Halloween Costumes From the Eighties

The 80s can serve as an excellent source for costumes. These are a few of the ideas I had, I welcome additions. I tried to stick with things that were basically born in the 80s and died there too. You might need to visit thrift stores instead of costume stores for some items like skinny ties. If you dress up this year, take a picture and email it to me, I'd love to see what people come up with.

Music Ideas

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Costume Ideas

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1/2 angel 1/2 devil
1/2 your body the angel 1/2 a devil, start with the hair I took two wigs and cut them in half a long blonde wig and a short red wig with devil horns in it attached them together. I took a red dress very short and a white dress very long cut them down the middle and sewed them together the angel side had a wing and the devil side had a tail for shoes I wore a high black leather boot for the devil side and a clear crysal heel for the angel side.
1987 Popular Girl
Shiny metallic longsleeved camp shirt with small buttons on the shirt tail which should hang over your butt .Should have a brocade print . Can be worn with or without a big belt that hangs off the hip . A long straight skirt with a split up the back. 3 layers different colored nylon kneehigh socks that coordinate. Ankle high granny boots. Many metallic bracelets and various length necklaces. Essential brooch at the neck of the buttoned up shirt. Long hair in the back and short sides and bangs. Bangs should be teased waterfall style. Preferrebly moussed with Pizazz color mousse in wine or blueberry. Makeup should be pale pink almost white frosted lipstick and multi colored eyeshadow with a bright colored mascara in electric blue, teal or fuchia. Eyes should be lined heavily with black pencil which has been melted with a lighter and applied to the inside rim of eyes. Perfume should be Love's Baby Soft.
80s Aerobic instructor
Stretchy leotard over tight, bright spandex pants. Big shirt over leotard with the shoulders cut off. The over-sized shirt should be tied to one side. The shirt should say something like TIGER! Hair should be up in a high side ponytail. An 80s aerobic instructor is nothing without her sweatbands and hair bands!
80s Athletic Man
Short neon running shorts with slits in sides, old t shirt (i wore a neon Tide laundry detergent shirt), Long socks with stipes at top (pulled up to knees), Velcro shoes instead of laces, Rayban sunglasses, Old mesh baseball cap saying something funny (mine had 2 foam cones like boobs and then a small bikini top over them), Neon beer can holder for can.
80's chick/punk
Does anyone remember the great mesh of the late 80's??? Girls - Gotta wear a mesh shirt (off the shoulder please) with a contrasting swimsuit top underneath. Wear a nice tight micromini - you know, the one that covers from your bellybutton to just over your butt?? And don't forget the tight leggings that go just past your knees with the pumps. It's all about the pumps. Finish the look with a low-slung wide belt, some big hoop earrings, and BIG hair!!
80's Chick
Blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. Big off-the-shoulder sweater. Black or a bright color of leggings or tight jeans. Sneakers, or if you're opting to wear the jeans, wear 2 pairs of bright slouch socks or white frilly socks. Hairspray will come in handy for your hair. Either tie it high up at the side or tease your bangs and pouf the rest of it (think 11 yr old D.J from Full House). Can't forget huge hoop earings or dangling ones...and tons of bracelets. So wear that and you'll have a happy Halloween "fer sher"!
80's Chick
We had 80's day at my high school and this is what I wore: I had a huge red sweater that came to about my knees, cut the top part so it'd hang off one shoulder, had a blue tank top underneath showing. Had some colorful flowery type pants with two pairs of socks:one hot pink, the other hot yellow-green (think tennis ball color) then I crimped my hair and put it in a high side pony tail with a bright colorful hair scrunchie. I wore blue eyeshadow, and hot hot pink lipstick (brand: wet n' wild) wore lots of bangles on both arms. Wore black and white converse shoes. It was a big hit!!!
80's Chick
Wear a tight black mini skirt, white satin lace tank top, red leather jacket with huge shoulder pads, with red pumps for accessories were lots of white, red, and silver bangles with big doit earrings and lots of beaded necklaces. Do hair big and crimp it! Good will is a great place to find some of these items
80's Chic
first from top to bottom, poofy poofy hair, use hot rollers or even a crimper to help out that funky style. Use lots and lots of hairspray to make it stay. On your makeup, bright blue eyeshadow and very pink lipstick. Wear some big hoop earrings. Wear lots and lots of necklaces. On the wardrobe, buy a very oversize sweatshirt. Cut it at the top, so it falls off your shoulder. If you can, wrap a concho belt around the outer layer of sweatshirt. Don't forget to wear a bright tanktop under the sweatshirt. Wear some tight jeans and put a couple pair of bright socks over your jeans. Or if you wanna wear leg warmers and don't have any cut the bottoms out of a couple pair of bright socks and do it that way. I just wore my regular tennis shoes, I figured I had enough eighties on that the shoes wouldnt matter.
80's Girl With A Mix Of Everyone
So what this is my 80's look let me know what you guys think. My hair is curly so i made it extra curly and BIG, I then but a pink hair string around it and let the bow hang down. A greay over size cut off sholder sweater, with a green sports bra under neath. Hanging off my shoulder of course, then black spandacs with a pink tuttu with lil pink flowers on it. Black legs warms and white shoes. Pink hoop earlops in the ear and lots of braslets. Lacey black gloves and lots of beads around the neck. Make up LOTS OF IT!!! YES!! lots of BLUE and PURPLE wiht lots of eye liner and colorful lashys.....
80's Girl
White (Or black) lace gloves, the Suddenly Susan hair, a leotard with an off the shoulder tank over it, a short layered tutu skirt, colored tights and leg warmers with pumps.
80s Glam Band Groupie
I dished out about 30 bucks for the biggest blondest wig I could find, bought lots of blue eyeshadow and mascara, and hot pink lipstick, big cheap bangle earrings, tight acid washed jeans, white pointy toed boots with fringe, and the best part...I found a vintage 80s Cinderella tank top with black lace detail....sliced the bottom off to show belly, cut the sides off leaving 2 inches gaping open on each side, secured with safety pins. Low studded belt around the hips, cropped ridiculous fringed jacket with enormous shoulder pads, and one of those narrow rectangular cameras that they don't make film for anymore. Still perfecting this costume so email me any suggestions.
80's Gothrocker
spikey or teased hair (black, red, white, silver.. anything unnatural), big black sweater, or some kind of oversized black t-shirt, skin tight black jeans, with rips at knees, or black leggings.. lace up doc martens, or pointy black boots... black trenchcoat, or leather flight or biker jacket, or some kind of ratty black lace sheet... lots of black eye makeup, black or red lipstick... belt/collar/wristlets with pyramids or spikes.. lots of big silver crosses, razorblades, ankhs, daggers, skulls... maybe some kind of funeral hat with a long veil.. big silver earrings.... shoot for a decadent air.. don't forget the cloves :P
80's Groupie
a short white or black mini skirt straight. then black ankle boots that lace up. dark blue or black tank top and get letters made of felt and glue them on the shirt to read "i'm with the band". big hair of course teased. dark blue eyeshadow and black mascara. cheap pink lipstick (bright) big gold hoop earrings. bangle bracelets. lots of pink blush. big shoulder padded cropped leather jacket. also fishnets. it will rock!
80's GRuNGe..
cut sweatshirt so it hangs over the shoulder (one, left or right)...mardii gras beads or any bead necklace's, locks of rubber and other bracelets...bigass hoops earings blue or purple eyeshadow lots of eyeliner and mascrara....black tank top or white under sweatshirt, hi-top converse and knee hi socks with stripes on the top..colored spandex and ruffled skirt!!!!!! this outfit roX my SoX!!!!!!
80's guy
Wear a black suit jacket with a black skinny tie and black pants that are a little short,dont forget the big plastic sun glasses walk around like you own the world.
80's line dancer
My best friends' costume is so great - she found a black sweatshirt that's too short on the sleeves, has red fringe in a v-shape in the front, and under her neck a silhouette of a "country couple", dancing. She's pairing it with an acid wash jean skirt, a mullet cut wig and a big bead gawdy necklace (that matches, of course!) - she's still keeping an eye out for the fringe boots.
80s Look
Large sweater with a large belt, side ponytail, large scrunchie, tights, socks, and high tops.
80's Prepster
Penny loafers (no socks!), high-water chinos, Lacoste polo shirt with the collar turned up. Extra style points for Ray Ban's, ribbon belt, and blazer with your high-schools crest on it!
80's Prom or Homecoming Queen
A big poofy bright color dress (ex:pink) with a huge bow on the butt.Then take your hair and put it in a frizzy side ponytail(if you can't get it to frizz then brush upwards)or leave your down and frizz it.Then get a tiara,and your ready to go!!!
80s Prom Queen
Very bright, big poofy prom dress (poofy skirt, poofy sleeves, big bow on the butt, in bright purple, hot pink, green, etc.), big 80s hair, big gaudy jewelry (huge, brightly colored earrings a must), some matching pumps or even better, some short boots with heels, and no prom queen costume would be complete without the tiara, sash, and corsage. Oh, and lots of bright makeup (hot pink lipstick, blue or green eyeshadow, and if you can find it, blue or green mascara).
80's Punkrocker(for Girls)
Black fishnets, a plaid skirt, spiked or teased hair(odd colors too), a ripped up t shirt with an 80's icon on it, tons of bracelets, laced up black boots. lots of make up too,(including BLACK eyeliner)
80's Punk
Ok, wear a black mini-skirt over black fishnet stockings, with knee-high black boots. Wear a zipped up balck leather jacket, with a bluejean vest over top. teased hair, heavy make-up.
80's Stud
First get a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off,then get a mullet wig or grow one out,unless you already have one.If you have a pair of leather gloves,cut off the fingers.Get any type of jeans (preferably black or blue) and converse high-tops.Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without a Def leppard,Van Halen,or any T-shirt with an 80's rock band or song artist.
80s Summer Camp Counselor
This outfit is PRICELESS! and simple... most importantly, you need a pair of itty bitty adidas running shorts with the strips down the side (for some reason this style of shorts became popular again in stores *shrug*) knee-high white athletic socks with stripes at the top.. converse high tops, the t-shirt could really be anything (must be tight) with any logo or icon from the 80s.. the one i choose was a tshirt with Mr.T on it i found a thrift store. No makeup, and the hair could just be a simple high ponytail
80's valley girl
This kind of 80's valley girl is going to be like totally awesome! First,you wear some tights with alot of holes in them.Second,over the tights wear a ruffled skirt as for on the top, for a shirt wear a " too big " over shoulder top.Wear alot of jewelry earrings,bracelets neclaces,and rings.For the face put light blue eyeshadow on your eyes (thickly) bright pink lipstick (thickly) and alot of blush whatever color. also,do't forget mascara, leg warmers,and high heels.
A. C. Slater
First you need a wig. I used a curly, wet looking wig that I cut into a mullet. The shirt has to be a maroon, fishnet jerzee. I ironed the letters SLATER on the back. For pants I found some old 80s style baggy pants (preferably Z Cavarichi). The shoes can be anything white and hightop. Just make sure you pull the tongues out.
Al Bundy
brown polyester pants with a belt, white short sleeve work shirt with a front pocket and an AL patch on the front. A playboy magazine folded up and tucked in back pocket and a remote control tucked in front pocket.
Al Calavicci or Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap
Although from 1989, this isn't so bad, and it's rather easy!! To be Al, just wear anything tacky, such as a zoot suit, fire engine red sports jacket with matching pants and bright shirt, Hawaiian shirt with bright pants. You know, anything tacky. Add a handlink (calculator will do) and part the hair. Especially creative--girls attaining the look of Al should just part the hair and put it in a low ponytail. Just make sure you have someone to play Sam, or else people will talk. For Sam, dress as any character from any leap. Recommended highly--guys as Sam could wear dress and say they're Samantha Stormer, or any one of the females Sam leaped into. *BONUS*--guys with the diaper and ID tag, as Bobo the chimp from "The Wrong Stuff," or that cool "Carmen Miranda" dress singing "Cuando La Gusta" from "Miss Deep South"--Classic!!!!!
Angus Young
Dark Blue/Black Blazer suit, Sports/Athletic Shorts (can get em at K-Mart or JC Pennys ) and blue baseball cap (at Kmart also. ) Bend the brim of the hat up so it's BARELY curved. Wear white long sleeved shirt under, and a tie of your choice. Enjoy!!!
Angus Young
Poofy dark hair, with a navy blue baseball cap overtop. Black suit jacket and shorts, white shirt, red and white diagonally striped tie.
Awsome 80's Girl
Simple cheap and sweet: Clothing:- Fun colored solid Tight pants, Off the sholder shirts, and the undershrt tank tops with a diff but still matching colors, Leg warmers, and pumps. Acceseries:- Huge bangles tacky and thick, lots of them too! Also big hoop earings! Hair: Long or medium length, side ponys or high ponys-with glitter in the hair, and scrunchys holding up the ponys! Short hair a far right part so it looks flippedsome hair my need to be let down in the back, and a little hair spray or moose to keep it there. then tease your hair or huge curls (you can do this with long/medium hair too.)
Axl Rose
I am a 16 yr old female and Halloween of '01 I went as Axl Rose because I've gotten so into GnR. I consulted web sites and found numerous photos of him in the early days of GnR. I also relied on televised concert clips on VH1 and eventually put together a costume. I have long blond hair but I couldn't dye it light brown. However, I wrapped a red bandana around my head, wore a black long sleeve shirt onto which I pasted an Axl photo (just so that uninformed students would know who I was), wore an unbuttoned flannel shirt over that, and wore a black leather jacket over that. I also wore a kilt with bike shorts underneath. I didn't want to look terribly masculine so I put on some 80s makeup which consisted of a lot of blush, blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner and navy blue mascara and dark pink lipstick. I had soooo much fun with this costume and my teachers loved it. Many people came up to me and said it was the most original costume they'd ever encountered. And as big a fashion faux-pas as it sounds, I grew to love the blue eye make-up and I still wear on Saturday nights and surprisingly a lot of girls came up and asked me to show them what I used.
Barbie and the Rockers
I did this in high school! Can you imagine! A sweatshirt with puffy paint, hair crimped in a 1/2 ponytail with silver scrunchi and black leggings and pumps -
Big hair band/Glam Rocker
Big teased hair held up with Aqua Net (in the white can), eyeliner, satin blazer over tank top (or other layered shirts), torn, of course, fishnets wrapped on arm or around torso, spandex pants and some type of bitchin boots.
The Blind Leading the Blind
This is a perfect costume for a fun couple. Dress up however you like (we wore all black), and wear sunglasses. Get two canes and paint red tips on the ends. They can just be long sticks. If you want, you can put "cuts and bruises" on you both. The important thing is to walk around holding on to each other all night and you are now....the blind leading the blind. Watch out though! Some people are over sensitive these days...we had ONE person say we were insensitive, but it's Halloween!!!
Blues Brothers
Black Suits, white button down shirts, black ties, Black hats, black dress shoes and lets not forget the black wayfers. My husband and I went as them in 2000 for Halloween it was a hit!
Blues Brothers
Black suit, white button down shirt, black tie, black dress shoes, and black sun glasses.
The TeenWolf girl-next-door....a short, brown bob-do with "claw-rips" on the back of your turquoise, off-the-shoulder cableknit sweater. White keds, black stirrup pants, or black spandex pants tucked into 2 pairs of colorful socks (flourescent pink is nice), and your white scrunch-down boots.
Break Dancers
Bandanna, leather belts and wrist bands with spikes, head bands, leather pants.
Zipper pants, thick gold chains with large symbols, and a giant piece of lineoleum attached by ropes so that you would be able to bust-a-move at any given moment.
The breakfast club
A great costume for 5 friends. I can't describe them all, but go to Blockbuster and ask for the movie, THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Watch it and put your outfits together. It's a fun hallloween costume.
Brian Johnson
Black beret type hat (not exactly a beret but has the same style with a visor on the front), tight black tank top (preferably if you have a beer belly), tight black jeans, any variation of black boot/shoes, talk really loud with a scream.
Bruce Springsteen
The Boss from the 80's! blue jeans you would work in, white t-shirt, black boots, red baseball cap in your back pocket, bandana around your head and you're set to go! you can even wear a collared shirt with the sleeves cut off instead of a white t-shirt, and you can add a jean jacket. its all still the boss!
California Raisin
The purple Raisin's who danced to the tune "Heard it Through The Grapevine." Wore White Sunglasses, Yellow ties and some had skateboards. Also had other props like radio's (the old portable ones) and microphones.
Care Bear
A big furry bear suit with a circle on the tummy encasing a carebear symbol such as a raincloud for grumpy or a crescent moon for sleepy bear.
Care Bear
Get a white sweat suit ( pants and a hooded sweatshirt ) dye them the correct color. Get white felt and cut out a big circle and attach for the tummy. Cut out of more felt the symbol that corresponds with the bear body color you chose and attach to middle of felt tummy. Cut out felt ears to match body color and attached to hood. Find red heart shaped patch or cut red heart from felt and attach to the side of one butt cheek. Paint tip of nose with paint to match body color in the shape of a heart. Funshine Bear and Lucky Bear are the easiest dyes to match colors for. We did these two in Chico for Halloween 2001, they were warm and better than rented ones cause they were in our sizes. Bonus!! remove felt, ears, and heart and you have a new set of custom colored sweats
Care Bear
Wear a shirt with a heart or a sun, a cloud....etc., anything that you have seen on a care bear's tummy. Wear ears, a tail, and maybe some paws. Very cute for little kids.
A colored bear suit with one of the care bear picture on the stomach.
Am I the only one who remembers the Care Bears and their "Care Stare" attack for defeating villains? This costume wouldn't be so hard. A simple place to start would be to rent a bear suit of sorts (hopefully a cartoon one where the bear is a pastel color) then create a paper circle (even a paper plate would do, attach it to the stomach and draw something like a sun or a heart on it. And voila! Care Bear!
Put on a pastel color (light blue, light pink, yellow) pants, and sweatshirt (try for same shade) and if you can, socks. Out of white felt, cut out a circle to sew onto the stomach of the shirt. Then draw with felt markers a carebear design, depending on which one you are.
Carla from Cheers
Small afro, paper clip earrings, acid washed jeans, obnoxious patterned sweater or patterned cotton shirt with collar, and a small waitress apron. Maybe bring along some pens and a bad attitude!
Carmen Sandiego
Wear a long red trench coat, yellow turtle neck and skirt, red shoes, and top it all off with a red hat.
Child of the 80's
Black leggings with gold rhinestones lineing the sides, a high side pony tail with feathered bangs, black reeboks and white and black socks rolled down over eachother, a black tank top with a UK Flag tied into a knot in the front under a black leather jacket. Hot pink lip stick and blue eyeshadow with a beauty mole.
Cobra Kai (bad guy from The Karate Kid)
The Cobra Kai costume from the Karate Kid is just a black robe with the Cobra Kai logo on the back and 3-4 square patches on the side of the legs from the knees down.
Cookey Spooks
It was a costume I wore many times. Has a hat that resembles Madusa's hair and a cheap plastic costume. I was born in 1975 and remember the 80's well.My grandmother dressed me like a Cookey Spook for 4 years in a row!!
Cruel Summer
Light stone washed overalls (maybe a black belt) with a tiny sleeveless white shirt inside. The bottom of the pantlegs rolled up to above ankle and white high top keds shoes. A blue bandana wrapped under hair and tied at top of head, the ends of teased hair falling out over eyes. Black sunglasses and red lipstick (big hoop earrings?) like in the video "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama
Cyndi Lauper
This is a fun one, I helped my friend on this one last halloween. Cyndi often wore a strapless top and a poofy, vintage skirt (with a petticoat if you can get one). Lots of bracelets. Lots of bright colored make-up. The hair is very important, bright orange or red (you can buy spray on hair color at any beauty store) tease it up and let it fall over to one side (spike up your bangs if you have'em). Check out her website for pics.
Cyndi Lauper
This one's pretty easy- Cyn had a mismatched style during the 80s, so you basically just throw together anything and it'll look great! Big, long, vintage skirts with crinolines, strapless dresses, high heels or two different high top shoes, and a bustier, or patterned top. She pretty much wore everything at once, so do layers if you have to. BIG, teased, crazy, tricoloured hair. You can pretty much do anything when it comes down to this; she's had it every colour of the rainbow. Red and yellow's a good combo to try (red hair, yellow bangs and a few streaks here and there). Big earrings, cheesy bangle bracelets. Eye makeup... like the hair, pretty much everything goes. A couple of vibrant colours, up to and even past the eyebrows... Brush it out towards the temple. Red or pink lipstick, or even gloss is a good thing to pair it with. Happy Halloween, and don't forget to "tawk" with a "Noo Yawk aksent"! ;)
The Dale Bozzio!
Allrighty - start out with a black mini skirt, add a silvery tube top (or try to make one of her 'plastic bras', if you're really daring), some nice knee-high black boots. Then, get out that pink and blue hairspray and streak your hair with it. Don't forget the bright eye makeup and mole :)
The Debbie "Bowler Hat" Gibson
For more of a Electric Youth era look, go with the "essential" black bowler hat, with blonde hair. Wear an oversized sports jacket with big shoulder pads, paired with either a skirt/or a pair of jeans, with holes in the knees and the bottoms rolled. Put with some socks, which come to the bottom of the jeans and some tennis shoes. YOU MUST HAVE THE BLACK BOWLER HAT TO MAKE THIS WORK!!!!
Doc Brown
White Einstein wig, white radiation suit, briefcase with radiation sticker to keep Plutonium in. Works best with the Marty McFly costume.
Dolly Parton
Great for a guy, shiny dress with stuffed bra for those HUGE Boobs. How Fun!
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Well just get a lab coat and a wig (also get a friend). One of you wear all of the face paint, and the other one act like a doctor.
Sammy Jo or Alexis from Dynasty. Wear poufy hair, tons of makeup, carry a big handbag, tons of jewerly and a low-cut polyester dress. AWESOME!
Cut a large hole in a shoebox or other rectangular box (or even an old football), and cover trick-ortreater with a sheet. For heart light, use a small flashlight or a bike reflector.
Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie! Who DIDN'T have a friend who was a Maiden freak in the 80's? Zombie mask (good luck finding the right one) and any of a number of different costume pieces work. You could go with the straight jacket and chains and look like you're off of the Piece of Mind album.
Eighties Chick
BIG hair, wide (preferably colored) headband, hoop earrings, crazy eighties makeup, take an old sweatshirt and cut it into a boatneck, belt of sweathshirt, miniskirt, colored tights, leg warmers, pumps.
Eighties Dancer (Female)
Put on the tights (I mean white footless ones dyed in any color you could imagine) , a leotard (camisole, tank, short, whatever, but it's the same thing with the tights) , ankle or leg warmers (same as above), and any flexible shoe (ether any kind of flexible jazz shoe or white ballet slippers dyed in any color you desire) .
Eighties Dancer (Male)
All you need is a tank shirt, white tights (dyed in dark or rich colors) , lower body warmers of any color, size, and type (I prefer flashy legwarmers), jazz or canvas shoes, and a sweatband.
Remembering Annie Lennox wearing a Men's Suit with a Orange Wig from the 1982 Sweet Dream's (Are Made Of This) video and also a black gown and a yellow wig or a Elvis Hair style with the black suit from the 1983 Who's That Girl Video and also a women's white dress with a white hat from the 1983 Right By Your Side video and much more and remembering Dave Stewart wearing a suit from the 1982 Sweet Dream's (Are Made Of This) video or also a white suit with messed up hair with Sunglasses from the 1983 Who That's Girl video. Also diferent costumes what they ware from the 1989 King & Queen Of America video.
Farmer Ted/The Geek from 16 Candles
Collared light pink shirt with rolled up sleeves, tight jeans, white sneakers, head gear, and carry around a pair of white underwear with red polka-dots!!!! Genius!
Flock of Seagulls
You'll need a red shirt, black pants, silver belt and a synthesizer (or mini piano to carry around for ease). And, of course, the outfit would not be complete without the swept up on the sides hair-do, culminating to a point in the front. Voila, instant Flock of Seagulls, and your friends will run so far away!
Guys ever see that show Fraggle Rock? (the puppets were better than the cartoon) Anyways, just get a frizzy red wig and a red shirt, for added effect you should use makeup for orange skin and carry a little green stuffed animal and call it a dozer.
Gangster and Flapper
Great for a couple. Gangster - black or brown suit, hat and "TOY" gun. Flapper - roaring 20's dress, costume jewelry, and bright makeup.
Gene Simmons
i am 13 but last year i was gene simmons for halloween.here is a list of stuff i had: -black puffy wig -leather vest -black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off -black jeans -black platforms -spiked necklace (black lipstick,black paint or eyeliner,white makeup for your face) for my face i did the obvious i did gene's eye makeup with a white face and black lips
The Goonies
This is a fun idea if a group is going trick-or-treating together. Basically, the group should be two girls and five boys, but if any of the girls wanna play boys, then do so. Mikey: Grey sweatshirt, jean jacket, and jeans. Mouth: Prince t-shirt, jacket, and jeans. Brandon: Grey sweatshirt with no sleeves, red headband, sweatpants with shorts over them. Stef: Purple sweater with pink belt over it, white t-shirt, jeans, and big glasses. Data: Trench coat, jeans, backpack, and gadget belt. Chunk: Hawaiian shirt, plaid pants. Andie: Tennis uniform, varsity sweater. Oh, and dont forget to wear Nikes!!!!!!
Get some fur scraps and strap it around like a diaper. A sword strapped to your back. Go all out and paint your dog w/ tiger stripes and walk around w/ it all night.
Kind of like 80's chick but with at least two friends. One wears red, one yellow, one blue, etc. The colored part of the outfit should all be the same, such as everyone wears black leggings and a sweatshirt, but their socks and hair scrunchie should be the assigned color. In other words the outfits are identical except for being different colors.
HipHop Lady
A tank top and sweatshirt shoulders off. Mini skirt with black fishnets, pumps,and leggings.And jean Jacket.
Hooters Girl
Hooters tanktop, bright orange shorts, shinny stockings, white socks and white tennis shoes
Hulk Hogan
Yellow short-shorts. Red or yellow t-shirt cut into a tank-top. Write "Hulkamania" on the front of the shirt. Find a blonde Fu-man-chu at a costume store. Tie a yellow or red bandanna around your hear (do-rag style).
Inspector Gadget and Penny
Inspector Gadget - gray trenchcoat, hat, and some kind of goofy device. Penny - red and white striped shirt, green pants, red or pink shoes. Don't forget the big watch and wear your hair in pigtails.
Janet Jackson
Ruffled blouse buttoned to the neck, black blazer with shoulder pads, tapered black pants, flat black boots, straight and high black hair, and hoop earrings with a key dangling from one.
White, puffy, button up shirt; Skin-tight grey pants; big, puffy, blonde, "rockstar" hair; black gloves; black cape; big crystal balls. Act evil. ;)
Jason Voorhees
First, shave your head. Then buy a hockey mask like his. As for the costume; either wear an olive green coat with grey pants and black boots or wear a dark blue torn jump suit. Then carry a fake knife, machete, axe, or cleaver with fake blood on it. Then you'll look like the killer from Friday The 13th series.
Jeannie Bueller (from Ferris Buellers Day Off)
Peach or light yellow light-weight jacket, sleeves rolled up to mid-arm. Tight, plain black pants that stop at mid-shin. Big rolled white socks. Striped shirt underneath, lots of expensive jewelry, lots of bangle bracelets. Hair in a bob, permed and lightly gelled or moussed. Really expensive manicure. Light colored make up with lip gloss.
Jedi Costume
Get a karate outfit and a dark brown bathrobe. Then either buy a cheap lightsaber, or make your own.
Jennifer Beals
Flashdance c'mon!! Wear an oversized sweater with a cut/ripped collar and very, very short shorts. The sweater should cover the shorts.
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
You remember...TF: false eyelashes, loads of eyeshadow, shoulderpads; Jim: oversized, dorky glasses, spray sides of hair white and paste hair over to one side, wear big v-necked sweater over button-down shirt with bold stripes
Joan Jett
Black Lether Pants with pyramid Studed belt, black lether shirt or a large shirt, Black eyeliner ,a lot on the bottom. Black punked out hair.Possibly a black leather jacket or a spiked or pyramid studed braclet.
Karate Kid
All you do is get a karate uniform, either a peice of black fabric or karate belt, make the patch for the back of the uniform using Sharpies (I got a picture of it off the movie) and you can either make the headband on your own, or I have seen it being sold on Ebay, and if you have lighter hair, get black temporary hair spray. and ta-da you're Daniel!
Lady Lovely Locks
Here's an idea. get a a pink dress that looks like a quilt if you know what i mean, and make sure the dress reaches your ankles. then, get a kind of gypsy looking shirt (like the kind that jennifer lopez wore in her video clip that's all latino and stuff) and make sure it's wide with nice designs! then get like a blue apron and cut it up to the waist and sew, if you can't so, then it's fine. now for the hair, if you already have long slitely curly hair than that's perfect. let your hair down and get different hairspray colours ( e.g. pink, purple, red, blue...) and take a like a hanful of hair from different areas and colour them, making your hair look kinda multicoloured, BUT NOT TOO MULTICOLOURED! lady lovely locks originally has blonde hair... then get some flat-ish pink shows and you're set! COME ON PIXIE TAILS!
Link, from The Legend of Zelda
Link's appearance has changed over the years, but I used to dress up as Link for Halloween back in the 80s. To get the classic Link look, I wore brown sweat pants and a brown sweatshirt, brown boots, a XXL green tank top (over the sweat shirt) a belt, and a green stocking cap. I also carried around a plastic shield and sword, and bow and arrows. You could even use a bottle of Code Red to simulate Link's ultra useful Red Potion, but be sure to take off the label. There's no Mountain Dew in Hyrule.
Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything)
The keys to this costume are the beige trench coat and boom box. Then, to be most accurate, you'll need a Clash T-shirt, black work-out pants, and high-tops. But any white T-shirt will do; and I suppose blue jeans could substitute for the work-out pants. An added touch would be to have in the boom box a tape copy of Peter Gabriel's "So" cued up to "In Your Eyes".
Madonna retro 80s
White tank top with lots of colorful mardi gras necklaces, colorful tutu(ripped), high wrinkled socks with red pantyhose and red high heels.
Black lace gloves, lots of bangles on each arm, big hoop earings, a black headband and hair clipped back and teased ( perferably blonde), black tanktop and an of the shoulder black sweater. Black leggings, or a black short skirt. Black ankle boots. Black eye liner, and lots of mascara.
This costume was a huge hit for me!Wear large hiking boots, with two different colors of socks.Wear a bright colored,frilly skirt, with leggings under(the ones that go a little past your knees).Then wear a black sports-bra type shirt, with a mesh cut-off shirt over. Flip most of your hair to one side and leave it down or put it up in a high side ponytail.Wear lots of jelly bracelets and bangles. THE PERFECT MADONNA COSTUME!
Magnum PI, Tom Selleck
The same Hawaiian shirt (parrots & palm trees) Tom Selleck wore & made famous in the show, red or back versions still available from Paradise Found shirts. Top off with a Detroit Tigers baseball cap.
Margaret Thatcher
Navy blue (or another boring colour like grey) skirt suit with a white frilly shirt and then a white silk scarf (necker chief) tied in a bow round the neck. Puffed up hair and pearl earrings
Mario & Luigi
Blue overalls with a red shirt and hat with white gloves etc for Mario, and identical but in green intead of red for Luigi. If you want to throw in some more of the gang you can too. Big poofy pink dress for Princess Toadstool (Peach) And if you're feeling really creative try throwing in Bowser, Koopa, Yoshi or DK
Marty McFly
Tight jeans, hightop sneakers, poofy winter jacket/vest.
Marty McFly
White sneakers, blue jeans (preferably tight-rolled), white button up short sleeve shirt with a red t-shirt underneath, black suspenders, denim jacket with a bright orange down vest over it, mirrored aviator sunglasses.
Material Girl
Wear a cute boho skirt, maybe with some sequins. Add a boho shirt that is, well, boho. It should be kinda long. Make it cute!! Add a belt over shirt if desired. Ballet flats are a must for you twinkles!!! Dark, thin layer of eyeliner and a scuRUMPTIOS mascara. Do your hair in 5,000,000,000 braids. Don't forget the banana peel on the left side of your head!!!
Max Headroom
First of all... find a gray suit! Paint your face as "plastic" looking a possible with a light brown base. Comb your hair back and spray it until it is solid. Take a plain metal picture frame and carry it with you in front of your face... as if you are in a TV! Talk in a steady voice and occasionally throw in a word that sounds like it is getting stuck like a broken record!
Mullet, horrible metal tee-shirt (try AC/DC, Iron Maiden), tight acid wash, ripped up jeans, white nikes maybe hightops... There ya go!
Miami Vice
Nice, soft colored suit (light torquoise, white, grey will work), with a tight pink shirt underneath.
Miami Vice
Sonny Crockett: White canvas deck shoes (no socks), white slacks, bright colored t-shirt (blue, teal, pink, white, etc.), white or grey jacket, Ferrari Daytona. Rico Tubbs: white dress shoes and socks, gray double-brested suit, black shirt, neon tie.
Michael Jackson (Billie Jean Style)
A rhinestone glove, penny loafers, white socks, black pants that come to just above your ankle, you might want to get a black curly wig, a fedora (thats the hat he wears), and a lot of attitude!
Michael Jackson
Penny loafers, high water black jeans, crew cut socks, red jacket with several zippers on the sides, curled up hair.
Michael Jackson
Penny loafers, high water black jeans, crew cut socks, red jacket with several zippers on the sides, curled up hair.
Molly Ringwald
If possible, red chin-length wig. Anything pink - with flowers, lace, and pink finger nail polish. Think "Pretty in Pink" - if you could have a tag-along Ducky, all the better!
Mork & Mindy
Mindy has pigtails, big shirt and jeans. Mork has tight shirt (no collar), jeans & suspenders
Motley Crue (Girls. Girls. Girls. era)
Long hair with shaggy/scruzzy layers (in either BLACK or BLEACH BLONDE with at least inch of roots), leather biking attire, a Motley Crue Concert tee thats about 2 sizes too big with the neck and midriff cut off, Aviators, Leather gloves, Fishnet perhaps?
Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love Era)
ok lets start out with vince, for vince u need a bleach blond wig, a short sleeved leather jacket, silver arm bands and silver bracelets, leather pants w/ a pair of handcuffs hooked between the two front belt loops, and last but not least, long white boots. ok now nikki (my fave) to get your hair like nikki's its a 3 step process. step 1: (Not necessary if you have layered hair) cut hair all jaggedy step 2:wash it and blow dry w/ gel in it (with head flipped upside down)step 3:sleep on your forehead w/ hair flipped in front of the top of your head. ok now for his outfit a tight fitting thick strap tank top (black), w/ black leather pants and long red high heel boots,and last but not least, a black studded choker. ok now for tommy a long brown curly wig, a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt underneath, half black and half white leather or spandex pants w/ studded belts. Mick is very simple all u need is a black leather jacket and a black leather pair of pants, a black t-shirt, a long black wig w/ a red headband, and a pair of short black boots (high heels)of course.
My Little Pony
My Little Ponies come in bright or pastel colours and have a symbol on their flank. Get a spandex outfit and wear a brightly coloured wig (or dye your hair that colour). Add a lot of rouge to your cheeks to make them pink, and make sure your 'mane' has a 'forelock'. Paint the symbol in puff paint on the side of your body-suit. Try to get pants that flare out at the bottom, like the hooves of the ponies. Use real ponies for reference with teh colours and symbols. Note, lots of ponies have jewels, glitter hair, or other accessories that would be good for a costume.
Neal Page & Del Griffith
From Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Have Neal wear a gray suit with a white shirt and red tie. Del should have a blue jacket, fake mustache, fake cigarettes and/or can of beer, raspberry-colored mittens, red-brown pants, and black boots.
Ogre from the Nerds
Red sweatshirt cut off at the arms and around the neck and stomach with Alpha Beta put on the front short cut off jeans a horn helmet old unlaced boots and a plastic gold trophy filled with beer to spit on everyone
Oompa Loompa
green wig, white overalls, white gloves, orange face paint, brown shirt
Original two-piece Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, C
Body suit, long sleeved with ragged edges to sleeves, low cut, leotard. Floor length Skirt, slit to waist,with ragged edge to hem, with velcrow closure. Belt with knife.
Pac Man/Ms. Pac Man
Cut Pac Man shape (circle with open pie-shaped mouth along circle's edge) out of two pieces of bright yellow posterboard. Decorate eyes with curly eyelashes if Ms. Pac Man. Attach front and back pieces with ribbon for sandwich board costume.
Patti O' Green from Rainbow Brite
Wear a Green leotard with a green skirt. War also a green wig in braided pigtails with little green bows. Draw a green star under your right eye. Take a white belt and glue a green star onto it. Wear green boots or green high tops. Now your all set to travel back in time to the eighties!
Peg Bundy
Big red wig, tight off-the shoulders-shirt (preferably leopard or floral). Tight black stretch pants that stop at the calf. High heeled pumps. Lots of red lipstick.Fake eyelashes and blue eyeshadow. Constantly hold a cigarette in one hand and a box of Bon Bons in the other.
Pippy Longstocking
Take medium-short hair and put it in pig tail braids and spray paint hair orangish red with hair paint. Put wires in the braids to make them stand up( i used coat hangers) then get nylons and put holes in them wear kind of bummish clothes and shoes( i wore a plaid jumper with layers and hot pink keds) it was a blast.
Pretty in Pink
Pink Prom dress thing. Think lace and satin, and maybe even cut it up and re-sew it yourself, like in the movie. (As if I have to tell you.)
Prince & the Revolution
Curly black hair over one eye, all in black, with lots of lace, lace gloves without fingers, high heel black boots with chain around it. Think Apollonia (or Prince if you don't have a black bustier!) "Purple Rain" style!
Prom Queen / Homecoming Queen
Any type of 80s prom dress. A sash with something like Miss Freddy Beach '84 written on it. Black nylons, high heels or pumps with bows on the front, big crimped hair, teased bangs, and tons of eyeshadow and lipstick. The dress you pick will definitely make the difference and remeber to add lots of classic jewelery like bangles and huge hoop earings.
Punk Girl
Stage make up, goth white skin with jet black hair, popper beads, red shirt, white short skirt, black pantyhose with runs and white pumps.
ok i was this when i was little. my mom put alot of makeup on me and a leather jacket with jeans(think tight) and did my hair liek a mohawk and converse shoes
Punk rocker
You straightin your hair.Then crimp parts of it.Put blue eye shadow all the way up to ur brows.Make it DARK AND BRIGHT. Then pick out a punk rock outfit with rockin pumps
black leather jacket with black pant's,torn shirt,lots of spiked jewlry and pyramid studed belt,possibly an arm warmer on either arm,at least three chains,possibly A chain runing from ear to lip or from ear to nose,hevey eye liner with 3 or 4 extentions.
Quantum Leap
Ok, so this was on during the 90s, but still, it started in 1989, so why not a costume? This would be great for two guys who plan on trick or treating together. For an added bonus, have a third person tag along to be the "mirror image" of Sam. Sam: Watch any episode and dress like Sam did in that episode. For example, "Play it again Seymour"--black suit, black dress shoes, red tie, white hankie in the breast pocket, hair slicked in typical Sam Beckett-style. For Al: Anything tacky would work, such as shiny shirts and weird-colored pants. Fedoras and flashy sports jackets with bad shoes would also work. Have someone tag along dressed like Sam to act as a mirror image. If Sam is dresed like a woman, a girl should accompany the others. Make sure that "AL" has a handlink. You could even have somebody in a white suit play Gooshie, if you please. Oh boy!
The Ramones
A good costume for four friends. Two friends wear black cereal bowl type hair-dos/wigs (Johnny and Dee Dee) and two wear curly black wigs ( Tommy and Joey). Pair with leather jackets, tight jeans with holes in the knees, converse sneakers and tight ramones t-shirts. Can also add studded belts, pins etc.
The Rapper
Who can forget Flavor Flav's GIANT clock that he wore around his neck? Hat cocked to the side, sunglasses, and matching shirt and pants (usually a workout suit).
Richard Simmons
Who dosen't remember Richard Simmons Sweating to the oldies? You might not have any friends after this one. Just wear red shorts with glitter stripes, a red tank top, high socks with the stripes aruond them and a big brown afro wig. Remember to say things like, "you can do it" come on! And one, two, three, feel it? Yeah you do!
The Road Warrior (Mad Max)
Get a leather vest and some old shoulder pads to put over top of the vest. Some leather pants with knee pads that catchers in baseball wear. Black leather belt, put white coloring in your hair on the left side an inch wide.
Robert Smith
Black teased hair. Use aqua net hairspray, that works best. Dark red lipstick, heavy eyeliner. Combat boots, black shirt, trenchcoat, tight black jeans, silver crucifixes. There you are, have a nice Halloween!
Robert Smith
You can't be Robert without that great hair, so I recommend buying a wig and going to all ends to make it look like his hair. Wear red-redishbrown lipstick and eyeliner(optional but it has a good effect) wear tight black pants a white shirt, black boots, a leather Jacket with zippers or a red shirt with black polka dots
Rubic's Cube
Just find the biggest box you can find and put the six different colors on each side.
Sara from Labyrinth
A white poet shirt with a vest with some kind of print on it, faded blue jean's *ankle tight* with brown penny loafers.
Sara's ball gown
Find a puffy white or silver ball gown thats long sleeved add shorter, big puffy sleevs that hang off your sholder and for the hair look up a pic of Sara to get it all so wear black eyeliner with blue eye shadow.
Saved by the Bell cast
Simple! turn on TBS to catch a re-run and go from there - a great group idea. Some essential items: AC Slater = tight, high-waisted acid wash jeans & white t-shirt tucked in Zach = colorful preppy sweater or horizontal striped t-shirt & big bangs to the side Screech = Converse All-stars, suspenders and nerdy t-shirt (think math-club or animals) Kelly = big bangs and hair, over sized, waist length shirt/sweatshirt off the shoulder Jessi = skin tight shirt, some kind of vest & high-waisted tight jeans Lisa = Any brightly colored outfit with coordinating shoes, purse, and hair accessories
Sebastian Bach From Skid Row
if you have blond hair use hair spray to make it big but not afro big you want metal head big if you dont have blond hair you can buy a wig but make sure it has long hair then get a pair of really tight leather pants(fake or real if fake make sure they look real)and then wear if you can get it the original Skid Row tee shirt(the one from the late 70's and 80's not the resent ones *skid row reformed with different singer*) or ac/dc etc then wear some studded bracelets.
White skirt and white tube top. Have a gold belt and a gold headband. The headband should have a red jewel in the middle. She also has a red cape. On the arms you need gold sleeves with the hands cut off..the ends should come to a point in the middle of the top of your hand. And gold boots and a sword are always good.
Sid & Nancy
The movie came out in 1986. Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy. Punk/Glam rock couple, easy to do.
Sinead O'Connor (the early years)
Shaved head with public enemy sign wrote on side. Ripped jeans with patch over knee that reads 'Jake'. Leather 'biker' jacket with peace sign patch on arm. Cross necklace & earring. White tee that reads "Recovering Catholic". Combat boots. Blue tinted glasses.
Slash from GNR
Get a rocker-type wig, a small top hat (remember chain around hat), a pair of those 80's Police officer sunglasses, tight jeans, clip on ear ring, I used a tee-shirt underneath a denim jacket with the arms cut off and placed several GNR patches on the demin jacket, black biker boots, and try not to shave to get that Slash look. If you have a guitar take it with you or make a cardboard cut-out one. Rock on.
I had a lot of funn doing this, I painted my entire body with blue rubber latex paint, wore a cute little whit tank top dress, a big flowing yellow wig with a white pointy hat with white shoes. very cute
Stacey Q
Stacey Q : Tye Dye T shirt, Blonde crimped wig with a high ponytail, or artificial hairpiece, bright eyeshadow ,alot of fancy jewelery Round black sunglasses
Statue of Liberty
Greenish white makeup for face. Greenish white "toga" type dress, a crown, torch, and a slate that says 4th of July.
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Use a white sheet. Sew it so that it fits very loosley around your body. Fill it with foam or pillows or stuffing. Make a white salior hat with a blue band and a red ribbon. Cut a large square out of blue felt, and make a whole for your head. This is your sailor bib. You should also put "Stay Puft" on the blue band of the hat. Paint your face white. Walk around throwing people marshmallows. Growl alot and don't bend your arms and legs. Fun costume!
Stevie Nicks (mid to late 80's)
Big bouffant very long blond hair w/ bangs on forehead (popular for bangs today). Hair should be much darker underneath the top of the hair. Black outfit with long and flowy black skirt. Platform boots. Manicure. Lots of dark eyeshadow. One black lace glove on one hand with no fingers. Dangling earrings.
Stevie Nicks
Black witchy clothing, black shawl, with some 6 inch black boots... Go for the mystical look... (wear ALL black... clothing wise).
Strawberry Shortcake
Find a red curly wig, Make a hat that looks like a strawberry, a red or dress with a white apron over the front, green or white tights, and white gloves, and make sure you carry around a basket full of strawberries!
Strawberry Shortcake
Well, first you need a matching red knee length skirt and red 80's puffy sleved shirt! Then wear a raggady ann wig (cut to the length you need) and a white or pink granny hat (look at a picture of S.S. if you have no clue what i'm talking about!) Then put three freckles on each check and between brows. The wear green and white striped socks and brown shoes and you are Strawberry Shortcake!
I did this costume 2 different times in college. (1) Inexpensive-- Blue tank top with red mini skirt and sneakers and my cape was a red pillowcase safety pinned to my shirt. My big "S" logo was something I drew myself on paper and pinned to my shirt. Hair can be up or down. (2)Slutty -- The next time I spent a little money and I got little boy Superman pjs from Wal Mart and cut it apart. I pinned the logo on my chest, the little cape to my shoulders, and cut off the little red cuffs to put on my wrist. I even pinned the belt to my red Soffee shorts. To make this a little "sluttier" for Halloween, roll the waste of the shorts over twice if you can and wear knee high boots (black will do although she wore red). To top it off, have some sort of gold bracelet, preferrably that will blink! Don't forget the hands-on-hip pose and you're all set!
Super Mario
I used to dress up like Mario all the time back in the day. I wore a blue sweat shirt, white gloves, brown shoes/boots, and a red ball cap. I couldn't find any red overalls, so I dyed a pair of white overalls red, but they looked pink. Oh yeah, don't forget to wear a fake moustache and carry around some mushrooms or flowers or coins or something.
Tattoo from Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island aired from 1977-1984. A short man can wear a white tuxedo and a black bowtie and go as Tattoo from the show. Be sure to say "The plane boss, the plane!" with the Tattoo accent.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
I took a green shirt and sewed on some beige felt for the tummy. took a black marker and made the lines. made a shell out of felt and stuffed it with toy stuffing. sewed black cloth onto the shell to tie onto me. wore green tights. took purple cloth and made a mask and tied some on my wrists, elbows and knees. wore white flip flops and wrapped white cloth around the shoe and up my leg to my calf.
The Terminator
Black leather biker jacket, black jeans, black combat or biker boots, spiky dark brown or black hair...80s style black sunglasses, water pistol. if you can get platform boots like for Frankenstein's monster, even better...cause Arnie actually wore platforms on the set!
Time To Make The Donuts man
That poor man from the Dunkin Donuts commerical always followed the "Time To Make The Donuts" theme in every commercial. All you need is a short-sleeved, buttoned down, white collared shirt, an apron (with the Dunkin Donuts logo), paper hat, and poop brown pants. Sometimes he would also wear a thin orange & maroon stripes on his white collared short sleeve shirt. Carry an icing bag around with you for an added bonus. Don't forget his brown hair and mustache!
Tina Turner
Dirty blond wig thats spikey at the top, shoulder length straight hair at the bottom, jean jacket, tight black mini skirt,white shirt that shows the midriff area, black stiletto pumps.
Toni Basil
Red, white, and blue cheerleader outfit with the letters sewn on (if you can find them) -L, V, and H. Cheerleader pin on the left shoulder plus a lot of makeup - mainly lots of blush. Red and white barrettes in the hair. Make pigtails, and spiked bangs. Small earrings, and blue and white pom-pons.
Toyah Wilcox
Orange crimped headlength hair, orange/yellow facepaint across eye/nose level
Treasure Troll
Wear a pair of over-alls and cut out a big circle over the stomache and put a big fake jewel over your belly button. Then get your hair to stand on end with lots of hair spray and gel then spray it a bright color like purple or orange.
The Two Coreys
The Two Coreys dominated teen films in the 80s, and this is very funny and unique. First off, it works with two guys, or two girls who don't mind being like guys. Ok, Corey Feldman: Basically dress like Michael Jackson. Corey Haim: Make sure you're much skinnier than the person playing Feldman. Wear big shirts, big jeans, big hi-top sneakers (Reeboks) and pouf up the hair a little bit. Talk with a high voice.
Valley Girl
Brightly colored clothes, pink converse shoes, bright jelly bracelets, sideways ponytail (teased, of course!)
Weird Al Yankovic
Wear a brown, curly wig. Big 80's glasses. A Hawaiian print shirt. A pair of vans tennis shoes. An accordian (or a toy one) would complete the outfit!
Whammy from PYL
Red sweatsuit, red socks, red mittens, red slippers, red cream makeup, red lipstick, yellow bandit mask, yellow cape, yellow chest shield with a $ on it.
Fake beard for guitar & bassist. No beard, curly hair, & mustache for drummer. Cheap sunglasses. Guitar & Bass covered in white fuzz.
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