In the 80s - Top Ten Lists of Eighties Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 80s?

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By: Stephen Jones
By: Heather Joy
  • 10. Take On Me by A-HA
  • 9. Rock The Cradle by Billy Idol
    Billy Idol's smirk ... His Bad-Boy Style ... It drove all us bad-girl wannabe's crazy .. and gave us hope because he sang about wanting to rock the cradle with us :-)
  • 8. Our House by Madness
    Our House .. In the middle of our street .... What song actually made you proud of you're family ?
  • 7. Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac
    Amazing Song ... Lindsey Buckingham is a hottie .... what more can you say?
  • 6. Kiss by Prince
    Prince sweats sexuality in this video. Great Vintage Prince.
  • 5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!
    OK OK ... THEY WERE ULTRA CORNY. But, You gotta dance when this up-beat, carefree song comes on.
  • 4. Material Girl by Madonna
    How can you mess with Madonna? Circa 1984 ... She was the queen of the 80's and everyone copied her style.
  • 3. Father Figure by George Micheal
    Graet Song by a great 80's artist.
  • 2. Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police
    It really captured the whole police vibe and sound. This was also my first glance at Sting's chest and made me view my high school teacher's in ... different way !
  • 1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
    This is an amazing song by an amazing group. It really represented the 80's well.
By: Mandy
  • 10. It's The End Of The World (And I Feel Fine) by REM
  • 9. Love Song by Skid Row
  • 8. Every Rose Has it's Thorn by Poison
  • 7. Drive by The Cars
  • 6. Burnin Down The House by Talkin Heads
  • 5. Fight For Your Right (To Party) by Beastie Boys
  • 4. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns-N-Roses
  • 3. Every Breath You Take by The Police
  • 2. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
  • 1. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
By: Roger Camp
  • 10. All I Need Is You by Mike And The Mechanics
  • 9. Something About You by Level 42
  • 8. Crazy by Ice House
  • 7. Take My Breath Away by Berlin
    Good memories with this one.
  • 6. Faithfully by Journey
    Steve Perry has one of the best voice in the world. J. Cain (the guitar player) wrote this remarkable song.
  • 5. Absolute Beginners by David Bowie
  • 4. Slave To Love by Bryan Ferry
    Soft, smooth song.
  • 3. Shout by Tears For Fears
    This song never gets old
  • 2. Broken Wings by Mr Mister
    Great melody, harmonious, I love this song, everybody needs to hear this one with headphones.
  • 1. Woman In Chains by Tears For Fears
    The # 1
Danm! It's so hard to place the top 10, as there are so many terrific songs in this decade. The '80s... the greatest decade... ever.
By: Keith
Write In: I Melt With You- Modern English
By: Katie
  • 10. Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Oh my gawd, could a more perfect song be written? The lyrics, Tom Petty's voice, the music, the VIDEO! Awesome.
  • 9. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police
    Kinda like with Tears for Fears and Peter Gabriel, it's damn near impossible to just pick one Police song...but this song kicks your ass and mine.
  • 8. Original Sin by INXS
    This IS from the 80s, right? I sure hope so because damn it, it's getting a place on this list.
  • 7. Red Rain by Peter Gabriel
    I wish I didn't have to narrow it down to one Peter Gabriel song...that man is amazing!
  • 6. If You Leave by OMD
    Thank you for giving us this song, "Pretty in Pink!"
  • 5. King of Wishful Thinking by Go West
    This song is either from the late 80s or 1990...either way, it rocks my world!
  • 4. Take On Me by A-Ha
    It gets stuck in your head and never goes away! Plus it has THE coolest video ever.
  • 3. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
    Listen to this one on repeat.
  • 2. Love My Way by Psychadelic Furs
    It just kicks ass in so many ways.
  • 1. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears
    Dear gawd I love 80's music and Tears for Fears (their greatest hits album, "Tears Roll Down" is ridiculously good).
I know I'm leaving out about forty million other fabulous tracks. Forgive me. 80s music is out of this world...just hook it to my veins. Peace, everyone!
By: Stephen Dennison
By: Gavin
  • 10. More Than This by Roxy Music
    What a great song - I still can't understand what he's saying, but it sounds great.
  • 9. Go For Soda by Kim Mitchel
    A song all about going to the fridge for a soda. So deep.
  • 8. Ocean Blue (Emotion Blue) by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
    An awesome song with really cool guitar.
  • 7. Sara by Starship
    A smooth song that takes me back to the 80's.
  • 6. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
    Remember this one? And the video is cool too.
  • 5. The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-Ha
    A powerful song - it hit me with a bang.
  • 4. The Unforgetable Fire by U2
    Always makes me pause to just sit back and listen.
  • 3. We Run by Strange Advance
    Another great song. I had to keep playing this over and over - I'd hear little subtleties in some parts of the song - background notes in the synthesizers that made it so cool.
  • 2. Moonlight Desires by Gowan
    Gowan combined with Jon Anderson's voice in the background are such a perfect combination in this song. This song is excellent.
  • 1. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
    Oo ee oo eeoo eeoo eeoo oo oo oo! Need I say more?
Honourable mention: Def Leppard, Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue, Corey Hart, Glass Tiger, Christopher Cross, Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town, Spoons - Nova Heart, Phil Collins - Invisible Touch, Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf.
By: ****
  • 10. Rapture by Blondie
    Well I ment to put this at the top, but I didn't feel like changing it.
  • 9. Need You Tonight by INXS
  • 8. Justify My Love by Madonna
  • 7. Shout by Tears For Fears
    Well I love it that Disturbed remade the "shout" song. Those songs are great.
  • 6. All I ever wanted, All I ever needed by Depeche Mode
    It's Depeche Mode...C'mon!!
  • 5. Purple Rain by Prince
    I love this purple song
  • 4. Magic Dance by David Bowie
    David Bowie is awesome. This song cane off of the labyrinth.
  • 3. Come Undone by Duran Duran
    This song is so sultry and seductive. I love it!
  • 2. Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
    Billy Idol rules. I love all his songs. And thats it. But seriously if I had to chose one it would be "dancing with myself".
  • 1. Africa by Toto
    This song kicks @$$!! I love it when the guys have that great pitch.. This song should be so ultimate.
By: Jeremy
  • 10. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! by Wham!
    Because everyone deserves to wake up with a crappy song in their head at least once a week!
  • 9. Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi
    I think that High Schools are using this song as a theme for proms to this day!
  • 8. Round and Round by Ratt
    I am digging this Heavy Metal thing too much!
  • 7. Looks That Kill by Motley Crue
    Welcome to the Dark Side!
  • 6. Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
    Dave is still God!
  • 5. Beat It by Michael Jackson
    Found out who Eddie Van Halen was!
  • 4. Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Do ra do ra do ra do ra-ay!!!!
  • 3. Theme Song From Miami Vice by Jan Hammer
    No lyrics, jus a nerd on a synth that has done nothing since. How much more 80's can you get?
  • 2. Reflex by Duran Duran
    Hated them, song stuck.
  • 1. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
    Breakfast Club, enough said.
The 80's were the last of the golden years. We will never see anything like them or the decades that preceded them again!
By: Imran Mohammed
  • 10. Two Tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Thsi song is wierd but thats what makes it great. nice opening warning "when you hear the air attack warning, you and your family must take cover..." its beat is good and it sticks in your head forever. "when two tribes go to war! one is all that you can, score!!!"
  • 9. Need You Tonight by INXS
    heard this song and alwayts wanted to knowe who did it. its great, nuff said. amazing and memorable beat to it. "I need you tonight, cos I'm not sleeping!"
  • 8. Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac
    this song is quite gentle, but still made 1987 another brilliant year for music. this band was great and lastest a long time. the song is quite recognisable and you must hear it. "tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!"
  • 7. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
    a one hit wonder, it was no.1 too!!! the song is all german, but it sounds so damn good!!! "Come on rock me amadeus"
  • 6. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
    he is one of the best voices from the 80s. this song is so nice and sounds surprisingly modern even though it is from 1987. hear it and see what you've missed out on in the 80s...
  • 5. When Will I Be Famous? by Bros
    Good beat to it and it is a rebellious sound. better still, their guitarist was Scottish like me!!! "When... will I... will I be famous?"
  • 4. She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals
    the most recognisable beat riff from the deacde, this song sounds so good you cant help but get up and dance. "she drives me crazy, and i cant help myself!!!"
  • 3. The Look Of Love by ABC
    A fantastic song that is one of the best songs i have heard. nice syntheziers and lyrics. their video is quite funny too. ABC were one of the most successful 80's pop bands. "its the look, the look, the look of love!"
  • 2. Dont You Want Me by The Human League
    it was no.1 in every country for ages and this group pioneered synth-pop, which every 80's lover loves the most!!! this song is perfect "you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar!" "ont you want me baby!, dont you want me OH!!!"
  • 1. Living In A Box by Living In A Box
    Everybody must listen to this song!!! A synth-pop classic and legend! the band 'Living in a Box' were around from 1986 to 1990, but they made this masterpiece that is simply one of the greatest songs ever. excellent synthziers and addictive lyrics! hear it now!!! its from 1987 and is my fave, i listen to it over and over again. i never get tired of it. "Am a living in a box!!! Am a living in a cardboard box!!!!" originally heard it on a tv ad for an 80's compilation cd, then i bought their album and the song is simply awesome. Said by many to be arguebly best song in 1987, and is certainly one of the best songs of the . the beat in the song is so awesome u wanna dance whenever you hear it! It is a perfect song...
80's music is by far the greatest and fulfilling music anybody wll ever hear.
By: Pickles
  • 10. Road To Nowhere by Ozzy
  • 9. Cherry Pie by Warrant
  • 8. No One Like You by Scorpions
  • 7. Don't Cry by Guns 'N' Roses
  • 6. You Shook Me All Nite Long by AC/DC
  • 5. Fallen Angel by Posion
  • 4. I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister
  • 3. Come On Feel The Noise by Quiet Riot
  • 2. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
  • 1. Heaven's On Fire by Kiss
'80s rock, Hair bands 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!
By: Darren McNulty
  • 10. Do They Know it's Christmas? (1985) by Band-Aid
    Not since i visited my wife's family, have i seen such a collection of screwballs in one place.
  • 9. New Orleans Is Sinking (1989) by Tragically Hip
    I AM Canadian! And so are these guys. Get the "killer whale" version of this good.
  • 8. I'm Sorry (1984) by R.E.M.
    At that point, was one of the most popular underground bands around.
  • 7. In Your Eyes (1986) by Peter Gabriel
    The live version of this song is "totally awesome dude".
  • 6. Add It Up (1982) by Violent Femmes
    Had the album. Loved the album. Get the album. Album good.
  • 5. Our Lips Are Sealed (1983) by Go Go's
    In highschool, I wanted to bone this entire band.
  • 4. Just Like Starting Over (1981) by John Lennon
    I'm thinkin' conspiracy theory. Right Yoko?
  • 3. With Or Without You (1987) by U2
    Easily the best group of the eighties. If you don't have Joshua Tree, its never too late.
  • 2. Ashes To Ashes (1980) by David Bowie
    A masterpiece follow up to Space Oddity.
  • 1. Every Day Is Like Sunday (1988) by Morrissey
    Come armageddon come!
I remember the 80’s like it was yesterday and still haven’t gotten over how much it sucked. It was miserable. Everyone belonged to some sort of social click. People were decked out in horribly freakish outfits like it were Halloween every day of the year. Leggings, headbands, funny haircuts, leather & studs, “Choose Life” shirts or the Crockett & Tubbs look were a few ways people like to distinguish and/or humiliate themselves. However, through the scrap heaps of trends and commercialism, I have found a few songs that have survived the test of time and didn’t compromise their musical integrity to get played on newly formed television stations like MTV & MuchMusic. Because I chose a song for each year, two didn't make the cut. They were Sarah McLachlan - Vox (1988) & Rush - Subdivisions (1982)
By: Shane
  • 10. Billy Idol by Rebel Yell
    Every time I here this song, the corner of my top lip twitches.
  • 9. Something About You by Level 42
    Their other song, Lessons In Love, is also great.
  • 8. I Know There's Something Going On by Frida
  • 7. Crazy by Icehouse
  • 6. Depeche Mode by Strangelove
  • 5. Are We Ourselves? by The Fixx
    Well,...are we, are we ourselves?
  • 4. Modigliani by Book of Love
  • 3. A Way by The Bolshoi
    Ever heard of the Kingfish? If you have, this song is the definition what the "fish" meant.
  • 2. Cars by Gary Newman
  • 1. Aphrodesiac Jacket by The Cult
    The Cult was waaay ahead of their time. I'd list the whole top 10 with the Cult, but that wouldn't be too diverse.
By: Edelherz
By: Makmak_Rivera
  • 10. Jump by Van Halen
    As cheesy as I can be--it makes me jump!
  • 9. Dreams by Van Halen
    Higher and higher!
  • 8. Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil
    Long ad-libs make a perfect statement.
  • 7. China by Red Rockers
    Great lyrics, but the instrumental is dragging.
  • 6. Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2
    Ideal anthem for diehard activists!
  • 5. Here's When the Story Ends by The Sundays
    WARNING: Could make you nostalgic to a memory that you never had. Symptoms include staring at a wall for a long long time.
  • 4. More To Lose by Seona Dancing
    The first indie song that turned me on. Check out the sitar sound
  • 3. Melt With You by Modern English
    That song made me an addict in British accent, chap!
  • 2. Ghost In You by Counting Crows
    (...)I'm speechless.
  • 1. New Year's Day by U2
    When you hear this, you could feel the cold snow and the burning passion of Eastern Europe without actually being there!
Long live the eighties! I wish these could be reissued into the charts! But you see, top charts cannot do that or else newer and more suck singers (NOT ARTISTS) would not sell at all!
By: Missy Oesterheld and Alexandra Bass
  • 10. Missing You by John Waite
    Everytime I think of the 80's, this song pops into my head.....I'll even forgive him for his time in Bad English and that hideous long hair deal.
  • 9. Babe by Styx
    Closet Styx fans, reveal yourselves!!
  • 8. Let the Music Play by Shannon
    Surprised that this song wasn't on any other lists...what a great dance tune!
  • 7. Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner
  • 6. Close To You by Maxi Priest
    Most of the time, songs by guys with dreadlocks don't make my list...but this song is a definite exception.
  • 5. Into The Night by Benny Mardones
    Something about this song, and being sixteen, just so many emotions!
  • 4. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
    What a hottie! I still love this song!
  • 3. Sister Christian by Night Ranger
  • 2. Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi
    Most people would disagree, but we think this is Bon Jovi's best song ever!
  • 1. Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung
    Such a great 80s song...what else is there to say???
There's too much great music! We could probably give a list of 50 or 100 songs..........
By: Jeremie Boileau
By: TinaTwice
Runners up: "The Damned Don't Cry" by Visage, "Save a Prayer" by Duran Duran, "Enola Gay" by OMD, "With Love From China" by SPK, "Mad World" by Tears for Fears, "Roam" by The B-52s, and countless others...
By: Ron Citf
  • 10. Digital Bitch by Black Sabbath
    From one of the best albums of Black Sabbath
  • 9. Pump Up The Volume by MARS
    Great song and one of the first clips I've seen on MTV in 1987.
  • 8. I'll Come Back by Angeldust
    Just love this song and even the singing.
  • 7. Struck By Lightning by Tank
    The bridge from the previous song to this song is fenomenal!
  • 6. Antichrist by Slayer
    Great lyrics and fast song (for that time...)
  • 5. Creatures Of The Night by KISS
    Their 70s work was better, but this is their best 80s song.
  • 4. Poison by Venom
    Song about women...
  • 3. Rebel In The FDG by WASP
    Listen to this song when doing 180km/h (113mph) and you know what I mean!
  • 2. Princess Of The Night by Saxon
    Best Saxon song.
  • 1. Exciter (live) by Judas Priest
    The live version from 'Unleashed in the east' is great and powerful.

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