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Goth fashion, Comment by Morella on July 30, 2015 - Report this comment
Just because you weren't there in the 80s, does not mean you cannot be Goth. Nor does saying you are Goth automatically mean you aren't. If you have been in the scene as long as you say you have been, then you should know that plenty of people who were in the scene in the 80s and still support Goth Rock, Death rock, Darkwave, Coldwave, etc., still call themselves Goth like Martin Oldgoth. You act like Goth is a dead subculture/music scene when the fact is that it is not. Yes, there are a lot of people that mislabel themselves, their bands, club nights, etc., as Goth and a lot of younger people who don't know what it is, whether they think it's Hot Topic and Cradle of Filth or going to Dracula's Ball and listening to Covenant and Combichrist. I was born in 1986, but you know what? I know what Goth is, I have been a huge fan of the genre since middle school, and have been involved in the scene for years. And by the way besides Bauhaus and the Cure, I listen to Memento Mori UK, Benediction UK, The Veil (the 80s band, not the newer metal band), Corpus Delicti, Medicine Rain, The Merry Thoughts, The Drowning Season (a Baltimore Goth band), Raven Adore, Solemn Novena, The Spiritual Bats, Nemesisters (Philly band similar to Christian Death), The Frozen Autumn, Sleeping Children, Scarlet's Remains, This Fear, Trivalia (Yes, I am aware they tried to be more like Front 242 later on, but their earlier stuff was Goth Rock), Capital Hell, Death in Venice, Thelema, The Justice League of America, Le vene di lucretia, Another Species, Masquerade, X-mal Deutschland, 13th Chime, Ex-Voto, The Awakening, Clan of Xymox, Dead Souls Rising, Arc Gotic, And Also The Trees, Modern English's first album was post punk/Goth, after dusk, the Unseen Chains, Elusive, Rhombus, Strap On Halo, The Stompcrash, All About Eve, The Council of Days, Last dusk, All Living Fear, The Ancestry, Altar De Fey, Desire (Swe), Caifanes, Draconian Incubus, Screaming Dead, Red Sun Revival, etc., And by the way while I prefer thrift stores or DIY, Hot Topic has had the occasional okay item. A few chokers or a pair of gloves from there are fine. They have also sold Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bauhaus tshirts there. Goths are fans of Goth Rock, not being around in the 80s or calling yourself a Goth, or even buying a pair of lace gloves from Hot Topic, does not change whether or not you love the music.
Sweater from Pasta, Comment by Craytoj26 on July 26, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey I just bought a Pasta sweat shirt in Atlanta Ga. today!!

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