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The purpose of this page is really pretty simple, I'm just looking for people's favorite song lyrics, preferably 4 lines or less from a song. No, I won't list entire songs or mail people song lyrics (don't even ask, I won't respond). I'd like to list entire song lyrics to everyone's favorite songs, but that's a blatent copywrite violation, and I don't need any nasty letters in the mail, but a few lines from a song should be considered fair use. So feel free to let us all know what your favorite lines from an eighties song is.

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"U.S. Forces" by Midnight Oil
L. Ron Hubbard can't save your life...
Submitted by: FussBudget
Submitted by: MANNY
"Under Pressure" by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie
Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure - that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets
Submitted by: Keltic
"Under the Milky Way" by The Chuch
Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.
And it's something quite peculiar,
Something that's shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the Milky Way tonight.
Submitted by: Asha
"Underneath The Radar" by Underworld
We dance underneath the radar,
We live underneath the bo-omb,
When you live underneath the radar,
There's no way that you're ever gonna get far,
(So get hip).
Submitted by: zhulin
"Unmade Love" by The Triffids
I didn't think that it would ever come to this,
Your fingers that I counted on and kissed,
Your body that once wrapped around me,
Like a mist.
Submitted by: Julien Peter Benney
"Unskinny Bop" by Poison
What's got you so jumpy
Why can't you sit still
Like gasoline, you wanna pump me
And leave me when you get your fill
Submitted by: David
"Urgent" by Foreigner
You're not shy, you get around;
You wanna fly, don't want your feet on the ground;
You stay up, you won't come down;
You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound.
Submitted by: zhulin

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