In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Louye
  • 10. Kiss by Art Of Noise (featuring Tom Jones)
    The way Prince would have done this song if he wasn't Prince. Much better than the original!!
  • 9. One Step Beyond by Madness
    Much more creative and catchy than 'Our House", but Mr. Program Director won't play things w/o words!!
  • 8. Spaceage Love Song by Flock of Seagulls
    A love song that does not make you feel unmanly!!
  • 7. Plans For Nigel by XTC
    Great tune, put parenting in perspective for me!!
  • 6. The Walls Came Down by The Call
    Were the 80's really doomed?
  • 5. Centerfield by John Fogarty
    Just when baseball was becoming 'Better in the old days', this song made you like the game like a kid again
  • 4. Strip by Adam Ant
    Adam Ant was the coolest, and so was this song
  • 3. Love My Way by Psychadelic Phurs
    All the great sounds of the 80's, without all the cheese!
  • 2. Forever Live and Die by OMD
    Listen to it, and then try to tell me that 'If You Leave' was OMD's best song
  • 1. Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House
    It had the right combination of lyrics, melody, and instrumintation
After re-listening to these tunes, I am convinced my son's gfeneration is doomed!!
By: Den
  • 10. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me ? by Culture club
    Whether you loved them or were annoyed by them, at the time this song came out, everyone was stunned and mystified by this transgendered glam-pop group, they were taken by surprise with wonder how this song just couldn/t leave your head! Now it's a grocery store top 40 classic !yuck , but everybody knows it's boy george and they stop shopping to listen,and sing along.
  • 9. Venus by Bananarama
    This British 2-3 hit wonder(in America)had covered an older song into every valley-girls anthem !!Everyone sang to it ! Like YOW !! She' got it !!
  • 8. What's Love Got To Do With It ? by Tina Turner
    Tina had a ton of hit's in the 80's but besides the point, she is usually remembered for this early-mid eighties classic.
  • 7. Borderline by Madonna
    This video had originally been released by Sire in 1983, it was Madonna's first successful song and created magically , the Material girl status.It is a classic.
  • 6. We Are The World by Live Aid (Collaberation of artists)
    This song was to bring peace to the victims of abuse, financial blessing to those farmers in need , and healing for the victims of a new up-breeding disease that was infecting the world . ( HIV/AIDS)
  • 5. When doves cry by Prince
    A legend in his own time !!
  • 4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi lauper
    Madonna loves to take girl-power credit but this girl had it first !!
  • 3. Next time i fall in Love by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
    What better to take an inspiring Christian Diva who began to being spotted at popular nude beaches and put her together with one of the eighties leading pop/rock groups ; Chicago, and i write a perfect movie soundtrack style of a lovesong. It was Amy's only secular hit til the 90's !
  • 2. Faith by George Michael
    Faith will be at number 2, instead of I want your sex, considering - the former of being banned by Mtv, and radio !! Faith would be one of George's biggest hit's !!
  • 1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    Beat it and Bad have come and gone, but no one ever forgot the dance floor classic " Billie Jean" !
There are so many songs that i like better than these, but these make me think of the 80's the most.
By: richard
  • 10. Tommorow People by Ziggy Marley
  • 9. Wordy Rapinghood by Tom Tom Club
  • 8. End Of The Innocence by Don Henley
  • 7. Its Sinful by pete wylie
  • 6. The Dead Heart by Midnight Oil
  • 5. Messages by Omd
  • 4. For America by Red Box
  • 3. Christian by China Crisis
  • 2. Tinseltown In The Rain by Blue Nile
  • 1. Stand Or Fall by The Fixx
By: Lint
  • 10. Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson
    So 80's, so pop. I remember that Much Music had a show on every evening (RSVP?) that used the intro to this as its theme music. I used to tune in just to hear the 'popcorn' sounding intro. She is often called the "Britney Spears of the 80's". No way, at least Debbie was talented enought to write her own music.
  • 9. Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone by Glass Tiger
    Just a great song.
  • 8. Causing a Commotion by Madonna
    Put simply: THE BEST MADONNA SONG. It went top 10 on Billboard, but never made it to #1, so it remains highly underrated and underplayed - I havn't heard it on the radio in at least 10 years. From the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, or maybe Who's That Girl. Whichever movie it was, it sucked.
  • 7. Freeze Up by Operation Ivy
    Not considered 'mainstream' so no one who visits this site probably hear of them, but one of the most powerful energetic bands every. Intelligent, political, socially aware music.
  • 6. Take On Me by A-Ha
    Great song and the video was even better! Notice that at the beginning of the 80's lists A-ha is listed as the # 5th performer with 184 entries and the Take on me is the #1 song with 182 entries (at least at the time I'm writing this). You know you're a one-hit-wonder when...
  • 5. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
    Great summer song!
  • 4. Land of Confusion by Genesis
    Another great video. And remarkable likeness to Phil...
  • 3. Vacation by Go-Go's
    The Ultimate Summer song!
  • 2. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    The Breakfast Club - Need I say more?
  • 1. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Another cliche, I know. But no other song better defines the 80's.
By: Holly D.
  • 10. True by Spandau Ballet
    I hear this everywhere I go anymore and I just am inlove with it. Especially the A-ha-ha-haaaa-ha part.
  • 9. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
  • 8. The Reflex by Duran Duran
    I never knew who sang this fascinating song and when I found out I was so glad I knew. Duran Duran really is something.
  • 7. Notorious by Duran Duran
  • 6. Flash Dance by Irenea Cara
    What to say about this song..........I dont know.
  • 5. I'll Melt With You by Modern English
    This has always been a good song.
  • 4. Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
    This is my workout song.
  • 3. Electric Avenue by Joe Jackson
    I first heard this when I saw Valley Girl and I thought wow this is sweet.
  • 2. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
    I love this song so much. It's just terrific.
  • 1. She Bop by Cyndi Lauper
    Wow I really wonder what this song was all about. Haha.
I hope everyone likes my list. I really never enjoyed the eighties while they were there and now their gone but it is so great to beable to still listen to the great music.
By: Donna
  • 10. I Ran by Flock of Segulls
    I love the video but the hair also I like the beat.
  • 9. Girls On Film by Duran Duran
    The videos great the songs great.
  • 8. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen
    Butt shot oh yea!
  • 7. Dont Dream Its Over by Crowded House
    I like the song its very nice. If you saw the video the house really isnt crowded its like big.
  • 6. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
    She has an amazing voice and that song shows it.
  • 5. You Give Love A Bad Name. by Bon Jovi
    1 word Bon Jovi.
  • 4. Carless Whisper by Wham!
    I remember like it was yesterday I was at my prom and they played this song and even though no one asked me to dance because no one obviously likes the tall skinny girl with big hair and braces.
  • 3. Jump by Van Halen
    I love David Lee Roth I like how at the end even though he dosent say anything you know he says jump and it just stays there from that. Eddie Eddie what are you doing on the keyboard?
  • 2. Take On Me by Ah-ha
    I love the video very much even though I have no clue what the little animated guy was saying in it but the songs great also.
  • 1. Shout by Tears For Fears
    I like the song because the same year that song came out my sister got married and someone asked the dj to play the song and when he played it I was hooked even though I was already a big tears for fears fan.
I Want MY MTV!!!!!!
By: Dale
  • 10. Moving in Stereo by The Cars
    Fast times at Ridgemont High. Can you still see Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool.
  • 9. Rapture by Blondie
    female rapper.
  • 8. Sweet Dreams by Eurythimics
    Great beat.
  • 7. Eye In The Sky by Allan Parsons project
    Real creepy song, but one that is still close to my heart.
  • 6. Photograph by Def Leopard
    Great song from a great band.
  • 5. China Girl by David Bowie
    Bowie says it all.
  • 4. She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby
    Since I am a scientest, I love this one.
  • 3. Quiet Unusual by Front 242
    A great song which did not get alot of credit. You can find this band on the cover of "Pink Nights".
  • 2. West End Girls by Pet shop boys
    A great song that carries a awesome beat.
  • 1. If You Leave by Simple Minds
    I absolutely love "The Breakfast Club". It is probably the greatest movie of all time. I think every parent should make their kids watch this one.
I love the eighties.
By: Mark aIREY
  • 10. Waiting For A Star To Fall by Boy Meets Girl
    How good is this cheesy classic!
  • 9. I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany
    Was she good looking or not? Thats the question...
  • 8. This Time I Know Its For Real by Donna Summer
    True 80's cheese
  • 7. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    Still a brilliant dance song over 20 years on
  • 6. Careless Whisper by Wham
    Classic, Nuff said
  • 5. I Wish It Would Rain Down by Phil Collins
    Best song to listen to when feelin a bit down!
  • 4. Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher
    A really catchy feel good pop song.
  • 3. Eternal Flame by Bangles
    Probably the best love song of all time.
  • 2. Take On Me by AHA
    This just sums the eighties perfectly. Ace.
  • 1. Wit or Without You by U2
    This is and always will be the greatest song that can ever be written. It has everything - it still sends shivers doen my spine each and every time i listen to it. Truly incredible.
By: Holly Watson
  • 10. One Night Love Affair by Bryan Adams
    " I just thought this was a real cool song back when Bryan Adams was huge. I felt naughty listening to it, because it was about sex."
  • 9. Never Surrender by Corey Hart
    " The lyrics & the point of the song are great"
  • 8. Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart
    " Cool Tune "
  • 7. Careless Whisper by WHAM!
    " I was a HUGE Andrew Ridgely fan (Hey I rooted for the underdog!) and this was Wham's best song"
  • 6. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
    " Good party/dance tune"
  • 5. No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones
    " The lyrics are "real". Painfully real."
  • 4. Do You Believe In Love by Huey Lewis & The News
    " I just think this has a fun little pop tune with cute lyrics. I remeber being like 8 yrs old & calling the radio NONSTOP to request it."
  • 3. Take On Me by A-Ha
    "Great Video, Great Song..need I say more?"
  • 2. Look What You've Done To Me by Boz Skaggs
    " Even tho the movie Urban Cowboy may have been cheesy & not John Travolta's prize role, the lyrics to this song always make me cry"
  • 1. True by Spandau Ballet
    "I think this is just a classic, soft song that is timeless. I still turn it up & get lost in it today when I hear it on the radio."
By: Dan
By: Dean
  • 10. Don't You Want Me? by Human League
    This is actually not an ultimate favorite of mine from the 80s, but this song finally made New Wave mainstream in America! Very influential! Even if the synthesizers were a bit clunky. At least the song had a catchy melody.
  • 9. Head Over Heels by ABBA
    Another very influential group...probably influenced New Wave 80s (and others) more than people realize. Under Attack, Soldiers, Winner Takes it All, etc. all great songs by them in the 80s.
  • 8. Dear Jessie by Madonna
    I don't know why I love this song, I just do. I consider Like a Prayer one of the best albums of the 80s. Of course, Madonna had other incredible 80s songs.
  • 7. Pride in the Name of Love by U2
    Great song. I debated between this one and Sunday Bloody Sunday. A band with a social conscience. Generally lacking in the 80s! In music AND our politicians!!!
  • 6. Magic by Olivia Newton-John
    I'm not embarrassed to say it...I love this song. It SOUNDS incredible. I also think Jeff Lynn's production on this, as well as Xanadu, was phenomenal.
  • 5. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    I am not a fan of Michael Jackson at all, but this is a great song. Although, I much prefer the album Off the Wall to Thriller.
  • 4. Lay Your Hands on Me by Thompson Twins
    The original U.K. version released in 1984 (nowadays found on the Perfect soundtrack)...NOT the rocked out American version released in 1985 (i.e., the one with the guitar). An electric guitar simply does not belong in this song!!! And that annoying choir! No...go to the original. Also, Into the Gap an incredible album.
  • 3. World Where You Live by Crowded House
    Many people opt for "Don't Dream It's Over" which is a great song, but I absolutely love World Where You Live. They had incredible stuff in the 90s as well.
  • 2. Is There Something I Should Know by Duran Duran
    What a great song. I could have put any number of 80s songs here by them (The album version of "The Reflex," "Girls on Film," "Rio", A View to a Kill, etc.).
  • 1. What is Love? by Howard Jones
    A great song, and incredible sounding. Remember the days when synthesizers were scourned? This song is what's good about synthesizers.
Interesting board. So many others I couldn't mention, but this list was made off the top of my head without my CD collection in front of me. Others that are coming to mind: 1983's version of Ain't Nobody (Rufus and Chaka Khan), Ana Ng (They Might Be Giants), Invincible (Pat Benatar), Saved by Zero (The Fixx), etc.
By: bhayes
By: Kollerpoler
  • 10. Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
    Just great, you have to listen again and again and again.
  • 9. Every Breath You Take by Police
    It's the most-covered song all over the world - and they all know why!
  • 8. Summer Moved On by A-ha
    Though it's not as known as Take on me it's just greater und the best song A-ha ever made.
  • 7. Land Downunder by Men at Work
    A great Song, a great Video - even today I like it.
  • 6. 99 Luftballons by Nena
    Great Song agaínst the Cold War, you have to listen carefully, but then you have to love it.
  • 5. Can't fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon
    A great song by REO Speedwagon, who are not an One-Hit-Wonder.
  • 4. If I was by Midge Ure
    I love this song!
  • 3. One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston
    The theme song for the Olympic Games 1988, and that by the great voice of Whitney Houston.
  • 2. Africa by Toto
    You have to like songs like this great one, I can hear it again and again even now.
  • 1. Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon
    The first hit by REO Speedwagon, probably the greatest song ever written.
By: Marcel Pex
  • 10. Don't You Want Me by Human League
    Just a typical 80's song. Whenever I go to an 80's party this song is played... And I love it!
  • 9. Freedom by Wham!
    Whenever I hear this I'm happy!
  • 8. Robert DeNiro's Waiting by Bananarama
    Just a funny song from a funny band...
  • 7. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
    When I heard this song for the first time, I played the cd for weeks!
  • 6. I Save The Day by Roberto Jacketti And The Scooters
    A Dutch song! Very catchy!
  • 5. I Won't Let You Down by PhD
    Reminds my of my first girlfriend...
  • 4. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
    ALways makes people dance!
  • 3. China Girl by David Bowie
    Could have been any Bowie song...
  • 2. Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
    Billy Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl who thinks that she is the one..
  • 1. Like A Prayer by Madonna
    After Abba's Dancing Queen ( 1976 ) the best song ever written
Sorry for not mentioning Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie, Survivor, Duran Duran, UB 40 and Bruce Springsteen in my top 10
By: jessica
By: wes
  • 10. If You Leave Me Now by Chicago
  • 9. Imagine by John Lennon
  • 8. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
  • 7. Money For Nothing by Dire Straits
  • 6. Every Breath You Take by Police
  • 5. Centerfold by J Geils Band
  • 4. Dont Tell Me The Time by Martha Davis
  • 3. Fast Car by Tracey Chapman
  • 2. 99 Luft Balloons by Nena
  • 1. True by Spandeau Ballet
By: Dee Del Gallo
  • 10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
  • 9. Lost in the Fifties (In the Still of the Night) by Ronnie Milsap
  • 8. Like A Virgin by Madonna
  • 7. Pyromania by Def Lepard
  • 6. Too Late for Love by Def Lepard
  • 5. Hysteria by Def Lepard
  • 4. Lucky Star by Madonna
  • 3. Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
  • 2. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  • 1. Rock of Ages by Def Lepard
By: Mafioso
  • 10. Take on Me by A-ha
    We all love it.
  • 9. Push It to the Limit by Scarface Soundtrack
    Picture Tony Montana dancing away
  • 8. Rush Rush by ???
    Makes you bob your head
  • 7. She's on Fire by Amy
    Try not to Dance!
  • 6. Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles
    First Video Ever on MTV.
  • 5. Lolita by Fun People
    Something captures me
  • 4. Lady In Red by Chris Deburgh
    Play If you Wanna get Layed!
  • 3. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight by Foreigner
    VERY passionate
  • 2. Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran
    Something about Duran's voice that calms you.
  • 1. I Ran by Flock of Seagulls
    Feel the beat that is, Flock of Seagulls
So many more, yet so few named.
By: Chris Sean
  • 10. Simple Minds by Dont forget about me
    cmon now
  • 9. Tears 4 Fears by Head Over Heels
    na La La La La La , La La La La La
  • 8. Billy Idol by Mony
    u know why
  • 7. A- Ha by Take On Me
    b-sides the song the video was classic
  • 6. Micheal Jackson by Smooth Criminal
    song speaks for itself
  • 5. Micheal Jackson by Beat It
    Showin how funky strong Is your fighter greatest musician of all time!!!!!!!!!
  • 4. Africa by Toto
  • 3. Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper
    good synths and another dope movie classic...GOOOONIES!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2. Micheal Jackson by Human Nature
    ima admit, this song brings a tear in my eye everytime i hear it
  • 1. Prince by Little Red Corvette
    haha funny thing was I didnt know what he was really menaing till i got a lil older..but prince had too many songs that would be next to this song but this song made its top because of the first stateent i said
born in 1980 and appreciated and cherished every moment,.there should have been like top 15 but ah well,.others i liked was Sting maneater,hall n oates, huey lewis, mike n the mechanics, mister mister, reo speedwagon n-e-ways list goes forever but the best artists of the 80's was micheal jackson and prince
By: ovee
  • 10. Wouldn't It Be Good by Nik Kershaw
    This one matches my life. I always give up early. Not many people will have this spirit. I maybe wrong.
  • 9. Orchard Road by Leo Sayer
    Cool one when you are sad. Leo Sayer has some other songs which are nice when not feeling so well. More Than I Can Say, Raining In My Heart and more.....
  • 8. China Blue by Fancy
    Just nice to listen. Fancy has some other songs I like. Slice Me Nice, Flames Of Love, Latin Fire, Lady Of Ice....etc
  • 7. Radio GaGa by Queen
    Not sure of which category this will fall in.
  • 6. Advice For The Young At Heart by Tears For Fears
    Tears For Fears has their own music. Not following general patterns. This is one of their best.
  • 5. French Kissin' in The USA by Blondie
    Look at her. She is Blond.
  • 4. The Power Of Love by Jennifer Rush
    Listen to the beat and rhythm.
  • 3. Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol
    Best combination of pop and rock. The artist may be punk but this one of the best songs ever.
  • 2. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
    Just ridiculous.
  • 1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
    The best song from the best band of the 80's. Change #2 to #10 in anyways but this one is #1.
80 is the best decade for pop music. There are millions out there which are good. I will also like to say Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence,Dr Alban - Its My Life,Gloria Estefan - Anything for You,Journey - Separate Ways,Sandra - Secret Land,The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star,Flashdance - What a Feeling,A Ha - Take On Me,Toto - Africa,Cool & The Gang - Cherish The Love,Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red, Duran Duran - Wild Boys..........and many many more..............

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