Ten Criteria for the Perfect Eighties Music Video Submission Form

Do you know of a video that meets the following criteria?

The Original Criteria

  1. At least one babe
  2. Poofy hair
  3. Torn clothing
  4. Cheesy keyboards
  5. At least one change of clothing
  6. Stage effects (smoke, lasers, etc.) or visual effects (artist jumping through a TV, disappearing, etc.)
  7. Wild instrumental or record scratch solo
  8. A storyline
  9. A cool car (although any kind of transportation is acceptable, like a plane or a car or a motorcycle)
  10. Sunglasses

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(at least one babe)
(poofy hair)
(torn clothing)
(cheesy keyboards)
(at least one change of clothing)
(stage effects or visual effects)
(wild instrumental or record scratch solo)
(a storyline)
(a cool car or vehicle)
anything else you'd like to add
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