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British Walkers, Comment by Mookeychase on August 20, 2019 - Report this comment
Peace everybody yo man the triple OG of this movement Mike from Mikes shoe Plaza on 36th and 8th who first bought us these remakes from 2005 is out of the game. He retired from the game Mike ran wit Jewman in the 80s he knew alotta guys in the shoe game. He knew Tony Laconte the dude that owns Anthony L&S a shoe company that paired with Samsung America the company that owns the name Original Britishers and the Fubu dude,to bring us the 2005 model. Mike stayed on him but he never brought the shoe back. He promised labor day 2009 then Christmas 2009 then February 2010 then August 2012. He finally got JD Stewart to make B Walkers in 2014. If not for Mike knowing Tony we never would have seen these shoes again. I implore everybody who reads or is a member of this group to call the store and leave Mike a message of thanx congrats in his retirement etc. 212-921-8218
Shell Suits, Comment by Build An Outfit on August 20, 2019 - Report this comment
During the cold weather, I wore a windjacket, my friend Gail wore windpants, and my friend Patti wore a turtleneck everyday to school. One year, all of us decided that we wanted to wear similar outfits everyday. We all had our favorite of fall clothing that we didn't want to stop wearing. After laying out our favorite piece of clothing all of us decided that we could combine all three of our favorite pieces of clothing. We all decided to go shopping together and we would pick out windsuits that all three of us liked and turtlenecks that would go with our suits. When we all went shopping we picked out several windsuits that we all liked and picked out enough windsuits so all three of us could wear one every day through out the cold weather. Patti wanted all three of us to have a windsuit that we could wear on school spirit day. So we found a solid white turtleneck and a maroon windsuit. Once we picked that suit out we decided that we all needed to go try on our windsuits. None of us had ever been in a windsuit before and we were excited to see how we would all look once we all had our suits on. When we went to the dressing room we agreed that we would all try on the maroon suit and the white turtleneck; and once we were dressed we step out of the changing room. It didn't take us no time to get dressed. Patti and I were the first ones to get our suits on and we stepped outside. Both of us started moving and waited for Gail. Patti told me that she could hear me step out of the dressing room and I told her I could hear her coming too. Gail was at the other end of the dressing rooms, once she stepped out and walked over to us we could her coming from the other end. We thought we all looked go in a turtleneck and a windsuit. Patti and I really liked wearing the pants since they were comfortable and had a relaxed fit. Gail and Patti really liked being in the jackets since they were also comfortable. Gail and I loved being in the turtlenecks. Any other time we wore turtlenecks, it was like they didn't go with any of the clothes that we wore with it. But, it was prefect to wear with a windsuit. We all asked each other if we would be comfortable staying in a windsuit and turtleneck. We all loved the suits since they were bright and shiny. We wouldn't have to any of our suits. We would be warm and our suits would repel wind and rain. And we all loved the neat swishing sound the pants made when we walked. Gail was already used to swishing around, but Patti and I were quickly getting used to it. We couldn't wait to wear our suits to school. When we were finally able to wear our outfits, we all decided to wear a maroon,black, and white color blocked suit with a white turtleneck. At break we all walked around the walking track listening to ourselves swishing. Patti thought it would be fun if we took turns saying Swishy, swishy, swishy in a squeaky voice as we walked. We all took turns saying it and once all three of us had a turn we all decdided that we'd all say "Swishy, swishy, swishy," in a squeaky voice as we walked and listened to ourseleves swishy. We ended up getting locked the walking track area because we weren't paying attention to our class leaving since we were having too much fun saying swishy, swishy, swishy, in squeaky voices and listening to our selves swishy. Since we were stuck in the walking track we had to make due. One thing we did was walk with our legs apart, but we weren't able to swishy. So, we decided that we'd all rather enjoy being able to hear ourselves swishy. We got out at the end of the day and they had an assembly for a few hours. But, we had more fun being stuck on the walking track and being able to swishy together all. We all looked forward to the fact that we were all going to be coming to school in windsuits everyday for the next sevreal months.

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