In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: will wilson
  • 10. Pretty in Pink by Psychedelic Brain
  • 9. Behind the Wheel by Depeche Mode
    Has similarities to Route 66
  • 8. Practicing First Aid by Horizontal Brain
  • 7. How Soon Is Now by Smiths
  • 6. Quit by Waitresses
  • 5. My City Was Gone by Pretenders
    A justly deserved condemnation of urban blight, very appropo.
  • 4. Do You Wanna Hold Me by Bow Wow Wow
    Practically everything by this group is hot, but this has the catchiest beat.
  • 3. Suddenly Last Summer by Motels
    Just as good as the movie, if not better.
  • 2. Queen of Las Vegas by B-52s
    This is a good song to listen to while cruising the Las Vegas Strip.
  • 1. Walking In LA by Missing Persons
    As one who did just that, can truly say LA without a car sucks.
By: David Home
  • 10. She's In Parties by Bauhaus
  • 9. The Pale Fountains by Thank you
  • 8. All Of My Heart by ABC
  • 7. You Have by Marc Almond
  • 6. Flaming Sword by The Care
  • 5. This Charming Man by The Smiths
  • 4. The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen
  • 3. Walk Out To Winter by Aztec Camera
  • 2. Blue Monday by New Order
  • 1. This Is The Day by The The
Bring us back those times ...
By: Snoopy
  • 10. Reach Out For Me by Olivia Newton-John
    Nice change for Olivia as it proves Olivia voice can sing EVERYTHING
  • 9. Tied Up by Olivia Newton-John
    Excellent song with flute instrumentation in the middle
  • 8. Landslide by Olivia Newton-John
    Yes this was a single and it was GREAT
  • 7. The Best Of Me by Olivia Newton-John and David Foster
    Good mix and the voices blend so well together
  • 6. Magic by Olivia Newton-John
    Another good song
  • 5. Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John and ELO
    Good sounding mix of vocals
  • 4. Suddenly by Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard
    Very romantic song
  • 3. Heart Attack by Olivia Newton-John
    Good follow-up single from a woman who never sounds behind the times
  • 2. Twist Of Fate by Olivia Newton-John
    Came from a very funny film
  • 1. Physical by Olivia Newton-John
    Best song of the year
Any album tracks that weren't singles released from Olivia's 1980s LPs. She just a GREAT singer....never get tired of her.
By: Kelley Dodd
  • 10. Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House
    I wish the eighties weren't. I was so sad in 1990.
  • 9. What's Love Got to Do With It? by Tina Turner
  • 8. Drive by The Cars
  • 7. Centerfold by J. Geils Band
    Even though this song came out when I was three, I can still remember it as brand new.
  • 6. Missing You by John Waite
  • 5. Let's Hear it For the Boy by Denece Williams
    So perky and fun, it makes you want to puff paint your shoes, wear your hair in a side ponytail and giggle.
  • 4. Something About You by Level 42
    The lyrics to this song are so well written!
  • 3. Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy
    Puts you in a serene mood.
  • 2. Cruel Summer by Bananarama
    Does anyone else think of The Karate Kid?
  • 1. With or Without You by U2
    This brings chills everytime I hear it.
It was my childhood...I miss the '80s.
By: Daniel V
By: J Bramble
British '80s was the best!
By: Eric
  • 10. People are People by Depeche Mode
    I actually like Somebody and Enjoy the Silence more, but I had to put a Depeche Mode song on the list and this one got me interested in the amazing band.
  • 9. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
    Best song from alternative electronic band IMO, brings back memories!
  • 8. Head On by Jesus and Mary Chain
    Don't like the band much, but it is a damn good song.
  • 7. Tempted by Squeeze
    Just a great song from a great group. Check out Squeeze, the Singles.
  • 6. Centerfold by J Geils Band
    I was a young hormone-filled boy on the cusp of puberty when this song came out; thinking about "seeing her in that negligee" really was "just too much"!!
  • 5. It's the End of the World (and I Feel Fine) by REM
    Certainly the most fun song with the words "Ed of the World" of all time. LOL
  • 4. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    The only one on my list that is a duplicate of a song from another list, but I had to do it, it could have been #1, it blew my mind when I first heard it.
  • 3. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    A song that made me begin to realize that I love dancing!
  • 2. Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2
    Should be number 1, but so timeless, it is easy to forget it is an Eighties song. But, wow...
  • 1. Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    We are talking about the eighties and no mentions this song! Pure fun, pure Eighties!
I tried to mention songs not on other list on this page, other greats: My Sherona - the Knack, 867-5309 - Tommy Tutone, I get Frightened - Split Enz, Your Love (Josie on a Vacation) - The Outfield, many more
By: Shane
  • 10. Peace Sells...But Whose Buying by MegaDeth
    What, you think I was gonna have all MetallicA songs, this songs to good to leave out of the list.
  • 9. Harvestor of Sorrow by MetallicA
    This song talks about.........I dont know, James lyrics are too complicated in this song, listen to it and you"ll undeerstand.
  • 8. Seek and Destroy by MetallicA
    Cool song about hunting die a guy and killing them.
  • 7. Four Hoarseman by MetallicA
    Sweet song about death and other dieing jugdment day things.
  • 6. For Whom The Bell Tolls by MetallicA
    Awsome song. Heavy beat but lacks a Solo...hmmmmmm.
  • 5. Creeping Death by MetallicA
    Best song about the Acient times in Egypt with the pharohs and slaves and what not. Oh yea that Mosses fellow.
  • 4. Battery by MetallicA
    Fast pace speed metal type song. Awsome solo.
  • 3. Disposable heroes by MetallicA
    My favorite MetallicA song of all time. A real rocker.
  • 2. Master of Puppets by Metallica
    The most hardcore MetallicA song out there. Theres nothing better.
  • 1. One by MetallicA
    Best song on "...And justice for all" and the best video ever!
MetallicA for ever Baby!
By: Frank
By: Oli
  • 10. Jimmy Sommerville by You Make Me Feel
  • 9. Soft Cell by Bedsitter
  • 8. Human League by Don't You Want Me
  • 7. The Communards by Don't Leave Me This Way
  • 6. Jimmy Sommerville/Bronski Beat/Marc Almond by I Feel Love (medley)
  • 5. Tears For Fears by Shout
  • 4. Bronski Beat by Why?
  • 3. Mad World by Tears For Fears
  • 2. Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat
  • 1. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
By: David M.
  • 10. Unforgettable Fire by U2
    Unforgettable video!!!
  • 9. Into The Fire by Bryan Adams
    Bryans dark album.
  • 8. Red Rain by Peter Gabriel
    Very powerful song.
  • 7. (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew
    First song heard in my buddies "new" '86 Camaro.
  • 6. Feel It Again by Honeymoon Suite
    Great song from 1985.
  • 5. Secret Seperation by The Fixx
    Wonderful 7 min. extended version found on vinyl only.
  • 4. How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
    Memories of being out late on the weekend clubbing.
  • 3. Don't Need A Gun by Billy Idol
    Are some of the lyrics in this song done in French? Still can't find the words to this. Excellent keyboard work by Harold Faltermeyer.
  • 2. Still Of The Night by Whitesnake
    Remember the summer of '87 well!!!
  • 1. Subdivisions by Rush
    My absolute all time favorite song!!!
Honorable Mentions: "Isn't It Midnight" Fleetwood Mac "Notorious" Loverboy "Family Man" Hall & Oates "Disappointed" Public Image Ltd. "She Shelia" The Producers "Working On It" Chris Rea "Showdown At Big Sky" Robbie Robertson "Young Thing Wild Dreams" Red Rider "Rooms On Fire" Stevie Nicks "Justice In Ontario" Steve Earle
By: robyn k
  • 10. We Are The World by USA for Africa
    sniff, sniff. Don't you just want to sing along and guess all the voices?
  • 9. The Search Is Over by Survivor
    the best love romantic
  • 8. Pump Up The Volume by M.a.r.r.s.
    turn those radios up!!
  • 7. Who's Johnny by De Barge
    can listen to it over and over and over...
  • 6. Like A Prayer by Madonna
    hail to the goddess of pop
  • 5. Mr. Brownstone by Guns N Roses
    no comment necessary. an amazing song from an amazing album
  • 4. Safety Dance (extended Remix) by Men Without Hats
    i almost broke my bed jumping up and down to this song
  • 3. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
    this is to be played at my wedding, so i can spin around the dance floor
  • 2. Africa by Toto
    calms me down when i'm raging
  • 1. Take On Me by A-ha
    i noticed that this song made many people's countdowns.
By: shannon
  • 10. You Sexy Thang by Hot Chocolate
    i dunno if this was in the 80s either, but its cool
  • 9. Play That Funky Music by i dont know
    i dunno if this was in the 80s, but this has a really good sound to it and i luv it
  • 8. Karma Chameleon by Kulcha Klub
    i luv this song coz i used to sing it and it really annoyed my friend, boy george sounds really good in it
  • 7. Funky Town by Pseudo Echo
    im really into these fun, boppy songs
  • 6. Venus by Bananarama
    this deserves a mention because i used to think it was "im your penis"
  • 5. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham
    this is another totally boppy song that makes u wanna have fun
  • 4. Locomotion by Kylie Minogue
    this is just a really fun, happy song, that makes u wanna dance
  • 3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindy Lauper
    what can i say about this song??? she rocks
  • 2. Down Under by Men At Work
    How could u not like this song?
  • 1. Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
    its the best song because its easy to sing along to, but also tells of the changing of a generation
i was born in the late eighties, so i didnt really get to hear a lot of these sweet songs, but it shows a tie where basically anything went, and i think that is totally great
By: emily tattrie
  • 10. Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins
    great ballad
  • 9. Take On Me by A-ha
    great song and video
  • 8. Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police
    great beat
  • 7. You Make My Dreams by Hall And Oates
    one of my faves
  • 6. Careless Whispers by Wham
    awesome song
  • 5. Dont Dream It's Over (hey Now) by Crowded House
    this used to be my favorite song, it still is one of them
  • 4. Circles In The Sand by Belinda Carlisle
    what can i say, she's the best
  • 3. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    makes me want to dance
  • 2. Always Something There To Remind Me by Naked Eye
    how can i.......forget you girl
  • 1. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
    Best song, not just in the 80's , all-together, i love his voice
80's was the best decade in music in my opinion, everything about it was fun and the beat of every 80's song is the best, i wish new songs had the beat of 80's songs, it's all i listen to
By: Jennifer
  • 10. The Gap by Thompson Twins
  • 9. Sounds Like A Melody by Alphaville
  • 8. A Sort of Homecoming by U2
    If I could I would choose the entire Unforgettable Fire album
  • 7. See You by Depeche Mode
  • 6. If You Leave by OMD
  • 5. Heartbreak Beat by Psychadelic Furs
  • 4. More Than This by Roxy Music
  • 3. Tea In the Sahara by Police
    Invisible Sun is a close second
  • 2. You're Just What I Needed by Cars
    Hard to pick one - this is my favorite this minute
  • 1. Head Over Heels by Go-Go's
    First real "Girl Band" They are awesome.
This was hard.
By: gal hermoni
  • 10. Hide And Seek by Howard Jones
    the synth intro make u wonna cry when u hear it , and jones's voice to
  • 9. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2
    raw , rough and crispy : great poewr from up north
  • 8. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    dark , sexy , cool , deviant !!!
  • 7. Save A Prayer by Duran Duran
    the best love song a teenager coould get in the new wave era
  • 6. Fade To Gray by Visage
    the coolest song of the coolest jannre : the electro new romantics. great song, great beat and great sounds !!!
  • 5. Rent by Pet Shop Boys
    underminning lyrics in a perfect pop costume
  • 4. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    the first time i fell in love with pop music was when i first heard that song when i was 10 years old
  • 3. When Doves Cry by Prince
    the minimalism of pop in its best !!! in song writting and in production and arrangment
  • 2. Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths
    such a groove !! such a guitar sound !! and great melody and singing as well
  • 1. True Faith by New Order
    great melody from a perfect pop band
By: Tracie
  • 10. Dust In The Wind by Kansas
    There's just something about this song...
  • 9. The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    This song is just too cool!
  • 8. Every Breath You Take by The Police
    The re-do of this song by Puff Daddy sucks...hats off to the Police.
  • 7. Melt With You by Modern English
    This song is so cool also!
  • 6. Africa by Toto
    I don't know what it is about this song...but it's so can't get it out of your head!
  • 5. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
    Too pretty!
  • 4. Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison
    Cool song...and Keanu Reeves quoted it in a it's gotta be cool!
  • 3. Love Is On The Way by Saigon Kick
    This song is awesome!
  • 2. November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses
    It's so pretty!
  • 1. Take On Me by A-ha
    KICK @$$ SONG! This song deserves any awards it can get!
There were too many cool songs to pick from...tough choice!
By: len brown
  • 10. Nothing But A Good Time by Poison
    this track rocks, particuarly liked this with a few bourbons under the belt and out with boys.
  • 9. Push It by Salt N Pepa
    ok ok your probaly thinking this was not real 80s music , but it was a big turning point in a change in accepted music styles, its a funky track though
  • 8. When You Were Mine by Prince
    song always brings back wonderful memories , this person is a genius.
  • 7. Dont You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    great song (if you look up 80s music in the dictionary you'll probally find this song title!!!!!!!!!!)
  • 6. Love Walks In / 5150 by Van Halen
    ive added the two songs from the 5150 set purely because i cant separate which is my favourite!!!
  • 5. Dont Change by INXS
    this song was from the finest album INXS released "Shabooh Shoobah" and by far there standout song (far as im concerned)
  • 4. Your A Friend Of Mine by Jackson Browne & Clarence Clemons
    very uplifting song !!!
  • 3. Take On Me by A-ha
    this song also boasts one of the all time great music clips.
  • 2. Do You Believe In Love by Huey Lewis And The News
    this is the only song from this artist i like , its wonderful
  • 1. We Built This City by Starship
    this song shaped the decade of the greatest music of all time !!!
By: Johnny Ceb
los 80's una decada única en música, que nuestros oídos no dejen nunca de escuchar eso que nos da música

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