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Jogging Suit , Comment by Loved These Suits on August 16, 2018 - Report this comment
I loved wearing these suits growing up. They were first popular for kids the year I was born and my parents thought they were really cute and they dressed me in them a lot. I had watched an old video of my first Christmas and I had on a turquoise multicolored windsuit with a turquoise turtleneck. It was also popular for adults and children for to wear turtlenecks with the suits, so my parents kept me in turtlenecks when I wore the suits. My parents wore the suits too and we even had family portraits made where everyone was in a windsuit and a turtleneck. When I went to school, I didn't wear jeans, overalls, or sweatpants. And I wouldn't wear denim jackets, zip up hoodies, sweatshirts, or sweaters either. When it got to the point in the year when it was colder and we had to start wearing jackets and long pants to school, my parents kept me in windsuits. Normally, I wore a tee shirt with my suits up until winter weather, which was when I started wearing turtlenecks most of the time. I liked wearing the turtlenecks especially white ones with my windsuits because they really made me stand out in my suit. I loved the swishy sound and walked around in my room so I could have time to enjoy hearing myself swishy. When I got up in the mornings my windpants were the first thing I put on and at night my windpants were the last thing that I took off.
Rag City Blues, Comment by Candy on August 15, 2018 - Report this comment
I want them! I live in Arizona 928-366-3824 FB Candace Hurt
Shell Suits, Comment by Making a Friend at School on August 15, 2018 - Report this comment
I always looked forward to the fall weather when I was a little kid because I got wear windsuits to school with my best friend.The year I was in kindergarten, my parents were trying to find pants that were comfortable for me to wear. I didn't wear jeans. They tried me in sweatpants and knit pants, but they were too hot and tight. A mother recommended to my mother to try windsuits. That mother told my mom that her kids loved them because they were comfortable, weren't tight, hot, or itchy. She also told my mom that the jacket was really comfortable and I'd like it better than a sweatshirt or a sweater. My mom took me to Wal-Mart and had me try on windsuit. When I tried on the suit, it was comfortable, bright, shiny, silky, swishy, and came in all kinds of colors. My mother was relived that she found something comfortable for me to wear. So, she bought me some suits to wear to school. Since they were on sale, she was able to buy me several. When I went to school the next day, a little girl was wearing the same suit. She revealed to me that it was her mom who recommended the suits to my mom. She told me that she loved wearing the suits and wore them all time, because she didn't wear jeans or sweatpants either. Her parents couldn't afford to buy her a jacket, raincoat, winter coat, or a light weight jacket. The best they could do was buy her windsuits that were on sale and that would be the same price as a coat or a rain coat. We where already getting to be friends and I had asked her if her suit were more comfortable than sweatpants and knit pants. She asked if I was mad because she asked her mom to recommend the suits to my mother and I wasn't. I told her that I loved being in a windsuit. And I was looking forward to wearing them to school everyday. We talked all through recess about how much we liked wearing windsuits. She told me the windsuit and turtleneck combo was popular and asked if I wore turtlenecks. I told her I loved wearing turtlenecks and she said on really cold days her parents made her wear a turtleneck with her suit so she'd be warm enough. I told the girl that I would wear a turtleneck on really cold days with her. She told me that she mostly wore white turtlenecks. But, she did have a some turtle necks in pale colors, and different shades of pink. We both wore a soild purple suit with a white turtleneck the next day. I never thought I'd make a friend who loved wearing windsuits like I did. When school started each year our parents took us shopping and we picked out the same suits. We eventually started to wear jeans, but stayed in windsuits all winter because we loved them so much and that was how we ended up becoming best friends.
Stirrup pants, Comment by Jonathan Campos on August 14, 2018 - Report this comment
I love stirrups and stirrup jumpsuits they are sooo super cozy I wish I had more most of my collection was given to me free
Jogging Suit , Comment by Best Windsuit Friends on August 13, 2018 - Report this comment
I wore knit pants during the cold weather. But, they were tight and showed my figure. Windsuits were very popular when I was child and everyone body was wearing them. Our school book store sold some navy windsuits with the school logo on the jacket and they sold white tee shirts with the school name and mascot printed across the shirt in navy. Our parents gave us some money so we could buy a windsuit and a tee shirt. We bought our suits and tee shirts at the bookstore and decided that we were going to change into our windsuits. We went into the bathroom and changed our clothes. When we both stepped out of the stall, we swished over to the mirror and stared at ourselves wearing a windsuit for the first time. I asked my friend what she thought of us getting to experience wearing a windsuit for the first time. My friend said she loved the suit and it was much more comfortable than her sweatpants. I told my friend that the suit was much more comfortable than my knit pants and the windsuit pants weren't tight and they were looser. I told my friend that I wanted to wear windpants instead of knit pants. My friend told me that she wanted to wear windpants instead of sweatpants. We had book fair and our parents had given us money to buy some books. But, we didn't see any books we wanted, so we went back to the school book store and bought a pair of pink, purple, black, and dark grey wind pants since they were only $5.00 dollars each. Both of us realized that we could wear windpants everyday and we could ask for windsuits for Christmas. After each of us went home, we explained to our parents we wanted to wear windpants or a complete windsuit instead of our sweatpants and knit pants. Our parents were agreeable to letting us stay in windpants everyday. At Christmas, we both got windsuits like wanted and had enough to stay in a suit everyday. Since the turtleneck and windsuit combo was really popular our parents bought us a lot of turtlenecks with our suits. We both decided that we would wear the same windsuit and turtleneck on our birthday. And who ever had the birthday got to decide what we were going to wear. On my birthday we wore a royal blue, navy, and hotpink windsuit with a pink turtleneck. On my friends birthday we wore a purple, black, and teal windsuit with a white turtleneck. We both loved the swishy sound and enjoyed being able to swishy when we were walking down the hall. PE was our favorite class because we'd be swishing around non-stop.
Twister Bead Necklaces, Comment by Lisa on August 13, 2018 - Report this comment
I worked at a department store called The Fair in the early 80's, and we sold the twisty beads and they sold like hot could match them to so many outfits.Now you can't find them even on Ebay....
charm necklaces, Comment by Jennifer on August 12, 2018 - Report this comment
I am interested in buying some of these if anyone has some or knows where to find them at. Look me up, Jennifer Heavner on Facebook, just leave me a message. Thanks in advance!

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