In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Eka Suma
  • 10. Borderline by Madonna
    No list is complete without Madonna, esp. this number. It brings back memories in high school - a personal song
  • 9. Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode
    A sad and brooding song with bravely written lyrics - nevertheless it has a great melody
  • 8. Talking To A Stranger by Hunters And Collectors
    A haunting song with a very captivating clip that scared the bejeesus out of me the first time I saw it.
  • 7. Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Go's
    How could you not love this song? Very infectious tune, although I mumbled to it alot cos I didn't know the words (I don't think I'm the only one)
  • 6. Cheap Wine by Cold Chisel
    This was the first I've heard from the Chisels, and easily their best
  • 5. Eighties by Killing Joke
    Classic from the industrial/post-punkmeisters - was and still is my fave band. This song said it all about the avaricious decade as we know it.. Listen to Nirvana's 'Come as you are' and you'll see where they tried to rip off the main riff
  • 4. Beautiful World by Devo
    I was a huge DEVO fan. Yes, 'Whip It' was a smash hit, but I think this number was their piece de resistance
  • 3. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
    Well, it rocked at the time.
  • 2. Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
    A sign-of-the-times classic. Also the catchiest song ever in my opinion. In high school, 'owa owa' was THE in-phrase
  • 1. Vienna by Ultravox
    Truly an epic classic synth piece that was as graceful and melodic as it was meaningless and mysterious
It's very hard to think up a 'desert-island' 80's list with only ten songs. In fact there are countless other songs that would be more appropriate than the ones I've included. I've added these because the Eighties have been not only a phase or a mere passage of time, but an incredible experience for me - a part of my life filled with good memories, and these songs have helped shape them in many ways. If only I could go back.
By: Paula
  • 10. Joan Jett by Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
    This is the hottest video still!! Joan is still the Queen of Rock N' Roll!
  • 9. Say You Really Want Me by Kim Wilde
    Is this like the hottest video - still
  • 8. Each Time You Break My Heart by Nick Kamen
  • 7. Africa by Toto
  • 6. Please Please Tell Me Now by Duran Duran
  • 5. I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
  • 4. Time (Clock Of The Heart) by Culture Club
  • 3. Wishing )If I Had A Photograph Of You) by A Flock Of Seaguls
    This Song Still Makes Me Close My Eyes While I Sing Along
  • 2. The Word Is Out by Jermaine Stewart
  • 1. Honeymoon Suite by Burning In Love
I just know I could fill a top 50 page.
By: Leanne
By: Tyler Durden
  • 10. One Way Or Another by Blondie
    One song or another, but this song has styyyle...
  • 9. The Show Must Go On by Queen
    Just another cool song of the 80`s.
  • 8. Chi Mai (Le Professionel) by Ennio Morricone
    Wonderful Title from the Movie "The Professionel" with Jean-Paul Belmondo
  • 7. Tony & Elviras Theme by Giorgo Moroder
    I`am Tony Montana. U fuck with gonna fuck with the best ( Romantic Title by Giorgo Moroder
  • 6. Once Upon A Time in America by Ennio Morricone
    Great Movie. Great Actors and sure GREAT Music by Ennio Morricone.
  • 5. Money for Nothing by Dire Straits
  • 4. The Final Countdown by Europe
    Just a cool Europe Song. Queen Like...
  • 3. Into the Night by B. B. King
    Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum survive with Into the Night by B.B. King.
  • 2. Push It to the Limit by Scarface Soundtrack
    Say `ello to my little Friend! Antonio Montanas Rise and Fall. He pushed it to the Limit.
  • 1. The Eye of the Tiger by Europe
    Adriannnnnnn!!! Rocky went right to the top, with the Eye of the Tiger.
By: Yertle the Turtle
  • 10. True by Spandau Ballet
    Late-night soppy soul ballad...I'm not a fan of this type of music but Spandau's True is great.
  • 9. One by Metallica
    Great song.
  • 8. I Got You by Split Enz
  • 7. Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran
    There's only one song catchier than this and that's the Knack's My Sharona
  • 6. Against All Odds by Phil Collins
    Good for soppy late-night listening.
  • 5. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    Hauntingly beautiful.
  • 4. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division
  • 3. Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House
    The song that got me started on this amazing NZ band. Neil Finn is a musical genius.
  • 2. Gloria by U2
    This is one overlooked song, but it is fantastic.
  • 1. New Year's Day by U2
    The most memorable intro riff ever (eat that Smoke on the Water), fantastic lyrics, and just brings to mind beautiful memories...
Honourable Mentions: Lots of U2...Unforgettable Fire, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday et al...Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode, Eruption by Van Halen, Weird Al's Polkas on 45 (now who doesn't want to hear a Polka version of LA Woman?)...
By: Kevin
By: Kelly Rasile
  • 10. Boys Don't Cry by The Cure
  • 9. Time by Culture Club
  • 8. Save a Prayer by Duran Duran
    They were amazing...before they became "the fab five."
  • 7. Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You) by Flock of Seagulls
  • 6. What is Love by Howard Jones
    HoJO....what ever became of him?
  • 5. It's the End of the World as We Know It by REM
    So cool.
  • 4. Two Hearts Beat as One by U2
    Pre-popular U2....when they were raw and sincere.
  • 3. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
  • 2. Rise by PiL
    Johnny Rotten turned John Lydon....
  • 1. Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy
    Listen to the lyrics....
Ah...the 80's....
By: Jenn
  • 10. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? by Def Leppard
    Another great song from an awesome band.
  • 9. More Than A Feeling by Boston
    Who can't like Boston? They're awesome!
  • 8. Open Arms by Journey
    This is a great song.......never get sick of this one.
  • 7. Desperado by Eagles
    Love this song!
  • 6. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns 'N' Roses
    Gotta love this song!
  • 5. November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses
    This is a great song! I love Guns 'N' Roses! Who doesn't?
  • 4. Angel by Aerosmith
  • 3. Always by Bon Jovi
    Another great song by Bon Jovi!
  • 2. Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi
    This is a great song. Very romantic and touching!
  • 1. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    I love this song! This song I would say, is the best song of the 80's!
It was really hard to rate all these songs because they're all so good!
By: Kenny
  • 10. Material Girl by Madonna
    The most influential artist of the 80s should have two songs here - this song is one of the best.
  • 9. Gloria by Laura Branigan
    The disco hit with perhaps the best lyrics
  • 8. Jack And Diane by Jon Cougar Mellencamp
    Country songs were still around in the 80s... I chose this one instead of Kenny Roger's "Lady" because it is more upbeat and thus more representative of the eighties style
  • 7. Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
    The song has always been one of my personal favourites and brings back memories (as strange as that is, given my age)
  • 6. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
    Perhaps the best original composition, besides Irene Cara's Masterpiece
  • 5. Woman In Love by Barbara Streisand
    Along with Eternal Flame, the best love songs ever
  • 4. Like A Virgin by Madonna
    No Comment Needed Here
  • 3. Endless Love by Ross/Richie
    Perhaps one of the most original compositions in the 80s
  • 2. Eternal Flame by Bangles
    One of the catchiest melodies going around, as well as having perhaps the most heartfelt set of lyrics of any song
  • 1. What A Feeling (Flashdance) by Irene Cara
    If one song can epitomize the style of the eighties - this is it; the classic disco song from the most famous dance movie of all
I am a 17 year old boy from Australia; I play classical piano - I love music from the 80s
By: Paul Hughes
  • 10. You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
    Anyone that has been to a Bon Jovi concert will remember the ecstatic response from the crowd, when Jon sings the opening line, and that sums up the popularity of both the band and this song
  • 9. Love Shack by B-52's
    i heard this song on the radio, and didn't like it. But then i heard it while watching the movie 'Caddyshack' and i became addicted to it....its such a good fun party song
  • 8. You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon
  • 7. Walk Of Life by Dire Straits
  • 6. Final Countdown by Europe
  • 5. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    This song sticks in my mind as being the best of Bon Jovi...great guitar rifts and solos, and that distinctive voice of Jon Bon Jovi screaming into the microphone...all the traits of Bon Jovi are in this song, making it a classic
  • 4. Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams
    This truly is Bryan Adams' best song in my opinion, with its explosive intro and great beats, this song should be in every top 10 list
  • 3. Anyway You Want It by Journey
    This song got me dancing no matter what state i was in, and after a long spell without hearing this song; i was delighted to hear it once again on a Simpson's episode.....very catchy song with great rifts
  • 2. Master Of Puppets by Metallica
    Metallica have always gotten a bad rep from everyone, sayin that they are just a thrashy metal group; but they have some excellent mellow tunes under their belt. This song though is a real masterpiece, and just makes me wish i saw them in concert. Metallica are undisputedly one of the greatest rock bands of all time.....and yes, i class them as a rock group!
  • 1. Same Ole Lang Syne by Dan Fogleberg
    This is a slow, sad, and beautifully sung song which brings a tear to a lot of grown men's eyes upon hearing it. It is about a lost love, so it means a lot to me, as i can relate to it. This is a timeless classic Dan
I would have mentioned more Metallica songs, but i know it would irritate a lot of people. If you listen to 'Nothing Else Matters' or 'Tuesday's Gone' by Metallica, i'm sure it would change your outlook on the band, and you will see that they are the greatest rock band of our time; well, from America at least! Nothing can rival Thin Lizzy!! Whiskey in the Jar was released in the 70's so it didn't make my top10, but it is my favourite song of all...just to let you know, not that you care!
By: Israel
By: Horrorhead
  • 10. We Are The World by USA for Africa
    All-Stars ! 'Nuff said. Everyone is there: Jackson, Richie, Lauper, Wonder, and many more.
  • 9. I Just Call To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder
    Stevie is an true phenom under the music stars. This one is probaly the highlight of his career. Great song for karaoke. You'll love it.
  • 8. Careless Whisper by George Michael
    George Michael is the greatest Entertainer both on or off-stage. Love the sax-solo in beginning.
  • 7. Beat It by Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson is probaly one of the most famous men of the world and this one let you know why.
  • 6. Master of Puppets by Metallica
    In my opinion, The best Metal song ever!
  • 5. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    This song is a great song. Simply great, original, and awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • 4. Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics
    Masterpiece from Eurythmics with a damn original classic beat.
  • 3. Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder
    I love this one ! A simply and happy song against racism.
  • 2. When Doves Cry by Prince
    Great punk tune and probaly one of the best dance songs of all time. A truly masterpiece.
  • 1. Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol
    A true classic in music history. That song let me rock whole day long.
By: Paul
  • 10. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
    Never stop believin'
  • 9. Drive by Cars
    Everybody wants to drive someone home.
  • 8. Careless Whisper by Wham
    excuse me...I have something in my eye. sniff sniff
  • 7. Jump by Van Halen
    Oh yeah
  • 6. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
    The best song in the best movie
  • 5. Shebop by Cindy Lauper
    This is the 80's, cause everybody bops...
  • 4. Into the Groove by Madonna
    This song makes anyone want to dance.
  • 3. Animal by Def Leppard
    This song has the right riffs, the right rhythm and the right rage.
  • 2. Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
  • 1. Voices Carry by Til Tuesday
    Excellent vocals
The 80's were awesome, narly, excellent, bodacious, kickin', way, like totally, bitchin', rad; simply put, the best. To quote the great Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
By: Guss
By: Dave
  • 10. Head Like a Hole by NIN
    Late 80's song. A prelude to the alternative revolution that was to take place in the 90's.
  • 9. Rock Box by RUN-DMC
    The perfect marriage of rap and heavy metal!! It should have been a top-10 hit but "Walk this Way" took all the limelight!
  • 8. Let the Music Play by Shannon
    Dance clubs today still play this influential song!!
  • 7. Drive by The Cars
    A haunting, synth-pop ballad. Still packs an emotional punch.
  • 6. Round and Round by Ratt
    Catchy guitar hook; raspy-voiced singer; overblown guitar solo; those leather pants and that mountain of hair! The perfect 80's glam metal song!
  • 5. Don't You Forget About Me by Human League
    Great voice and great hook! This song brings back some memories for me!
  • 4. I Know What Boys Like by Waitresses
    Pouty, flirty, sexy, funny!
  • 3. Broken Wings by Mr. Mr.
    I don't know why, but this is one of the few songs that makes me cry! =)
  • 2. Rock the Casbah by The Clash
    Let's be honest! How many songs from the 80's are memoriable enough to be considered rock-and-roll classics!?
  • 1. Police by Every Breath You Take
    See song #2. =)
By: Dave
  • 10. Fade to Black by Metallica
    Emotional song about suicide. One of few songs to make me cry. Listening to this, it's hard to believe how "softer" Metallica sounds today. :-/
  • 9. Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
    Bright social commmentary on the plight of American Indians in a time when most metal songs were sleazy barbs about easy women. The "galloping" guitar riff is used so effectively that, when listening to this song, you can almost smell the rawhide and gunpowder!
  • 8. Bringing on the Heartache by Def Leppard
    It starts off gentle, and then it churns into angry guitar crunching during the chorus. Kind of a "How you Remind Me" (Nickelback) for the early 80's.
  • 7. Def Leppard by Photograph
    I just HAD to include at least 2 Def Leppard songs! This one is the perfect marriage of guitar hook and synth pop!
  • 6. Scorpions by Rock You Like a Hurricane
    Head-banging, fist-pumping classic! Even if you don't like metal, you can't deny the power and energy in this song.
  • 5. Shout at the Devil by Motley Crue
    18 years later, the vicious guitar attack of this song can still hold its own against any Korn or Slipknot you throw at it!!
  • 4. Angel of Death by Slayer
    Kids, it just don't get any heavier, faster, or angrier then this!! This is a death metal classic that's not for the faint of heart.
  • 3. Hot For Teacher by Van Halen
    I know "Jump" is much more popular, but to me, this song features Eddie's best guitar work. And I LOVE that finger-tapping intro!
  • 2. Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison
    God, I hate Poison! But I can't deny that every sucky band has at least one good song. And to me, this is the best power ballad to come out of the 80's.
  • 1. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
    This is just the perfect metal song! That opening guitar riff is so mesmerizing and the finger-tapping harmonics on the solo still blows me away!
The above top 10 song list is my favorite heavy metal songs of the 80's. There are so many good songs from the 80's that I just had to do this list!!
By: Timothy Carter
  • 10. I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen
    From born in the usa Very Haunting I love The Bosses Voice there is also an excellent live version on live 75-85
  • 9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    Perhaps the 80s finest moment
  • 8. Winds of change by scorpions
    monster ballads at there finest
  • 7. No Promises by Icehouse
    love icehouse this is marginally better than great southern land, honerable mentions to electric blue, and crazy
  • 6. Drive by The Cars
    excellent song all round ....i relate with the lyrics ..if i was to have a song at my funeral this would be it.
  • 5. The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
    I Love the feeling this song has the music goes well with the lyrics. love the synth riff and don henleys voice honarable mention to the end of the innocence by henley also
  • 4. Don't Get Me Wrong by The Pretenders
    I Love the driving beat on this one, my favourite by the pretenders. honerable mentions go to ill stand by you and brass in pocket
  • 3. Joey by Concrete Blonde
    Excellent tune. sounds a lot like 4 non blondes.
  • 2. Alive And Kicking by Simple Minds
    Excellent song i personally think its better than D.Y.F.A.M. you can listen to it way more
  • 1. Handle With Care by The Traveling Wilburys
    R.i.p george harrison, roy orbison and nearly bob dylan and tom petty looks like he is dead....excellent tune from this "supergroup"
These are in no particular order.......i love the 80s and this site.
By: Peg
By: kaybee
  • 10. The Sweetest Taboo by Sade
  • 9. I Know This Much Is True by Spandau Ballet
  • 8. I'm Still Standin' by Elton John
  • 7. Suddenly by Billy Ocean
  • 6. Careless Whisper by Wham (George Michael)
  • 5. Against All Odds by Phil Collins
  • 4. To Give You Money by Wham! (George Michael)
  • 3. Beat Box by Art of Noise
  • 2. Holding Back The Years by Simply Red
  • 1. Smooth Operator by Sade
    Brought Jazz into the Pop culture in a smooth new way!
By: aaron storm

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