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They were all natural, frozen on a wooden popsicle stick. They came in a variety of flavors. They had pieces of real frozen fruit thru out the bars. They had a clear cellophane wrapper with colored writting. Some of the flavors were: strawberry, strawberry/banana, coconut, pineapple, and honeydew. They were sold individually at small convenience stores and markets. I do not remember buying them at large chain store supermarkets.
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lady tiger - July 11, 2007 - Report this comment
You can still buy them in NYC
Brandy - February 12, 2008 - Report this comment
Edy's makes some that are amazing. huge chunks of friut!
Roy - February 27, 2008 - Report this comment
JJ,s fruit bar factory has the best bars in texas :0)
KJ1 - July 31, 2008 - Report this comment
Charlie - August 04, 2008 - Report this comment
Some were all fruit (no dairy) and some (banana, pina colada) were creamy.
laura - December 15, 2008 - Report this comment
The Coconut were the best EVER!!
SummertimeRose - April 29, 2009 - Report this comment
Cantaloupe and Honeydew were my favorites. Coconut was a standard that I would get when the faves weren't available. I lived in Manhattan in the eighties (and I had the hair to prove it). Were they national? I miss them like crazy. Does anybody ship them to Western Pennsylvania?
Matt - August 30, 2009 - Report this comment
Blue Bunny makes "FrozFruit" which is the same premise, but they're not the original "FrozeFruit." The closest thing I've found is called FruitFull, which can mainly be found in Japanese and Korean markets in the NY area.
Eileen - May 26, 2010 - Report this comment
stop and shop carries them
Cherylptw - December 19, 2010 - Report this comment
I worked at Frozefruit factory in Clovis, NM back in the late 80's. I ate those fruit bars straight off the belt; the best was banana and strawberry, they were delicious. I'd bring home garbage bags full of the rejected ones (packaged wrong, sticks not centered, etc) once a week. I miss those things!
Tracey - May 19, 2011 - Report this comment
Phil D - May 13, 2012 - Report this comment
Does anyone remember who made them and if they still exist today? I don't remember high frutose corn syrup in them.
Tom in FL - June 17, 2012 - Report this comment
I used to love Froze-Fruit strawbery bars, loaded with fruit. Then Edy's started making them, I think as good as froze fruit and loaded with fruit, as the writer above mentioned. Well, I'm sorry to say that Edy's has now gone the way of many big companies, by cheating the public in the name of profit. They no longer have the chunks of fruit, just strawberry juice or sorbet and an occassional chip of strawberry. They used to be my favorite desert. I am now an ex-customer. I refuse to be made a fool of. To add to the insult, they are now gouging out two lines of product from the sides, adding to their profit. I hope they go out of business, for being greedy.
Mary in NY - February 20, 2013 - Report this comment
I'm a huge fan of Brewla Bars. They make a Peach Ginger + White Tea bar that is to die for! Found them at Whole Foods.
Mario - March 11, 2015 - Report this comment
FROZEFRUIT was the greatest...nothing has ever favorite flavor was the plain Banana sooooo GOOD!!! My mom would buy me one after my Karate class which went at the same time as her aerobic step class.....soooo 80's
Astorian - August 15, 2015 - Report this comment
Actually, "FrozFruit" was the original from the 80's. I've never seen "FrozeFruit" before. I wonder if the Blue Bunny version is a continuation of the original, it seems like the lettering on the package is the same as the one from back in the day. I really miss those things. Coconut and Banana were my favorites, but when I wanted something lighter, I'd get a cherry or strawberry.
El - June 29, 2016 - Report this comment
Just looked at Blue Bunny FrozFruit... not even close to the ones from the 80s, as the new ones are loaded with sugars!!! The old FrozFruit was just fruit. Can't seem to find anything close to the old ones. Sad:(
Sha - August 22, 2016 - Report this comment
I just ate one from blue-bunny called "frozfruit" it was strawberry and tasted awesome! I found this forum searching for where to buy bulk hahaha
shape - June 13, 2017 - Report this comment
Check out Marino's Frozen Fruit Bars. The ones i tried tasted so similar i thought these were the same ones from the 80s, especially since Marino's made Italian Ice's back then. These are all natural, loaded with real fruit, and no weird chemicals like the Blue Bunny variation which are genetically engineered, have HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), and other garbage you'd be more likely to find in Halloween or movie theater candy than fruit bars. Don't let your kids eat these things! best to keep Frankenfood out of our bodies :)
shape - July 16, 2017 - Report this comment
I couldn't find any info or images on the original FrozFruit bars. The only image I found was a T-shirt of the original logo which used to be for sale on Etsy under the title "1980's vintage tee shirt Paleta Frozen Fruit / Yellow Frozen Fruit Bar t- shirt": Paleta is the mexican word for popsicle or lollipop, but not the company name. So I figured Big Bunny either bought the company or just the rights to the name but I couldn't find any mention of either. The bars are definitely not the same, but their tag line is: "Gourmet Frozen Fruit Bar" (though I haven't come across another "gourmet" product that uses High Fructose Corn Syrup & GMOs). Out of curiosity, I decided to give Blue Bunny a call to find out. Their Consumer Affairs Dept. said they took over the FrozFruit company about 8-10 yrs. ago. Looks like there's no hope of a re-emergence of the original bars :(
Jacob - May 04, 2018 - Report this comment
Took a little sleuth work, but I think I pieced together what happened to Frozfruit -- the frozen pops I grew up eating almost every night in Brooklyn. Looks like Wells acquired them from their previous owners, Fruit-Ices Corp, in 2004 (
Mitchell - May 16, 2018 - Report this comment
My mother used to work for Froze fruit in Clovis,NM in the 80's .... i was hoping to find these
Nancy - May 28, 2018 - Report this comment
I used to buy frozefruit bars at the 40th St. edge of the University of Pennsylvania campus. They were all fruit, superdelicious and superhealthy. As Jacob has noted above, they were bought out by Wells, and now they have high fructose corn syrup in them. In 2018, when we are even more conscious of unhealthy ingredients, do they really think there is no market for high-end fruit bars that don't have junk in them? Bad move for everyone. I end up making my own sorbet from local fresh fruit, but I miss those bars. In Italy, they have Stickhouse which is a close second, truly delicious, but the only U.S. outlet is in Santa Monica.
Kid from The Bronx - July 22, 2018 - Report this comment
Post is kinda old but like someone said in earlier posts. They still sell them in nyc bodegas
Used to be a New Yorker - March 25, 2019 - Report this comment
The closest thing to a Frozefruit that I can find in North Carolina is an Outshine bar. The strawberry are fine, but I still need to try cantaloupe, honeydew and coconut.
NC Girl - July 12, 2021 - Report this comment
The Outshine bars are good. I just had a peach one. Haven’t tried the others but my daughter says all are good. I loved the banana original froze-fruits. Have made my own with bananas, a little lemon juice so they don’t turn brown and heavy cream. Load em in a popsicle mould and they are very much the same as the froze-fruits. The same works with peaches. DF3
Technocore - July 17, 2021 - Report this comment
Ate these all the time in the 80's and for some reason they popped into my head the other day and I went to my corner deli (Manhattan, NYC) and damned if they didn't have them! Got a coconut and 2 mangos. So good. Gonna be getting a lot of these.
David - July 19, 2021 - Report this comment
I just bought a Frozfruit bar. The label says Wells as in Wells Food Service.
Janet - November 08, 2023 - Report this comment
I miss those bars, but outshine brand sells the frozen bars with the pieces of fruit in it. I just love the pineapple one the best I think they have watermelon. I’ve had the strawberries got little pieces of strawberry but nothing like the pineapple. It’s so refreshing I’m sure it’s not as natural as the ones from years ago but I still like to have them once in a while

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