Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: jerome lepois
  • 10. Suddenly(1985) by Billy Ocean
  • 9. Sidewalk(1984) by Icehouse
  • 8. Repeated Offender(1989) by Richard Marx
  • 7. Boy in the Box(1985) by Corey Hart
  • 6. 1984 by Van Halen
  • 5. Thriller(1982) by Michael Jackson
  • 4. The works(1984) by Queen
  • 3. Street fighting years(1989) by Simple minds
  • 2. Some great rewards(1984) by Depeche Mode
  • 1. Liverpool(1986) by Frankie goes to Hollywood
    Very good album,perhaps the last one of the band before they split,with remarkable hits such as 'warriors of the wasteland' and 'Ragehard'
By: Emilio Nogueira
  • 10. Let`s dance by David Bowie
    Always re-inventing himself, the White Duke of Pop kept influencing hundreds of bands and being a mutant regarding to music style and fashion
  • 9. In the flat field by Bauhaus
    The darkest band ever created on Earth
  • 8. Music for the masses by Depeche Mode
    A strong distinctive album of an era
  • 7. Synchronicity by The Police
    The most powerful trio best creation ever
  • 6. Disintegration by The Cure
    Nothing more introspective, mind-disturbing and shocking than this Robert Smith`s confession of how hard was reaching the age of 30 in the dawn of the darkest and most glorious decade
  • 5. Ocean Rain by Echo & The Bunnymen
    The band´s darkest album with real obscure songs like "The killing moon" and a little bit more optimistic "Seven seas"
  • 4. The Joshua Tree by U2
    No comment
  • 3. The unforgettable fire by U2
    Ireland`s most glorious picture ever taken of the 80´s Very representative
  • 2. Meat is murder by The Smiths
    Excellent brit pop record with great melodies ("How soon is now?") and strong thudding bass´ notes ("Barbarism begins at home")
  • 1. The Final Cut by Pink Floyd
    The saddest, most deppresive band album and the last respectable floyd's album of the decade
I was born in Argentina in 1976 and I`ve been living there since then but I was always delighted by british music from the 80`s with no particular reason. I have discovered this site through last week´s "BBC Click On Line" programme and I love it. Congratulations and keep doing it !!!
By: zack jones
  • 10. Hysteria by Def Leopard
    See Phil Collins' comment.
  • 9. Phil Collins by No Jacket Required
    Okay, its dated and I would never play it now. But I used to love this album, so it makes my list.
  • 8. Tears for Fears by Songs from the big chair
    Their greatest hits album is really good.
  • 7. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Lots of great songs on this one.
  • 6. The Joshua Tree by U2
    This album is basically the Unforgettable Fire part 2.
  • 5. Bruce Springsteen by Born in the U.S.A.
  • 4. Zenyatta Mondatta by The Police
    An incredible album. Almost as good as Synchronicity was. What a shame these guys had to break up.
  • 3. Unforgettable Fire by U2
    Great album
  • 2. Reckless by Bryan Adams
    Before he went all namby pamby this album was actually really good. Run to You and summer of 69. Hard to believe he went all sucky after this one.
  • 1. Synchronicity by The Police
    This is the best album of all time.
By: Den
  • 10. Nugent by Ted Nugent
    I can't go any decade without mentioning the great TED NUGENT! This was an unhearalded album with great tunes like NO, NO, NO and Ebony and Bound & Gagged.
  • 9. Long Cold Winter by Cinderella
    Too bad they were looked at for their makeup & outfits. They were a good hard rock band with a great album.
  • 8. Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith
    Great comeback album. I think it is their best since they have made it back.
  • 7. Pyromania by Def Leopard
    Too bad we had a long wait for their next one after this classic.
  • 6. Sonic Temple by The Cult
    Great Hard Rock album!
  • 5. Dr. Feelgood/Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue
    One of the wildest bands I have ever witnessed with 2 great albums. Another take you pick!
  • 4. Holy Diver/Last in Line by Dio
    Ronnie James Dio at his best. What an incredible voice. Another take your pick album
  • 3. Fair Warning by Van Halen
    In my eyes, the best VH album they made.
  • 2. British Steel / Screaming For Vengence by Judas Priest
    The best Metal Band of the 80's. Take your pick on which album was best.
  • 1. Back In Black by AC/DC
    Another great album by one of the greatest Rockers ever.
Honerable mention: Black Sabbath's Heaven & Hell, Ratt, Robin Trower's Passion, Gamma, Guns & Roses, Great White, Krokus, Scorps, etc...
By: Steven Etzler
By: Jonathan B.
By: Rodney McGee
  • 10. Night Songs by Cinderella
    Truly a work of art. Rockers like Shake Me and Somebody Save Me and the unforgetable Nobodys Fool
  • 9. D'molls by D'molls
    One of my favorite debut albums of all time. These guys were just cool. Hi-n-Lo is a masterpiece in its own right. This band is very similiar to Kix with their raw, garage band sound, heavy distortion and flaming solos.
  • 8. Lita by Lita Ford
    This chick could rock! She had the perfect blend of rockers and ballads and even a venture onto the pop charts with Kiss Me Deadly. Lita is one of the few performers who didn't sell out and sacrifice her style to keep up with all the angry lameoids coming out of Seattle and her decision to wait for rock and roll to come back proves that she is a true musician rather than a fad and for that she deserves the utmost respect.
  • 7. Look What The Cat Dragged In by Poison
    The first time I saw the album coverI thought they were girls. This was the first from this Harrisburg based glam band and their best work in my opinion
  • 6. Queensryche by Operation Mindcrme
    One of the best concept albums of all time, a real message comes through Geoff Tates scorching vocals.
  • 5. Def Leppard by Hysteria
    This is the best yet from these guys, cool blend of metal and pop with catchy riffs and lyrics that just seem to stick in your head.
  • 4. Britny Fox by Britny Fox
    Raw and clean with crunchy power chords, a real kick in the teeth from one of the truly talented glam bands.
  • 3. Blow My Fuse by Kix
    The ultimate party album! Cold Blood, Blow My Fuse and No Ring Around Rosie are my favorites on this one.
  • 2. Under Lock And Key by Dokken
    This band introduced the world to the power ballad. Rarely does one hear such good vocal harmonizing combined with the masterful guitar work of George Lynch.
  • 1. Third Stage by Boston
    The name of the band says it all, musical perfection.
By: Charlie Moodie
Not only were all these albums rare in that they both commercial and critical successes, they were also able to stand the test of time.
By: Tim Silly
  • 10. Rome Remains Rome by Holger Czukay
    The crazy genius of Can featuring his holy popeness!!!
  • 9. Heaven up here by Echo and the Bunnymen
    One of the most impressive live band's I've ever seen, and their albums aren't much less in intensity
  • 8. Kollaps by Einstürzende Neubauten
    Magnificent Industrial Rock by the boys with the silly names
  • 7. Joe Jackson by I'm the man
    had a hard time picking one of those great JJ-albums. I might as well have mentioned Look Sharp or Night and Day as well. All deserve to be up here.
  • 6. Durch die Wüste by Hans Joachim Roedelius
    Still my favourite krautrock album.
  • 5. Closer by Joy Division
    The album released shortly befor Ian Curtis died. Curtis voice is almost unrecognizable in this the last really great Martin Hannett production.
  • 4. Remain in Light by Talking Heads
    Saw them live as support act to the Ramones. Never understood the order of this gig. Loved them ever since.
  • 3. A Forest by The Cure
    Is the album actually called "A Forest"? Who cares, you know the one
  • 2. Cocteau Twins by Echoes in a shallow bay etc.
    Liz Frazer is the voice of the eighties, and is still going strong, as proven on the track "Group Four" of Massive Attacks Mezzanne album.
  • 1. Tinderbox by Siouxie and the Banshees
    This is an album at an incredible speed, it gets you by the throat from the very first second and doesn't let go until the very end.
By: Nicola
  • 10. Misplaced Childhood by Marillion
    Is there anyone not knowing Kayleigh?
  • 9. Rebell Yell by Billy Idol
    Fake punk but lots of fun
  • 8. Purple Rain by Prince
    He is just great.
  • 7. Like a Virgin by Madonna
    Shoo-bee-doo is such a great ballad - especially for 10-year-old girls ;-) The best songs are the ones not released as singles - as always on Madonna's albums.
  • 6. New York by Lou Reed
    My favourite Lou Reed-Album. And it was released in the 80's!!!
  • 5. Little Creatures by Talking Heads
  • 4. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits
  • 3. Tina Turner by Private Dancer
    The comeback of the 80's
  • 2. Cyndi Lauper by She's so unusual
    Pure 80's
  • 1. Like a Prayer by Madonna
    As close to art as pop music can be

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