Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1972, this is not just another good year it is an official rat year. Anyhow why I love the eigties, It was the decade where I was'nt allowed to stay up late so every show broadcastedafter 22:00 pm was hot. I remember watching Fame and enjoying it a lott and not realizing how gay Leroy was. Waiting a week to see a new episode of battle star Galactica(the best sci fi ever) It is also the time that colors here cool the brighter the better. Movie wise there was off course Star wars, war games, gremlins, the outsiders and BTF off course. The begin of the eighties is marked by the cold war, I remember being afraid that the russians and the Americans had a secretr pact and they would kill everybody, But towards the end it started to get better, the meetings of Reagan and Gorbatchev made such an impact everybody it felt as if every wanted to go out and dance on the streets. And what about Live aid. Some how it made people care about each other. I think there will never be another decade with so much emotions and great moments. Down town Judy brown Signing off wubba wubba wubba god bless you, and not only in the US but in the UUUUUUUUUK to.
From: jason

I was born in 1978 and I remember all sorts of "mint" stuff from the 80's. We had the best stuff, cabbage patch kids, rainbow brite, my little pony, hugga bunch, lite brite, strawberry shortcake, care bears,smurfs, He man and She-RA, etc. Does anyone else remember garbage pail kids and charm necklaces (clipped onto plastic necklaces)? So much was just beginning. Commodore 64 computers,& cable. I think I miss the music the most. U2, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper,Tears for Fears, Boy George. I was such a Madonna wannabe at 6!With the lace in my hair and a million bangle bracelets! TV was cool, MTV, Nickelodeon(you can't do that on television!), The Incredible Hulk, Night rider, Punky, and my all time favorite "THE MUPPET SHOW!!!" Movies: Sixteen candles, Dirty Dancing, the Goonies, Neverending Story, The Karate Kid.( I thought Ralph Macchio was soooo cute!) I remember the clothes fondly too. Champion sweatshirts, and three layers of socks!, tight rolled up jeans, Benneton. I think, the thing I miss the most from the 80's is being so young. I didn't have a care in the world and I enjoyed everything. There was just enough technology to have fun (like nintendo) but not too much, so we could still use our imaginations. Like Digging for gold in the backyard sandbox, or spending the afternoon way up in a tree. Life was simple then, probably because I was young, but it really was the best of times. Sometimes i wish I could go back and do it all over again!
From: Janine

I'm so glad I found this site, to be a true 80's person you have to love that people are keeping this alive.I was born in 1971, and was a teenager when the eighties just began.I got my first stereo in 1981 when you just started to get a look at video's.Anyone from Canada would remember that any giving day after school you ran home to watch the brand new show's called video's countdowns.Remember Dan Galleger, Erica Ehm, JD Roberts.That's when it all began, muchmusic was born. And that was only the start with video killed the radio star, in 1982 came a new girl called Madonna the world had no idea what she had in store for them.But my personal favorite is and always will be Cyndi Lauper my life had meaning in 1984. The clothes the hair who can forget the hair I never used so much hair spray in my life and that is the reason we have no ozone now HA HA.If you think back to that time even the movies were better,who can forget the bratpack,they were the best Molly,Judd,Micheal,Rob,even Demi. Ilove those movies and they will live on through my children who also love these movies and the music.Life was good in the 80's we had rollerskating, video dance party's and the other stuff we don't talk about except when you meet up with your old friends.I know that deep in my heart the 80's will come back they have to if the 70's did and they sucked the 80's have to. For all those who remember what forsure ya means,and know that even then Micheal Jackson and Boy George were cool will forever remain part of my life.I hope all you 80's friends get a little smile on your face when only that one song that meant the world to you gets played on the radio brings you back to the only time in the world that the 80's were are own. Yours truly Lynne
From: Lynne

i was born in '84 and i have an amazing memory of the time. the toys and cartoons were just the greatest...moondreamers was my favorite. and the clothes were just the most fantastic - you could dress great out of thrift stores. the hair was trashy, and there was so much room for customisation and individuality. the 90's is so "it has to come from *this* store" whereas the 80s was more about slogans and the stuff you could wear was so diverse. i wish i'd been a 16 year old around the same time i was born. the movies kicked so much ass. and like the person who wrote above, keanu in bill and ted is just the *cutest*. and ferris bueller, trashy stuff like stakeout, my god, it all rocked...so quirky and cool. the 60's were too new to pop culture, when teenagers were first invented. the 70's were clinging to the 60's too hard and didn't have any new ideas. but the 80's were perfect. just enough technology too boot young people into their utopia. but not so much everything revolved around it. it was all new then... man, this decade stinks ;)
From: kassy failbrite

i like the cartoons of the 80's. i was born in 83. so i remember the cartoons and the colthes were awsome. the things i wear are kinda to the affect.i really wish they would bring it all back..
From: april

Being born in '71, the 80s were my teenage years. When the soccer finished on a Saturday afternoon in the UK, we would have English Wrestling. Just the basics (still fixed) but no entry themes or flying leaps off the top rope and two falls or a submission were required for a win. The referee would give public warnings for bad behaviour and if you got two in one match you would be disqualified. Even more boring than the early WWF. TV started showing loads of action serials like the Fall Guy, Airwolf, Knight Rider and Street Hawk. The A-team was a classic. They would be usually be called in to help a farmer who was being driven off of their land by local bandits because it was built on a gold mine/oilfield or something. BA wouldn't fly so Face or Hannibal would usually knock him out. On the way, they would break Murdoch out of the funny farm. They would arrive at the scene only to get captured and get locked in a barn where there JUST HAPPENED TO BE a fully equipped workshop, tractor and welding kit. Hannibal and gang would get to work to some action music and would break out of the barn in an armour-plated farm vehicle. The guys would save the day, and depart, closely pursued by Col.Decker who always knew where to find them, but could never catch them as their GMC van always managed to outrun and outmanouver them (during which the camera would pan to a shot of a wheel spinning) The Boy George appearance made me cringe (I was born 1 mile from where he grew up!!). Oh, and every other teen actor at the time seemed to be called "Corey".
From: Andy A (England)

I wasn't around in the 80's but i really like the music and i think ricky shroder is really hot!!
From: Kat

I was born 1987 i dont remember anything all i have to say is that i wish i was born 1970 i miss the 80's when i watch a 80's movie, read a book ,listin to music.or dream a dream of the 80's i say to my self i want to go back in time and live it not dream it. i missed out dude i live totaly have this crush on keanu reeves (ted from bill and ted) hes soo cute he's inresistable well e- mail me 80's dudes and dudets
From: ashley

When I think of the 80's the names "5.0 Liter H.O.", "Tuned Port Injection" and "IROC-Z" first come to mind. The music was great, enjoyed the hair bands the most! I would also like to say RUSH RULES!!! Graduated H/S in the midst of all this mayhem in 1985. My escape from boring classwork was daydreaming of hurtling down I-75 in a Yellow IROC-Z towards Florida with my fascination of the month at my side! And oh yeah, the parachute pants. When you girls would wear them all I wanted to do was touch, feel, and caress!!! You're killing me!!!
From: David

Underoo's and rollerskates. Gizmo and Strawberry Shortcake. Those awful shorts with white trim and velcro shoes! I could go on forever about my 80's obsession. My poor boyfriend has to put up with all my Strawberry Shortcake and Carebears, but I put up with his GI Joes, Transformers, and Star Wars toys. We have an Atari, and play it for fun, the Nintendo is still used heavily. Cheesey 80's movies are watched often, although I'm restricted to the bedroom with those. Anyone remember Dealie Bobbers? Headbands with springs, and on the end of the springs, hearts, stars, balls...whatever. I loved the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Katie

I was born in 1978 and have a very good long-term memory (horrible short-term one) and my memories actually begin in 1981. Anyway the cartoons from the 80's were the best out of all the previous decades and judging by what's on t.v. now (pokemonhuh..are they speaking english??), very well may hold first place forever. The toys were amazing, need I mention: BIG WHEELS, G.I. Joe or Strawberry Shortcake. Never forget these simple things that made us happy, they weren't silly, they made our childhood. I wonder if kids now grab a garbage bag or garbage can lid to go sledding on the snow down the alleyway around the corner? or wear camoflauge and play manhunt (gotta stay in bounds, and teams must be fair or you can call "slaughter"). What the hell is a VCR? Does "WHT" possibly ring a bell to anyone? (Goonies). I'm gonna go play with my erector set and make-it and bake-it oven. Later Kids...
From: Adrienne

I was the perfect age in the 80s. I turned 10 in 82 and got my first raido, was in love with Simon LeBon, Corey Hart,and the guy from Pretty in Pink, Wanted to be Tina Turner, dressed like Madonna, If I could get away with it today I would! We went rollerskating every Friday night and ate fudgecicles, rode in the back of pick up trucks and watched Disney movies at the drive in. I still love all the music and am waiting for the clothing to come back!
From: Rosamond Dustin

Being born in 1985, I was unable to enjoy the full decade, but every thing from the music to the movies to the fashion is what makes me wish that I was born in the late 70's so i could say i was an offical child of the 80's. I'm so in love with the 80s that I have an offical commemerative 80s stamp collection from the post office. And for you all who want to tell the world of you love of the 80s (and that you were born in the 80s) at Delia*s they sell a shirt that says 'Made in the 80s' in glitter print. Now I'm off to watch Sixteen Candles...
From: Sam

What I loved about the eighties was the music. The music was fun and full of energy,good times and made you feel like you were a part of it no matter where you were. You could be with your friends,at work or somewhere you may have not have wanted to be and all of a sudden you would catch yourself singing and a smile would suddenly invade your face and you were swept away.I also love the eighties bmusic because it is still alive and kicking here with us in Europe. I am an american and i live in germany and the germans absolutely love the eighties music. I still here groups like men at work, culture club and duran duran. Ialso get to hear some of my favorities like Bon Jovi who are alive and well back kicking butt,Poison,Scandal,Slaughter and many more. I very much enjoy the music here in Europe. I sit and listen to the music that I grew up on and I think of my friends,family,guys I used to date,old girlfriends that I used to hang out with. We had so much fun. I think of the days that I spent as a teenage girl trying to experience everything I could possibly experience before it all slipped away. The eighties were fun and I hope that everyone gives the credit that is due to the musicians who brought us the music we loved and still love today. Keep Rockin Everybody.
From: Hilary Bell

I think the 80's were the greatest for several reasons.. Good Music, Good Television, all around Fun time to be alive.. the 80's started the Technology Age if you think about it... Computers became popular in the 80's Cable was made in the 80's not to Mention MTV ( when it was good ) the 80's was a time to rock and kids today will probably never get that chance again. My Car ( DeLorian DMC-12 ) was made in 1981 and 1982 than the company went bankrupt but that car later was Featured in what is my oppinion one of the greatest movies ever made ( Back to the Future ) others include my alltime favorite Ghostbusters and movies such as War Games, Beverly Hills Cop, and the breakfast club.
From: Ryan

I was born in 1973...I remember Friday Night Videos, MTV, and the Thriller video by Michael Jackson.
From: Candi

The 80s...once the 90s came I realized that 80s music was the sh!t. Why? Kick ass basslines (ah, those cute little Steinberger boxes), Moogs and Prophet-5's (synths...like, duh!), Simmons drums (HEXAGONS RULE!!!), AND PURE ENERGY..TOOM..TOOM..TUM..TUM..TUM-TUM PURE ENERGY! SCIENCE!!!!! Uh, OK...let me get back..so as i was sayin' in 1990, I began collecting 80s music such as Flock Of Seagulls (forget the guy's hairdo, pleeeaaase!!!), Rick Springfield, and The Producers. (the best band you probably forgot) 10 yrs. later and a host of bad corporate machines such as Greed...I mean Creed, N'Stink, BackSHITT Boys, and Tit...uuuh...Britney Spears, I find myself deep into Elvis (Costello, that is), The Police (What the heck happened to Sting since????), The Go-Go's, and other 80s goodies!! Thank god for 80s music....today's music (???) is SO pathetic....I probably wouldn't have a stereo if new wave, powerpop, and 80s synth pop hadn't come out. Oh, wait I think that's "We've Got The Beat" playin' on my CD...excuuuse me I have to....JUMP!
From: Jorge Rafael AKA New Wave George

I was born in 1986, so I remember a little of the 80's. I remember that I used to hang out all the time with my cousin. I remember when you could go outside and not get hurt. I have since seen the place where my cousin lived. It's not as much of a cheerful place than what it was 10 or 12 years ago. The laughter is gone from the playground. My cousin would always go to the arcade at the local mall. It's still there, but barely nobody is there. It was the best time. That would be soo cool if there was no sex or violence on tv. The only good shows on now is "7th Heaven" and "Touched By An Angel." Other than that, I just watch "Nick At Nite." My favorite 80's shows are "The Facts Of Life," "The Wonder Years," and "Full House." 80's music is cool too. I like Debbie Gibson,(SHE ROX!I have both of her albums.She makes Britney Spears look like a sorry SLUT!) Go-Go's, Phil Collins and Sting.(I just love that song "Every Breath You Take. That song should've been the theme for the show "Big Brother." It would fit it well.) Some 80's movies are cool. My family has a Beta machine that we like to watch old movies like "TOP GUN," (The BEST movie ever made!)and "Footloose" on. My favorite 80's movies are "TOP GUN," "Footloose," "Ferris Buellers Day Off," "Twilight Zone:The Movie" and "Ghostbusters." (Both 1&2) I want to see "Wargames" and "The Breakfast Club." I also like some of the fashion. Why is it cool to dress like you're dead? It's not cool to me. Why be so angry all the time? Nobody did anything to you!
From: christina

THE 80's rocked i was born in 85 and don't remeber much about it but the music was good tv was nice i am a carebear fan to the end and pepole actually had style even guys all you had to do was have creativity and put something cool together and u were bithchin and ruled the scool last night i just wathshed 16 candeles and it was great i mean today is okay to i'm sitting here listening to everclear they have a lot of energy like from the 80's but talk about today!!! they are awsome!!!!!!!! well bye e-mail me!!!!!!!
From: jennifer

I was born in 1978, so I was fortunate to live throughout the ENTIRE decade! The 1980s is a huge hobby of mine--I collect music (name the song; i've probably got it on mp3 or CD) and movies of the time. My fondest memories of the 1980s would have to be my older brother repetitively playing Talking Heads, The Police, and Men Without Hats records, my brother's many attempts at breaking on out living room floor, The Cosby Show (my favorite TV sitcom to this day which they still rerun on FOX and TBS), MTV's game show Remote Control, my lavender cassette boombox circa 1986, my extensive collection of big earrings, my wardrobe which mainly consisted of Esprit and Benetton clothing, and dancing to Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual cassette in our living room at the tender age of 5. There are countless memories of this decade that I could list here, but these are my personal best. The 1980s was a decade that defined excessiveness in ALL areas, and I was very fortunate to have grown up then.
From: LEE

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