Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: Freddie Collins jr. @
By: Lee Sherman
  • 10. She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
    A record from back in the days when bubblegum pop was allowed to be semi-intelligent.
  • 9. A Flock of Seagulls by A Flock of Seagulls
    Proves that some "one-hit wonders" have lots of great songs if you'll just give their albums a listen.
  • 8. Get Nervous by Pat Benatar
    It's truly amazing that any one artist can record so many great songs (even if they are written by different people). Check out the mixing! There are instruments coming at you from every which way. @_@
  • 7. The Golden Age of Wireless by Thomas Dolby
    Illustrates the same principle as "A Flock of Seagulls," only to a greater extent.
  • 6. Scary Monsters and Super-Creeps by David Bowie
    A criticism of post-60s Western society. Almost as frightening as it is scathing, and much more listenable than the similarly-themed "Diamond Dogs."
  • 5. Cloud Nine by George Harrison
    You'd never guess this guy was a Beatle. Pure 80s pop, made complete by Jeff Lynne's production.
  • 4. Time by The Electric Light Orchestra
    Time (The Electric Light Orchestra) Probably the best synthpop album to come out of the 80s. It's produced by Jeff Lynne, of course.
  • 3. Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty
    Tom Petty + Jeff Lynne = a classic.
  • 2. Never Let Me Down by David Bowie
    I feel the term "criminally underrated" was invented to refer to this album. It's a winning fusion of the operatic melodies of "Labyrinth," the cynical social commentary of "Scary Monsters," and the quirky experimentation of the Berlin Trilogy, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
  • 1. The Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1 by The Traveling Wilburys
    Get these 5 guys together in a recording studio and how can you *not* end up with a classic. 9 out of the 10 songs are complex sonic masterpieces, due largely to Jeff Lynne's masterful production.
Don't put too much stock in this list; I haven't heard many whole 80s albums.
By: Keith
  • 10. Out Of The Blue by Debbie Gibson
    The peak of pop...Only In My Dreams, Out Of The Blue, Foolish Beat, Shake Your Love, Staying Together.
  • 9. Faith by George Michael
    Although most people would not feel too comfortable admitting it, this is an album they had, Faith, Father Figure, One More Try, I Want Your Sex...
  • 8. No Jacket Required by Phil Collins
    This is where Phil exploded on to the pop scene...Take Me Home, One More Night, Sussudio, Billy Don't Lose My Number, We Said Hello Goodbye...
  • 7. Invisible Touch by Genesis
    Invisible Touch, In Too Deep, Throwing It All Away, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Land Of Confusion...classic pop.
  • 6. An Innocent Man by Billy Joel
    Uptown Girl, Tell Her About It, Leave A Tender Moment Alone, The Longest Time, Keeping The Faith...classic pop album.
  • 5. Storm Front by Billy Joel
    Although most would not agree with this pick...this does have some classic songs such as Leningrad and We Didn't Start The Fire.
  • 4. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Not a huge Bon Jovi fan, but this was a fantastic album.
  • 3. ...But Seriously by Phil Collins
    Phil's best and a classic.
  • 2. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Although the man is sick and vile...this is a great album.
  • 1. Glass Houses by Billy Joel
    Great 80s sound. Defined the 80s for me.
The Bridge by Billy Joel, Fore! by Huey Lewis & The News
By: Blake Wilkey
  • 10. Bad by Michael Jackson
  • 9. Lyceum by The Orchids
  • 8. Run D.M.C by Run D.M.C
    My personal favorite rap album, no bad tracks... often overshadowed by Raising Hell, but better IMO.
  • 7. Purple Rain by Prince & The Revolution
    Pure delight, from the rockers, to the sexually explicit dance tunes... even the pretentious title track is nice.
  • 6. The Queen is Dead by The Smiths
    Probably the best Alternative Rock album of the decade.
  • 5. The Game by Queen
    Quality album from one of the greatest bands of the 70s.
  • 4. Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth
    Fantastic Noise Rock Album.
  • 3. Discipline by King Crimson
    Top of the line Progressive Rock; what one would expect from King Crimson.
  • 2. Joy Division by Closer
    The band's finest work.
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    What can I say, the King of Pop at his finest. This is one of those rare albums that a person can listen to without having to skip a single track. You have a number of fantastic soft soul ballads (Baby Be Mine, The Girl Is Mine, Lady in my Life), pure funk (Wanna Be Startin' Something, P.Y.T), a pop gem (Human Nature), state of the art dance(Billie Jean, Thriller), and even a dance/rock tune(Beat It.) Thriller has something for everyone.
By: Ray
  • 10. Thriller 1982 by Michael Jackson
    He may be a little bizarre now, but in 1982 he was the King of Pop. An album that re-wrote the books on what an album should be. Every song on it was a hit. In 1982-83, Michael Jackson was the greatest singer/dancer/showman in the world.
  • 9. Nine Tonight 1981 by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
    All of Bob Seger's greatest hits on on this awesome live album. The final song on the album, a cover of Chuck Berry's "Let It Rock" recorded at the old Boston Garden is fantastic. For years after, it seemed every other person you spoke to in Boston claimed to be at this show.
  • 8. Love Stinks 1980 by The J Geils Band
    This is the real sound of the J. Geils Band. The last of their R&B-influenced blues rock sound before they went pop with Centerfold. If you had a house party in the 80s, it wasn't a real house party unless you had this Geils album blasting!
  • 7. Gap Band IV 1982 by The Gap Band
    If you were on a dance floor in the 80s, chances are this album was playing. Funkalicious!
  • 6. Ghost In The Machine 1981 by The Police
    I always felt this album was superior to Synchronicity. Side one of this album was worn away by my playing it so much.
  • 5. Appetite For Destruction 1987 by Guns n' Roses
    About a year before this album came out, a friend and I picked up two girls hitchhiking who talked non stop about this great band from L.A. We told our friends about these girls raving about some band named Guns and something. We never saw the girls again and after this album came out, we never forgot their name!
  • 4. Purple Rain 1984 by Prince & The Revolution
    Rock, Funk, and R&B all packaged together on a terrific album from a memorable movie of the 80s. His Purpleness reigns supreme!
  • 3. Joshua Tree 1987 by U2
    The breakthrough album for this Irish band, an album that simply soars!
  • 2. London Calling 1980 by The Clash
    Punk Rock at its best! Sure it was released in England in 1979, but it didn't hit the US until 1980. And Rolling Stone voted it the best album of the 80s. You won't get an argument from me!
  • 1. The River 1980 by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band
    Most people consider Born in the USA as his best album of the 80s, but I say this double album of ballistic rock and heartfelt ballads is his best work of the 80s.
Tough to keep this list at 10. Luckily all the other awesome people who post on this website will put out a list reminding me of other great 80s albums I forgot to add here. Other great 80s albums that easily could have been on this list: "Business as Usual", by Men at Work, "Kick" by INXS, "Sports" by Huey Lewis & The News, "1984" by Van Halen, "An Innocent Man" by Billy Joel, "Escape" by Journey, "Private Eyes" by Hall & Oates, "Shake it Up" by The Cars, "Back in Black" by AC~DC, "Brother In Arms" by Dire Straits, "Songs From The Big Chair" by Tears for Fears, and "Power Station" by Power Station.
By: Charlotte
By: Conor
  • 10. Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springteen
    Best Songs - Born In The U.S.A., No Surrender, Dancing in the Dark, My Hometown
  • 9. Purple Rain by Prince & The Revolution
    Best Songs - Let's Go Crazy, Take Me with U, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain
  • 8. Escape by Journey
    Best Songs - Don't Stop Believin', Stone In Love, Escape, Open Arms, Mother,Father
  • 7. Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
    Best Songs - Brothers In Arms, Money For Nothing
  • 6. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Best Songs - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean
  • 5. Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses
    Best Songs - Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child Of Mine, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone
  • 4. Hysteria by Def Leppard
    Best Songs - Rocket, Animal, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Armageddon It, Hysteria
  • 3. Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac
    Best Songs - Big Love, Seven Wonders, Everywhere, Little Lies, Family Man
  • 2. Kind Of Magic by Queen
    Best Songs - Kind Of Magic, One Vision, Friends Will Be Friends, Who Wants To Live Forever
  • 1. 5150 by Van Halen
    Best Songs - Why Can't This Be Love?, Dreams, Best of Both Worlds, Love Walks In
Miss-Meatloaf - Bad Attitude Best Songs - Modern Girl, Surfs Up. Im 13 I Have 5 Of These Albums Numbers 1,2,3,4 And 8
By: Augustus Cantrell
  • 10. Staring at the Sea by The Cure
    I know it's a compiliation, but a great selection of early 80s Cure songs.
  • 9. Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
    Many good tunes and some great singles from this one.
  • 8. Ocean Rain by Echo & the Bunnymen
    Love every second of this album. Listen to 'Silver'
  • 7. Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys
    I believe this came out at the tail end of the 80s, the follow up to License to Ill. It was underrated at the time.
  • 6. Ghost in the Machine by The Police
    sounds even better re-mastered
  • 5. Life's Rich Pageant by R.E.M.
  • 4. Rio by Duran Duran
    I know this band gets a bad rap but damn near every song on this album has a great hook and it really doesn't have a teenybopper sound.
  • 3. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
    I never get tired of this one and, to me, it never sounds dated.
  • 2. Pretenders by Pretenders
    A perfect debut album.
  • 1. The Unforgettable Fire by U2
    Contains a few of their best, including Bad and Elvis Presley and America.
These lists are purely subjective but as I was not into hair metal, these bands sum up the 80s for me.
By: Kyndal
  • 10. Best Shots by Pat Benetar
    We Belong & Love is a Battlefield
  • 9. Metal Health by Quiet Riot
    Mental Health & Cum On Feel The Noise
  • 8. 1984 by Van Halen
    Hot for Teacher & Jump
  • 7. Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister
    I Wanna Rock & Were Not Gonna Take It.
  • 6. Dr. Feelgood by Mötley Crüe
    Dr. Feelgood & Kickstart My Heart
  • 5. Like a Virgin by Madonna
    Like A Virgin, Material Girl & Dress You Up.
  • 4. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Pour Some Suger On Me, Photograph
  • 3. Purple Rain by Prince
    When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, Crazy For You
  • 2. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Livin On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Wanted Dead Or Alive.
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It.
It was very hard for me to only pick 10. 80s ruled the music.
By: Ewan Mclellsn

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