Food of the Eighties, Dannon Yogurt Bars
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Frozen vanilla yogurt bars on a stick
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mona - June 18, 2008 - Report this comment
they were called Danny-O bars, and I can still remember the commercial for them. The model bit into them and then say "SOooo, good! Tey were delicious. I have found a similar bar, made by blue bunny, except its pink inside, but also with that yogurt tartness.
mona - June 18, 2008 - Report this comment
what about Dannon Frozen Yogurt Parfait? In a cup. It was that was coated cardboard that used to be used for all their packaging, with the pull off lid. It was the BEST thing I have ever tasted, was available at GNC, when GNC was like a small health food store, not like they are today. We used to go jogging and then come to buy a dannon frozen yogurt parfait.
SS - July 20, 2008 - Report this comment
There may have been a couple different commercials, but one of them had my wife in it! She still knows the lines by heart. I don't remember if "Sooo good" is in it, but I'll have her say the lines tonight. I came across this site while searching for the commercial. I've never seen it and would love to.
Allison - March 10, 2009 - Report this comment
Does anyone remember a Dannon bar with raspberry frozen yogurt covered in chocolate? I was a kid in the 80's, and I still dream of that delicacy to this day. I got to eat those while my little brothers and sisters were eating fudgecicles.
Lisa - April 19, 2009 - Report this comment
The Haagen Daas chocolate covered pomegranite ice cream bars remind me of these.
Dominique - February 17, 2010 - Report this comment
I have been craving these yogurt bars for a verrry long time - the vanilla were also quite delicious.... I think its time to bring them back- I
DR. Edward - February 24, 2010 - Report this comment
I loved the Dannon bar with the Raspberry frozen yogurt covered in chocolate. I want these again. They were the Bomb!!!!!!!! My kids need them. Please bring them back. Kids dont know what they are missing. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MM - May 06, 2010 - Report this comment
The Dannon Frozen Yogurt bar-Raspberry and Boyensberry- made in the 80's (maybe even in the 70's?)was fabulous and wish that Dannon would re-make them again. I miss them so much and still crave it! I tried the Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry-it's quite good- but it does not compare to the Dannon's.
CG - July 17, 2010 - Report this comment
I'm still craving the Dannon raspberry frozen yogurt bars covered in chocolate. Today I bought the Weigh Watcher's Raspberry frozen yogurt covered in chocolate hoping it would be similar. Ewwww! Not even close! No tartness, just sickingly sweet and no raspberry flavor. Huge letdown. Next, I will try the Haagen Daas chocolate covered pomegranite bars that Lisa suggested above.
Diana - August 04, 2010 - Report this comment
I had no idea I would find so many like-minded people out there! I too have been missing the raspberry frozen yogurt in a chocolate shell on a stick by Dannon. I too just bought the Weight Watcher's version, and I too found it sorely lacking! Not tart!! What are we going to do? Is there a chance that anyone in Dannon world will help us out?
SaraC - October 14, 2010 - Report this comment
I miss the raspberry yogurt bars. I want one NOW!!! I think about them every now and then. I can still taste it, yummy!!
Jameos - December 10, 2010 - Report this comment
Yeah, I remember those Dannon raspberry yogurt bars. They had that thin, crispy chocolate coating that went so well with the fro-yo. Why do companies always ditch the good stuff??
CSAND - January 26, 2011 - Report this comment
Yes... I know exactly which bars you are talking about... before frozen yogurt was even popular! I miss them and can not believe they would not bring them back in this day and age when people are most health conscious. Nothing compares.
dwntwngrl - April 29, 2011 - Report this comment
I remember the tart vanilla carob coated frozen yogurt bars.....been looking for a luck, maybe we can all email Dannon to recreate them?
Chrisgee - May 17, 2011 - Report this comment
I am searching for chocolate covered frozen yogurt on a stick forever. Does anyone make it anymore?
opendoorstudio - July 11, 2011 - Report this comment
I believe they were actually covered in carob! they were so great! you could get them in frozen strawberry and raspberry!
Sarah - February 11, 2012 - Report this comment
DANNON, bring back the chocolate coated raspberry frozen yogurt bars!
Meredith - May 21, 2012 - Report this comment
I can't stop thinking about the delicious Danny Bars! Where can I find one close to that??
Chrissy - June 01, 2012 - Report this comment
I just found some frozen yoghurt bars called "Yasso Greek Frozen Yoghurt" bars, and they come in raspberry as well as other flavors. They are the closest thing I have found; I covered them with Magic Shell (that chocolate stuff that hardens on ice cream) and they were pretty good.
Patty - November 05, 2012 - Report this comment
The Dannon carob (chocolate) covered frozen yogurt bars were the best. My favorite was the Boysenberry. I work in Foodservice when they were very popular and we were able to sell them due to the carob not being real chocolate. The nutrition facts were so good for you too! I have been searching for something similar To the point I am researching buying a frozen yogurt machine. If anyone can offer some information I sure would appreciate it!
Kitty - April 19, 2013 - Report this comment
Loved the Dannon carob coated boysenberry frozen yogurt bars. Miss them! Want them! Why did they stop making them? I want answers!
Ann - July 13, 2013 - Report this comment
I am 56yrs of age, and the Dannon bars were the best to this day even! I would eat a whole box in 2 days. I also wish they would bring them back instead of ooming out with "trendie" yogurts to keep up the competition. It would truly blow the others out of the h20.
Boysenberry - July 28, 2013 - Report this comment
Dannon, please bring them back!
Diane - March 10, 2014 - Report this comment
Wow! This is crazy...all these people never forgot this truly yummy treat! I'm going to copy all these comments and paste it to an email to dannon in hopes they'll at least consider it the kick in the pants they need to be business savy enough to bring them back! Does any one here remember the ones made by Tuscan back in the late 70's,early 80's as well? Soooo good!
Ana - April 09, 2014 - Report this comment
Dannon yogurt use to make a strawberry yogurt on a stick covered in milk chocolate. I enjoyed them sooo much. Now that I'm suffering from MS and battling metastatic breast cancer I don't have much of an appetite but I do lay in bed sick, but craving these yogurt ice cream bars on a stick. If anyone knows of a similar item please let me know.
IcyTart - October 05, 2014 - Report this comment
Those bars were the BOMB! I use to eat them with my mom! Now I eat Haagen Daas chocolate covered pomegranate. But I want my Dannon... gosh darnet!
Kimber - November 03, 2015 - Report this comment
Yes!!! The carob coated ones were the best! I was totally addicted as a teen. Got the craziest craving for them the other day, only to find they don't exist any more. WHY?????
PatsMom - May 20, 2016 - Report this comment
I lost so much weight eating these in the 70's for lunch or instead of any kind of fast food treat. Raspberry and strawberry were awesome.
Chrissy - August 23, 2016 - Report this comment
I agree! Here I am craving one of those amazing bars and searching the NET for an alternative. Loved the vanilla and raspberry with chocolate. However, even when they ran out of the chocolate covered bars at the local ice cream store, the ones not covered in chocolate were amazing too! I searched the internet a few years ago looking for this product. Contacted Dannon and they simply said they don't carry them. This could really set their company apart!!! Well, if you like tart yogurt,the best I have found is at Sweet Frog...TART. Its the BOMB! Plan to buy it and make my own pops and dip in melted chocolate chips. DANNON....BRING BACK OUR BARS!
Nancy - February 13, 2017 - Report this comment
In the mid eighties, the raspberry frozen yogurt bars on a stick with a chocolate coating were so delicious. Why did they stop making them? I'm delighted to know I'm not the only one that misses them. Maybe if we all let Dannon know, they'll bring them back?
Dr Eddie - March 28, 2017 - Report this comment
I love Danny bars. I wish they would make them again. Raspberry and chocolate. A great combo with the tartness of the yogurt. They were the bomb!
hilary - February 03, 2018 - Report this comment
OMG so happy to find this forum. I used to love those Danny bars so much in the late 70s! The yogurt was so tart, the chocolate so crisp/sweet. I even loved the carob-covered ones, and the ones without a coating (were they pineapple/coconut? Tart vanilla? so wonderfully tangy!)I'd nibble off the coating, savor the part at the base of the bar where the coating was thicker. I could go thru an entire box of these in one sitting as a kid. I wasn't allowed to have 'junk food,' but these somehow made it past my mom's radar. Dannon was totally ahead of their time w/ these. Dannon product development, are you listening? Please bring back these retro delights!!! - December 02, 2018 - Report this comment
I also remember these Danny Pops (as they were called), and have been searching for years for empty boxes from them...all flavors...Chocolate (or carob?) covered Raspberry, Strawberry, Boysenberry, etc? And yes, they made ones without coating in Pina Colada flavor (and THAT I own an empty box of). I’d pay good CASH to anyone who can find me more empty boxes to all these flavors...
Clayton Missouri - November 16, 2021 - Report this comment
I remember there was this little snack shop off of Clayton road next to a well known stationary store. My sister and I went there after playing tennis one summer evening in the early 80s. I had a Dannon chocolate covered boysenberry frozen yogurt bar. This was the first and only time I had it. I have such fond memories of the experience being with my sister and it was solidified with this treat.
Charlie - March 20, 2022 - Report this comment
Mona, are you pink inside with a tartness?

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