In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Sean
Thats one list that kicks some serious a**
By: Bill Mumaw
  • 10. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
  • 9. Kids In The Kitchen by Current Stand
    Obscure Aussies…
  • 8. The Smithereens by Blood And Roses
    I actually bought the Dangerously Close soundtrack just for this song.
  • 7. Husker Du by Visionary
    Fast and cool...
  • 6. Bad Brains by I Against I
    Very underrated band...
  • 5. Marian by The Sisters Of Mercy
    "This Corrosion" is another track you have to have by The Sisters of Mercy.
  • 4. The Killing Jar by Siouxsie And The Banshees
    Siouxsie is an original...
  • 3. Killing Joke by Adorations
    Jez Coleman is a classic...
  • 2. London Calling by Clash
    Everyone had the poster...
  • 1. Elegia by New Order
    Haunting Joy Division/Warsaw roots...
By: Kenzie
It was a hard choice, Safety Dance, Our House, Don't You Forget About Me, In Your Eyes and Rebel Yell were runners up.
By: cheche
  • 10. Ghost In You by Psychedelic Furs
    Great song...
  • 9. Turning Japanese by The Vapors
  • 8. Dont You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    Very nice song..
  • 7. Somebody by Depeche Mode
    The idea of the song is definitely gorgeous!...
  • 6. Our House by Madness
    Fave song on the bar...
  • 5. Melt With You by Modern English
  • 4. Take On Me by A-Ha
    This is my favorite song whenever Im playing billiards...
  • 3. More To Lose by Seona Dancing
    This song gives me energy enough to be able to do everything that has to be done.Its jst so cool...
  • 2. State Of The Nation by Industry
    Another excellent song for me, especially in our situation right now with the wars going on...the beat is phenomenal, I just love and admired the people behind this song!!!
  • 1. The Promise by When In Rome
    Just puts me in the mood everytime I listen to this particular music. This is terrribly waesome!!!I always play this in my bar.
hey people, lets jsut accept the fact that the 80s New Wave rules!!!!!
By: Francisco from Chile
  • 10. Blue Monday by New Order
  • 9. Maria Magdalena - Secret Land by Sandra
  • 8. Brother Louie - Geronimos Cadillac by Modern Talking
  • 7. Cold Hearted - The Way That You Love Me by Paula Abdul
  • 6. You Spin Me Round - Brand New Lover by Dead or Alive
  • 5. Too Shy - Turn Your Back On Me by Kajagoogoo
  • 4. Save A Prayer - Planet Earth by Duran Duran
  • 3. Only In My Dreams - foolish Beat by Debbie Gibson
  • 2. La Isla Bonita - Dress You Up by Madonna
  • 1. Karma Chameleon - Do U Really Want To Hurt Me? by Culture Club
    the best 80s songs everˇ
the best time music was made............ what beautiful years....
By: Paco Veenstra
  • 10. So Emotional by Whitney Houston
    eighties are emotions!
  • 9. The Promise You Made by Cock Robin
    Oh what a great youth i had...
  • 8. This Time I Know Its For Real by Donna Summer
    Cool, and in that time she looked great.
  • 7. Life's What You Make It by Talk Talk
    We cant forget this one can we...
  • 6. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    Simple minds... complex, great music!
  • 5. Wouldn't It Be Good by Nick Kershaw
    Great song!
  • 4. Gold by Spandau Ballet
    Like I said before, super music!
  • 3. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
    Great! Also very cool video (remember the guy running up a wall...)
  • 2. True by Spandau Ballet
    Need I say more? Those guys were the best! Sadly they dont make music like this no more..
  • 1. Crazy by Icehouse
    Amazing voice! My most favourite!
I remember the eighties as a happy, great time. And the music played along with that thought!
By: Pierre Johnson
  • 10. Biko by Peter Gabriel
    Thought provoking pop with a social conscious.
  • 9. Against All Odds by Phil Collins
    Wonderful heart-grabbing ballad.
  • 8. Rag Doll by Aerosmith
    Aerosmith's come back Walk This Way for he 80s
  • 7. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
    Brilliant blues/hard rock cross-over.
  • 6. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
    Hard-rocking, pop to which you can dance.
  • 5. Just Like (Starting Over) by John Lennon
    Great and ironic swan song.
  • 4. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    Haunting pop.
  • 3. De Do Do Do (Don't Stand So Close to Me) by The Police
    Brilliant pop.
  • 2. Mayor Of Simpleton by XTC
    No meaning contained within unabashed pop.
  • 1. Dear God by XTC
    Deep meaning disguised in brilliant pop.
The 1980s was a brilliant decade for music. Quality music abounded regardless of your favorite genre of popular music. MTV was in its infancy and specialized in playing music videos (advertisements for the music industry, essentially), which, unlike today, the channel specializes in everything but music. Attempting to limit this list to 10 songs is incredibly difficult. Great bands and great artists oduced great music in the 1980s. One can think of songs by Yes, Stevie Ray Vaughn,
By: gina
  • 10. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    A huge hit in the 80's, others of his include Bad and Beat it.
  • 9. Always On My Mind by Pet Shop Boys
    When you hear their music you think of the 80's.
  • 8. Hold Me Now by Thompson twins
    I don't know why, I just love this song
  • 7. Material Girl by Madonna
    A very fun song especially for girls. Like now ,Madonna was huge in the 80's.
  • 6. Girls Want To Have Fun/Time After Time by Cindy Lauper
    Both songs are very different from each other but equally amazing. She was a huge 80's icon
  • 5. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Another 80's classic
  • 4. Venus by Bananarama
    It's one of the songs you like to listen to loud in your car.
  • 3. Walk Like An Egyptian by Bangles
    Makes you want to get up and dance!!
  • 2. Take On Me by Aha
    a classic 80's song!
  • 1. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
    It's just an amazing song, it puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.
Honorable Mention include, Duran Duran- Hungry like the Wolf, The Police- Every breath you take, Berlin- Take my breath away, Phil Collins- Groovy Kind of love, Tears for Fears- Everybody wants to rule the world, Crowded House- Hey now, Divinyls- I touch myself, Chris DeBurgh- Lady in red, The GoGo's- our lips are sealed, We got the beat, Buggles- Video killed the radio star, B-52's- Love shack, Dead or Alive- You spin me round, Nena- 99 red balloons, Eurythmics- Sweet dreams, Billy Idol- Dancing with myself, and anything from INXS, The Cure and Depeche Mode.
By: Zeph Wuchina
  • 10. Quicksand Jesus by Skid Row
    A very creative tune.
  • 9. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
    Not up to its full potential
  • 8. Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpians
    A great hair Metal Song
  • 7. Monkey Buissness by Skid Row
    A fast paste, easy head banging song
  • 6. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    A great love song
  • 5. Unskinny Bop by Poison
    A great song Period.
  • 4. Stay Together by Mr. Big
  • 3. Rainbow In The Dark by Dio
    The Very best Rocker
  • 2. More Than Words by Extreme
    Best ballad of all time
  • 1. Slave To The Grind by Skid Row
    A great hard rock song
These were hard choices i had to make on short notice
By: Buddy Ehrich
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes), Billy Jean (MIchael Jackson), Whirly Girl (Oxo), Save A Prayer, Ordinary World (Duran Duran), Suddenly, Last Summer (The Motels), Hold On Tight (ELO/Jeff Lynne), Listen To The Radio (Tom Robinson)
By: Tammy Bonney
  • 10. Wake Me Up Before You Gogo by Wham
    I thought george was so sexy, I just found out with his arrest that he is gay. I can't believe all these years I never knew.
  • 9. Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young
    He had a great voice. I was curiuos a few years back about what had happened to him and a day latter they announced he had passed away.:-(
  • 8. P.Y.T by Michael Jackson
    I remember learning how to moon walk and I actually owned the silver glove. Oh the shame.
  • 7. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
    I wanted her Hair so bad. I really do not know why I didn't do it. Really can't now.
  • 6. Holiday by Madonna
    The Quenn lives on. I really didn't think she would make it past like a virgin.
  • 5. Let's Go Crazy by Prince
    He is the 80's. What an awesome album
  • 4. True by Spandu Ballet
    The perfect making out song at the high school dance.
  • 3. Lovecats by The Cure
    Great group, Where are they now?
  • 2. Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes
    Great dancing tune.Reminds me of the punk and preppy days.
  • 1. Forever Young by Alphaville
    This was our theme for graduation and to this day I still want to be forever young.
I could give you my top 100. I loved the 80's. Sad to say bad haircuts and bad clothes,I miss them all.
By: Tony Danza
  • 10. Glass House by Styx
    "I wish I knew what she did as she walked away, To make my glass house shatter that day"
  • 9. Sunbeam Radio by Survivor
    I still don't what this song is about but it always made me smile.
  • 8. Her Name Was Julia by Toto
    We used to listen to this song everyday for a month in 1982. I still love it.
  • 7. No Need To Yell by Starship
    I've always liked this one. The cowbell is a seldom used instrument these days but it sounds great here.
  • 6. Had A Good Time by Juice Newton
    A fun summertime song.
  • 5. Cereal Mondays by Men Without Hats
    Had my first slow dance to this song. Minchinton's voice really shines expecially in the chorus.
  • 4. Swallow The Rain by Human League
    A song of lust and terror. Beautifully written.
  • 3. Song For Judah by Simple Minds
    A haunting melody. Reminds me of being in a funeral home.
  • 2. Tell Me by Modern English
    The bass line rocks and the drum solo is one of the best ever.
  • 1. Breathe Softer by Kim Carnes
    A totally underated brilliant song by an amazing singer. Gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.
By: Jose Ramos (part 2/2)
  • 10. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson
    I wouldn't prefer Debbie Gibson as the '80's answer to Sandra Dee(big screen's "Gidget"). (She's more like Sally Field,TV's "Gidget"...a TALENTED ACTRESS)
  • 9. In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember) by Debbie Gibson
    From "The Wonder Years" soundtrack (1989)& "Live In Concert: The Out Of The Blue Tour" video (1989).
  • 8. Anything Is Possible by Debbie Gibson
    The music video reminded me of the "In Living Color" fly girls segments.
  • 7. No More Rhyme by Debbie Gibson
    Britney who? (No offense to current pop music fans)
  • 6. We Could Be Together by Debbie Gibson
  • 5. Shake Your Love by Debbie Gibson
  • 4. Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson
    Fun Fact: She wrote this song when she was 13 years old.
  • 3. Out Of The Blue by Debbie Gibson
  • 2. Foolish Beat by Debbie Gibson
    Fun Fact: This song made her the youngest female artist (17) to write,produce,and perform a #1 hit in 1988. Record still holds.
  • 1. Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson
    One of the greatest love ballads ever made.
Best of the original teen queen: Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson! Don't laugh...(please) Unlike many current teen queens, Deb wrote,produced, and sang her own material. She was also quite cute. (Now is more attractive.)
By: Paul Cooke
  • 10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears
    Whatever happened to them ?
  • 9. People Are People by Depeche Mode
  • 8. Keep Feeling Fascination by Human League
  • 7. The Reflex by Duran Duran
    Had to put this one in as I was a huge fan.
  • 6. I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Nik Kershaw
  • 5. Our House by Madness
  • 4. Der Kommisar by Falco And Also After The Fire
    Really Groovy !
  • 3. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Spooky sounds and is still a frequently played song today
  • 2. Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode
    See comment for no 1
  • 1. Don't You Want Me by Human League
    Catchy synth pop with a chourus you can easily sing along to.
By: Tommy B.
  • 10. Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen
    Coutney Cox's video debut.
  • 9. Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes
    Reviled by YES purists, yet one of the top pop anthems of the decade.
  • 8. What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers
    1 song, 3 Grammys, 'nuff said.
  • 7. I.G.Y. by Donald Fagen
    "On that train, all graphite and glitter, undersea by rail..."
  • 6. Eminence Front by The Who
    Multiple synth tracks from the man who pioneered the synthesizer as a central instrument - Mr. Pete Townshend.
  • 5. Don't Ask Me Why by Billy Joel
    Last good song before a decade of crap.
  • 4. Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
    Commercial juggernaut, but sometimes a bandwagon's worth jumping onto.
  • 3. Heat Of The Moment by Asia
    "One thing led to another, we were young."
  • 2. Subdivisions by Rush
    Incredible synth & rhythm undercurrent
  • 1. Tempted by Squeeze
    "'s not my conscience that hates to be untrue!"
In case you didn't notice, Rock wasn't completely dead in the glam age!
By: Owen Coomer
  • 10. Gloria by U2
    This area I had a hard time filling. I may have missed a song I really liked, but I do like this track from "October"
  • 9. Sweetest Thing by U2
    This track was written during the 80's and was supposed to be released on the Joshua Tree, but was never released until 1998
  • 8. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
    I find melody, with a great feel-good idea
  • 7. A Day Without Me by U2
    Listen to "Boy" it's quite an amazing album
  • 6. I Will Follow by U2
    What a great song for a new coming band
  • 5. New Year's Day by U2
    I think you might be seeing a pattern by now
  • 4. Desire by U2
    So upbeat and less than 3 minutes. So much song in so little time
  • 3. Where the Streets Have No Name by U2
    Incredible Song
  • 2. With Or Without You by U2
    If we went to the nineties we would find "One"
  • 1. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2
    What can I say? World's Greatest Band...
U2 is the greatest band ever, although not Influential-wise (Beatles are). I would also like to point out that I am a bigger fan of the 90's and ongoing U2.
By: robert
By: Rob Santa
  • 10. Let Me Go by Heaven 17
    This song is the synth equivalent of gold.
  • 9. I Melt With You by Modern English
    Proof that all love songs don't have to be agonizing power ballads.
  • 8. Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads
    The best Devo song that Devo never made.
  • 7. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves
    Sure this is probably the most overplayed song, but doesn't it just scream "80's"?
  • 6. 99 Luftballoons by Nena
    Anybody who likes the English version should be bonked on the head. This is the real deal.
  • 5. Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung
    I kept flip flopping on my choice for #4 & #5. For now, this is #5.
  • 4. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    Doesn't it just make you want to feather your hair and acid wash everything? =)
  • 3. We Belong by Pat Benatar
    Pat had an absolutely gorgeous voice and a A+ calibre back catalog to back it up.
  • 2. How Soon Is Now by The Smiths
    Excellent though it may be, forget Love Spit Love's abbreviated cover. There's something otherworldly about this version.
  • 1. Purple Rain by Prince
    Both timeless and characteristically 80's, this song is pure magic. Find one hole or flaw. I dare you.
ARGH!!!! Must I choose? In addition to everything ever made by U2, I would've included... "Bette Davis Eyes", "The Sun Always Shines on TV", "Cry Little Sister", "Sweet Dreams", "Broken Wings", "Saftey Dance", "At This Moment", "Weird Science", & about a couple dozen more gems.
By: Trenton Price
  • 10. What I Am by Edie Brickell
    Smooth, intoxicating jazz-rock fusion. What in the hell happened to her (besides Paul Simon)?
  • 9. Marathon by Rush
    I'm not sure whether we're talking about air-play songs here, but this song is definitely (and this is saying a lot!)Rush at their best. Beautiful and inspiring song and video.
  • 8. Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd
    This one had two different videos. My favorite was the one in which the Indian spirit coerces the young man to attemtp to fly. Beautifully mystical.
  • 7. Defenders Of The Flag by Bruce Hornsby (with Huey Lewis on harmonica)
    Social and political commentary as only Hornsby can do it! Nice assist from Lewis on the harmonica.
  • 6. Shouldn't Take It So Hard by Keith Richards & The Expensive Winos
    Little known solo effort by Richards got heavy rotation when MTV ACTUALLY played videos. Great jammin, head-boppin song.
  • 5. Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi
    In my opinion, the greatest road song ever written or performed.
  • 4. Overkill by Men At Work
    Can you believe it? Colin Hay's voice is as strong as ever and sounds just as good acoustically. Can this guy sing or what?
  • 3. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    God, was music interesting back then!
  • 2. With Or Without You by U2
    They haven't done (in my humble opinion) anything better since.
  • 1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes
    The whole cd '90125' could be nominated. Also, very few videos are as disturbing.
Finest Worksong/Orange Crush-- REM; Silent Lucidity-- Queensryche; Good Night Saigon (I cry every time I hear it)/ Keepin The Faith-- Billy Joel
By: Herry Ginanjar

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