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By: Tom Sullivan
  • 10. Cool It Now by Neew Edition
    A fun song but not a good video. What should I expect from a bunch of kids. Their solo videos as well as the Heartbreak videos were awesome.
  • 9. Kissing The Fool by George Michael
    George Michael performing in a cocktail lounge. Was that kd Lang in the audience?
  • 8. Blood And Roses by Smithereens
    The lead singer looks like satan. The video is filmed in black and white and makes me physically ill.
  • 7. Alphabet Street by Prince
    Sorry but I learned my ABC's when I was a kid. This video features Prince with the alphabet flying by. The song is boring and I still can't figure out why this video (or the movie it is from) was even made.
  • 6. New York New York by Nina Hagen
    This woman sounds like a screeching cat and looks like something the same cat would drag in. Take a valium and let someone else do the acting.
  • 5. I Eat Cannibals by Total Conelo
    Stupid song even stupider video. Enough said.
  • 4. Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer
    I love the song! But the video reminds me of a 75 year old guy with eighteen year olds on his arm. I never listen to this song during meals due to the revolting feeling I get when I think about it.
  • 3. Super Freak by Rick James
    It looks like a slow day on the Hooker's street corner. Rick is the pimp surrounded by his ladies. The visual isn't pretty.
  • 2. Me And My Wine by Def Leppard
    This came out in the early 1980's when they could play their instruments but couldn't sing. The result are scary!
  • 1. Kiss by Prince
    Watching Prince jump around in his underwear isn't something that anyone should have to see. This is cruel and unusual punishment.
By: ryan broadwater
  • 10. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
    A video that just clears your mind of problems....and fills it with Christie Brinkly
  • 9. Angel by Aerosmith
    Great Ballad, great footage.
  • 8. Been Caught Stealin by Jane's Addiction
    I don't know what's going on...but I like it.
  • 7. Material Girl by Madonna
    This is the video i think of whenever a song comes on from madonna.
  • 6. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
    Amazing work...and a somewhat forgotten song.
  • 5. Boys of Summer by Don Henley
    There's something about the two-tone color of this video that sticks with you...
  • 4. Take on Me by A-Ha
    Probably the most original video ever made...still makes me happy to this day (scary motorcyclists aside).
  • 3. Centerfield by John Fogerty
    I would STILL love to see videos that showed baseball highlights.
  • 2. Land of Confusion by Genesis
    Ronald Reagan accidentally nuking the world in the morning? I had that very same nightmare all the time i was growing up.
  • 1. Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer
    A guy in a 3-piece suit rocking with scantily clad women around? You just had to love it.
"smells like teen spirit" was the death of the music video.
By: CeSaR
By: Jennifer
  • 10. Whip It by Devo
  • 9. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
  • 8. Land Down Under by Men at Work
  • 7. Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins
  • 6. Rapture by Blondie
  • 5. Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  • 4. Hourglass by Squeeze
  • 3. Peek-A-Boo by Siouxie and the Banshees
  • 2. Why Can't I Be You? by The Cure
  • 1. Dancing In the Steets by David Bowie & Mick Jagger
    Cheesy? Oh yes! But who can't help but love the little butt shake at the end:)
Gotta love that 80's "Cheese"!! Great Site! Keep up the great work!!! :)
By: Simon
  • 10. Dont get me wrong by the pretenders
    good video based on the Avengers.
  • 9. We fade to grey by Visage
    clever.....with a woman in the background speaking French.
  • 8. Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
    a good video.the wierdest part has to be where there waking in front of a bulldozer.
  • 7. i like driving in my car by Madness
    very has them singing in a Morris Minor while driving around London.
  • 6. West end girls by The Pet Shop Boys
    a good song with them walking around London feuatering famous locations like Westminster and Victoria station.
  • 5. The Love Cats by The Cure
    Pepole dressed in cat out fits......Funny.and what about that cute little Kitty.
  • 4. Church of the poison mind by Culture club
    the beggining has George being Driven around in a 1950s Caddilac but what i Dont get is them transferring from the car to an air plane.....strange
  • 3. Dont go by Yazoo
    Set in a haunted house.Vince is a mad professor or something and theres a Frankenstein.scary in a way.
  • 2. i want to break free by Queen
    Freddy Mercury is dressed as a woman walking round a house with a vacume Cleaner creepy but good
  • 1. A.E.I.O.U by /
    A good video with kids speeding around streets on song to.
By: Cesar CG
By: Daniel Woods
  • 10. Centipede by Rebbie Jackson
  • 9. I Need Love by LL Cool J
    Every time I hear this song, it brings back some painful memories of the 80's. However, I enjoy torturing myself like this.
  • 8. Everything She Wants by Wham!
    Ever since I heard this song, I now try to make myself looke like George Michael. People even say that I look like him.
  • 7. One More Try by George Michael
    THis is a slow song. I enjoyed what George was saying. After hearing this song, I become a new person.
  • 6. Let's Wait A While by Janet Jackson
    The first time that I heard this song I cried. Sad lyrics. Even the music video was sad.
  • 5. Cosmetics by Gowan
    This is another song that I enjoyed by Gowan. I loved the lyrics. He's great.
  • 4. Moonlight Desires by Gowan
    The first time that I heard this song, I fell in love with it. It is very romantic and puts me in the "mood."
  • 3. Peeping Tom by Rockwell
    Here is a third song done by Rockwell. I also loved this one.
  • 2. Obscene Phone Caller by Rockwell
    This is another excellent song done by Rockwell.
  • 1. Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell
    I would just like to say that this is best sone of the 80s! Rockwell is the best.
When I hear the song "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell, I become a different person. This is my favourite scary song of the 80s. I love the music video. It's like a reflection on my own life. After I hear the song, I always feel like someone is watching me! Even the song "Peeping tom" by Rockwell makes me crazy. The video is something that I never expected. I love Rockwell.
By: Timothy Patterson
  • 10. I Miss You by Klymaxx
    Simple clip-went perfect with an amazingly beautiful , simple song..
  • 9. Straight Up by Paula Abdul
    Don't laugh-I was infatuated by this one--
  • 8. Deadbeat Club by B-52's
    90's video--80's song though--An amazing clip--
  • 7. I Love It Loud by Kiss
    Sentimental favorite
  • 6. Shadows Of The Night by Pat Benetar
    Oh--The acting..
  • 5. Metro by Berlin
    Cool sets!!
  • 4. I Drove All Night by Cyndi Lauper
  • 3. Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac
    One of the first videos I saw--Still infatuated by it.
  • 2. Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherrey
  • 1. Change Of Heart by Cyndi Lauper
    She looks amazing in this overlooked clip!
Always open for a good debate on these things..e-mail me--
By: matt b
By: Michele D'Alessandro
  • 10. Whip it by Devo
    The outfits alone did me in. What is going on with those red hats?
  • 9. Land of confusion by Genesis
    This is a very creative video but come on enough of Ronald Reagan already!!
  • 8. Girls just want to have fun by cindy lauper
    All i can say is the song rocked but the video frightened me.
  • 7. The safety dance by Men without hats
    This is like an anthem for the eighties but what the heck is going on with the video?
  • 6. Pleasure principle by janet jackson
    What is the point of this video? It has nothing to do with the song.
  • 5. Take on me by A-Ha
    I do not care if it chessy. This is one of the best videos. The idea is great and I always see the video when I hear the song!!
  • 4. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    It was cheesy and freaky and that makes it spectacular in my book.
  • 3. Borderline by Madonna
    When I saw this video, I wanted to be Madonna. Paint that wall girl!!!
  • 2. I ran by Flock of seagulls
    The hair is a part of history and the video stands for itself..
  • 1. Mickey by Toni Basil
    This has to be the worst video ever. The song was good but come on Toni use your brain and add a little style to your video!

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