph Macchio in the first "Karate Kid" movie (1984).
Elisabeth Shue
Was in a Burger King commerical with Lea Thompson and Sarah Michelle Gellar
Elisabeth Shue
"Call to Glory" which was a TV movie turned show and was quickly cancelled back in 1984.
Eliza Dushku
Played the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie "True Lies".
Eric LaSalle
He played Darryl, the Soul Glow boyfriend in "Coming To America".
Erika Eleniak
Was kissed in the classroom by Elliot in "ET".
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke was in the 80's movie "Explorers" with River Phoenix.

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