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Sex: Both
Type of clothing: Clothing
When it was popular: Mid/late 1980's
Description: Dodgy tracksuit made out of brightly coloured shiny shell type material
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sophie - May 05, 2008 - Report this comment
the shell suit proberly the worst 80s clothing made!!!!
Nic - July 08, 2008 - Report this comment
I need to buy one for a fancy dress party! Any ideas where from?? E-mail me please! nic.t23 @ Thanks!!
Kelsey - September 14, 2008 - Report this comment
I was born in 1987, but my parents made me wear little-girl versions of these in bright, obnoxious colors up through about 1995. We wore them every year in Disney World in December, so it's highly documented on film, unfortunately... Of course, I had the pony tail DIRECTLY on top of the head to match... with obnoxiously large scrunchie. Oh, the style!!!
Alan - January 29, 2009 - Report this comment
Everyone should try to wear a shellsuit with singlet inside. You may also waer shellsuit without any innerwear. So smashing and cool. Try now, especially for cool guy! :-)
mark l jenkins - February 28, 2009 - Report this comment
i love my shell suit i am 51 it is colurfull & very warm & very comfortable trying 2 buy more befor i wear out the only 1 i have
Sharon - May 02, 2009 - Report this comment
these brings back instant memories! I use to have a couple of full pairs. the jacket and the matching pants. (nylon lining not cotton) I had this fetish of wearing them out for the day wearing absolutly nothing on under the suit! What a feeling it was walking around in public shopping feeling the cool nylon fabric against the body! WOW! and the pants were just so comfortable to lounge around in. I wish I could go back and relive those days. anybody els do the same? like to hear your replies! Cheers
Shelly s - May 21, 2009 - Report this comment
I went naked under the suit all the time! I still do to this day! its a great feeling! try it!
michael - August 22, 2009 - Report this comment
I have a fetish for the 1990 england shellsuit which I wear in the house and love to feel the soft material against myself if you know what i mean lol
joe - January 11, 2010 - Report this comment
hi guys i have found a facebook page for the return of the shell suit. be ace if you could all add yourselves so we can start up the revolution again cheers joe
Mems - January 19, 2010 - Report this comment
ugh.. Terrible fashion! You could hear someone coming a mile away... "swoosh" "swoosh"
rob - February 17, 2010 - Report this comment
i wore countless number of these suits and i must say that i loved these they were nice n bright in colour very very comfertable to where and certainly made you stand out and if i can i will where 1 of these again if i'm able to find them
heaz - February 18, 2010 - Report this comment
im doin a report on the 80s at scool borin
maryam - May 25, 2010 - Report this comment
hi i am in year 6 and i need to derss like the 9180 CAN YOU GIVE ME AN IDE
Michael - January 11, 2011 - Report this comment
Hi! Sorry for my English. I'm from Moscow Russia. I have fetish for ht soft nylon shellsuit (windsuits, nylon tracksuit. What is the difference between them?). I really like when girls wears shellsuits. I created small community in LJ (windsuitfetish), & also flickr channel (shellsuitfetish).
Michael - January 13, 2011 - Report this comment
When I wrote girls I mean adult young female (18-35), of course. I understand that word “maid” is obsolete English word.
Caroline anne white - June 21, 2012 - Report this comment
hi i was born in 1970, so i was there when the shell suits hit the 80s infact me and my then partner had matching sets and ive still gotten mine sadly im now to fat to fit in it or id bloody be wearing mine still cant recall off hand which brand its by but one of the top sports labbels id look to sell it but being vintage ive not a clue as to how much to ask for it help?
Kessy - April 17, 2014 - Report this comment
LOL! I remember wearing my shell-suit to a friends house and their little dog rubbed on my leg an put dog cum on it :) Never wore it again! LOL! and i am a v3m1nist!
Gaz - April 21, 2014 - Report this comment
Yerrr right! You lot hate shell-suits! Be honest, how many of you would buy one today? You're walking past a sports shop or have found one online for 20 Dollors/Euros/Pounds would you buy it? I bet you would be tempted. So STFU cuz Shell-Suits are brilliant and you know it!
Kellie - March 22, 2015 - Report this comment
Shell-Sue - June 18, 2015 - Report this comment
yes but - Who will Shell-Suit the Shell-Suit? Does it become a Shell-Suit-System?
Alex - December 16, 2015 - Report this comment
I adore these shiny silky nylon shell suits!!! I have more than 20 pieces of various types and colors. I love to wear those without any inner wear in public, especially I love to wear those in cool and sunny days. Oh, what a pleasure it is when you are going in such shiny, silky and sexy suit and everybody pay attention to you! Many people even said some compliments about my suits. I desperately want to find more shell suits, especially CREATION and COMPETITION brand which are the best!
Shell-Sue - December 24, 2015 - Report this comment
@Alex - I love Shell-Suits too! It's funny how a majority of people can't (or wont) think for themselves. They follow what the Media tell them. Either way, Shell-Suits are GREAT!
Dave - January 23, 2016 - Report this comment
Shellsuits are cool and very comfy. Also part of the reason why tracksuits are so popular. I think they are great
Shell-Sue - January 24, 2016 - Report this comment
@Dave...Exactly! Shell-Suits will come back into fashion and those of us who appreciate them will have the last laugh!....They're a very practical piece of you say, comfortable.
Dave - January 30, 2016 - Report this comment
@Shell-sue I would love to see shellsuits come back into fashion. They seem popular at festivals. I still have mine lol! Wore mine at a recent festival I got a lot of attention!
Shell-Sue - February 01, 2016 - Report this comment
@Dave...Same here, I have lots of them! Opened the door to the post-woman the other week while wearing one...she didn't bat an eye-lid! There's still hope...
Dave - February 01, 2016 - Report this comment
@Shell-sue Haha brilliant. Yeah I do own a few pairs actually. Nothing better than lounging about win them. So comfy....
Shell-Sue - February 02, 2016 - Report this comment
@Dave...I purchased a "Sergio Tacchini" Shell-Suit (Wind-Breaker-Suit) from the US (BLACK/blue/white)...5X size!...Lovely suit, but far too big...Re-made it (re-stitched) to a size XL. It took a while, but worth it. One of my most comfortable suits.....I always look for 'bigger' Shell-Suits, as you can't make smaller ones bigger!.....Getting a shell-suit's 'zip-up-collar' in a good size is difficult - no matter what the make/size...they're ALL usually too small!....
Shell-Sue - February 04, 2016 - Report this comment
Craig - February 10, 2016 - Report this comment
Shellsuits are cool they are comfy to wear you don't have to iron them they look cool feel awesome and silky
PieYatt - February 11, 2016 - Report this comment
shell suits were terrible things - I knew a kid who jumped into a swimming-pool wearing one - it inflated like a balloon and then he nearly drowned..idiot
Shell-Sue - February 27, 2016 - Report this comment
Sharon - March 02, 2016 - Report this comment
Seriously I think shellsuits are the best festival garments. Very loose and comfortable. It's gotta be said I love the look :) and the soft feel! That feeling of nylon. Mmmmmmmmm sexy
PieYatt - March 06, 2016 - Report this comment
I knew a girl named Sharon who owned two shell-suits, always wearing one of them, never took them off...then her mum melted a hole in her favourite one with an more comfy...
The Devil - March 08, 2016 - Report this comment
You'll all love the Shell-Suits. You have no choice.
80s Parka - March 16, 2016 - Report this comment
I love my shell suits, I have a Campri suit in navy blue with green and white design and I am currently wearing a black, purle and white Adidas one as I write this that I have just slept in. Love my nylon clothes and jackets. Hooking this Adidas one up with a navy and purple Umbro coat from 1992!
Shell-Sue - March 16, 2016 - Report this comment
@80s Parka -- Nice! but I've no feel for the Umbro coats....@TheDevil -- I hear ya! GO-GO SHELL-SUITS!
The Devil - March 22, 2016 - Report this comment
And so shall all of you be Suited. HA!
Mark - April 17, 2016 - Report this comment
Terrible fashion.
Michelle - April 24, 2016 - Report this comment
Shellsuits are sort of back in fashion. They are cool n you know it!
Shell-Sue - May 04, 2016 - Report this comment
@Michelle - I wear a shell-suit nearly every day! Never went out of fashion with me. "Fashion" is for people who can't or don't think for themselves.
Shell-Sue - May 17, 2016 - Report this comment my new Adidas shell-suit today. wearing it all day. Absolutely amazing...zipped's sooo goood!
Shell-Sue - May 19, 2016 - Report this comment
Suit UPDATE --- Adidas Shell-Suit is great! Still wearing it...super comfy!! --- Shell-Suit haters can go suck an egg...
Goran - May 24, 2016 - Report this comment
I really love to comeback shellsut fashion. Now I have one. I am living in Macedonia and I think that I am the only one who wear it.
Shell-Sue - May 27, 2016 - Report this comment
@Goran - You're not the only one to wear them and they'll NEVER go out of fashion. --- People pretend to hate them because they're that GOOD! Shell-Suiters will have the last laugh.
Admiral Ackbar - May 28, 2016 - Report this comment
Shell suits are amazing! It's such a pity they have a negative stigma about them; I won't wear one out anymore incase people think that A) I'm a scally, or B) I'm trying too hard to be ironic. They're sooo comfy and girls look hot in them!
Shell-Sue - May 30, 2016 - Report this comment
At least Shell-Suits were made properly. Unlike the the rubbish clothing patterns of today. LONG LIVE SHELL-SUITS!
Shell-Sue - June 03, 2016 - Report this comment
Fun fact -- Most American Shell-Suits have a 'hip-pocket' whereas European suits don't. -- Also American suits tend to use the more 'chunky' zips as are more commonly found on out-door wear.
Shell-Sue - June 05, 2016 - Report this comment
Wearing an 'Oleg Cassini' suit today...V Nice..soft light blue nylon outer shell...
Shell-Sue - June 11, 2016 - Report this comment
Wearing my 'J-Blair' shell-suit today...with modified ankle restraint...Beautiful Jade-Green crinkle-nylon...slightly denser nylon than the standard shell-suit fabric...with sleeve and lower-leg nylon lining. Nice!
John - June 22, 2016 - Report this comment
The shellsuit is a strange one. They were comfy looked terrible and people could hear you coming from a mile away haha! Unfortunately some of the hideous patterns and price of the shellsuit dropped dramatically when OAP's were seen wearing them!
Shell-Sue - June 25, 2016 - Report this comment
@John -- "they looked terrible"? You have not got the right DNA John! Shell-Suits are "magic" to those with the 'gift' for the "hear you coming a mile away etc"..Stop using pathetic clichés.
John - July 04, 2016 - Report this comment
@shell-sue. As I said comfy. In fact too comfy lol. That swishy noise was actually a good sound I wasn't slating it. As it happens just come back from a stag weekend and the shellsuit for us all the attention
Shell-Sue - July 08, 2016 - Report this comment
@John..."As it happens just come back from a stag weekend"...YEAH! RIGHT! How quaint and convenient...The rest of your statement makes no sense....You've written B.S.
Shell-Sue - August 11, 2016 - Report this comment
The Shell-Suit is the future.
David - August 23, 2016 - Report this comment
Shellsuits just rock! Festival attire! Wicked and love it!
Shell-Sue - August 29, 2016 - Report this comment
Not the last...try again...SHELL SUIT!!
peter - September 15, 2016 - Report this comment
I think that if some music or movie star shows up with shellsuite, then is a bigger chances to return a trend. I realey love shellsuits
ShellSue - September 17, 2016 - Report this comment
@peter - Yep, that's about right. We need a rich fashion designer to get a 'celeb' to wear one and we're back in business! If only...
Shell-Sue - October 28, 2016 - Report this comment
If U kan shpell SHELL SUIT U R IT
Shell-Sue! - October 31, 2016 - Report this comment
SHELL-SHOOO!...Oh wait...I was never terribly good at shelling pru-nuns...
Base Line Suit - November 20, 2016 - Report this comment
My cousin's girl-friend asked for an England shell suit for Christmas...Think about that...
Swishy2ndGrader - May 11, 2017 - Report this comment
In the late 90's I was in elementary school. Almost everyday, someone in my class was in a shell suit.
Milf shellsuit banger - May 30, 2017 - Report this comment
Love women in shellsuit a makes me horney
Windsuit 2nd/3rd grader - June 21, 2017 - Report this comment
I was born in the early 90's and I wore a lot of windsuits when they became popular for kids by the late 90's. In 2nd grade, I was in a windsuit everytime it rained. And I was in one full time during the winter months. I was glad when winter was over because I didn't have to hear myself swishy all day. At the beginning of 3rd grade, most of my windsuits were worn out. I hoped my parents wouldn't buy me anymore. But, my parents bought me a pair of pink and black windpants with a matching vest, a purple and black windsuit, and a pair of grey wind pants. And I still had a purple and teal windsuit that I didn't wear much the previous year. I got stuck wearing them when it was really cold and if it rained. The worst part was that I was usually in them on Mondays and Thursdays. On those two days I had a class I hated and I was trying to skip speech class because the teacher was mean. That teacher knew I was purposely trying to skip class. That whole year, when my parents decided that I was going to wear a windsuit on Monday or Thursday, I knew I wouldn't be able to skip speech class because I would be swishing down the halls all day. That teacher loved windsuits. During the winter months, she often wore a windsuit with a white tee shirt or white turtle neck. The worst experiences wearing a windsuit was when I got stuck wearing a purple windsuit with a white tee shirt.Both of those times, I wasn't able to skip the class. Worst of all that teacher was wearing a purple windsuit with and a white tee shirt. She came to my classroom to get me for class. Both times, when she saw we were wearing the same outfit, she wanted everyone to know we were dressed alike. There was another student who didn't like the class either and was trying to skip the class. When she came and got me, she was thought we both looked good in our purple windsuits. Everytime, I tried to skip class, I had to walk with her to get the other student. But, the two times I was in my purple windsuit she made me hold her hand because she wanted everyone to see us in our matching outfits. When we went to get the other student, we walked down the hall together we walked at a slower pace. We were both swishing down the hall and a lot of teacher noticed that we were wearing the same outfit. They told us how cute we looked. I have never wore one of those outfits again.
black wind suit pants - June 25, 2017 - Report this comment
In middle school, they had clothes closet for students. In the 2000's one of the fashion trends was holes in jeans. A lot of students were into fashion and wore holes in their jeans. Depending on how big their hole was the student had to go to closet and change into a pair of black windsuit pants. And they had to wear those pants until the end of the day, when they were finally allowed to change back into their jeans. All of the girls hated those pants because they didn't go with what they were wearing. They had several of pairs of those black pants and kids were seen wearing them around school. On the last day of 8th grade, a girl had to wear them and it was a really hot day and she rolled the pants up. A boy was in the a pair of those pants and a cheerleader said "swishy, swishy, swishy," when he was walking and his pant legs rubbed together.
Swishy 2nd grader - July 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Up until third grade I wore knit pants instead of jeans. In kindergarten and first grade a lot of my teachers and classmates were wearing wind suits a lot during the colder weather and when it rained. I wanted a windsuit too, since I was the one of the few students in my class that didn't own one. All through winter I wore a windsuit to school.
Loved to Swishy - July 07, 2017 - Report this comment
@ Swishy 2nd grader When I was in kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth grade I loved wearing windsuits. My favorite part about being in a windsuit was getting to hear myself swishy when my pants would rub together. I always wore a pair of wind pants to school on days we had PE because we'd be exercising and moving around. That also meant I would get to hear my self swishy non stop for an hour. When winter came around I stayed in windsuits full time.
Gym Class - July 18, 2017 - Report this comment
At my elementary school, all students had PE three times a week. All students had to buy three pairs of navy windsuits, and three light grey tee shirt with the school logo. In the warmer weather we had to wear our navy pants and grey tee shirt to school. When it got colder we had to wear the full windsuit to school.
Swishy 3rd Grader - July 19, 2017 - Report this comment
I stayed in shellsuits a lot in 3rd grade. That year we had a lot of cold days in the fall and a really cold winter. My parents kept me either in a purple, a pink, a teal, a mint green, or light blue suit. Mostly I wore a turtle neck with a ruffled neck and sleeves. My turtle necks were soild white. On days we had PE I wore a short sleeve tee shirt that matched the color of my suit. The turtle neck and the jacket were really hot, so I usually kept my jacket in the locker.
Swishy 2nd Grader - July 21, 2017 - Report this comment
@ loved to swishy, my favorite part about being in my winds suits was hearing the swishy sound. I usually wore a solid color tee shirt with mine.
Loved to Swishy - August 10, 2017 - Report this comment
@ swishy 2nd grade, I always wore a turtle neck with my windsuits. But on the days we had PE, I wore a tee shirt.
Windsuit Girl - August 25, 2017 - Report this comment
I remember these suits very well. I wore them up until my junior high years. All through winter a lot of kids were in their windsuits all the time. I never owned any of those suits before and I wanted to wear them with my friends. The following year, when I was seven, my parents bought me some windsuits when they came out with the fall clothing. When it got cold enough to wear one, I wore one of my suits as soon as the first opportunity came along. When I got up that morning, my parents told me it cold enough for me to wear a windsuit to school. I was excited and I looked through all of the multicolored suits that I got when I went school clothes shopping that year. I decided that my bright pink, purple, and white windsuit would be the very first windsuit that I'd have on my body. When I put my suit on, I just looked in the mirror and saw I was in a shiny multicolored suit like my friends. After I spent a few minutes looking in the mirror, I wondered what it would be like to swish around in the suit. I started to walk around in my room and I started to hear the swishy sound and it would was a little louder than it was when I heard my friends swishing around in their suits. I enjoyed being able experience for the first time what it would be like to be able to swish around in my very own suit. When I got to school that day, my friends were in a windsuit too.
Shell-Sue! - October 13, 2017 - Report this comment
Shell-Suits R GR8! Swishy-Swish-Swishy-Swish!!
wanted to hear myself swishy - December 05, 2017 - Report this comment
@ Loved to Swishy, when I was a small kid my favorite thing to wear to school were windsuits. I wanted to be in one as much as I could. I loved the swishy sound they made and I wanted to hear my self swishy. On days we had PE, we had to wear athletic attire to school, so I always wore a pair of windsuit pants to school. On days I wore windpants to school for PE, While I was getting ready for school, I had swishy time. During swishy time, I'd walk around in my room because I wanted to hear myself swishy non stop for a little while. When it finally got cold enough for me to wear a complete windsuit to school, I wore soild color turtle necks with my suits and I had swishy time every morning.
Shellsuit Girl - March 30, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Shell-Sue, did you wear shell-suits to school? During my early elementary school years, I was in a pair of shellsuit pants everyday. In the warmer weather I wore the pants that you could buy separately and in several different colors and I wore a top that matched the color of pants. In the colder weather I wore a complete shellsuit with a white turtle neck or a tee shirt that was the same color of as my suit.
turtleneck and shellsuit combo - May 17, 2018 - Report this comment
When I was a kid the turtle neck and shellsuit combo was really popular. Anytime you saw anyone wearing a shellsuit, they were wearing a turtleneck with their suit. Usually their turtlenecks were solid white.
Dave - May 26, 2018 - Report this comment
I love shellsuits. From the smooth material, to the sound it makes while you move, to the colors and design. Though not every suit is pretty and wellmade, and there is plenty of horrible patterns and color combinations out there. I own several pairs and wear them casually at home. There is nothing more comfortable. The trend seem to turn in favor of vintage sportswear, and I really hope there comes a time when these swishy things can be seen and worn on the street again. Women in shellsuits are hot!
School Outfits - May 27, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Dave, one year when I was in elementary school it was colder than normal and the school mentioned it in the news letter. Students had to go outside 4 to 5 times a day. Twice for recess, once for special areas, and once or twice depending on if you ate breakfast at school or just lunch. They were having a weather premiere at school where they gave a weather report in the morning. There was a list of clothing recommended for students to wear. shellsuits were at the top of the list since they were water proof, windproof, and the pants were recommended for PE. Shellsuit pants were list, then turtlenecks, tee shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and jeans. I had started wearing shellsuits because my friends were wearing them. All of us loved being in our suit because they were smooth, shiny, silky, and swishy. At recess we all walked around the play ground because we loved and wanted to hear ourselves swish. We'd taking turns saying "Swishy, Swishy,Swishy" as we took steps and our pants rubbed together. After the school news letter came out me and the other little girls were coming to school dressed in shellsuits and turtle necks. All of us got our multicolored shellsuits at wal-mart and all of us had a navy and pink shellsuit and wore a light pink turtleneck with it. All of us decided that every Thursday we'd all wear that shellsuit to school. The boys were coming to school in shellsuits and turtlenecks too. All of the boys had a black and blue shellsuit and wore blue turtlenecks with their suit and they started wearing their matching suits every Thursday as well. Our teacher noticed that we were all dressing a like and asked if we wanted to have two more Shellsuit days were we'd all wear shellsuits to school. Everyone wanted to do it. Our teacher told us she was going to wear shellsuits with us. All of us had a soild navy shellsuit and a white tee shirt with the school name printed across the front in navy with the school mascot printed on the front in navy. Since we had PE on Fridays, we all decided to wear our navy suits and white tee shirt. Then we all decided to wear a white turtle neck with a shellsuit every Wednesday. All of the girls all had at least one white turtle neck with a ruffled neck and ruffled sleeves. So we decided to wear our fancy white turtle neck every week with a shellsuit. Most of the time our teacher was either in a red, blue, green, or navy shellsuit with a white turtle neck. The girls were in a pink or purple suit with their white turtle necks. And the boys were either in a blue, red, black or green shellsuits with white turtle necks. All day you'd be hearing someone in my class swishing around the class room or the whole class would be swishing down the hall. When it rained we'd play heads up seven up and it was hard to tell who picked you because those seven kids were swishing around and it wasn't as easy if it was or two of us.
Swishy 1st Grader - June 22, 2018 - Report this comment
After fall break we couldn't wear shorts until after spring break. I always looked forward to that time because I could start wearing windpants to school everyday and then when first to mid November came I could be in a complete windsuit everyday. Most of my suits were pink or purple. I had some navy and black suits too. These suits were really popular then so a lot of the other little girls were coming to school in windsuits too a big part of the time. On really cold days, I'd wear turtlenecks with my suits. When I was in one of my pink or purple suits, I always wore a solid white turtleneck because it would really make my suit stand out. All of my black and navy suits had pink in them since I loved the color pink then. So, I wore a pink turtleneck with those suits.
Dave - June 30, 2018 - Report this comment
Lovely stories. Tonight I slept with the window open, got a bit chilly and I decided to put my shiny gray and purple suit on. Slept like a baby. It is so comfy and smooth, makes me feel like a superhero - safe and protected from the environment, like a cocoon of bliss.
Swishy elementary girls - July 02, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Dave and school outfits, one year we had a lot of rain during the fall kids were coming to school in windsuits or rain coats. I was one of those kids who came to school in a windsuit. I always kept my zipper up as far as it would because my collar turned into a turtle neck when it was zipped up as far as it would go and it show my suit of more. I owned suits with nylon lining and some suits without nylon lining because I was in a suit everyday. I liked being in a shiny, silky, and bright suit. But, my favorite part was the swishy sound. One of my friends loved wearing her windsuits as much as me. One day, it was very windy and we both wore a windsuit to school. I was a dark pink and sliver wind suit with a light pink floral tee shirt.My friend was in a purple and teal suit with a white turtleneck. When it was time to go in, we did not hear the whistle blow. We were having a sub that day and we were going to a theater to watch Babes in Toyland after recess. I noticed that the play ground was empty and when we went to go in the gate was locked and the busses took off. We were both disappointed because we really want to go see the play. I took a seat under a sliding board because the wind was picking up. It was on a day we were going to have PE and I always was in windpants or windsuit on days we had PE because that meant I could hear myself swishy for a whole class period. I told my friend that I wanted to be in PE because I'd at least be able to hear my self swish around in my windsuit. My friend told me the reason why she wore windsuits to school everyday was because she loved to hear herself swishy. I told my friend that was my favorite part about being in a windsuit and I liked to wear my windsuits so I could hear myself swishy. We were both surprised that we both loved windsuits as much as we did. My friend said that her parents got mad at her when she asked anybody if they owned a windsuit. I told her I knew what it was like because my parents were the same way. I told my friend that every morning before school, I would get up early so I could have swishy time. She asked what it Swishy time was. I explained that I shut the door after I got dressed and I would walk around in my room, so I could swishy non stop for a few minutes. My friend never did that before and I told her that we were alone and we could have a few minutes of swishy time together. We walked around the play ground for a few minutes. We both enjoyed being able to hear ourselves swishy together. Both of us talked about how we hoped that more people would them to school. My friend loved the windsuit and white turtleneck combo because it made her suit stand out more. I told my friend I liked wearing a tee shirt with my suits because it allowed me to zip my jacket as far as it would go. We both wanted to swish around some more and we both were saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," as we walked around. We both talked about how we liked be in the comfy and smooth shiny suits and wanted to express ourselves in our suits. We shouted for everyone to hear "We love wearing windsuits!" No one else was around and we didn't have to worry about anyone laughing at us. We walked around some more and we talked about why we loved being able to swishy. I loved it because I could make noise while walking and it was also a neat sound to hear. My friend loved it because she could be heard a million miles away, she also thought the sound was neat to hear, and she liked being able to hear other people swish around on days she didn't have a windsuit on her body. We walked around and had more swishy time together. When we weren't walking we were sitting under the sliding board and talking about what else we liked about our windsuits, besides being able to swishy. We loved being water and wind proof, being in a bright shiny, silky, and smooth suits, and we were able to wear them in the winter as much as we wanted. Later on we had a sleep over at my friends house and we both wore our windsuits. She tried my method of wearing a tee shirt and zipping her jacket up as far as it would go and I tried her method of wearing a turtleneck and zipping it up to the cleaveage level. She had a swimming pool and she always wore her one piece suit underneath her windsuit and loved how the nylon felt against her skin and I tried it out and loved it too. We both ended up decided that we'd both decided that we wanted to wear our windsuits to school everyday since we had a lot of matching suits. When we started we decided that they day ahead that we would decide if we were going to wear a turtleneck or a tee shirt the next day. When it got warmer we wore tee shirts and tank tops with our suits. When we went school clothes shopping we decided that we wanted to swish around in the warmer weather so we bought pants that had lining and pants that didn't have lining, wind capri pants, windsuits, turtlenecks, and tee shirts.
Dave - July 06, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Swishy elementary girls, I love high collars. Also the details of the suits like the zipper and drawstrings for the collar. Which reminds me of.. In the late 80's / early 90's when I was in elementary school, my best friend had a really light and shiny shellsuit that I secretly adored. Maybe it wasn't such a secret after all, cause I literally couldn't keep my eyes of it when he moved and the sun reflected in the shiny, glistering material, how the weighted zipper emblem rocked back and forth, and that swishy sound. These kind of suits was hard to get if you didn't practice a teamsport like football, which I did't. I liked to walk past the football field when girls trained, watching them shine in the sun. Sometimes they wore their suits to school and to gym class. I so wanted a shiny shellsuit like that when I was a kid, but my parents was against synthetic fibres for some reason and wanted me to wear jeans and cotton when it come to leisure wear. Maybe it was the worry about campfires reducing the suit to a pile of molten plastic, or falling into water and inflating like a balloon that caused some scare. As an adult I can now enjoy my very own shellsuits of various shine and smoothness, and a suit similar to the one my friend had is now in my possession. It makes me feel so great and happy while wearing it. Almost complete. The only thing missing is sharing this...interest, with a loved one that truly appreciate the magic of vintage shellsuits.
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@ Dave and Swishy Elementary Girls, During my early elementary school years, I had wore my windsuits on rainy days and at least twice a week in the winter months, if not more than that. I had dozens of suits and I could have stayed in a suit everyday in winter but I never did. In my first year of upper elementary school, I decided that I was going to wear my suits to school more often. A friend of mine wore her suits a lot too and we started wearing them in kindergarten after we saw our classmates wearing them and neither one of us had wore a suit before. But, we both discussed how we liked the shiny, silky, bright multicolored, and swishy suits. At the time, we didn't know what it was like to actually be in the suit. We decided that since we never wore a suit before, that we should both get a suit and makes plans to wear our first windsuits on the same day so we could experience our first time in a suit together. Both of us got a bright pink suit and we wore it on the same day. Both of us liked being a suit and we both paid more attention to the swishy sound the nylon material made when it rubbed together. That day at recess we walked around the play ground because we both thought it was neat sound and we wanted to spend time hearing our selves swishy. Anyway, I talked with my friend when we started our first year of upper elementary that I wanted to wear my suits more often, but didn't tell anyone because a teacher got on me once for talking with friends about play station games too much and made a big scene out of it. My friend said she got that too when she was talking about TV shows on Disney Channel with friends, a teacher said she talked about it too much. My friend said she had thought about starting to wear her suits more often after fall break because that was a few teachers and a few students in each class were in a suit everyday. I had thought about wearing my suits full time during the winter months because more people in the suits everyday. My friend liked the idea about wearing windsuits full time after Christmas and I liked the idea about starting to wear them after fall break instead of November. My friend and I decided that since we both wore our very first windsuits together on the same day back in kindergarten and we always liked it when we both wore a windsuit on the same day. We both had dozens of those suits and we could wear them everyday if we wanted to. So, we decided that on our very first day back from fall break we were going to both return to school in a windsuit and we both wear one to school full time starting on our first day back from fall break until late april to mid may when it started to warm up. Since we both had birthdays after fall break, we'd both wear the same windsuit and the same shirt on our birthday. Whoever had the birthday would decide which suit we would be wearing and which shirt we would both wear. Both of us returned to school after fall break in our windsuits and felt comfortable doing it since we were both going to be in windsuit everyday together. We both liked being able to walk around school in our suits and we'd be hearing ourselves swishy together all day. When we had field trips we both wore the same suit and tee shirt or turtleneck and sat together on the bus. On days we had PE we wore tee shirts because we'd be running and getting hot. Usually we hung our jackets on the back of our chairs and just went to PE in our tee shirts and our wind suit pants. Even thought we weren't in our complete windsuit, we were still able swishy hear ourselves swishy together non stop for an hour.
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@ Dave, I'm sorry your parents wouldn't let you wear the suits to school. I had a lot of those suits and I felt weird swishing around in my suits and I didn't wear them much. I asked my best friend if she owned any of those suits and she said she did and she loved them. She asked me if I had any and I told her I did but felt weird being the only kid in the class wearing one. My friend said that she wanted me to feel comfortable in windsuits and love wearing them as much as she did. She told me that if I agreed to wear a windsuit to school, she would wear one too so I'd be more comfortable. We made plans to wear our windsuits the next day since it was suppose to rain. We hadn't reach fall break yet and kids were wearing shorts and tank tops to school. My friend and I had happened to have some matching suits and decided that we'd dress a like. We both wore a purple windsuit with a light purple foral tee shirt. When I got to school, I was nervous about being in my suit. My friend was in her windsuit too like she promised. It was still early and we had 45 minutes before school started. She wanted me to have some time to get used to the idea about wearing the suit. We went into the bathroom and she asked me what I thought about being in the suit. I felt weird about people hearing me swish down the hall. My friend told me that was her favorite thing about wearing the suit. Since no one else was in the bathroom, she told me to walk around and just listen to myself swishy. I walked around as my legs rubbed together and I could hear myself swishy. After three minutes, she said we would both walk around together and listen to ourselves swishy together. She asked me what I thought about us swishing around together and I didn't mind it as much. She said that I'd be swishing more in the pants and we both removed our jackets. My friend asked me to run in place for a few seconds and I did and I was still able to hear myself swishy. Then she ran in place with me. She asked me how I felt and I felt better. At recess we walked around the play ground and were listening to ourselves swishy. I told my friend I was beginning to fell more at ease and I actually was beginning to love the swishy sound and wanted to wear another suit the next day. So my friend and I wore our suits the next day and decided that we'd both wear windsuits to school often on the same day.
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@ Swishy elementary girls and swishy 4th grader, when I was a kid in elementary school, I saw teachers and students wearing windsuits to school. I had never wore a suit before and I really wanted get some windsuits of my own so I could wear them to school. But, I was the type of kid who was quiet and didn't want to draw attention to myself. Everyone who I had ever seen in a windsuit could be heard when they walked because their pants made a swishy sound when their pants rubbed together. I knew that if I wore a suit, I would be swishing around too and I didn't want to get a lot of attention. But, I still wanted to wear a suit like everyone else was. A friend of mine came to me and said she wanted to tell me a secret. At recess, we sat under the jungle gym so we could talk. My friend asked me to promise not to laugh and I promised I wouldn't. She told me that she had seen a lot of teachers and students in windsuits and she decided that she wanted to get some windsuits of her own so she could wear them. But, she knew if she came to school in a windsuit she'd be swishing around school like everyone else who wore them to school. She didn't want to attract attention to herself but she really wanted to wear windsuits like everyone else did since she was one of the few people who didn't own any. I told my friend that I had a secret to tell her. I told her that I also wanted to wear windsuits too but I felt nervous about swishing around in suit. My friend said that it made her more comfortable knowing I wanted to wear windsuits to school too. I told my friend that since we both told each other that we wanted to wear windsuits that we should do it some time. My friend got the idea that we should go shopping together and buy some windsuits. Our parents were already wanting to take us shopping to buy some clothes to wear in the colder weather and to pick out clothes we wanted for Christmas. I liked the idea and told my friend that we could pick out our suits and later try them on to see how we looked in them. We couldn't decide what type of shirts to wear with them, expect we saw the other little girls wearing turtlenecks, and tee shirts with them. So we decided that we would get different color turtlenecks and some floral tee shirts to wear with our suits. Our parents took us shopping and we picked out a purple and blacksuit, a hot pink and purple suit, a sliver and pink suit, a purple and teal suit, a red and black suit, a black and yellow suit, a navy and pink suit, a royal blue and light blue suit, a light purple suit, a light pink suit, and a mint green suit. In PE, we noticed a lot of kids were wearing the single pairs of windpants that could be bought separately. We already had to wear athletic attire to school on days we had PE so we told our parents that we and need a few pairs of windpants to wear on days we had PE. Our parents asked us why we only picked out windsuits and we told them that everyone else in our class and the classrooms were cold. And we admitted that we wanted to wear them with our other friends. Our parents let us get a few pairs of black windpants. Since we told our parents that we really wanted to wear windsuits they let us pick out three suits and we could wear have two pairs of our black windpants. We decided that we wanted to wear a windsuit to school when we went back to school after fall break. Our parents had us go try on all our suits and a pair of black pants. We both went back to the dressing We also took back some of our turtlenecks to try on so we could find the prefect combination and we also wanted time to walk around in our suits. We both decided that we were going to try on our black windpants first because we were both scared of what we'd we sound like when we started to swish around. My friend and I decided that we'd both put on our pants and would step out to show each other what we looked like in the pants and we would walk around the hall in the girls dressing room together to share our first time swishing around. Once my friend got her pants on she told me that she was coming over to the changing room that I was in and she was going to walk over and knock on the door. I heard a knock on the door and it was my friend. Turns out she walked across to my dressing room with her legs apart to keep from swishing. I revealed I did the same thing when I got my pants on and came to the door. We were both nervous and scared about hearing ourselves swish around. I told my friend that if we wanted to wear a windsuit and feel comfortable in them, we had to step out and walk around and allow ourselves to swish around. We both held hands and counted to three and we stepped out in the hall and started to swish around. It was awkward at first, but the dressing room area was empty and we were able to swish around for a few minutes. I asked my friend what she thought about us sharing our first time swishing around in our windpants. She said it wasn't as scary as she thought. We decided that we'd try on the same suit and top each time. The first time we put on the navy and pink suit with a petal pink turtleneck since kids wore turtlenecks with their suits. We decided that once we had our turtlenecks and suits on we'd step and walk around the hall in the complete windsuit to get used to what it was like being in a complete suit. We both stepped out and liked the combination, but decided that we were going to back and change into a pale pink floral tee shirt since it would still be a little hot for turtlenecks when we went back after fall break. After we stepped back in the changing room and put the pink tee shirt on we stepped out in our complete suit and walked around the hall in our windsuits. We both liked being in a bright, multicolored, shiny, and windsuit. But, the we'd have to get used to the swishy sound. I was staying over at my friends house later on that week and we had a pool. We were going to swim in the pool and I told my friend I would wear my pink and purple suit and would have my swimsuit on underneath when I came to her house. I also said I would bring a tee shirt and a pair of my black windsuit pants to change into the next day and my friend said she'd do the same thing. When I got ready to go my friends house I put my swimsuit on and put my pink and purple suit with a soild pink tee shirt on over my suit. I went over to my friends house and she was already in her swimsuit and we went out to swim. My friend said she had put her two piece swimsuit and put her pink and purple windsuit on when she got up. Her mom had to go some where and she had to go with her and she went to the grocery in her windsuit and had to keep the jacket zipped up as far as it would go because she was in a swimsuit. She said she loved wearing her suit and was ready to wear it on the first day back from fall break. After we swam we went up to her room to play. We both put our pink and purple suits on over our swimsuits and my friend and I walked around the room listening to ourselves swishy. We both fell in love with the swishy sound and wanted to hear ourselves swishy. Both of us decided that we were going to wear in windpants the whole week that we returned from fall break. We wore our black windsuit pants two days, and a windsuit the other three days. After Christmas we decided we were staying in a windsuit together full time until warm weather.
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@ Dave and Swishy Elementary Girls, I never wore a suit with drawstrings before. But, I did own a few suits with hoods. And I had suit where the jacket was made like a pullover and it only had a quarter zip. I also had a suit that had tear away pants. I had a couple of suits with the zippers on each pant legs with the ankle bands. Did you own any suits like that? That year we had a lot of rainy and windy weather in the warmer weather and the winter was colder than normal. The previous year when I was in 2nd grade, I wore shellsuits to school full time during the winter months, and I loved. Since we had cooler weather, I decided that the only type of pants that I wanted to wear to school were shell suit pants. When we had the rainy and windy weather during the warmer weather, I was in a shell suit on those days. The rest of the time, I wore a pair of shell suit pants. When the colder weather came around, I was in a complete shell suit with a long sleeve tee shirt or a turtleneck. A lot of students wore them as much as I did. One of my friends was scared to wear her suits after our teacher made a comments about her wearing her suits all the time. She almost quit wearing them and I told my friend that the following day that I wanted her to wear her navy and mint green shellsuit with a mint green turtle neck and I'd wear the same outfit with her. The next day we both came in to school in our matching outfits like we promised each other. That day we had to go on a field trip to see a play and then go a park. My friend and I didn't go and had to stay with another teacher with a few other students who didn't go. We got to have a free day and play in the gym and swim in the in door pool since they weren't having any gym classes and swimming classes. We could go to the locker room and change into our gym clothes or swimsuits. My friend changed into a blue swimsuit and I changed into a pink swimsuit. After we changed I told my friend that I was putting my shellsuit back on over my swimsuit. My friend was scared to put her suit on because she'd be swishing around and that is what our teacher made a comment about. I told my friend that I was in my suit too and we'd be swishing around together. She put her shellsuit on over her swimsuit. My friend said that our teacher said she swished around too much and asked if she owned any other types of clothes. I told me friend she had done me the same way along with everyone else who wore shellsuits a lot. I asked my friend what her what she liked best about wearing shellsuits. She said her favorite part was the swishy sound. I told my friend my favorite part was also the swishy sound. We went to leave the locker room, but the door wouldn't open and we were locked in there. My friend asked what we were going to do in there all day. I told her we were going to have a shellsuit apperication day and the locker room was big so we had plenty of room to walk around. I told her that I walked around in my room because I wanted to hear myself swishy. And we were going to walk around together so we could hear ourselves swishy. I took my friends hand and we started to swish around. My friend said she loved being able to swish around for the fun of it. There were bars hanging on the shower stalls and it gave me the idea for us to hang on them like monkey bars. I removed my jacket and walked over to a shower stall and hung from it. I told my friend I was waiting for her to join me. So removed her jacket and went to the shower stall facing mine and held on to the shower stall bar. I told my friend that at home I'd often sit and rub my legs together so I could hear myself swishy. I told her we were going to hang from the bars and rub our legs together. That time, I told her we went going to talk to each other. Instead we were going to focus on how much we loved to hear the swishy sound. I told her if we said any words it was going to be "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," non stop until we got down. My friend asked me if it was going to be just me saying it or both of us. I told her I was going to start saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy", then when I stopped saying it, it was her turn to say it. Then we she got done it would be my turn to do it again. We started to move our legs together and we took turns saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," after we both did it for a few times, we decided that we were going to say it together. So we spent half an hour saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," together non stop. When we were done, we asked each other if we had ever stood out in the rain in a shellsuit. Niether one of us had down it before, but we wanted to do it. I put my jacket on and she put her jacket back on. We zipped our jackets up as far as they would go. Both of us got in separate stalls and turned the water on and sat under shower for a while. I turned the shower of and took a seat on the bench. And my friend came out in her wet shellsuit. We both liked it. We decided to run in a place for a few minutes to hear ourselves swishy. The locker room was on the stage and no one could hear us. So we shouted "We love wearing shellsuits because we love the swishy sound!" We both decided that we both wanted to spend the rest of the day walking around the locker room and hanging from the shower stall bars moving our legs together so we could swishy non stop for the rest of the day. At the end of the day the janitor had been working on the door since lunch time and had to take the door down to get us out. The teacher who we were staying with asked us if we were scared. We told her we just sat around talked.
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In 1st grade, I was actually looking forward to coming back to school because I'd be in windpants everyday. I liked the idea since I wouldn't be in hot sweat pants and tight knit pants. I started wearing windsuits in kindergarten after seeing teachers and students wearing them all the time. Finally when November came I would be wearing a complete windsuit full time to school until warmer weather. After Christmas break, my parents told me that it was really cold and I was going back to school in long sleeve shirts and turtle necks. I didn't really like that idea because the classrooms were hot. But, I couldn't complain since I was going to get be in a windsuit everyday, which was my favorite thing to wear back then. When I went back to school, my parents ended up keeping me in turtlenecks most of the time. I hated it because they were really hot and the neck was very itchy. But, the only thing I liked about wearing a turtleneck was that it really made my suit stand out.
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@ Dave, The year, I was in 4th grade, we didn't have a PE teacher for most of the year and our home room teacher had to do PE with us. We also had a new guidance counselor. She dressed fancy often, but after fall came around she was in a shell suit a few times a week. After spring break she decided that she wanted to do guidance and PE together. So, she became the PE teacher. Once she was the PE teacher, she wore her shellsuits to school often since she was in the gym most of the day. In the warmer weather, she came to school in a sleeveless polo shirt and a pair of shellsuit pants. She often got comments about it, she said she wore them because she liked the glistering material and that swishy sound. Some of the boys told her she looked hot in her shellsuits.
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@ Dave, having a friend who is also interested in windsuits makes you appericate magic of vintage windsuits. You can talk about how long you've been wearing the suits, what made you decide to wear them, what you like about wearing the suits, and things like that. When I was a kid, me and a group of friends decided that we were going to wear windsuits to school full time. What happened was that there was a little boy named Shane in our class whose parents kept him in windpants all the time no matter what time of the year it was. Shane was a friend of mine. He said he hated wearing the pants because they were swishy. Shane was shy about being the only kid who was swishing around everyday. He told me that in the winter, his parents were going to keep him in windsuits full time and he'd be in a turtleneck with them a big part of the time. Me and some of our friends talked with Shane about the issue. I had a bunch of those pants and suits and I was shy about wearing them because I'd be swishing around school. Two of our other friends talked about how much they loved wearing the suits. They both loved how the suits were bright, colorful, shiny, silky, and swishy. All of us wanted to help our friend feel better, and we decided that we wear going to wear windpants and windsuits with our friend everyday. I was really shy and nervous about the fact that I'd be swishing around everyday. My best friend told me that I wasn't alone and she'd be swishing right by my side everyday. She said that I'd get used to swishing around and I'd learn to love it. It was already beginning to get a little cold outside. My friends and I decided that we were going on and were going to put a windsuit on the next day. We decided that because kids were coming to school in jackets and sweaters. Some kids were even wearing turtlenecks. A big majority of our windsuits had lining in them. So, we could all walk into school the next day with only our windsuit and shirt on our bodies. My best friend told me if it would make me more comfortable, we could wear matching windsuit with the exact same shirt. I was agreeable to that. The next day I put on a light pink and navy windsuit with a light pink turtleneck. When I got to school my best friend was in the matching suit, like she promised. We noticed Shane and his best friend were in a black and red windsuit with red turtlenecks. All of us asked each other how they felt about us all being windsuits together. All of us admitted that we loved it. Shane said he felt more comfortable with his friends wearing windsuits with him. My friends turned towards me and asked me how I felt. I felt more comfortable about being in my windsuit. Our two friends told me and Shane we needed to get adjusted to swishing around in our suit. We all walked around together paying attention to listening to the swishy sound. It was fun walking with my friends and us swishing around together. And it was enjoyable. I told my friends that I was beginning to like the fact that I would be hearing myself swishy because my friends were going to be swishing around with me. I felt much more comfortable swishing around and I eventually wanted to stay in windsuits full time because I loved the swishy sound and I wanted to hear myself swishy. During the winter months all of us stayed in turtlenecks, since Shane's parents kept him in turtlenecks. Me and my best friend wanted to wear a little more fancier turtlenecks so we wore turtlenecks with a ruffled neck and sleeve cuffs. We always kept our jackets unzipped so we could show off our turtlenecks and windsuits. Shane got to wear he loved wearing windsuits and windpants and wanted to wear them full time. At recess we'd all walk around the play ground listening to ourselves swishing together. Shane and I wanted our friends to say "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," while we were walking. And we all took turns saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," no stop as we walked. In class, my best friend and I kept our jackets on the back of our chairs because it was hot in the classroom. I liked walking around in my windpants and turtleneck. And Shane and his best friend hung their jackets on their chairs so they could match me and my best friend. We all ended up becoming interested in windsuits and we often talked about how much we loved them.
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@ Dave and Swishy Elementary Girls, I wore a lot of shellsuits during my elementary school years. And there were several other little girls who wore them too. There was a little girl a few grades behind me and she had a sliver and hot pink shellsuit and purple shellsuit. Her mom volunteered at school and she had a navy shellsuit and a pale lime green shellsuit. The little girl and her mom often wore their shellsuits on together. The mother always wore white turtlenecks with her suits and the little girl always wore a dark pink turtleneck with her hot pink and sliver suit. When she wore her purple suit, she'd wear a purple turtle neck or a light purple tee shirt with it. Most of my classmates, wore shellsuits a lot. But, there was one girl in my class who I saw in a shellsuit one time. She wore a bright purple suit and white turtleneck right after Christmas break. There were two girls who decided to both wear a pale pink turtleneck with a navy and pale pink suit on a day where groups of two had present a group project. And they often picked days to wear their suits on the same day. One time me and a friend saw the other little girls in our class wear shellsuits together on the same day. We both came back after Christmas break. I was in a pair of black and pink shellsuit pants with a matching hooded shellsuit vest and I wore a light pink turtleneck with it. My friend was in a pair of navy and lime green shellsuit pants with a matching hooded vest with a lime green turtleneck. Even though we both loved wearing shellsuits, we hated our outfits. Niether one of us liked turtlenecks and we hated shellsuits that came with vest instead of a jacket. I told my friend that my parents told me it was really cold. They were going to keep me in shellsuits all winter since it was really cold, they wanted me to be warm, and they knew I wanted to be in a shellsuit as much as possiable since they were my favorite thing to wear.But, they were going to make me wear turtlenecks with them since it was colder than normal. My friend said she was trapped in turtlenecks all through winter too. So, we decided to wear the same suit and turtleneck all through winter. One time I wore a soild purple shellsuit with a white turtleneck to school. I had a teacher who I couldn't stand and I had her twice a week. But, tried to skip her class. I didn't have much luck because she'd hear me swishing down the hall. That teacher would have to come get me if she wanted me. When she came and got me that day she was in the same outfit. She thought we looked nice in the same outfit. She decided that we were going out for a walk and we went outside. She said her and her grand daughter took walks together to show off their matching shellsuits when they decided to wear them on the same day. I had to hold her hand while we walked around and we went to the play ground to walk around the track. When we were on half way around the track, the janitor noticed the gate was open. He grabbed me by the hand and we hide behind a tree. I asked her why we were hiding and she said the janitor was outside and she didn't want to have to go in and he'd lock the gates. She wanted to stay outside instead of going to an assembly in the gym. I was about to get out behind the tree to get his attention. She quickly put her hand over my mouth and held me still. After the janitor went in we got out from behind the tree and walked around the track. She mentioned that she noticed me and a friend wearing shellsuits together. She was made fun of for wearing her shellsuits by other teachers. We both talked about how much we loved wearing shellsuits. We talked about how we both liked hearing the nylon material flapping in the wind, how we liked the how shiny and silky the suits were, how bright and colorful the suits were, how we loved hearing the swishy sound where the nylon material rubbed together, and how they were our favorite piece of clothing to wear. We both ended up being friends. And on days I had to go to her class we both wore shellsuit.
Gym class - July 29, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Dave, you would have loved my elementary school. Students were required to wear either shorts, sweatpants, or shellsuit pants in PE. In the colder weather we could only wear a shellsuit since we went out side and ran around the track. We could either bring the shellsuit to school and change into it when we went to PE. Or we could wear it to school and stay in it all day.
Introducing Others to Shellsuits - July 31, 2018 - Report this comment
When I was in Junior High, these suits were really popular. Students and teachers wore them constantly. One of my friends spilled something on her jeans and went to the family resource center to change. She came back in the room wearing a pair of navy blue shell suit pants. I was wearing a light pink and dark pink shellsuit with a pale pink turtle neck. My friend came and took a seat by me. I asked her if she was comfortable. She told me that she had never wore a pair shellsuit pants or a complete shellsuit before. She said that she loved being the pants because they were comfortable, bright, shiny, warm, and swishy. I told her that was why I was wearing my suits all the time. My friend told me that she decided that she was going to ask for some shellsuits for Christmas so she could wear them all time with me and the other teachers and students. She said she was also going to wear turtlenecks with them since everyone else wore one with their suit. I told my friend that I had asked for more shellsuits for Christmas so I'd have more to pick from since I wore them everyday in the winter. My friend asked if we could wear the same outfit and I loved the idea. After she went shopping with her mom at wal-mart and got a dark grey and pink shellsuit, I told my parents that was one of suits that I wanted when we went Christmas shopping. On they day we came back from Christmas break, we both wore our dark grey and pink shellsuits with a pink turtleneck. When I walked into the school, my friend was waiting for me in the lobby. I asked her how it felt to be in her very own shellsuit. My friend said it felt really good. She said she had a fun morning getting ready for school. She got up early so she'd have time to walk around in her suit. When she got up, she put her pants and turtleneck on. Then she started to walk around in her bedroom. She said that she walked around listening to herself swish around since it had been a few months since she wore the navy shellsuit pants. She said she had more fun swishing around in her own pants because she knew she would be wearing them all day and she didn't have to turn them in. And she could keep them on until she went to bed if she wanted too. After she had fun swishing around, she put her jacket on and stared at herself in her very own shellsuit. She said she loved seeing her self in her bright, shiny, silky, and shellsuit. She couldn't decide if she wanted to wear her jacket unzipped or zipped some. I told her that I did both, but that day I had my jacket zipped up to the cleavage level because I wanted to show off my new shellsuit. My friend had left her jacket unzipped, so we went to the bathroom. She zipped up her jacket and we looked at our selves in our matching shellsuits. I asked my friend if she had ever experienced swishing around with a friend. She didn't so we walked around the bathroom so we could swishy together. Both of us loved being able to swish around together. My friend told me that her two sisters decided that they wanted to wear shellsuits too after she told them about loving getting to wear the navy pants at school one day and she had told them how much I liked them. Her sisters got shellsuits for Christmas and wore their new suits to school that day too. My friend thanked me for encouraging her to wear the suits because it made her sisters want to wear the suits too. Her sisters loved their suits and wore them all the time.
Shellsuit Promise - August 06, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Secret Windsuit Day, I exactly know how you and your friend felt when you mentioned that you two were afraid to talk about wearing Shellsuits because people made comments about you talking about certain topics too much. I loved wearing Shellsuits as a little girl and I liked to talk about going shopping and buying shellsuits. When I was in upper elementary, I often asked close friends if they owned or ever owned a shellsuit. However, people at school got on me for talking about shellsuits too much. @ Dave, I am really sorry your parents wouldn't let you wear shellsuits as a child. My parents allowed me to wear shellsuits, but they did not want me to talk about them with other people. Once my mother found out that I was talking about them too much at school. She told me that you don't ask people if they owned a shellsuit. And fashion is one thing that you don't talk about since you never know who is big into fashion make take offense if you make a comment they don't like. I had a really close friend at school who loved to wear shellsuits as much as I did and she also got in trouble for talking about them too much. So, we decided that we'd talk about wearing shellsuits when we were alone. Like you, we loved zipping our jackets up so we could have high collar, the smooth materials, the colors and designs, and we defiantly loved that swishy sound. Me and my friend loved windy days and how we could hear our suits flap in the wind. Do you like that? One day on the play ground me and my friend were sitting under a jungle gym sitting in the sand talking about shellsuits. We talked about how parents didn't like us to talk about them too much and how teachers didn't like us to talk about shellsuits. It was the beginning of the school year and it wasn't time for cold weather. I really wanted to wear my shellsuits that year but I feared people would get on me for wearing one and say I wore it so I could talk about them. I also had kids tell me that if played with them their group weren't allowed to wear certain clothes with their permission. One of those things you had to get permission to wear was a shellsuit. My friend told me that she knew exactly how what I meant because she got that too. We both talked about wanting to wear them when it got colder since we loved wearing them and because others wore them too. We both even talked about how we didn't want there to be a day at school where only one of us came to school a shellsuit. That gave me an idea to for us to make a shellsuit promise, where we would both wear shellsuits to school on the same day as much as possiable and there wouldn't be a day where only one of us would be in one and the other one wasn't. We decided if we were going to get static, we'd take it together instead of only one of us getting it. Both of us agreed to it and decided that we were going to wear one every time it rained, on windy days, and once it got cold we were going stay in them together full time. My friend and I talked about the closet time that we could start wearing our shellsuits fulltime. I noticed that kids and teachers would be in them a lot after fall break since they were so popular and we could easily blind in with the ones who wore them. We knew that there'd be other kids who would be wearing them most of the time after fall break. So, we both added to the promise that after fall break, we would both return to school in shellsuits and it would begin our period of us staying in shellsuits fulltime together. We didn't have very many rainy and windy days that year, so the first time we had a rainy and windy day was on the first day back from fall break. We even decided to wear the same suit since we owned many of the same suits. I got up that morning and put on a solid pinkish orange shellsuit with a pale pink floral tee shirt. When I got to school my friend was in her outfit too. I asked her how it felt to be in our suits together how it felt knowing we'd be wearing our favorite type of clothing everyday. She said she was excited, but was a little nervous. I felt the same way. At recess we walked around a little bit to hear ourselves swish around together. Before school started, we decided that each morning before school started, we have swishy time together. During swishy time, we walk around the girls bathroom since it was always empty since kids were at breakfast, bookstore, or in the gym. I had swishy time at home when I wore shellsuit since I loved to hear myself swishy. But, it was more fun to have swishy time with a friend because we both loved to be able to hear ourselves swishy together. We mostly walked around or ran in place for five minutes. At recess that day, We both sat under the jungle gym so we could talk about what we wanted to wear with our shellsuits when it got colder. I told my friend that when it got colder my parents told me I'd be staying in long sleeve shirts tee shirts and turtle expect on day we had PE. My friends parents told her that she'd be wearing turtlenecks expect on days that we had PE. My friend didn't like turtlenecks and felt uncomfortable in them especially because people asked her if all she owned was turtlenecks. Even though I hated turtlenecks, I decided that I'd put that aside and wear turtlenecks to make my friend more comfortable. When it was time for us to wear long sleeves, we decided we'd wear the same outfit together. One the first day that our parents told us we'd be in long sleeves we both wore a navy, hot pink, and royal blue multicolored shellsuit with solid white turtlenecks. That day we noticed that the guideance counselor (who we both looked up to) was wearing a shellsuit too. But, she was in a solid navy blue shellsuit and a pale yellow sleeveless polo shirt since she also taught PE. She took time to talk with us in the hall. She commented about how nice we looked and if we planned on wearing the same outfit. We explained that we did because we both liked to wear them and decided that we were going to wear shellsuits together everyday. She said she liked them as much as we did. On a day we had a field trip we both wore a white turtleneck with a royal blue, grey and light grey suit. We both loved getting to swishy all day together. In the warmer weather we wore suits without lining.
Making a Friend at School - August 15, 2018 - Report this comment
I always looked forward to the fall weather when I was a little kid because I got wear windsuits to school with my best friend.The year I was in kindergarten, my parents were trying to find pants that were comfortable for me to wear. I didn't wear jeans. They tried me in sweatpants and knit pants, but they were too hot and tight. A mother recommended to my mother to try windsuits. That mother told my mom that her kids loved them because they were comfortable, weren't tight, hot, or itchy. She also told my mom that the jacket was really comfortable and I'd like it better than a sweatshirt or a sweater. My mom took me to Wal-Mart and had me try on windsuit. When I tried on the suit, it was comfortable, bright, shiny, silky, swishy, and came in all kinds of colors. My mother was relived that she found something comfortable for me to wear. So, she bought me some suits to wear to school. Since they were on sale, she was able to buy me several. When I went to school the next day, a little girl was wearing the same suit. She revealed to me that it was her mom who recommended the suits to my mom. She told me that she loved wearing the suits and wore them all time, because she didn't wear jeans or sweatpants either. Her parents couldn't afford to buy her a jacket, raincoat, winter coat, or a light weight jacket. The best they could do was buy her windsuits that were on sale and that would be the same price as a coat or a rain coat. We where already getting to be friends and I had asked her if her suit were more comfortable than sweatpants and knit pants. She asked if I was mad because she asked her mom to recommend the suits to my mother and I wasn't. I told her that I loved being in a windsuit. And I was looking forward to wearing them to school everyday. We talked all through recess about how much we liked wearing windsuits. She told me the windsuit and turtleneck combo was popular and asked if I wore turtlenecks. I told her I loved wearing turtlenecks and she said on really cold days her parents made her wear a turtleneck with her suit so she'd be warm enough. I told the girl that I would wear a turtleneck on really cold days with her. She told me that she mostly wore white turtlenecks. But, she did have a some turtle necks in pale colors, and different shades of pink. We both wore a soild purple suit with a white turtleneck the next day. I never thought I'd make a friend who loved wearing windsuits like I did. When school started each year our parents took us shopping and we picked out the same suits. We eventually started to wear jeans, but stayed in windsuits all winter because we loved them so much and that was how we ended up becoming best friends.
Lived in these suits - August 18, 2018 - Report this comment
As a child all I would wear were windsuits with a tee shirt or a turtleneck. Sweatpants and sweatshirts were hot and sweaty. Satin and silk athletic pants were itchy. Knit pants were tight and showed your figure. I stayed in a suit all year round. During the warmer weather, I wore suits without lining. I didn't wear pajamas so I just slept in the suit that I wore during the day. On really hot days, I just wore windpants and a tee shirt.
Friend introduced me to these suits - August 19, 2018 - Report this comment
@ lived in these suits, I loved wearing these suits as a child too. I didn't start wearing them until I was in elementary school though. My best friend loved these suits and stayed in them most of the time. I wore sweatpants in the fall and winter weather. Over the summer, my friend asked me to go school clothes shopping with her. She wanted me to consider wearing windsuits since she knew that I hated the sweatpants. I had been wanting to wear the suits like other kids did and I accepted the offer. When we went shopping, my friend explained that she loved wearing windsuits more than she did shorts and that's why she never wore shorts. She explained after I tried on wind suit pants, I love them and want to stay in them all year round. We both picked out a pair of dark pink windpants and a pale pink floral tee shirt. I changed into the pink outfit and stepped out so my friend and I could see what we looked like in our outfits. When I went out, I noticed my pants was were swishing. That was something I never really noticed or paid attention to. I asked my friend why my pants were swishy and she explained it was something you didn't notice until you yourself were wearing the pants for the first time. She asked me what I thought about swishing around every day. I told her it would take some getting used too. She wanted me to feel comfortable swishing around, so we went back into the changing room that I was in, which was the largest room in the dressing room section. We sat down and she said she felt the same way when she switched over to only wearing the pants and the suits. She explained that when she first tried on windpants, she sat in the changing stall and rubbed her legs together, walked around the dressing room, and ran in place so she could get comfortable with swishing around. First, she wanted me to do it by myself. So, I walked around the room, ran in place, and rubbed my legs together. I beginning to adapt to it and my friend said she'd do those exercises with me. I immediately got comfortable to swishing around and realized everyone who were in the pants would be swishing around too. After we did the exercises, we both tried on some windsuits. We tried on floral and soild color tee shirts with our suits and we tried on turtlenecks with our suits. My friend and I agreed that after we had our clothes paid for we both change into our pink pants and pale pink tee shirts. On the first day of school we both wore purple pants and a white, purple, and navy striped tee shirt. I liked being in the pants and suits better than shorts and knit pants. When it got colder we both had birthdays during the colder weather, so we decided that we would wear. On my birthday we wore a black and red windsuit with a red floral tee shirt. Then on my friend's birthday we wore a black, white, and pink suit with a pink turtleneck.
Shellsuits are back - September 11, 2018 - Report this comment
Just found on the internet shellsuits are back.
Shell Suit Experiment - September 26, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Dave and Shell-Sue, have ever done a shellsuit experiment before? A friend of mine had been wearing shellsuits for years and she had seen several classmates and teachers wearing shellsuits without lining in the warmer weather on windy and rainy days and then after fall break someone was in a shellsuit everyday. She had been wondering what it would be like to wear them everyday. At recess, she told me how she had been wondering what it would be like if she wore a shellsuit to school everyday and was going to see what it was like. I told my friend that my parents had decided that they were going to send me to school in a shellsuit on windy and rainy days in the warmer weather and during the winter, I was going to be wearing a shellsuit to school full time. My friend asked if I'd like to do a shellsuit experiement, where we both stayed in shellsuits together fulltime. I loved the idea since I was nervous about wearing them a lot anyway and it made me feel better knowing my best friend would be staying in them with me. So, I agreed to it and we decided the next day we were going to start our experiment. Since it was our first day, we were going to wear matching outfits to give each other moral support since we knew one of the cons would be people asking us why were staying in them all the time. We knew that we'd be laughed at if we said we were doing an experiment, so we decided to tell everyone that they were our favorite thing to wear. The next morning we both wore a pinkish orange suit with a pinkish orange floral tee shirt. My friend said her parents had told her that they decided they were going to keep in a shellsuit full time in the winter. Both of us actually liked the fact that our parents were going to make us wear a suit everyday in the winter. We both knew there was possiablity that we'd get tired of wearing shellsuits every day and would want to end the experiment. But, with our parents making us wear the suits meant we'd have no choice but to stick with our experiment. Since we started in September, it was still hot and we decided that we wanted to blind in and not attract attention, so we agreed that unless it was raining or windy we would both hang up our jackets and spend the whole day in our shellsuit pants and tee shirts until it got colder. We both found out that wearing a suit without lining was an advantage during the warm weather because the classrooms were really cold and we could slip on our jackets if we got cold. And we loved the smooth nylon material touching our skin. By December we both getting frustrated with being in a shellsuit because our pants was swishy and our parents were making us wear a turtleneck since it was colder. We both knew we were stuck wearing the suits and we were going to really have to support each other. That was one of pros because it was making us grow closer and be more supportive of each other. I got the idea that we could both take time every morning and at recess to just walk around together and listen to ourselves swishy. My best friend asked me what good it would do if we took time to listen to that swishy sound if we were both tired of swishing around. I explained that it would make us appericate our friendship. A teacher was making comments to us if we owned any other type of clothing and was making comments to my best friend because before we started the experiment she was wearing the suits more than I ever did. And a kid was saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," when we passed her in the hall. I explained that even though she was stuck wearing a pair of pants that swished when she walked, she wasn't swishing around school alone because I was stuck in a pair of swishy pants and I was walking beside her and I was swishing around too. We reminded each other how much we had grown to love the swishy sound before we got all the static and we looked forward to be able to walk side by side and people hearing us swishing down the hall. So, we both decided to take time to swishy around together for the heck of it. Both of us had birthdays during our shellsuit experiment period, so we decided to wear our favorite suit together, which was a hot pink, white, and purple shellsuit with a white tee shirt with pink and purple polka dots. That helped us to want to continue with our experiement. And we decided that twice a week we would both wear the same outfit. Every Thursday I would decide what we would wear and on Fridays my best friend decided what we were going to wear. We were sad when the experiment was over but decided that we'd both wear our suits together any time we wanted.

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