Top Ten Lists of Eighties Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 80s?

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By: The Man (Aka Chris M.)
  • 10. Pornograhpy by The Cure
    Goth Rock
  • 9. Hounds of Love by Kate Bush
    Art pop
  • 8. Remain In Light by Talking Heads
    New Wave
  • 7. Doolittle by Pixies
  • 6. Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • 5. Closer by Joy Division
  • 4. The Stone Roses by The Stones Roses
  • 3. Within The Realm of a Dying Sun by Dead Can Dance
  • 2. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
    Jangle Pop
  • 1. Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk
A List from a well-versed music listener
  • 10. Ticket To The Dark by Troy Tate
    I always enjoyed this album. Tory Tate was with The Teardrop Explodes and band which I also liked. I still have my vinyl copy. I managed to transfer my album to cd a year ago. It sounds great and its like rediscovering it again. Maybe thats why it made my top ten.
  • 9. Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush
    Excellent then and now. Has stood the test of decades. Just sit back and let Kate unfold from the first song to the last. On a personal note that makes a great album to me. She was never overplayed back then on alternative radio. Listen to this album again its a GEM.
  • 8. Immigrant by Gene Loves Jezebel
    Ahhh those college years. My favorite and a classic in the new wave/goth explosion in the mid 1980's.
  • 7. Script Of The Bridge by The Chameleons
    Another masterpiece of an album then and now. I spent much time listening to them back then and this is my fav by them.
  • 6. Shock Of Daylight by The Sound
    My second favorite album by this band. They were truly amazing. I was a U2 fan at this time as well but I like The Sound much better.
  • 5. Eye To Eye by Eye To Eye
    Extremely well done album. Deborah Berg has a voice so clean that you feel as if you have taken a long bath after listening to this album. Along with her Eye To Eye partner, keyboardist Julian Marshall, are impressive songwriting and performing talents. It is a pop music masterpiece. I could not get enough of it then and I still seem to play the cd when I need to unwind. Their other albums are great but this will always remain a favorite. A Must Listen if you not familar.
  • 4. Sidekicks by Thompson Twins
    Take The Time To listen to this album again. If your not familar with this album by them then give it a try. Its on my list because I listened to this again since I don't remember. Manages to please while never quite abandoning a desire to be something more than a mere pop album.
  • 3. Dare by The Human League
    To me the entire album is very well done. The sound was theatrical, awash in kitschy keyboards, but felt new and refreshing back in 1982 and it still sounds new and refreshing today. There is not a single bad tune here. If all you know is "Dont You Want Me Baby" you may be in for a surprise. I enjoyed it then and I still enjoy it from time to time. Fun to listen to!!
  • 2. The Hurting by Tears For Fears
    Excellent Album I listened to constantly back in 1983 in college. It was a standout album of the 80's with its wonderful dark overtones and its subject matters. There's not one song that is out of place on this album.
  • 1. Heads And Hearts by The Sound
    The Sound was one talented band from England. Extremely popular on college radio in the 80's. Undiscovered by main stream radio. Album reissued on cd awhile back. My vinyl was well played in college. If you have never heard their music please take some time to listen.
I have alot of lost Gems here! Yes U2, REM and other notables produced great albums in the 80's not denying that. But I think I made this list for those lost gems I remembered and rediscovered. I think thats enjoyable all by itself. Sometimes you just listened to U2 and other greats far to to to to much over the past decades. Its when you go back and relisten to something that you put away for awhile that never gets overdone by time. Thats what truly makes an artits music one of your favorites. Music is to enjoy right! I just have far to many favs anyway!
By: SmokinJoe
  • 10. Licensed to Ill by Beastie Boys
    Paul Revere, No Sleep to Brooklyn, Girls, etc... Another cutting edge album of the time that I can always listen to.
  • 9. Make it Big by Wham
    Careless Whispers could be the best song ever!
  • 8. Pyromania by Def Leppard
    Photograph, Rock of Ages, etc.... By Far the Best Def Leppard album!!!
  • 7. Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode
    Master & Servant, Somebody, Blasphemous Rumours, People are People, etc... Come on, what a great album!!!
  • 6. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Wanted Dead or Alive, You Give Love a Bad Name, etc... This was popular when I was in Basic Training and always brings back memories.
  • 5. Staring At The Sea by The Cure
    A Greatest Hits Collection of the Cure to include; The Hanging Garden, Love Cats, Let's go to Bed, etc... I also love Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Japenese Whispers, and Disintegration but could only list one!
  • 4. Frontiers by Journey
    Faithfully, Seperate Ways, send Her My Love,... Actually my favorite Journey Album.
  • 3. Madonna by Madonna
    Lucky Star, Borderline, Everybody,.... Another Great Album. Brings many fond memories!
  • 2. Purple Rain by Prince
    Purple Rain, The Beautiful Ones, Dove's Cry, and Let's Go Crazy (to name a few). I can still listen to this album over and over!
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat it, Human Nature (1st couples skate with my wife), and PYT. Great Album!
Tough to chose just 10 Albums. Here's a few that just missed. Kick-INXS, The Joshua Tree-U@, Faith-George Michaels, Songs From the Big Chair-Tears For Fears, Rebel Yell-Billy Idol, and Creaures of the Night-Kiss!
By: Kevin
  • 10. Alpha by Asia
    catchy songs, a little soft but good solid album
  • 9. 4 by Foreigner
    Jukebox Hero, Break It Up, Excellent
  • 8. Whitesnake by Whitesnake
    At their peak
  • 7. Endangered Species by White Wolf
    Pop Metal, Power Metal excellent singer, catchy songs
  • 6. Permanent Waves by Rush
    In my opinion, better than Moving Pictures. Great album
  • 5. Ride The Lightning by Metallica
    no comments necessary
  • 4. Thunder Seven by Triumph
    Excellent tracks, meaningful songs
  • 3. Standing On The Edge by Cheap Trick
    great songs should have been a bigger album
  • 2. Thunder by Andy Taylor
    Excellent flow good pop album
  • 1. Escape by Journey
    Every Track is good, Mother,Father and Still They Ride are Awesome
Music to grow up on
By: Peter Christopher G
  • 10. Tracy Champman by Tracy Chapman
    The most haunting album I ever heard.
  • 9. Beauty and the Beat by Go-Go's
    The best album put out ever by a female band.
  • 8. Please by Pet Shop Boys
    One of the best albums to put on the CD while driving in the rain.
  • 7. CRUSH by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
    My favorite band of the 80's. Best album cover.
  • 6. Catching Up With Depeche Mode by Depeche Mode
    Wow !! That is all i can say. Wow.
  • 5. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Classic ! A couple of throw away songs like The Girl is Mine. But great dance songs.
  • 4. The Joshua Tree by U2
    I do not attend church but this album makes me feel closer to God than any other music or organized church.
  • 3. Colour By Numbers by Culture Club
    One of my favorite songs of all time "Victims". What a soul filled voice. Very weird guy now.
  • 2. Purple Rain by Prince and The Revolution
    Why can't Prince make music like this again? He tries but part of the success was The Revolution. Probably the best album from start to beginning.
  • 1. Junk Culture by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
    The sounds were original and catchy. One of the most overlooked bands of the 80s. Every song is catchy and memorable.
I hope you enjoy my list.
By: Dan K
  • 10. Through The Night by Def Leppard
    Not a huge fan of Heavy Metal but in the 80s there were plenty of genre-breakers to go around...I thought their debut was their best...Sorrow is a Woman, Wasted and Answer to The Master standout
  • 9. The Lion & The Cobra by Sinead O'Conner
    Once I heard Troy I was never the same again. The album as a whole had the same effect and should probably have been further up on this list...standouts includ Troy, Mandinka, Drink Before The War and Just Like U Said It Would B
  • 8. Music From The Edge Of Heaven by Wham!
    Perfect Pop...considered by some to be just a step above Milli Vanilli on the taken seriously list...I thought this collection of singles and unreleased material apart from Make It Big was indeed a very nice goodbye from the duo...Standouts for me include Edge Of Heaven, Where Did Your Heart Go, Wham Rap '86 and Battle Stations
  • 7. Escape by Whodini
    Run DMC, The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J as great as they were couldn't put together as great an 80's rap album...Friends, Freaks Come out At Night and Escape(I Need A Break)
  • 6. Bouncing Off The Satellites by The B-52's
    Their 1986 comeback album after the death of their guitarist Ricky Wilson...probably their most serious album as '86 but still alot of fun and very musical...Summer Of Love, Ain't It A Shame and She Brakes For Rainbows standout for me
  • 5. With Sympathy by Ministry
    Al Jourgensen hates their debut which sounds nothing like "Stigmata" or even "Halloween"...perfect alternative pop. Standouts Revenge, I Wanted To Tell Her and Work For Love
  • 4. Japanese Whispers by The Cure
    Great collection of singles and their B-sides (short and sweet) from the legendary 80s Band...standouts for me Let's Go To Bed, Just One Kiss and The Upstair's Room
  • 3. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    He thought big in a very big way...MJ was the perfect artists at just the perfect time....Thriller stopped time...standout for me include Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin' Something and Human Nature
  • 2. Around The World in a Day by Prince & The Revolution
    Panned by critics as a disappointing follow-up to Purple Rain...i actually found this album to be imaginative and brilliant if not as commercial...standouts for me include Pop Life, Paisley Park and Condition of the Heart
  • 1. Rock n Soul Part One by Hall & Oates
    Bold Statement...kind of sized up their contribution to music at the time...not sure any 80s artist could have put out this great a Greatest Hits collection in 1983! It covered alot of ground... Where to start...Kiss On My List, I Can't Go For That, You Make My Dreams(Come True), Maneater, Private Eyes, One on One...Their first hit of the 80s Wait For Me (an amazing Live Version), 70s classics still receiving lots of airplay - She's Gone, Sara Smile and Rich Girl plus two new hits Adult Education and Say it Isn't So...the remastered version contains the omitted Family Man
Others I thought about were Depeche Mode's Black Celebration, The The-Infected,Dead Can Dance-Within The Realm of a Dying Sun, Book Of Love-Book Of Love, Yaz-Upstairs At Eric's, Tears For Fears-The Hurting and so on...
By: Brent Goldmon-Palmer
  • 10. 7 by Madness
  • 9. True Colours by Split Enz
  • 8. Absolutely by Madness
  • 7. Skylarking by XTC
  • 6. Black Sea by XTC
  • 5. Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth
  • 4. Locust Abortion Technician by Butthole Surfers
  • 3. The Rise and Fall by Madness
  • 2. English Settlement by XTC
  • 1. A Little Man & a House & the Whole World Window by Cardiacs
By: Irina
  • 10. Touch by Laura Branigan
    the most underrated and overlooked record by amazing Laura
  • 9. Invisible Touch by Genesis
    I love everything from this band
  • 8. Diamond Life by Sade
    Smooth Operator is one of my favorite songs in the world
  • 7. Long Play by Sandra
    Maria Magdalena is one of the most memorable songs from the 80's. Thank you Sandra
  • 6. Like A Prayer by Madonna
    classical record from Madge with numerous hits like Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish...
  • 5. Whitney by Whitney Houston
    brilliant voice, brilliant songs, brilliant album
  • 4. Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith
    'Angel' is my favorite song from Aerosmith. That's why I added this album
  • 3. Runaway Horses by Belinda Carlisle
    I adore songs Summer Rain, Vision of You and La Luna
  • 2. Reckless by Bryan Adams
    Brilliant records with brilliant songs "Summer of '69", "Heaven", "Somebody", "Run to You" etc
  • 1. True Blue by Madonna
    All 9 songs were superb. "La Isla Bonita" and "Papa Don't Preach" are my 2 all-time favorite songs
The 80's was probably the greatest era in music. Too bad I can name only 10 items
By: Jan Griffiths
  • 10. Centerfield by John Fogarty
    Same as for #9 above.
  • 9. Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
    Heard the album at my ex brother in laws; liked it and bought it.
  • 8. Private Eyes by Hall and Oates
    Bought it for "I Can't Go For That", but enjoyed the whole album.
  • 7. Purple Rain by Prince
    Saw the movie; bought the album. I love all of his work.
  • 6. She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
    Love the whole album.
  • 5. 1984 by Van Halen
    Bought it for "Jump". which I broke my foot to at a company picnic back in '84.
  • 4. Synchronicity by The Police
    #2 album of all time, in my opinion.
  • 3. Rio by Duran Duran
    One of their best.
  • 2. Make It Big by Wham
    I bought the album just for "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", but ended up liking the whole thing.
  • 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    #1 album of all time. His best!!
I still have all my albums from the 80s, so this list is by no means complete. It would take too much room to list all my favorites!
By: Michael
  • 10. Dance by Gary Numan
    A fine album of sexual tensions and issues against a new sax and bass format, yet Gary Numan still uses synths to convey atmosphere, also an under rated album.
  • 9. Computer World by Kraftwerk
    All of what they write about on this album has come true
  • 8. Speak and Spell by Depeche Mode
    They may be embarrassed and there are better albums but this one is synth pop at it's finest
  • 7. Duran Duran by Duran Duran
    Electronic dance at it's finest
  • 6. Sparkle In The Rain by Simple Minds
    Harder rock sounds but still dreamy with brilliant synth sounds
  • 5. 1987 by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu
    Sampling gone mad which is now beyond just a fun album but a social commentary on life in England in the eighties
  • 4. Sons and Fascination by Simple Minds
    Brilliance sound and lyrics
  • 3. Vienna by Ultravox
    Mr X is the ultimate electronic track
  • 2. New Gold Dream 81 82 83 84 by Simple Minds
    Pure poetry with dreamy synth sounds
  • 1. Dare by The Human League
    Pure electronic pop
Love The All
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