Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: Clay Crenshaw
  • 10. Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac
    Band had plenty of other great LP's but this one is the 80's album winner
  • 9. Into The Gap by Thompson Twins
    a guilty pleasure
  • 8. Reach The Beach by The Fixx
    Probably influenced a shit load of other bands and opened up some other ears
  • 7. Business As Usual by Men At Work
    I Can See It In Your Eyes and Touching The Untouchables....Phish should cover this album for Halloween 2009
  • 6. Reckless by Bryan Adams
    One Night Love Affair
  • 5. Play Deep by The Outfield
    Great LP
  • 4. 1984 by Van Halen
    Jump and Panama but my favorites are Top Jimmy and I'll Wait
  • 3. Heartbeat City by The Cars
    Title track, You Might Think, Magic, and of their best albums.
  • 2. Better Off Dead by Original Soundtrack
    Every track is great.
  • 1. Sports by Huey Lewis and The News
    check it out one more time......the whole damn album!!!!!!
When I think of the eighties musically and growing up in the eighties I think of pop music of the eighties. I did not begin to listen to music with any depth untill I was older. So an Echo and The Bunnymen album would end up on an all time list and not here. With that being is ten great albums from a great time!
By: Qayum
  • 10. Different by Thomas Anders
    2nd best german album
  • 9. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Best Album
  • 8. Hunting High And Low by A-ha
    Best album,11 million copies have sold
  • 7. Walking On A Rainbow by Blue System
    Best German Album
  • 6. The First Album by Modern Talking
    Best Hits
  • 5. Savage Amusement by Scorpions
    Best Pop/Rock Album
  • 4. Synchronicity by The Police
    Best UK album ever
  • 3. Blackout by Scorpions
    Best 80s hard rock album ever
  • 2. Love At First Sting by Scorpions
    Best Rock Album Ever
  • 1. Ready For Romance by Modern Talking
    Best Synthpop clear disc
All The Best
By: Jake
  • 10. The First Album by Modern Talking
  • 9. Let's Talk About Love by Modern Talking
  • 8. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • 7. Different by Thomas Anders
  • 6. Ready For Romance by Modern Talking
  • 5. Animal Magnetism by Scorpions
  • 4. Savage Amusement by Scorpions
  • 3. World Wide Live by Scorpions
  • 2. Blackout by Scorpions
  • 1. Love At First Sting by Scorpions
By: zebraman
  • 10. Glass Houses by BILLY JOEL
    His best...then would come 52nd Street, The Stranger and The Bridge.
  • 9. Thriller by MICHAEL JACKSON
    His best...then would come Off The Wall and Bad.
  • 8. Born In The U.S.A. by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
    His best...then would come Magic and Born To Run.
  • 7. Reckless by BRYAN ADAMS
    His best...then would come Cuts Like A Knife.
  • 6. 1984 by VAN HALEN
    Their best...then would come I, II and Fair Warning.
  • 5. Hysteria by DEF LEPPARD
    Their best...then would come High N Dry, Pyromania and Adrenalize.
  • 4. Back In Black by AC/DC
    Their best...then would come Dirty Deeds, Highway To Hell and Black Ice.
  • 3. The Game by QUEEN
    Their best...then would come News Of The World, Sheer Heart Attack and The Works.
  • 2. Moving Pictures by RUSH
    Their best...then would come Grace Under Pressure, Permanent Waves and Signals
  • 1. Escape by JOURNEY
    Their best...then would come Infinity, Evolution and Raised On Radio.
There were so many GREAT albums from every genre, that came out in the 80's.
By: Rafa.
  • 10. Can't Slow Down by Lionel Richie
    it was great
  • 9. Suddenly by Billy Ocean
    a very romantic album
  • 8. Break Every Rule by Tina Turner
    she's the best
  • 7. Private Dancer by Tina Turner
    she's amazing!!
  • 6. Purple Rain by Prince
    excellent songs!!!
  • 5. An Innocent man by Billy Joel
    very nice!!
  • 4. Flashdance OST by Various Artists
    The songs Maniac, What a feeling and Romeo made dancing to everyone
  • 3. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    The best selling album of all times
  • 2. She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
    All the colors together in one people!!!
  • 1. We Are The World by USA for Africa
    It gathered the best of that time!!!
By: hannah
  • 10. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen
    Ok. This album has nothing to do with anything else on this list, I'm realizing. Some people dislike the way Bruce Springsteen mumbles his vocals, but it has a distinctive sound that is not typical and gorgeous in it's own way. Again, I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen, so it contains a bit of nostalgia for me..
  • 9. Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
    One of the best compilations of amazing 80s pop songs... I actually heard "Head Over Heals" on the radio today haha.
  • 8. Delicate Sound of Thunder by Pink Floyd
    Yeah, I'm aware it's a live compilation. But Shine On You Crazy Diamond is such an EPIC track, and live it's amazing. I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and especially Pink Floyd because my dad LOVES them. Too bad their best albums were in the 70's.
  • 7. Treasure by Cocteau Twins
    This album is beautifully constructed with amazing melodies and gorgeous songs that are eternally true. This album is ageless. Simply... Beautiful.
  • 6. Let's Dance by David Bowie
    Again, must I say much about this album? simply a great album, and I admire David Bowie to a HUGE extent, he is an amazing artist.
  • 5. Joshua Tree by U2
    Do I really need to say anything about this one?
  • 4. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode
    "Fly on the Windscreen" is definitely a stand-out song on this album. Depeche Mode expresses more in this album than others, and is less shallow. The opening track, "Black Celebration", slowly builds and adds a darker melody with David singing in his always beautifully haunting voice. The fact that it's nearly all gapless also appeals to me.
  • 3. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The Cure
    What can I say? I'm a Curehead aha :P This double album is spastic in its own way, yet the style keeps it in order. Going right from songs like "The Snakepit" to "Just Like Heaven", you can fully experience The Cure's range from bubbly radio-pop to the darker, more emotion-filled 4 minutes+ songs. Great way to be introduced the The Cure.
  • 2. Pornography by The Cure
    1st installment in Trilogy. Easily the most despairing album on the face of the earth. If you listen, be prepared for the darkest, heaviest, emotion-draining 45 minutes of your life. The opening line on "One Hundred Years" immediately sets the mood; "It doesn't matter if we all die". This album even caused the break-up of the band before the tour was even finished, by the influence of drug abuse and the despair sinking into Simon, Robert and Lol during the tour. This album could be considered the beginning of true Goth.
  • 1. Disintegration by The Cure
    Probably their best EVER. 2nd installment in the Trilogy, it has Robert Smith's voice as amazing as ever, the thudding bass line (Simon Gallup) present in every song, and not only successful and meaningful singles, but songs like "The Same Deep Water As You" and "Disintegration" which make a tissue a necessity. Absolutely beautiful in every way.
I didn't actually live through the eighties... I just know wayyyy too much about them for my own good..
By: CArp
  • 10. Exit...Stage Left by Rush
    Brought us Tom Sawyer and several other hits from the 70's on this live album! Personal favorite of mine!
  • 9. She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
    The only album with 3 U's in the same word. hahaha Serious this and True Colors got spun all through the 80's on the radio!
  • 8. Hard Promises/Damn The Torpedoes by Tom Petty
    Released on Jan 1. 1984 A combo that pleased the hell out of alot of people for the decade!
  • 7. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Just after having a little runaway they blasted on the scene Living on A Prayer~!
  • 6. Open Up and Say...Ahh! by Poison
    Every Rose Has It's Thorn especially when your girlfriend cheats on ya! heheh
  • 5. 1984 by Van Halen
    Might as well JUMP!
  • 4. Metal Health by Quiot Riot
    Still bangin my head even though my neck hurts!
  • 3. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Still going
  • 2. Love At First Sting by Scorpions
    Still Loving it! er, You!
  • 1. The Joshua Tree by U2
    Amazing and I still Haven't found What I'm looking For With or Without You!
This top 10 isn't solidified in any way, shape, or form, for me because depending on my mood, it could change to some ZZTop Pat Travers ect... but it's obvious, I know a little......
By: Justin
  • 10. True Blue by Madonna
    Favourite tracks: Live to Tell, White Heat
  • 9. Too Low for Zero by Elton John
    Favourite tracks: Crystal, I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
  • 8. Dream of the Blue Turtles by Sting
    Favourite tracks: Children's Crusade, Consider Me Gone
  • 7. ...Ish by 1927
    Favourite tracks: All the People, That's When I Think of You
  • 6. Graceland by Paul Simon
    Favourite tracks: You Can Call Me Al (remember Chevy Chase in the film clip?) and All Around the World
  • 5. Synchronicity by The Police
    Favourite tracks: Synchronicity II, Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • 4. The Bridge by Billy Joel
    Favourite tracks: Mulberry Street, Running on Ice
  • 3. Invisible Touch by Genesis
    Favourite tracks: Tonight Tonight Tonight, Domino
  • 2. So by Peter Gabriel
    Favourite tracks: Mercy Street, We Do What We're Told
  • 1. Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
    One of the all time great albums... no track out of place. A true classic! Favourite tracks: Brothers In Arms, Ride Across the River
You just can't beat the 80's - its been all down hill since!
By: Adam Shephard
  • 10. It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back by Public Enemy
    The other album that showed the artistry of sampling.
  • 9. Remain In Light by Talking Heads
    Another classic before the big one hit.
  • 8. Making Movies by Dire Straits
    Every song played to its natural conclusion.
  • 7. The Unforgettable Fire by U2
    The classic that preceded the supposed classic.
  • 6. How Will The Wolf Survive by Los Lobos
    This showed that they might have been the best American band in over a decade.
  • 5. Reckoning by REM
    The essence of jangle-pop.
  • 4. Synchronicity by The Police
    The best songwriting of their career and some seriously furious playing.
  • 3. Paul's Boutique by The Beastie Boys
    One of the two albums that showed what could be done with sampling, just before the record companies killed the art form.
  • 2. Sandinista! by The Clash
    A sprawling masterpiece. Every style, every genre, all mashed together.
  • 1. Sign O' The Times by Prince
    Every single song is spot on
Honorable Mention: Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom
By: Robbie
  • 10. The Record by Fear
    I liked many punk bands but this album still makes me want to jump up and hit somebody and I am almost 50 LOL
  • 9. Singles – 45's and Under by Squeeze
    an 80s icon for sure
  • 8. Best of Missing Persons by Missing persons
    unlike any other band from the 80s plus I saw the lead singer lose her top on stage when she had a wardrobe malfunction,that alone put her on my list lol
  • 7. Pleasure Victim by Berlin
    could not leave it out
  • 6. All Of This And Nothing by The Psychedelic Furs
    very melodic album
  • 5. Under the big black sun by X
    noty well known outside LA but a fantastic group
  • 4. Doolittle by The Pixies
    the album that ended the 80s for me
  • 3. Eponymous by Rem
    great compilation of the early Rem greats
  • 2. Meat Is Murder by The Smiths
    I could have listed 4 more from the smiths that would make my list
  • 1. First And Last And Always by Sisters Of Mercy
    not well known but a great album
a must for any 80s collection IMHO

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