Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Pretty self explanatory because the 80's were awesome!
From: Emma

I am an original member of the City Street Breakers in Jacksonville. I wish someone had some video of us back in the day!
From: M & M Kids The Original CSB Member

I was born in December 1969, so I grew up in the 70s. I am a Blondie fan but I prefer the 80s, because I was so much older and remembered so much plus the music so much better!
From: Jonathan Cowley

The 80s......I enjoyed reading through what the others love about the decade. ABBA & Boney M defined my taste in music, amongst others. Then who can forget Chips, Knight Rider and Air Wolf? In a nutshell, I loved growing up in the 80s.
From: Asim Baig

Where do I begin? There is so much I love about the 1980s. First and foremost, people were happier. Everybody was not on anti-depressants and we were not obsessed with technology. Most people had manners and were kind and treated others with respect. We lived in the moment...not on the computer, on Facebook, and on our cell phones. You were actually surprised, pleasantly when the phone rang and it was the boy you liked because there was no Caller ID. Pepperoni on pizza was not flat, it was cut from a stick and it would curl up with a pool of grease in the middle...yum! School was fun... there was no cyber-bullying and we were not under the pressure the kids today are. Life was fun...not competitive. Our book bags didn't weigh a ton. There was no reality television. Our songs and our relationships were about love and not all about sex. It was a great decade! Our clothes had a lot of color and we all didn't dress like prostitutes with push-up bras. It was a happy, happy, time. Kids had parents that were married. We had first loves and it wasn't all about hooking up! Summers weren't as hot and winters weren't as snowy. We played and used our imaginations. People weren't rude and television had morals. The world wasn't as loud and invasive as it is today. The world was a more compassionate place than it is today.
From: Morgan

I was born in 1971. I was aged 10 to 20 during the eighties. This was truly the best time to be a teenager. This was the last decade before cynicism and jadedness took over the planet, ushered in by The Simpsons, Married with Children and Seinfeld. In the 80s, it was cool to be simple and pure eg E.T. and Yoda. The 80's gave us The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jedi, Temple of Doom etc. Spielberg and Lucas were never better. Now every film that comes out is a soulless rehash of these great films. On the other side of the film spectrum, movies like David Lean's Passage to India, Terms of Endearment and Amadeus were winning Best Picture. None of those films would be made by a mainstream studio today. There was real diversity at the cinema and it was rich and stimulating, thrilling and adventurous to go to movies. Now its all digital poo all the time. Musicians still understood something about MELODY, today's artists are also soulless and sometimes completely talentless. We had Pac Man and Donkey Kong and they didn't involve blasting people to death in a digital bloodbath. We only had a few TV channels, but Magnum PI, Dynasty, Dallas, The Cosby Show, The Golden Girls, Moonlighting and HBO were better than the majority of what's on the 500 TV channels we have today. Let's not forget good old Betamax and Vhs. James Bond still starred in British spy movies in the 80's, now he stars in American action films. Ironically I struggled at school during this period but given the chance I'd go back in a heart beat. Please take me back!
From: Nicholas

Randy Poffo aka the Macho Man Randy Savage. :)
From: Celeste

I miss the fun, the colorful clothes and being a kid with no worries. Life just isn't the same.
From: Kevin

BON JOVI ROCKED THE 80s!! I loved general admission concerts where we skipped school and would go sit in line forever just so we could get up front at a show. I loved Slippery When Wet tour and they are still going strong. I still go see them about every two years when they come through on tour! I am 41 years old and they still MAKE MY DAY!!
From: Chris Bresnan

I was born in 81...and I had two older siblings who were 6-10yrs older than me, so I experienced the fullness of the 80s from even their perspectives. But I hold dear to my memories(Fraggle Rock, Today's Special, Dumbo Circus on Nickelodeon and "You Can't Do That on Television, Double Dare with Marc Summers, and Wild 'n Crazy Kids. Then Disney Channel had "Kids Incorporated with FERGIE on it. The Mickey Mouse Club, when Justin, Brittney and Christina were on. All the kids would sing some silly song called "If you love Peanut Butter" and then I couldn't wait for the M-I-C-K-E-Y.Mouse rap at the end. I also remember dancing with Pom Poms to "Hey Mickey you're so FINE". Does anyone remember "Get In Shape Girl", the fitness products for kids? I had all eight sets. Cabbage Patch Kids that smelled so good like my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Oh and another toy by Fisher-Price, "My First Sony" - mine was red,ellow and blue and it had one cassette tape that u could record and sing with a microphone. I always wanted a My Buddy, Kid Sister, or Teddy Ruxpin so I could play Salt N Pepa tapes in there. Last memory, besides everything you all mentioned, did anyone have a pogo stick, a pogo ball, and a Skip It toy? Loved them all!
From: Mariesha Indiana

It was the last human decade.
From: Mr. Das

Life and music were much simpler. I was a teenager in the 80s remember so much more than the 70s.
From: Jonathan

Born in 1976, my childhood was in the eighties and now i miss it! As a kid, I would expend my time listening to Duran Duran and all those hi-energy songs,dreaming with the Atari games,space related movies,and then I begin to skateboarding. I live in a big city, so I remember my buddies and me use to hang out together wearing clothes as surfers,(multicolored clothes) LOL! I guess we felt as them even when we were a hundred miles away, then we read surfing and skateboarding magazines,we read about Peralta and those big names since back then, the eighties were cool. I will remember them always as happy carefree days.
From: Jay

I was in my 20s in the 1980s and I was thrilled when New Wave music became popular-- it was fun, easy to dance to, and generally the words were not dirty (you could actually understand the words). Dancing to New Wave was a lot of jumping around: great for keeping off the weight, and not sexual like today. The dance floor was just a mass of jumping laughing people having fun. When the 1990s grunge became popular I was really sad to see the end of fun, upbeat songs. But now it's great to hear the 80s songs used in commercials and movies-- this is proof that the 80s songs were great in many ways.
From: Kay M

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.