In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Peter Tucker
  • 10. This Charning Man by The Smiths
    This song or Ask by the smiths are awesome songs. Swing that bouquet of Flowers, or just shove em in your derrier
  • 9. Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung
    VIce city.. again
  • 8. One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx
    Vice city influence.
  • 7. Kids In America by Kim Wilde
    same year as i was born Vice city influence.
  • 6. More Than This by Roxy Music
    Watch 'Lost in translation' to see Bill Murray sing a sadder kareoke-d version of this Vice city influence.
  • 5. Waiting For A Girl Like You by Foreigner
    play vice city (A lot of my influence has arose from this game by the way)
  • 4. Lovesong by The Cure
    This song is just so sad, makes me sad.
  • 3. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
    This song is ultimate tragedy in the most upbeat manner possible. Beauty.
  • 2. Why Can't I Be You? by The Cure
    awesome song
  • 1. Pale Shelter by Tears for Fears
    watch for the paper airplane in the eye gag! Vice city influence.
Almost 100% any cure song, as goes for Smiths song and The Album "The Hurting" by Tears for fears. REO Speedwagon, Blondie, and so many more goodies!
By: Enid
By: Cris TC
  • 10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    Put this song in the radio, then close your eyes and think in the sky. Use the moment to make a introspective view about your life...
  • 9. Love Ain't No Stranger by Whitesnake
    Whitesnake is one of the best Rock band of the 80īs... The song "Now You're Gone" is one of my favourites too, but this is 90īs
  • 8. Photograph by Def Leppard
    To be honest i discovered "Def Leppard" a few years ago, but now i'm a very big fan of the band. Photograph is so great that could be #1... Great Song!!
  • 7. The Final Countdown by Europe
    The introduction of this song is unique but all the rest is very good too.
  • 6. Dreams by Van Halen
    This is only one of the greatest hits of this Classic Rock band.
  • 5. Donīt You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
    This song is not only The Breakfast Club, it is much much more than this....
  • 4. Heat Of The Moment by Asia
    "..Do you remember when we used to dance And incidents arose from circumstance One thing led to another, we were young And we would scream together songs unsung * It was the heat of the moment..." Great!!! Amazing!!!
  • 3. Did It All For Love by Phenomena II
    If you donīt remeber this band, thatīs Ok... but please, listen this song!!This song remeber me a TV ad about my childhood.
  • 2. Down Under by Men at Work
    Great song!! Great band!! Australia is amazing!
  • 1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police
    The Best Band ever!! I think that message in a bottle is the best but it was written in the 70īs...
Iīm glad to be a part of this years but It is very dificulty to choose only 10 songs...
By: Flove
By: Anthony
  • 10. (TIE) Let's Stay Together/Private Dancer by Tina Turner
    The entire "Private Dancer" album is topnotch, and probally ranks #2 or #3 on my list of best albums of the 80s. These two songs show Tina Turner's awesome vocal abilities; the intro to "Let's Stay Together" still gives me goosebumps, and "Private Dancer is one of the sexiest songs of all time!
  • 9. Raspberry Beret by Prince
    Prince practically defined the 80s. This was his funkiest piece of music, but it truly is a hit!
  • 8. Africa by Toto
    The pipe sound is awesome, and the overall music is excellent. Really brings a rush of memories back!
  • 7. Let's Dance by David Bowie
    This is a great Bowie song; it's totally unlike his early works (Suffragette City, Changes, et. al), but it has that great dance beat to it!
  • 6. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
    I don't know why, but this song has such an infectious feel to it. It sounds great even today; kinda has that 50's kitsch!
  • 5. (Just Like) Starting Over by John Lennon
    I had to include at least one John Lennon song. I don't like most of the songs on the "Double Fantasy" album, but this one is a killer!
  • 4. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
    I just heard this song while seeing the movie "Monster." It brough back a flood of memories...great rock song, full of power!
  • 3. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
    The vocals are smoky and the song is so damn cathcy! Perfect 80s treat!
  • 2. Your Love Is King by Sade
    Sade has one of the sexiest voices around; her vocals are sultry and her band is charged!
  • 1. Burning Down The House by Talking Heads
    This is a truly awesome, powerful song. After watchin "Stop Making Sense," I listened to the soundtrack day after's that good!
There are tons of songs I could have added to this list. However, this compilation is, for me, the ultimate 80s. Have fun!
By: SJ Gaither
  • 10. I've Been In Love Before by Cutting Crew
    what a song. Even better then Died In Your Arms.
  • 9. Heartline by Robin George
    Whatever happened to him?
  • 8. Why Can't I Have You by The Cars
    Fantastic song. Very sensual and heartbreaking.
  • 7. In A Big Country by Big Country
    "Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming"
  • 6. Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) by Roger Hodgson
    Very poignant song in the eighties and even more so now.
  • 5. The Sign Of Fire by The Fixx
    Love this song. Great lyrics.
  • 4. Dancing In Berlin by Berlin
    Not as well known as their other hits but this is my favorite of theirs.
  • 3. Nobody Home by Heart
    This song gets me.
  • 2. Don't Answer Me by Alan Parsons Project
    My favorite APP song. This is the best of them!
  • 1. It Ain't Enough by Corey Hart
    An incredible love song. I can feel the emotion Corey puts into this song.
By: inlove with 80s
By: Mohamed Ahmed
By: tim
  • 10. Necrophobic by Slayer
    strangulation, mutilation, cancer of the brain. limb dissection, amputation, from a mind deranged. asphyxiation, suffocation, gasping for air. explain to me the feeling after sitting in the chair
  • 9. Hit The Lights by Metallica
    no life till leather! we are gonna kick some ass tonight! we got the metal madness when our fans start screaming
  • 8. Silent Scream by Slayer
    silent scream! bury the unwanted child, beaten and torn, sacrifice the unborn!
  • 7. And Justice For All by Metallica
    the ultimate in vanity, exploiting their supremecy, i cant believe the things you say, i cant believe, i cant believe the price! you pay
  • 6. Angel Of Death by Slayer
    angel of death! monarch to the kingdom of the dead! infamous, butcher, angel of death!
  • 5. For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica
    make his fight on the hill in the early day, constant chill deep inside. shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey on they fight, for they are right, yes, but whose to say?
  • 4. South Of Heaven by Slayer
    chaos rampant, an age of distrust. confrontations. impulsive habitat.
  • 3. Master Of Puppets by Metallica
    obey your master! master! master of puppets im pulling your strings! twisting your mind smashing your dreams!
  • 2. Postmortem by Slayer
    funeral held for the deprssion of man, holds the key to his own death! enter a tomb of a corpse yet conceived tighten the tourniquet around your neck!
  • 1. Metal Militia by Metallica
    thunder and lightning the gods take revenge, sensless destruction! victims of fury are cowardly now, running for safety
metallica and slayer are cool, heavy metals the best man
By: pam
  • 10. Pat Benatar by We Belong
    Classic love song. It just moves me when i listen to it! i had to have one of her songs on here
  • 9. Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
    gotta love the idol for all his great songs
  • 8. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
    BEST ROCK GROUP OF ALL TIME...thats all i can say
  • 7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
    this is the theme song for many girls lives including mine. It is soo peppy and just a fun song
  • 6. Shout by Tears For Fears
    these boys had some powerful vocals and songs
  • 5. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    Classic rock song; when i hear it i still scream it out loud and clear
  • 4. Like A Prayer by Madonna
    this song is great, a true dance fun song.
  • 3. Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode
    i love all of depeche mode's songs it was hard for me to pick the best
  • 2. No More Words by Berlin
    i love this band; just everything about them there should be more berlin on the tope 10 lists
  • 1. The Reflex by Duran Duran
    BEST duran duran song ever...when i hear this song i just wanna dance and relive those good years it. duran duran is the best boy band ever
there are soo many good songs to choose from honestly i know i will think of something better or something else but i think i summed up my list pretty well right now. People give the 80s a bad rep but if ur from there or know anything aobut it u know that it is one of the best times in history. it certainly was the most fun. I love the 80s!!
By: Hanzel
  • 10. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
    is a song the brings memory of the 80's
  • 9. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    is a song the have the feelings of the 80's
  • 8. Take On Me by a-ha
    is a song the makes u to dance until your body can resist.
  • 7. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    is one of the best romantic song ever made in the history of music.
  • 6. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
    is a song the makes fire in side ur body and you feel like a valient tiger.
  • 5. Wind Of Change by Scorpions
    is a song the makes u think about the world we live on it and it makes you to wish for a better world.
  • 4. A Kind Of Magic by Queen
    is a beautiful the puts u on a dream of magic.
  • 3. We Rock by Dio
    is a wild song that makes u to rock on and yell for eternity.
  • 2. Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'n' Roses
    is a song the it makes u to fly trough your dreams.
  • 1. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
    Whoa!!! is a song with a pure heart of the 80's.
By: Peter
  • 10. Forever Young by Alphaville
    who can't remember dancing to this in highschool in the 80's?
  • 9. Take It On The Run by REO Speedwagon
    another classic...breaking up with anyone? thinking of it? girlfriends in the 80's.
  • 8. Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
    was this in the 80's? It was awesome...I loved this song...classic breaking up song.
  • 7. 99 Red Balloons by Nena
    once again...she was hot :)
  • 6. Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
    reminds me of being on my motorcycle hanging out on the streets of toronto in the summer.
  • 5. Manic Monday by The Bangles
    the bangled rocked. Plus susanna hoffs was so hot!
  • 4. Old Emotions by The Spoons
  • 3. In Your Wildest Dreams by Moody Blues
    reminds me of a summer in the mid 80s. workin in a bookstore and hoping my girlfriend would show up.
  • 2. Girls Night Out by Toronto
    OK...most people haven't heard of toronto, but this was one of my favourite bands of all time.
  • 1. Metal Queen by Lee Aaron
    wow when I was in grade 9 this song ruled.
There are way too many songs from the 80's to put down. I love this site. I come here all the time to read people's messages. really miss everything about the 80's. With kids and jobs and everything else, really would like a time machine to go back to those carefree days where we only had to worry about nuclear war and AIDS.
By: Peavy
  • 10. Hourglass by Squeeze
  • 9. Cum On Feel The Noize by Quiet Riot
  • 8. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
  • 7. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
  • 6. Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon
  • 5. Don't Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra
  • 4. Cars by Gary Numan
  • 3. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Styx
  • 2. Every Breath You Take by The Police
  • 1. Hyperactive! by Thomas Dolby
    Not many people will probably agree on this one, but this is the best 80's song ever. Not to mention the best trombone solo ever.
By: jurjen
  • 10. I Am A Camera by The Buggles
    their album 'video killed the radiostars' was, ik think, one of the first hits of producer trevor horn. many followed: propaganda, abc, grace jones. I still like his very recognizable sound.
  • 9. Dreiklang Dimensionen by Rheingold
    the 'neue deutsche welle', new wave german style, produced lots of great songs. falco, sandra, DOF. Check the uptempo remix of this great song
  • 8. Big Log by Robert Plant
    one of those really great songs
  • 7. Private Investigations by Dire Straits
    everyone's favourite for sure
  • 6. Such A Shame by Talk Talk
    check out the long us remix. they made lots of excellent songs in the eighties.
  • 5. Remember David by A Flock Of Seagulls
    they made quite some catchy songs. i ran, wishing, the more you live,
  • 4. Uncertain Smile by The The
    one of those hidden pearls
  • 3. Love Like Blood by Killing Joke
    till the feeling's gone and the act is done.... high energy music form the eighties!
  • 2. New Dawn Fades by Joy Division
    doom music. check out the cover by moby. should i include also 'day of the lords' and 'decades'?
  • 1. Theme For Great Cities by Simple Minds
    thay made so many great songs so just for the memories it brings me i choose this one.
i didn't mention any of the synthesizer new wave groups, OMD, ultravox, duran duran, heaven 17 etc. please post your fav songs of them.
By: Elvis P. Resley
  • 10. In The Heat Of The Jungle by Chris Isaak
    The epitome of cool!
  • 9. On The Loose by Saga
    Don't fight it, just let those keyboards take you away.
  • 8. Moonlight Desires by Gowan
    Voices don't get more distinct than this one.
  • 7. Worlds Away by Strange Advance
    A heartbreaking song you're not embarrassed to listen to with your windows rolled down.
  • 6. The Ghost In You by The Psychedelic Furs
    Underated; underplayed; easily remedied.
  • 5. What Does It Take by Honeymoon Suite
    This will always represent an 80s summer for me.
  • 4. Save A Prayer by Duran Duran
    For a band with so many gems, this really stands out as the uber-gem.
  • 3. Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann
    The Lost Boys - possibly the best movie of its kind.
  • 2. Under The Milky Way Tonight by The Church
    Catchy, haunting and able to pull off a bagpipe solo!
  • 1. Plainsong by The Cure
    The most beautiful song ever recorded.
Since I'm indecisive (hey, blame the 80s, they shouldn't have been so good musically), other honorable and moody mentions are: The Iceman Comes by Gary Numan; Waiting For The Night by Depeche Mode; Nowhere Girl by B-Movie; Woman In Chains by Tears For Fears; Wishing (If I Had A Photograph) by A Flock Of Seagulls; Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House. Great songs all! Great site as well. Wish I had a DeLorean. I'd go back in time and appreciate that decade just a little more!
By: Jason
  • 10. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
  • 9. Heart Of Glass by Blondie
  • 8. Cars by Gary Numan
  • 7. When Doves Cry by Prince
  • 6. Need You Tonight by INXS
  • 5. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
  • 4. You Spin Me 'round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive
  • 3. How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
  • 2. Rock The Casbah by The Clash
  • 1. Blue Monday by New Order
    Would be #1 again when the decide to re-release like the other times.
There was so much great music in the '80s, when music was such a part of our culture. 90's music was so lifeless by comparison.
By: T. Kokkoris
  • 10. Raspberry Beret by Prince
    My favorite, from one of the top trend-setters of the 80s.
  • 9. Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears
    Ready for their comeback...
  • 8. The One Thing by INXS
    Really missing Michael Hutchence...
  • 7. Kissing A Fool by George Michael
    Beautiful song. Beautiful star!
  • 6. The Dream Police by Cheap Trick
    Robin Zander and the boys at their finest.
  • 5. Crazy For You by Madonna
    A tender ballad from our strongest female musician.
  • 4. Invisible Sun by The Police
    Perhaps the most beautiful political song of the 80s.
  • 3. Pressure by Billy Joel
    You gotta love Billy - everyone has felt this way at some point.
  • 2. A View To A Kill by Duran Duran
    Perhaps the best soundtrack song from any movie, ever. And what a great video!
  • 1. The Unforgettable Fire by U2
    The best song, by the best living song on the planet.
By: Thomas
  • 10. Pop Muzik by M
    The VERY FIRST '45' record I ever owned. I was 4 going on 5 but I learned quick how to change the records on a record player. Actually, if anyone remembers, the old record players were similar to CD players, in the aspect that you could continually play the same song over and over. The old style players had a center piece in the middle which would allow you to stack 4 to 6 records for playing. But if you put one 45 on and moved the "arm" over, the record would keep getting played over and over. My parents dreaded the day I figured that one out. mmmmmm...Pop Music Indeed!!
  • 9. That's All by Genesis
    What can I say. If you add up all his solo hits along with the Genesis hits, Mr. Phil Collins has one very impressive list of top hits and great songs. This being my favorite of all those.
  • 8. Drive by The Cars
    This song reminds me of my middle school dances.(Ironic since I destinctively remember NOONE actually dancing - girls one side, guys on the other - and even more ironic...NOONE COULD DRIVE!)
  • 7. Raspberry Beret by Prince
    Forget Madonna, Janet & Michael. This guy IS the 'king of the 80s', in my opinion. Heck, even my grandmother liked this song, honest!
  • 6. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall & Oates
    What a GREAT bass and drumline on this song. If I ever learn how to play the bass...This song is my first goal.
  • 5. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    When I was young (like 9 or 10) I used to dream of being in a band...and I ALWAYS thought this would be the perfect song to start the concert with. Pyro-technics, Lasers, Fog, Strobe Lights...and this song. Great drum beat and the rhythm is very driving and contagious.
  • 4. Train In Vain by The Clash
    I never realized how much I liked this song until I had to "live" this song a few times. Thank you ladies.(you know who you are)
  • 3. Freedom by Wham!
    I know, I know...everyone will think I'm "weird" or something for including a WHAM song in my list...but I can't help it...this song always made me want to sing along and I find it to be the most "guilty pleasure" song from the 80s for me!
  • 2. The Longest Time by Billy Joel
    I clearly remember this song when I was like 7 or 8 years old. I had purely been raised on 50s & 60s music by my parents and this was a "modern" song that sounded A LOT like those old 50s/early 60s "doo-woop" songs.(Plus it was a nice tool in getting my parents to listen to the modern radio stations!)
  • 1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
    Probably one of the top 5 songs that I love most and can truly relate to. This song has a lot of depth and meaning and feelings. It's semi-spiritual and I don't think most realize it.
I could actually have done a list of my top 50 favorite 80s songs. But here is a quick "extra" ten songs that just BARELY missed this list. "Cruel to Be Kind":Nick Lowe ; "Friend of Mine":Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne ; "Break My Stride":Matthew Wilder ; "Whip It":Devo ; "Head Over Heels":Tears for Fears ; "Eyes Without A Face":Billy Idol ; "I Wanna Be a Cowboy":Boys Don't Cry ; "Tenderness":General Public ; "Walk on Water":Eddie Money ; "Never Tear Us Apart":INXS
By: Courtney
Every song from the 80s is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant really give them an order!!!
By: Francesca
  • 10. People From Ibiza by Sandy Marton
    It gives me energy...
  • 9. A View To A Kill by Duran Duran
  • 8. Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  • 7. I Like Chopin by Gazebo
  • 6. Maria Magdalena by Sandra
  • 5. Through The Barricades by Spandau Ballet
  • 4. Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
  • 3. Valerie by Steve Winwood
    I can't explain what i feel when i Listen to this songs.I think it's very sweet..
  • 2. She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals
    It's a very cool song...
  • 1. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
    It's one of my favourite songs...i always listen to it while i'm driving!it makes me feel like if i were in the 80's!
There are so many songs i like that i can't list all!I can just say that i love the 80's and every day i listen always to 80's music!it's my life!

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