Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: Farid Ali Khan
By: Brian
  • 10. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Great combo of keyboard/guitar rock.
  • 9. Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister
    Nobody wrote better "who cares what other people think" songs than Dee Snider.
  • 8. Appetite For Destruction by Guns `N Roses
    I could stand these guys as people, but there's no question this album belongs here.
  • 7. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    It's almost impossible to not include this one with "Hysteria."
  • 6. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    I think this is one of the all-time greats.
  • 5. American Fool by John Cougar(Mellencamp)
    His last album as just John Cougar is still his best.
  • 4. Sports by Huey Lewis and the News
    Fun rock is always important.
  • 3. Born In the USA by Bruce Springsteen
    Gave 1984 the punch in the gut it needed.
  • 2. An Innocent Man by Billy Joel
    Not too many artist can pull off a fifties sounding album and still have huge hits.
  • 1. Creatures of the Night by Kiss
    Kiss at their heaviest.
I chose albums that I tought were good beginning to end. Not because they produced the most hits.
By: Nick P.
  • 10. Heaven On Earth by Belinda Carlisle
    I actually consider this a tie for #2, but it had to go somewhere
  • 9. Martika by Martika
  • 8. Crimes Of Passion by Pat Benatar
  • 7. Expose by Exposure
  • 6. Go-Go's by Beauty And The Beat
    I always thought that they were good, and this was definitely a good album.
  • 5. Different Light by The Bangles
    I loved "Manic Monday" and "Walk Like An Egyptian"
  • 4. Tiffany by Tiffany
    A very great album! I don't know why people still dog her, she was an excellent singer! I especially like "Danny" and "I Saw Him Standing There"
  • 3. Belinda by Belinda Carlisle
    OK, so there's only one song from this album that was released, but I loved every song, they just have that familiar "pop" beat
  • 2. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson
    What can I say? Except that I LOVE this album! It was almost better than the first. Two notable and excellent songs were Lost In Your Eyes and Electric Youth.
  • 1. Out Of The Blue by Debbie Gibson
    Her debut album, and a great one. I love every song on it, even the unreleased ones
By: elizabeth
  • 10. Victorialand by Cocteau Twins
  • 9. Louder Than Bombs by The Smiths
  • 8. Hyaena by Souxsie & The Banshees
  • 7. Whammy by The B-52's
  • 6. Spring Session M by Missing Persons
  • 5. Happy Birthday by Altered Images
  • 4. Benefactor by Romeo Void
  • 3. The Walking by Jane Siberry
  • 2. Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush
  • 1. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? by The Waitresses
By: Lee Browning
  • 10. 17 by Chicago
    great ballads and mid-tempo tunes
  • 9. Escape by Journey
    at their best
  • 8. Keep it up by Loverboy
    good rockers
  • 7. Hi infidelity by Reo speedwagon
    every song is excellent
  • 6. Get lucky by Loverboy
    one of my favorite bands of the 80's
  • 5. The big prize by Honeymoon suite
    has the sound of the 80's
  • 4. Flashback by 38 Special
    all the hits
  • 3. Wild-eyed southern boys by 38 Special
    great southern rock!
  • 2. Steel Breeze by Steel Breeze
    anyone remember these guys?
  • 1. IV by Toto
    great versatility on this record,still rocking today
a good era for music,often find myself lost in it
By: Chompiras Huamanga
  • 10. Legacy of Brutality by The Misfits
    Glen Danzig used to kick ass. This album will make you believe that Elvis was alive, and living inside Danzigs body. One of those albums, which shitty production helps it achieve its goal. I love it!
  • 9. London Calling/Combat Rock by The Clash
    The Clash were and will forever be one of the top 5 punk bands of all time. This album is incredible. London Calling rocks, and with this album these english rebels proved why they really were the only band that mattered
  • 8. Ozomatli by Ozomatli
    These chicanos fucking rock without using too many guitars. Do you like great latin music with a hip hop flavor, then get this shit. Skip the first and the last song, all the rest is excellent.
  • 7. any of their two albums by Queens of the Stone Age
    Josh Homme can't fail. Shit this guy couldn't make a mistake even if he tried and teamed-up with your mom. The first albums is more straight forward,and it is catchy as hell. The second one is a lesson on how to write simple songs and sound like a copy machine without being boring. This is the band of the future.
  • 6. anything by The Dwarves
    The rudest, meanest band on the universe. Get all their stuff, it is just plain offensive, but shows a quality you won't find in shitty bands like the Offspring. Ohh Yeahh, I want you to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5. anything by Morphine
    Now this is something special. Shit the singer even died on stage. Can you think of anything more romantic? Anyways, this three-piece band, had no guitars, only bass, drums, and sax, and they know what they are doing. Believe me you won't miss the guitars.
  • 4. Plastilina Mosh by Plastilina Mosh
    If you don't care about categorizing music, and you like great grooves. get this album, it goes from hip hop, to bossa nova to jazz, with the smoothness of Fonzy during his best years. These mexicans are sure talented, not like all the other ones that get caught at the border.
  • 3. Supershitty to the Max by The Hellacopters
    One of the nastiest bands around. The fucker left Entombed to form a garage-punk band, and shit this is one helluva band. Super dirty, and fuzzy. Get it at all cost.
  • 2. Superjudge by Monster Magnet
    This album kicks fat ass. It is a heavy trip in an unknown orbit. It can be heavy, and it can be acoustic, but this is MM at its best, high on all the available drugs.
  • 1. Muchas Gracias (the best of) by Kyuss
    The heaviest band on the planet since Black Sabbath. It is original, it grooves, it is smooth, it feels like getting high on glue and it is absolutely excellent. The most underrated band on the planet. Too bad they broke up. Shut the fuck up! you don't deserve them.
Do not listen to only one type of music. Good taste is based in the variety. Love Slayer, and remember that Metallica has sucked ass for almost ten years now. Open your motherfucking ears!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY the way, this list will likely change in 10 to 20 minutes.
By: Jim Bob Norton
  • 10. Green by R.E.M
    Many other people would have chosen murmur or documentm, but I really like Green because it was the first R.E.M album I heard, and because it has my two favourite R.E.M songs of all time (orange crush and world leader pretend.)
  • 9. Raindogs by Tom Waits
    A great sense of humour and drama runs through this album. Love those lyrics, love that down and out image, love the way he draws his influences from old and traditional music styles but still sounds so contemporary, the way he weaves affecting little narratives out of the stuff of cheap magazines. I just wish someone would stop Rod Stewart from destroying more of his songs......
  • 8. Tender Prey by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
    Nick Cave has never bought out a bad album, but I reckon this is still his finest 45 minutes.
  • 7. Darklands by The Jesus and Mary Chain
    Hmm...the best sad album since Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love & Hate. Drugstore, Madder Rose, Mazzy Star and all the other Mary Chain disciples have never managed to top this one.
  • 6. Appetitie For Destruction by Guns 'N' Roses
    Is there are more powerful symbol for eighties excess than this group and this record, the only consistently brilliant album they ever recorded?
  • 5. Sister by Sonic Youth
    Sonic Youth were sort of the Velvet Undergound of the eighties. While Synth-driven pop was taking off, Sonic Youth's reinvention of guitar rock showed the world that there was life in the old beast yet.
  • 4. Doolittle by Pixies
    Many people would have selected Surfer Rosa, but I love this album because of the great tunes, tight insutrumentation and slick production. If there were any justice in the world, this would have sold the way Nevermind did: every little ditty is a killer piece of spiky power pop.
  • 3. Nothing's Shocking by Jane's Addiction
    The first time I heard this, it blew me away. Some detractors whine that there are no hooks and not enough choruses, but that is exactly what I like about it. No traditional verse chrosus verse solo chorus structures here - it sounds something like a messy collision between the Chilli Peppers, Pixies and G n R. The drumming and guitar work are superlative, as is the way Perry Farrell screams, howls, whispers, and spits his (somewhat pretinuous) lyrics out like a man possessed.
  • 2. The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses
    The definitive English indie album.
  • 1. Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution
    Definitely one of the best albums of the eighties, and one of the worst movies. Its brew of pop, funk, rock, and soul sounds fantastic to this day.
Others that were shaved off my list but deserve a mention: Blood & Chocolate (Elvis Costello); Solitude Standing (Suzanne Vega); Ride the Lightening & And Justice For All (Metallica); anything by The Smiths; several albums by the Cure; Candy Apple Grey by Husker Du and so many others.
By: Mick
  • 10. Journey by Raised On Radio
    OK, so its not as good as Escape, but still great rock.
  • 9. Chinatown by Thin Lizzy
    What a band, Phil Lynott was such a great front man and well as a great songwriter
  • 8. Bad English by Bad English
    Babys / Journey combination. Great Album.
  • 7. Whitesnake by Whitesnake
    The album that 'broke' them in the states, and not before time.
  • 6. Def Leppard by Pyromania
    Great band who we bigger in the States than in their home country. Proves most of us Brits no nothing about rock music
  • 5. Reckless by Bryan Adams
    His best album by a street.
  • 4. Hi Infidelity by REO Speedwagon
    Not a bad song on this album.
  • 3. Foreigner by IV
    This album has something for everyone, heavy metal, soft rock, ballads.
  • 2. Styx by Paradise Theatre
    Just about their defining work, great melodies with a hard edge.
  • 1. Escape by Journey
    Journey never had a hit single in the UK but Escape hung around the UK Album chart for months and months, probably the definitive 80's rock albun
By: John smith
  • 10. Bruce Springsteen by Born In The USA
  • 9. Thriller by Micheal Jackson
  • 8. October by U2
  • 7. Boy by U2
  • 6. Wide Awake In America by U2
  • 5. Under A Blood Red Sky by U2
  • 4. The Unforgettable Fire by U2
  • 3. Rattle And Hum by U2
  • 2. War by U2
  • 1. The Joshua Tree by U2
U2= Best Band Ever.
By: tim sigman
  • 10. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    You could practically make a greatest hits cd out of Hysteria. And to think that this album was quickly written off as a comercial failure before the release of the single Pour Some Sugar On Me.
  • 9. Self Titled by Run DMC
    Love it or hate it....rap music isnt just a trend, its here to stay. This is the cd that started it all.
  • 8. Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer
    Slayer is the definition of heavy metal. Listen to this album and you will most likely agree.
  • 7. 1984 by Van Halen
    The last harrah before the Van Hagar era began....=(
  • 6. Appetite For Destruction by Guns 'N' Roses
    Absolutely awesome rock and roll album from beginning to end...Perhaps i should have placed this one higher on my list.
  • 5. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Living on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, You Give Love a Bad Name.... There's three good reasons to make this album number 5.
  • 4. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Somewhat out of place on my list...but deserving. Michael seemed to rule the world for a few years (of course i was only 3 when this album came out)
  • 3. Open Up And Say Ahh! by Poison
    The all time definitive party band...and this is their all time definitive album.
  • 2. Ride The Lightning by Metallica
    Why can't these guys get a knock on the head and remember just how much they used to rock?
  • 1. Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue
    Everyone has a different opinion, but mine is that motley crue were the true originators and kings of the glam era that dominated the 80's. Shout at the Devil is an awesome album for any decade.
Honrable mention: Cinderella-Night Songs, Kiss-Lick it Up, Animalize, Asylum,Pink Floyd-The Wall, Nine Inch Nails-Pretty Hate, Faith No More-Epic, Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Mother's Milk

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