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Precious Places, Comment by A. George Dave Prince on April 28, 2016 - Report this comment
The Letter: Education: Palace Prep: Before Serinea lived to Swan Princess Palace, she met a similar Princess by name and title. The Princess also lived outside the Palace Key Road: Valley. The Princess curriculum adaptation studied the Economy world, and played sports. They became best friends. Before Serinea moved they wrote each other, each day, pen pals. The Residential Community Princess lived in the Public Economy adopted herself blended within the society. The Difference between them Serinea, and the Resident Princess: Serinea lived in a Palace and The Resident Princess lived in a Mansion. The Princesses not by decree is known to be an owner of a Restaurant: Cattery Events service, she on her own not like Serinea, Well Educated. Serinea has invitation invites, Christen, coordinate with Parliament and Boarder Senate White House, Air Monarch throne is recorded from the past into the present, Christen and Coordinates with Parliament Judges. Both Princesses greeted each other and did some catching up from since the move. The Princess Royal by Decree: has Security following her every where she went. She cannot walk about in public society like she used too. The Palace Key Road is a Boarder community protected Regional area only Royals live. Visitors need cheek point clearance and pass port to enter the Valley, command orders from the Palace militaries. Coast Guards area also near the docking bays of the Oceansea, and beaches. The Area is heavily guarded while acquaintances and strangers are passing by. The Princez, Princesses is active community however the area it needs solider protection. The Residential Princess lives within Nationality Heritage, Citizenship of Society; she does not need soilder protection, she blends within society and representation guess host, she service the public: those of the customers. Rather than stay coop up in palace. They decide to go out and have some fun. Common location where the Royal Palace Key Road Residents had their own setting theme Park: Store, Plaza, and Malls where Events is taken place. Both Princesses took a stroll: through Conservation Parks, Amusement Park, Grand Stadiums and Fairs: Where they could both could have fun. Both wrote a letter every now and then keeping in touch. Serinea sometimes can be seen in the parade while the crowd is watching. The Resident Princess visits and hugs Serinea wishing her good luck before or after the march. The Royal by Decree Princesses her friend are members in the parade. After the Princess by Decree were invited to the mansion to the resident Princess together Birthday. Serinea glanced by the public waves to audience. They are fascinated to be in the Royal presents. Historical Archives is welled remembered Royalty once Monarch Rulers of the crown before President’s, and Prime Misters, from this day their past is kept of interest by the people Reenactment recorded is not forgotten. The Royal not by Decree: Raise Citizenship Residential name is: Evon Jaclyn Princess: The Secret Passage: Serinea: Precious Swan Palace: Gabriella: Pony Princess; Farm Carrel Stables Palace: Iris: Flower Princess; Solar Panel Court Yard: Green House Palace: Nottita: Party Princess; Bio/ Community Reck Dome Palace: Willow: Woodlyn Princes: Cottage-Cabin Tree Palace: The Secret Passage: Spring next to summer: Track and Field brings Royal Educators and their Royal Class Students to the Competition Event. Competetiors try out their skill against those who compete in the Triathlon. Competitors Arrivals Vs Competitioniors Visitors: Region Nationals, They came to Nottita’s Dome Reck Palace for the National Boarder Championships. Nottita’s friends: The Princess will show up to shake the hand of the winner while showing their support. Ladies Competition: There is Eight Different Challenge Competitors in a lane. The Eighth lane is the shortest Distance and the first lane is the furthest Distance. A Circler Track stadium is eight hundred Meters long around a large square Footage soccer field, football field that in the middle. Morning; Two Hundred Meters: Racers take a lane: use staring blocks: by personal request if they need them. They must remain calm until in lateral position until they hear the Pop starter Blast. Pop Starter Blaster: If two sets go off before the Race: An early start, Competeor could be disqualified. Kaleen: in the First Lane: Ka’liea: in the Secound Lane: Georgina: in the Third Lane: Jezzel: in the Forth Lane: Zeb’bra: in the Fifth Lane: Scee'Breezia: in the Six Lane: Hailey: in the Seventh Lane: Geezzia: In the Eighth Lane: From the Two Hundred: the runners started out evenly in each lane. From the Hundred meter dash lane: The first, Secound and the fourth lane catches up to the eighth lane challenger surpassing her. They went up in front. Not too far behind the fastest runners: Ka’liea Secound runner up from where the first place finisher is not too far behind, Kaleen pull away from her with her lengthy long stretch. Scee’Breezia surprises every one and pulls in front of the fourth place finisher and catch up to second place finisher but is still behind. Kaleen won the Race. Scee’Breezia ran with a good Huddle: Twenty five, point five: Seconds: Great Race: Most of the Children went home. Three of them decided to stay at Palace Key Road. The Children went on horseback to search for the location for the sly fox that guarded the former Decree Royals Prosperous treasure for Decades. The Other Royal Children tried chasing the smart animal that led them away from the treasure plus the fox was super smart escaping every trap they had. Once they thought they caught the fox by a trap Guard. The fox near a bridge jump off into river stream, Swam away back to shore on dry land and got away. The Royal Children once dig a hole and covered with leaves. The Fox Jump over the hole without falling in. The few children fell instead. Never went after the fox again. The Royal Children in the present learned from their pass mistakes chasing the fox would lead them away from the treasure. They decided to put a tracer on him and follow the fox quietly. The Fox went to his den then went to a cave with mark of the Heart nears the mountains. The Children were able to open the cave by pressing the mark tablet of the heart. The Cave opened up. The Royals saw a staircase go down saw portfolio frame pictures of Royal families before them lead to a storage Room. In the room was a shelf of books not written in the library Royal’s wrote before them and medallion, Tickets of treasure? The Problem: Once in, they could not get out of the seal cave. It was up to the fox to rescue them. The fox went to Key Road saw Iris Soil Planting Flowers. The Fox took her Digger tool tried to get Iris to follow her however Iris called the other Princesses for help. Blue Jay made loud noise for Iris for the Princesses to hear. Nottita, Serinea, and Gabriella try to surround the fox in circular trap. The Fox then Jump on a stump jumping over Iris without anyone hurt. Just as they chased the fox he lead them to the forest the Royals not too far behind, Gabriella brought her extra horse for Serinea to help get Iris tool back. The Willow with a Ram Horn Deer stopped the fox putting down the shovel landscape digger. Willow calm down the Fox, the animal leads them to a cave with the heart of the mark. The Fox dare not go further people get in but no one unusually gets out. Two Princesses decided to stay outside, the other three waited for their return. Opening the Heart of the Mark they found the secret passage the children were in. The Heart of the mark from the inside needed two doves get back outside. Gabriella heard the dove in the sky swooped down for landing next to Willow. Willow was the next to go in the cave with the doves she knew what the too do. The stood facing each other facing opposite from each other. Rescuing the Royal Missing Children and recovered the Archive Records written before them and the treasures. Next time: The Royal Children should bring a guide those who know the forest; however the school has to be contacted to let them know where they are. They spend the night at the Swan Princess Palace. They had extra rooms for the children before they went home.
Baby Heather, Comment by Heather Anne's mom on April 28, 2016 - Report this comment
Same story here.......she fell from the dresser years ago and her neck broke. She has been laying on the closet shelf ever since. Any suggestions on where to get her repaired since it still bothers my 35 year old daughter??
Magic Mike, Comment by marc boland on April 28, 2016 - Report this comment
Still have my robot that I bought in Arbroath could never part with it also managed to get a good cond box so now worth more than the £20 I paid for it.
Pop Ball, Comment by Lisa on April 27, 2016 - Report this comment
I have a funny memory about one of these. My grandma, mom and myself were all sitting at the table, and I kept noticing my mom fiddling with a bright blue one but not really paying attention to what she was actually doing with it. All of a sudden while I was in deep conversation with my grandma, my mom puts this pop ball in the middle of the table and lets it loose. I saw it a split second before it went off but my grandma and I both jumped out of our skins regardless. We all got a charge out of it, especially my mom who nearly laughed herself into tears!
Wacky Wall Walkers, Comment by Jennifer Raff on April 27, 2016 - Report this comment
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Little pretty, Comment by KannaChan on April 27, 2016 - Report this comment
Samantha I had Lila and Snowyfur! I was obsessed with these!
Mickey Mouse Talking Phone, Comment by Patricia on April 27, 2016 - Report this comment
It's a long shot, but if anyone has a working phone I will buy it. Email me, My brothers and I played with this phone for hours
Jammie Pie, Comment by Middy :) on April 26, 2016 - Report this comment
162041259427 - search for this on eBay. NICE Middy baby Jammie Pies doll :)
Go Go My Walking Pup, Comment by Julie on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
I still have mine. I have been trying to find out how much it's worth but can't find anything about it. The tag says 1989 and and model 8470. It still walks, the head and tail doesn't move anymore.
Hugga Bunch, Comment by Mary childs on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
I have several of the hugabunch dolls.also some of the babies.dolls are in pretty good shape. Some clothes.would like to sell them.I'm on fb or
Now You're Cooking!, Comment by Amanda on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
I think I actually still have some of my NYC cups and recipes somewhere
Wacky Wall Walkers, Comment by Serena Harry on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
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Heart-to-Heart Bear, Comment by Elena on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
I have just found one heart ti heart bear whit is original red heart but it doesn t works i m triyng to repair it. I sell it if Someone want it. I m from italy but i can ship . saccu.ele@
Bopper, Comment by Desi on April 25, 2016 - Report this comment
I wanted the Dracula little bopper anyone know were I can get one my step bro has one but isn't working I wanted to get him one that does!!!

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