Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: John Corbett
By: Mark Seaman, Bay City TX
  • 10. Asia by Asia
    They should have stopped after one album.
  • 9. Synchronicity by The Police
    The best album from a great band.
  • 8. Pelican West by Haircut 100
    Anyone remember "Love Plus One"?
  • 7. The Golden Age of Wireless by Thomas Dolby
    I think Dolby is overlooked as a songwriter. Way ahead of his time.
  • 6. Let's Dance by David Bowie
    His last good album. Stevie Ray Vaughan's big step towards commercial success.
  • 5. The Nightfly by Donald Fagen
    One of the first animated videos was for "New Frontier"
  • 4. Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads
    A great live album from a great band.
  • 3. Night and Day by Joe Jackson
    Completely different from anything else that was out in '82.
  • 2. Singles - 45's and Under by Squeeze
    Difford and Tilbrook were hailed as the next Leenon and McCartney.
  • 1. Rio by Duran Duran
    Wore out two LPs. Thank goodness for CDs!
These aren't necessarily the best albums of the eighties, but rather the ones I listened to alot. BTW, eighties music really began in 1978 with The Cars and ended sometime around 1988 (I can't in good conscience consider Paula Abdul an eighties artist.)
By: Cary
  • 10. Sentimental Hygeine by Warren Zevon
    This is what he should be remembered for not just the single Werewolves Of London
  • 9. Pop Goes The World by Men Without Hats
    A solid fun pop album
  • 8. Substance by New Order
    Phenominal album cool lyrics and beats
  • 7. Only Life by Feelies
    Great jangly guitar rock
  • 6. The Flat Earth by Thomas Dolby
    The master of the synth's best album
  • 5. Another Step by Kim Wilde
    I must have played this a million times, and I never get sick of it
  • 4. Eden Alley by Timbuck 3
    A million times better than the Shades song
  • 3. Go Bang by Shreikback
    Underrated classic
  • 2. Beauty And The Beat by Go Go's
    If this album does not get you moving nothing will
  • 1. Nothing To Fear by Oingo Boingo
    My favorite bands best 80's album
By: Jack McMullen
  • 10. War by U2
  • 9. Kick by INXS
  • 8. Escape by Journey
  • 7. Heartbeat City by Cars
    Now it gets really tough.
  • 6. Rio by Duran Duran
  • 5. Songs From The Big Chair by Tears For Fears
  • 4. No Jacket Required by Phil Collins
    The best songs are the ones which received little or no airplay.
  • 3. So by Peter Gabriel
    Songs like Red Rain, Don't Give Up and We Do What We're Told typlified the diversity of this album.
  • 2. Play Deep by The Outfield
    One of the few albums where I like every song.
  • 1. Genesis by Genesis
    You can't go wrong with Mama and Home By The Sea.
By: Marco
Not all the 80's music was good, but a lot was. Keep good music alive.
By: Peter Lang
  • 10. Here's to future days by Thompson Twins
    (1985)My copy is so worn! Christmas 1985 was a good time!
  • 9. Alf by Alison Moyet
    (1984)What a voice, what a set of songs.
  • 8. Hunting high and low by A-ha
    (1985)An album that contains "Take on me", "The sun always shines on TV" & "Hunting high & low". Geez, it's one hell of a debut.
  • 7. Kylie by Kylie Minogue
    (1988)Hit after Hit after Hit after Hit after Hit and more potential hits. Stock/Aitken/Waterman doing what they do best, writing hits.
  • 6. Close by Kim Wilde
    (1988)Such a fantastic album. I went in just liking "You came", came out a huge Kim Wilde fan!
  • 5. Madonna by Madonna
    (1984)Sure, it sounds a little dated now, but it blew my socks off in 1984.
  • 4. Greatest Hits 2 by Olivia Newton-John
    (1982)Anyone who knew me from 1982 'til 1984 would know why this makes the Top 10. I don't think I stopped playing it in-between.
  • 3. Scoundrel Days by A-ha
    (1986)A truly absorbing LP. A must have!
  • 2. Enjoy Yourself by Kylie Minogue
    (1989)Pure and unadulterated Pop Music. 4 singles released (3 more that could have been) and they all still make me smile when I hear them.
  • 1. Bridge of Spies by T'Pau
    (1987)A lyrical and melodic masterpiece! "Leaving you ain't easy now...But loving you's the harder part..." truly inspired!
Well I've done the singles, now the albums.... Almost included: Sonia, "Everybody knows", Donna Summer, "Another place in time", Cyndi Lauper, "She's so Unusual", Bananarama, "WOW", T'Pau, "Rage", Wham, "The Final", Spandau Ballet, "Parade"
By: Esko Karhula
By: Amy in North Augusta, SC
  • 10. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    The first album that really blew my mind. One record with so many great songs..I was only nine..I thought I'd found heaven!
  • 9. Rio by Duran Duran
    The album that brought me "in touch" with my first real crushes..Andy, John, Simon, Nick, Roger..I loved them all! Plus the album had really great tunes, too!
  • 8. Synchronicity by Police
    I love this album because of its diversity..Great use of synthesizer, strong guitar riffs, made good use of Stewart Copeland's percussion..And Sting was (in my opinion) at his best.
  • 7. Arena by Duran Duran
    I've heard a lot of bands play live, but none ever blew me away like D2..Excellent stage show, great performances overall. A killer LP!!
  • 6. Around the World in a Day by Prince and the Revolution
    To me, this was Prince at his best..Not too "out there", yet not too mainstream. This album had such a variety of sound, it's incredible. To this day, I can put it on, listen to it, and hear something I've never heard previously
  • 5. Purple Rain Soundtrack by Prince and the Revolution
    This one proved, at least to ME, that Prince was, indeed, (still is, by any other name..) a musical genius..Wailing guitars, pounding percussion beats, soft melodic strumming of the piano..The "Purple One" knew how to mix 'em up!
  • 4. Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe
    I used to be a huge Crue fan. But now that I'm older and I can look back with a more objective EAR, I can see that "Shout" was the last REAL rockin' Crue effort before they fell to the mainstreaming of hard rock. What a shame..
  • 3. 1984 by Van Halen
    What can I say? JUMP!!!!
  • 2. Power Station by Power Station
    Andy Taylor's guitar expertise combined with John Taylor's sexy, driving bass, Tony Thompson's (of Chic "Le Freak" fame) enormous percussion, and Robert Palmer's smooth vocals made this one of my favorite albums of all time.
  • 1. Diver Down by Van Halen
    This was THE first album that really "kicked ass" to me. It had everything I loved about music..Even a variety of instruments, including those I loved, but rarely got hear (like Eddie and Alex's Dad playing clairinet on "Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now"). Eddie's "Pretty Woman" intro "Intruder" is true evidence of his guitar genius. I LOVE this album!!!
Just wanted to contribute my Top 10 list. Thanks for the opportunity..AND for the great web site! Keep it up! Thanks for letting me share!
By: Farra Babar
By: Craig Shelton
  • 10. The Lexicon of Love by ABC
    A staple, no doubt, of the MTV years. It goes to show that, in the eighties, not only does the music have to be good; you have to look good too!
  • 9. Never Die Young by James Taylor
    Some may say that his music should generally appeal to an older crowd. However, it reminds me of a girl I used to date in high school. We used to listen to it all of the time. I still do. I wonder if she does?
  • 8. 17 by Chicago
    This fantastic album will always be one of my favorites. I have worn out about 3 tapes of it. Now, I have the CD. Peter's final album with the band. As far as I'm concerned, Chicago wasn't a band anymore after he left.
  • 7. Purple Rain by Prince
    Back when he had a name, and a movie! What list of 80's albums would be without it?
  • 6. Licensed To Ill by Beastie Boys
    Ahhhh yes! We discovered that factory car stereos hadn't enough bass with this one.
  • 5. Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush
    Beautiful woman with a unique and haunting voice. Made for some interesting videos.
  • 4. Rio by Duran Duran
    Another 80's staple. Whenever I hear "Save A Prayer" on the radio, I always think of slow dancing at those parties in the 7th grade.
  • 3. Raised On Radio by Journey
    This band defined 80's rock. Powerful love songs. My favorite song on the album wasn't even a hit (Happy To Give). Reminds me of the first girl I ever loved. She wasn't the last though!
  • 2. Avalon by Roxy Music
    I can't even find words to describe how much I love this album. Let's put it this way, if the CD cost $100.00 to purchase, I would get two.
  • 1. Escape by Journey
    "Open Arms" is probably the ballad of the 80's. This album will never go out of style!
Hey Chuck! Great page man. I have bookmarked it and will return often. This list represents certain albums that, when played, have been known to elicit great memories in a young man growing up in central Texas suburbia during the 1980's. (i.e. one who looks and sounds a lot like me!) So here goes...enjoy! Hope you like the list. I found it difficult to make since I have so many favorites!

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