Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: Jamie
By: John Kurtz
  • 10. Metal Heatlh by Quiet Riot
    Metal Health, everyone needs it!!!!!
  • 9. Powerslave by Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden at their best. The music is heavy, and Bruce Dickinson's vocals rock!!!!
  • 8. Ride The Lightning by Metallica
    This is my favorite Metallica album ever, because this is just the best. Ride The Lightning is their best song!!!!
  • 7. Peace Sells....But Who's Buying? by Megadeth
    Megadeth is the best. The are heavy and kick major a**!!! Dave Mustaine is one of the most metal people ever!!!!!
  • 6. OU812 by Van Halen
    This has my favorite Van Halen album with Sammy Hagar. This album just plain rocks.
  • 5. Women And Children First by Van Halen
    This has my favorite Van Halen with David Lee Roth, not to mention it has my favorite pic of them on it.
  • 4. High N' Dry by Def Leppard
    My favorite Def Leppard album of all time. Most of my favorite songs are on this album.
  • 3. The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect by Todd Rundgren
    Some of Todd's best stuff. The music is great.
  • 2. Asylum by KISS
    I love the sound and music and the songs on the album.
  • 1. Creatures Of The Night by KISS
    Eric Carr's drumming kicks major a**!!! Not to mention the music is heavy!!!!
By: Sarah
  • 10. Mob Rules by Black Sabbath
    I like Sabbath alot. They are the original creators of heavy metal. This was great. They have this evil way when it comes to lyrics.
  • 9. True Blue by Madonna
    I'm not the biggest Madonna fan but she had some great albums and this is one of them.
  • 8. Music For The Masses by Depeche Mode
    I like the way they play on this album. They are a very creative group.
  • 7. The Real Thing by Faith No More
    this album was totally awesome. Mike Patton has an amazing voice - he can sing both high and low.
  • 6. Live After Death by Iron Maiden
    I actually have a tape of the concert. I think they were once asked to play at someone's wedding and they did. There's said to be a tape of it. Rock on Eddie the extremley tall Mummy.
  • 5. And Justice For All... by Metallica
    Every one needs some justice. Let us have with Metallica. This was their first album with Jason Newsted. Then they had a huge tragedy. Cliff Burton fell out of a window in a tour bus accident the bus fell on top off him and he died in Sweden. Harsh!
  • 4. Master Of Puppets by Metallica
    The metal gods have done it again. They rocked harder then ever.
  • 3. Back in Black by AC/DC
    AC/DC was a great band with Bon Scott. They were lucky to find Brian Johnson as a replacement because without him the band wouldn't rock as hard as without him. Bon was great but so is Brian.
  • 2. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Def Leppard is a great band. They worked really hard on this album as you can tell. It's one of those albums that you listen to without skipping songs. There are artists out there who put out albums that only have one good song, but this band ain't like that.
  • 1. Kill 'em All by Metallica
    This album kicks major butt. This was when Metallica was still fresh. they were raw the music was enjoyable and they actually had hard core guitar power solos that were unforgettable. I still love Metallica - now it's just so different. It's like I used to be able to bang my head on metal with out pain but now I can just rip my head off doing it!
These are just a few faves. I have way more but chose a couple. I'd probably need 40 more spaces to write them in!
By: Jim
  • 10. Eliminator by ZZ TOP
    Sharp Dressed Man...
  • 9. Born in the USA by Bruce
    He and John Cougar were 2 of my faves - just can't place John in here anywhere
  • 8. Screaming for Vengance by Judas Priest
    You've got another thing coming...
  • 7. Blizzard of Oz by Ozzy Osbourne
    Never forget him on Solid Gold doing "Bark at the Moon"
  • 6. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    "Shot through the heart...."
  • 5. The Unforgettable Fire by U2
    "Pride (In the Name of Love)" one of the best 80s songs bar none
  • 4. 1984 by Van Halen
    The year I graduated - had to do it...
  • 3. Appetite for Destruction by Guns n' Roses
    Awesome album that kinda changed the direction of heavy metal vs poser metal sort of a bridge band... Heavy yet not really pretty boys
  • 2. Back in Black by AC-DC
    My 7 year old loves it today!
  • 1. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    First cassette (yes, I had 8 tracks before) I ever bought
Honorable Mention: License to Ill - Beastie Boys, Scarecrow - John Cougar Mellencamp, Kick - INXS
By: Ersan
  • 10. Kill 'Em All by Metallİca
  • 9. Kings Of Metal by Manowar
  • 8. Don't Break The Oath by Mercyfull Fate
  • 7. Back In Black by AC/DC
  • 6. Metal Heart by Accept
  • 5. Sonic Temple by The Cult
  • 4. The Headless Children by WASP
  • 3. Holy Diver by Dio
  • 2. Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden
  • 1. Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath
Best album I ever listened to is "Dehumanizer" by Black Sabbath with Dio.
By: justin
  • 10. GIrls Girls Girls by Motley Crue
    Y'all got to see this music video! LOL
  • 9. Iron Maiden by Number Of The Beast
    Ever since my dad showed me some of their music, I loved them and some of their songs....they're so fast!
  • 8. Blow My Fuse by Kix
    I only like "Don't Close Your Eyes" on this album. The rest of the songs are just OK.
  • 7. Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne
    Dude... Ozzy is one of my favorites. I mean look at him now and then and he still kinda rocks.
  • 6. 1984 by Van Halen's Van Halen!
  • 5. Back In Black by AC/DC
    AC/DC looks kind of wierd sometimes, but they got the good stuff, you know!
  • 4. Kill 'Em All by Metallica
    This is a good album - It rocks! You a have got to like Metallica!
  • 3. Michael Jackson by Thriller
    He can sing and this album has got some cool songs!
  • 2. Appetite For Destruction by Guns n' Roses
    Hey, I might be 11, but I know some good music. And you've got to love Guns n' Roses!
  • 1. Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue
    Other people judge diffrent music, but you can't like hard rock without liking Motley Crue!
My favorite band ever is Motley Crue!
By: Earl Campbell
  • 10. She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
    Great singer neck to neck in popularity with Madonna back in the 80s.
  • 9. Bon Jovi by Slippery When Wet
    Dead or Alive. Nothing else to say about that.
  • 8. Madonna by Immaculate Collection
    Hands down Madonna is the ultimate diva. If Michael Jackson was a god in the 80s she was the goddess.
  • 7. Synchronicity by Police
    I wish there were a Police today.
  • 6. U2 by The Joshua Tree
    This album was hypnotic.
  • 5. Beastie Boys by Licensed to Ill
    This album was the purest form of white boy hip hop. These guys were what Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville are trying to be now, some wild do anything a**holes. They didn't try to be black and the music was phenomenal.
  • 4. Run DMC by Raising Hell
    The birth of commercial hip hop as we know it now. Run DMC were the original bling blingers with the big gold chains and rings. They were the first rappers to sell out arenas and set the stage for rappers getting shoe contracts.
  • 3. Guns n' Roses by Apetite For Destruction
    I was the only black dude living in the Chicago housing projects listening to this tape. This was the best rock I had heard since Billy Idol at that point. I still listen to that CD even these days. One of the best of all times.
  • 2. Prince by Purple Rain
    Prince was and still is a genius. Here's a guy who's a great songwriter, producer, performer, and taught himself to play every musical instrument that exists. His skill to create pop, rock, R & B, and funk music is mind blowing to me. What other rock star black or white can pull off such a feat? No one I can think of.
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Greatest selling album of all time, when Michael was at his best. The mixture of R & B, rock, and pop on this album was perfect and unmatched even today. Michael was a genius and when this album came out he was pretty much a god.
By: perry
By: steve f.
  • 10. Whitesnake by Whitesnake
    They put out a few in the 80s, but this one is by far the best!
  • 9. Pump by Aerosmith
    The bad boys of the 70s made a comeback in the 80s and gave us this awesome record!
  • 8. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    Their best work - alot of good singles on it!
  • 7. 1984 by Van Halen
    David Lee Roth's best album and Van Halens too! I don't care for Van Hagar...
  • 6. Back In Black by AC/DC
    Don't get me wrong, I loved Bon Scott, but this is the 80s and you can listen to this without skipping a song!
  • 5. Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue
    Their best work with "Shout At The Devil" not far behind!
  • 4. Ride The Lightning by Metallica
    So many albums to choose from - this one's my favorite.
  • 3. Piece Of Mind by Iron Maiden
    With the addition of new drummer Nicko McBrain make this one of their best. "Powerslave" and "Number of the Beast" are close runner ups.
  • 2. Blizzard Of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne
    Nothing against Black Sabbath, but Ozzy and Randy Rhoads just put them to shame!
  • 1. Appetite For Destruction by Guns n' Roses
    Just listen to it.
Bon Jovi, Poison, and Dio were also up there. I'm not a new wave or pop fan so you're not going to find that crap on my list!
By: Sergio Alberto Enriquez Vazquez
  • 10. Whitesnake by Whitesnake
    David Coverdale is the best rock singer ever!
  • 9. 5150 by Van Halen
    I love this too!!!
  • 8. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    I love it!
  • 7. Open Up And Say... Ahhh! by Poison
    One of my favorite CDs and the best of Poison.
  • 6. Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche
    No need to comment, it's the best work of the band and Criss too.
  • 5. Rust In Peace by Megadeath
    The best album of Megadeath.
  • 4. Trash by Alice Cooper
  • 3. Blizzard Of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne
    The Prince of Darkness.
  • 2. Appetite For Destruction by Guns n´ Roses
    Keep on rolling!!!
  • 1. And Justice For All by Metallica
    The original sound of speed metal.

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